Cops hunt escaped burglar

| 30/01/2013

Pandohie Powell Jeff.jpg(CNS): The police are on the lookout for a suspected burglar who escaped from custody at Bodden town police station more than one week ago. The RCIPS has stated that an enquiry is now underway into how Jeff Pandohie Powell managed to escape. The 44-year-old man from Bodden Town, known locally as Jeff Pandohie, is suspected of  a burglary in the Savannah area on 11 January and was arrested in connection with that crime on 21 January. Following his arrest he escaped while being processed at the district station. Despite what the RCIPS described as “concerted efforts” by the police officers, who have carried out several operations in the area, Pandohie has not been found.

Officers hunting for him said he was last seen by a member of the public in Cumber Avenue, Bodden Town, yesterday afternoon (Tuesday 29 January), when it was reported that he was in possession of a knife. He is described as being approximately 5ft 9in in height, dark complexion and of slim build, weighing around 160lbs with low cut hair.

Acting Chief Inspector Brad Ebanks is urging anyone who knows of Pandohie’s current whereabouts not to approach him, but to contact the police immediately by calling 911.

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  1. CayStudent says:

    This news makes me feel uneasy. Today I home was alone and a man in a truck drove into my driveway, got out of the car and was looking around the premsis but then drove off fast when he saw me through the window. This island wide crime wave is getting to be a bit much.

    • Anonymous says:

      I assume you got his auto description and license plate number and called the Police.  That is what you should do if you see something that is amiss.

  2. insane says:

    He don't even imagine that he will be the first one to get tasared in Cayman, lol!!!!!

  3. Just Commentin' says:

    So they are conducting an inquiry to determine how this criminal escaped? I happen to know they will never find out how he managed to walk out of a police lock-up. But…shhh (looking over shoulder and all around)…I know!  I know and I am going to break this wide open right here and right now on CNS!!!

    Firstly, some comments here imply that it is because of incompetence on the part of the RCIPS. Now we all know that this absolutely can not the case at all! I mean the crime rate is going down and nothing at all like this has ever happened before, now has it?  So we can rule out incompetence and anyway I know for a fact, for a fact, for a fact…that there was something far deeper (peeping out closed blinds into the darkness seeking any movement)…something shocking!

    Now I know that a lot of you all are going to call me crazy for what I about to reveal but I cannot keep it a secret any longer! I cannot… I cannot!

    A lot of us know what is going on and we all know that for some time there have been aliens living among us. Yes! That's right..aliens! And they do not look like little green men, although they do look kinda different and act a little strange. We encounter them all the time in the islands but we refuse to see the truth.

    Anywayyy…I digress…

    Don't ask me how I know this but Mr. Powell was befriended by one of the ET's a while back. The ET managed to smuggle into the lockup a… (nervously looking over my shoulder)…a  Bipolar Liner Space Hyperdynamic Transmogrifyer or BLSHT for short.  I will not going into the multi-dimensional hyperdynamic Boolean physics of how this device works as it is far beyond our current science. Anywayyy…One of the things that this device does is to cloak the individual it is coupled to, rendering them totally invisible!  Invisible!  Yesss! Invisible! It was not the officers' fault! Powell simply walked right past the unsuspecting officers like a cool summer Bodden Town breeze!

    (YES! You alien space bast*rds!  TAKE THAT! Your secret is out now!!!)

    Of course now that you know the truth, you can see how foolish it is to assume that the RCIPS screwed up in letting Powell out of their custody.

    I understand that the power unit in the BLSHT device cloaking invisibility module section only lasts about 10 days, less if it used often to avoid recognition. So you will probably hear of Powell being spotted and sometime soon.

    Now that I have revealed that I have knowledge of the alien's presence here I have no idea what is going to happen to me! So if you don't hear from Just Commentin' again, you will know they got to me. Or if you do see my name attached to a comment here but it reads like something some conformist "lemming" wrote, its not me, another thing it does is that the BLSHT can get into your brain and fry it and the ET's install another program to make you into one of them. I understand that the UDP managed to get hold of a quantity of BLSHT and that explains a lot of what has been happening in local politics too! I understand ( do not ask me how I know this!) that Makeevah Bush was also befriended by the ET's and that he used BLSHT technology very often while in office and even more so now. So it all fits together! See?

    Anyway, I got to go tape some more aluminum foil to the walls and to my helmet to counteract the BLSHT.

