PPM ready for GT fight

| 28/02/2013

alno_0.jpg(CNS): The Progressives have formally confirmed their six candidates for what is expected to be a major battleground in the May General Election in the capital. At a George Town party meeting Wednesday night the candidates were elected by the party membership after an 11th hour nomination was put forward for a seventh potential candidate. Frank Cornwall was nominated and added to the ballot but in the end the six candidates who had previously been nominated by George Town members were all elected by a majority. Delighted with the final team, Opposition Leader Alden McLaughlin said the party was now ready to win all six of the George Town seats.

McLaughlin, Kurt Tibbetts, Lucille Seymour, Kenneth Bryan, Marco Archer and Joey Hew were all confirmed for the capital’s ballot by the party’s GT membership. The opposition leader said the party mechanisms had worked and allowed the opportunity for the candidates to be elected in a democratic process.

However, McLaughlin said that now the team that he will be leading in the capital was confirmed, the hard work would begin. Confident that the Progressives will take George Town but with as many as 30 candidates across four parties or groups, as well as numerous independents, the vote in George Town was bound to be widely split, he said.

“It is going to be something of a wild ride,” the opposition leader told CNS Thursday. “I am increasingly confident of the Progressives' ability to win as we are the only party or group that has confirmed a full six seats in George Town and a national slate of candidates and are numerically capable of forming a viable government. Despite concerns about parties, which have been brought about as a result of the way the UDP has operated over the last four years, sensible people know we need a team in government.”

He added that the Progressives were not only a cohesive group big enough to form a government without having to horse trade, it was the only party, team or group that has already sat down around the table and hammered out policies and programmes and has a shared common philosophy and vision with the experience and capability to implement those policies. “The uncertainty of a disparate group which would be forced to cobble together a government is not something voters want,” he added.

“I don’t say that you can’t run a government without parties but you can’t run anything without a team,” he said. “It requires ten people to form a government in Cayman and whoever forms that government will be bound by collective responsibility.”

Ironically, the people advocating for independents would not operate their business that way as people expect their employees to support company policy, he noted. “A team means that its members are already working together to achieve a common objective. The reality is you have good, bad and different kinds of parties,” he added. McLaughlin said the Coalition for Cayman (C4C) was essentially a type of party but their leadership was a discrete small group of people and voters could not see the behind-the-scenes machinery.

He admitted that parties had to have leadership but in a democratic party it is the party members who decide those leaders and the membership contributes to policy formation in a number of ways.

“When we have major policy issues we discuss and debate them with the national council until we reach a consensus. Once we make policy, the executive is delegated to carry it out,” the Progressives leader said about the way that the PPM does business. “If a policy doesn’t get approval of fit with the philosophical roots of the party, then it won’t work and trying to impose it will see people leave. That’s how the system works.”

The backlash against party politics was based on the erroneous position that all parties are bad because of the UDP, the PPM leader stated. “People have wrongly concluding that once someone joins a political party they all become robots. That’s not true. Why is it that all over the world the political system operates through political parties in a democracy?” he asked rhetorically. “There is good reason as there has to be organisation and mechanism to deliver on political promises, which independents can’t do.

“The UDP is the best example of a bad party as it has really been a support system for a dictator and I never been able to figure out how one is a majority of nine, as no matter what he wanted he got," said McLaughlin.

Nevertheless, in the end some of them realized that they did have the power when they sided with the opposition’s no confidence motion, he noted.

The PPM leader said he did not fear the resurgence of the UDP in the capital and their possible full slate of six candidates and he believed if it were a straight fight between them, the PPM would romp home. However, the opposition leader recognised that with the five Coalition for Cayman candidates who have declared, plus the interim government's expected candidates, as well as the various independents, the number of people running in George Town will split the vote. He warned that in those circumstances no one gets what they want.

With six seats up for grabs and some 7,500 people able to cast six votes, the race was going to be an interesting one but he said he believed the people in the capital would back the PPM as the party enjoyed considerable support. At Monday’s meeting at the Seafarers Hall, he said, it was standing room only as the PPM base in the capital is growing again as the election approaches.

McLaughlin said he believes the Progressives have struck the right balance between political veterans and novices and different types of skills and experience in the team.

“It is the most able team that I see anyone putting out there,” the leader said. “There is often confusion about what being a good representative is really about. Being a successful businessman or a good lawyer or accountant isn’t the only qualification. The most important quality of a representative is compassion. You must care about your people. You need ability, but compassion is critical.”

Being a success in business or in his own legal profession does not necessarily convert to being a successful MLA, he said, adding that while there are several lawyers in the Progressives team, himself included, they are not there just because they are lawyers but because they care about what the people need.

“It is not all about sitting around boardroom tables making decisions,” McLaughlin explained in relation to work in government. “A major part of the job is looking after the interests of your constituents and making the difficult decisions that will help all of your constituents.”

During the meetingMonday the Progressives in George Town nominated the party executive. Anton Duckworth was not seeking nomination as chair this time and Pat Estwick was nominated for that post. Barbara Connolly was nominated as general secretary and Vanessa Godfrey-Banks as treasurer. They will all go forward to be elected at the party conference on 23 March alongside any other district nominees.

With the Bodden Town district slate already confirmed and the Deputy PPM Leader Moses Kirkconnell expected to retain his seat in the Sister Islands, the remaining team members to be nominated are in West Bay, which will be confirmed on 7 March, when the party will reveal its fourth man for the district likely to still be the hardest battleground of all for the Progressives.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    PPM do not let the LODGE control you, they controls McKeeva, C4C, some Independents, CIAA and other parts of the Government, do NOT let them get into your party.  They want to control the Government.

    • Pain-n-Plane says:

      Too late, Wayne Panton stated he was a member of the Masonic Lodge during the debate at UCCI.  Howver he also stated that the "Lodge" is misunderstood and is simply about bettering yourself and the world around you through Christian values.  Measure it how you may, those are the facts as I recall

      • Caymanian 0 says:

        What's so big about the Masonic Lodge. Gilbert McLean is a member.

  2. Anonymous says:

    In response to blogger 17:19 if you are so sure of that, show me the budgeted books. In 4 years I've been waiting to see the figures, whether its $18mio or $81mio and to this date those figures has not been released to the public. If we are in debt. like you say, then where did UDP get so much money to waste for the period 2009 – 201?.  PPM are the right party to turn these Islands around and clear their name internationally. They are the trusted party!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Why is it that everyone is calling for PPM's Solutions? Have you heard any solutions from C4C? or UDP? or Independents? ask them for solutions too. Why only target the PPM for solutions when everyone knows that they have the solutions, but when they put their solutions to work they are then accused of being "over ambitious". Its Damn if you do and Damn if you don;t. PPM is a CLEAN party and I never heard of any corruption with them. They are lawmakers, doers and they never once have they neglected their country and its people.  For 4 years I have been hearing the UDP, the Talk show host, the independents and now the C4C for PPM's Solutions. Give us your Solutions now "pretty" please… You all have none…so rest off the PPM nah!!

    • Pain-n-Plane says:

      You got your note pad ready, the solutions are coming.  I hope you can write shorthand and use MS word pretty well as you are gonna have to edit the PPM maifesto, when all the good ideas come out.

      Seriously, we all know that nomination day is when things get serious, nobody wants to show their hand early.

  4. I Care. says:

    May I remind you that the PPM administration before the current ruling UDP administration drowned our country in debt? lol. think twice, people, before you elect unfinancially sound idiots.

    • Anonymous says:

      Also keep in mind that was before the global financial situation falling apart.  Some thing that was not seen by experts world wide.   Then look at what the did accomplish,  The improved road system, the new schools (expensive yes, but we did not have to turn our schools over the Chinese to administrate.  And they added roads without giving away crown land.

      Are they perfect no.  But they did well were transparent and not corrupt.

      We need to look at each candidate on thier merits not  which of the three parties they are running with.  The PPM has some wonderful choices.

    • Anonymous says:

      Check your facts…see who spent more money.  Also at least the PPM used the money on roads, schools, the GOAP and other assets. The UDP raised the cost of living and business, the caused law suits, waisted a million dollars on traveling, have the highest amount of work permits in years, and they haven't built a single thing other than what Dart owns!