    Just Commentin' signing off for now!

    • Anonymous says:

      What in the world are you smoking? You sound paranoid !!! boy look ya, try go sleep that off !

  4. ICU says:


    Am SO Shocked on this article!!

  5. Anonymous says:

     I saw someone like this fishing around my neighborhood that has similar features,  can't say it is him though.  I have been a victim of this invasive crime and it doesn't feel good.  So tired of this crap.  I have to consider putting a security service in my home all for the sake of some lazy bleep individuals who only care to prey on others. To me a thief is the worst kind of criminal.  

    Get him off our streetsRCIP asap.  

  6. Gone fishninn says:

    His faced should have been plastered everywhere and on the news and even special bulletin the very next. Instead Boy that’s going to make us look bad. ” Guys catch this guy before he makes us look bad ” so let’s keep it under wrap before Joe Public. Finds out.” Them going think us stupid”. Exactly you got that one right. Now we have to watch our back. How much more info are kept in the dark. Well we know murderers are living amongst us and they even be someone we know. What happened to ” WANTED FOR QUESTIONING BUT WE CAN’T FIND THE THE PERSON” WITH PICTURE EVEN YEARS LATER. BUT THEY’RE REAL GOOD WITH CATCHING. U WITH A SPLIFF AND RUI ONE’S LIFE AND PROUD TO TAKE THE CREDIT FOR IT ! YES SIR BOY AND NOW THEY HAVE TASER GUNS. WATCH FOR THE ABUSES OF IT. JUST SAYING.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Some of these comments are so unfair.  I am not a cop, but you know what, I'll bet that everyone of you who are criticising them, couldn't do any better in the circumstances.  I live in BT and I have seen them out looking for him.  Unfortunately, there are people who will help criminals in our society evade capture.  However, when those same people are victimised by the same criminals they cloak, guess who they call for help; the Police!  So instead of criticising them, call your friends and use your social media to help find where he's holdiing up and who's helping him and let the police know.  A better Cayman starts with all of us standing up against crime, not turning a blind eye to it.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Like our politicians, the top levels of the RCIPS must be asked to answer for the chronic deficiencies in carrying out the simple responsibilities that they and their staff have been tasked with.  Things like this happen with alarming frequency because we demand no more.  Perhaps we should, since we are paying for it as a society in both actual money and enabled crime.  The lack of consequences makes one wonder if some of this obsolescence is not entirely deliberate.  

  9. WOW! 9 DAYS says:

    The Police are so useless dont know what Priority is.  I had a big joke when they escort a lady to pickup her baby from the father in Bodden Town  there was no issues that require police assistance they came from all the George Town, when they could have been out looking for this man

  10. Anonymous says:

    Escapes Jan 21….public is made aware 8 days later AND told to be careful as he is dangerous. How pathetic can the RCIPS be? This man could have done anything to anyone yet the so called brilliant English cops find it necessary to WITHHOLD important information such as this. I agree with the person who commented on the smoking- but I would only add that it must be saturated with saltwater as it definately isnt high quality stuff. Whats next from the RCIPS- Breaking NEws- Police chopper landed on birch tree in highland last week and crew remains stuck??

  11. Anonymous says:

    This is Cayman, just how many places could this escaped convict go? Did it ever occur to the great and fantastic RCIPS that if they had alerted (and possibly enlisted the help of) the public much earlier then they would have had more success in catching this guy?

    • Puleeezzzzeee says:

      The man armed with a knife – exactly what were you proposing to do?  Leave the Police and let them do their job, there is sometimes a reason why they are silent. The BT community knew what happened and were on alert. The cops spoke to people face to face. Stop slagging off the PO PO because one day you might need them and they wont be able to come.


      • anonymus says:

        That's all good but he must have gotten out of Bodden Town quick don"t you think ?

  12. Anonymous says:

    I guess they hoped they would catch him and cover this up too.  It sickens me to see some of the people we have to uphold the law. They cannot read, write or speak English properly so how can they uphold hte law?  They hav eno commen sense and it takes them 4 hours to take a simple statement and most of them are not from here, so tell me why they are employed as police officers when they are so unqualified?

  13. Anonymous says:

    I caught him yesterday and will bring him in in May or so.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Good job rcip another star in your cap! Why do we need more policemen Mr. Baines? We need better policemen!!!


  15. Kato says:

    Commissioner Baines this is ludicrous to know that someone escaped out of your custody and is walking around with a knife! More than a week has since passed and the unlicensed is only now being notified? Suppose this man injures or kills someone while loose? I guess the $5m ear marked can go a long way for law suits.

    What scares me is that everyone is in danger of potentially be burglarized or serious injuries if he intends not to be recaptured.

    We deserve better as a society.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Not only that this man has been at large for One week now but I don’t understand when the RCIP is saying enquiry is now underway into how Jeff Pandohie Powell managed to escape. This leave me to believe that Mr Pandohie was arrested and left unattended, so until the RCIP can come up with something else am left to believe what it appears to be to me

  17. Truth says:

    Thats life in a third world island country.  If you haven't figured it out by now your living in denial.  Its whats been happening in the RCIPS and its what will be happening.  Just like the government,  its tell the people what they want to hear then do what ever you think you can get away with.  Watch your back and stay away from trouble.

  18. Anonymous says:

    The police are too embarrassed when things like this happen, we are lucky to hear about this at all . they think cover up is the way to go don’t be surprised happens all the time.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Escaped 21st? Reported today..are RCIPS smoking all that ganja they found recently?? 'Cos dat damn slow mon

  20. Anonymous says:

    Escaped a week ago.  Classic.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Why did it take 9 days to notify the public?? Had the public been notified immediately they might have assisted in finding him plus the public would have been more alert and secured their properties better and possibly prevented more burglaries. Crime prevention should be a priority over saving face!

    • Anonymous says:

      Becuase it took 9 days to figure out he escaped. 

    • 8768 says:

      Because the media found out; hence, they had to spill the beans before questioned about it!

  22. Anonymous says:

    So, who would like to be the first member of the public to get tazed by the cops? Anyone? Oh you there sir, thanks for volunteering.

  23. V is 4 Vendetta says:

    1.  And they expect you to trust them with tasers…

    2.  You only hear about it 10 days later?  Guess they were hoping that nobody would notice…

    3.  Public help being sought, after RCIPS once again concedes utter defeat; desperate times/desperate measures…

    4.  Perhaps he's hiding out inside that lost high-tech police van…

    5.  Quick call the Governor – on second thought, don't bother…

    6.  It's about the time of year where Commissioner Baines requires another shiny sticker on his pompous forehead for a job well done…

    7.  Thank you for the pic – if you look anything like this guy, change your appearance – you may just get tasered for no reason…

    8.  But they sure got those traffic ticket offenders – here's a suggestion, don't renew their driving licence and stickers instead of wasting valuable police time and clogging up the courts (and if they insist on driving without a valid driver's licence, automatically throw them in jail for half a year) – in the meantime, do some real police work and catch some escaped criminals…

    9.  Ummh, this curry chicken sure looks good – Hold on bro, was that the escaped criminal we're supposed to be tracking down???  On second though, pass me da peppa!  Yum, yum, dis sure tastes good.

    10.  Yo yo yo yo yo, you see dat look on his face when we yelled Stop, Police?  I though he was going to wet his pants. Ha ha ha ha ha  Instead he just kept running…  What a joke that guy is.



  24. Anonymous says:

    Wow! One week later appealing to the public for info?? He could be anywhere sipping on Margarita's by now. The stupidity of our RCIP never ceases to amaze me.

  25. Diogenes says:

    How does someone who is "being processed" at a police station after arrest escape?  How is that possible?  Really?  How? He wasnt hand cuffed?  He wasnt in a cell?  He just walked out the door and no one noticed – or was he just a faster runner! 

    The RCIPS complains that it gets a lot of unfair criticism, but when you have incidents like this is it any wonderthat there is a lack of confidence in the police and a tendancey to always suspect the worst.  This one is right up there with the chap that simply got up and ran away from George Town police station when being booked, or the lad who climbed out the window of the shower  at George town hospital despite being under guard at the time.  

    Its sad that we have to hope that this is incompetence and not something worse,but there will no doubt be the usual lack of transparency or accountability either way. 

  26. Anonymous says:

    Wonder why it took them over one week to release this information to the public. I won't be surprised if he hasn't already left the island by boat!!!!

  27. Beach Bhoy says:

    Can we buy some old fashioned handcuffs and ball and chains?  Put them on every prisoner.  This type of escape happens too often in Cayman not to raise concerns about police collusion.