    • Wet Paper Caymanian says:

      Well I guess you prefer the dictatorship and behind the scenes shady deals of the past 31/2 years.A deposed former premier by his own cabinet, alleged corruptions charges. A DWI to one, the abuses of one's wife oh and don"t forgrt the one who loves the smell of asphalt. The Progressives may have had their challenges before this administration but may I remind you that NOT ONE of the Progresseives ended in disgrace or worst. They have learned what not to do and I have every trust in them. I have no problem with some independants but they will have to learn first. With the Progressives, they have a plan, declared all their candidates already. We need some representatives that have experience in the house and move us forward. We are not ready for an all independants govt. I know what TO EXPECT FROM the Progressives and know that I can't trust the UDP anymore nor the fabulous 5. My friends in West Bay you now have a chance at this election. There are good candidates running there for for a first time We have a choice. Vote them all out, yes specially Big Mac, Foolio in town and the 2  (UDP) in Bodden that want to give you a Dump in BT (another shady deal) including the closing of West Bay Road. Progressives please help us fight so it don't happen and more will vote for you. Oh how I can't wait not to hear Mac or Foolio anymore after that and they can go back in their holes that they crawled from. Foolio I have a job for you. Trouble shooter at the Dump.

  5. Anonymous says:

    This Group represents ethical good governance and really our only hope in recovering what we have lost under the despotic dictatorship of McKeeva Bush and the UDP blind followers all of who did not have the balls to stand up to his corruption and absolute mismanagement of everything. They have achieved NOTHING in four long years so how could any good Caymaniann accuse any previous party or politician of incompetence and mismanagement of our country.

    If any of the Independent do not openly and publically declare their support and alliances for the PPM and certain other declaring independents, then they are sending a powerful message that they are willing toswing either way to the UDP or PPM to make up a Govt. Do not be fooled by the ex-UDP sheep gazing in our electorates who are reallyn UDP wolves  who will be supporting the dictator for another 4 years of one man rule. Historically the worst and most disgusting politician ever to represent the people of the Cayman Islands.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I’m really disappointed in the C4C behavior. I thought they would be better than this. You all don’t care about cayman, you just about tearing others down.

    • Wet Paper Caymanian says:

      They are a smoke screen that as you will see some will switch sides in a hurry IF elected. I am not impressed at all and while there are good people there, you will be run by a group of people and the favours they would be able to do for thier buddies and $$. No thanks. Progressives all the way.

  7. Anonymous says:

    How can you people say that Alden did nothing as opposition. My understanding is that he was the one who brought the vote of no confidence against McKeeva. That was a hell of a job he undertook after three votes of no confidence that he brought to the house. We have Alden with the help of Ezzard to thank for finally getting rid of the tyrant who was just carrying down this country. Alden I and many others thank you for finally having the guts to stand up to this man, we are proud of you and I and my household in GT will definitely being voting for PPM all the way. Alden you are a man of integrity, honesty, caring, compassionate and always willing to help when you can. God bless you and hold your head high and don't let anyone let you do otherwise, remember Ms. Althea looking down from heaven on you.

  8. Anonymous says:

    PPM saying C4C is UDP and UDP saying C4C is PPM! LOL



    • Anonymous says:

      Past histories show that C4C is UDP. Don’t make McKeeva and C4C fool you.

    • Anonymous says:

      it's obvious that c4c are not ppm. that is mckeeva trying to fool the public.

  9. Wota says:

    Good news is that Ellio and Mike’s seats are available.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Goooooooooooooooo UDP, get back in power!! We don't need no PPM running this country

    • Anonymous says:

      Ypu obviously havent heard that the UDP leader was kicked out of government by his own clan? Or that he's out of jail on bail somehow hoping to get back in government to continue with his insanity to all of our extreme detriments?

  11. Whodatis says:
    • What are your thoughts on development?
    • How will you approach the youth unemployment issue?
    • What are your views on a minimum wage for the Cayman Islands?
    • How do you assess the 50/50 population split in regards to Caymanians / Expats?
    • What are your views on the current state of trade schools / training / opportunities in the Cayman Islands?
    • How do you regard our dependency on work permit fees?
    • Do you believe that Caymanians are being treated fairly in the job market of their own country?
    • What are your views on the "general" work ethic of Caymanians? (Assuming for the moment that the people of any given country actually possess a "general" work ethic!)
    • Where do you see Cayman in terms of a British Overseas Territory in the next 10 years?
    • What are your views on the decriminalisation of "drugs" (marijuana) in the Cayman Islands?
    • How will you address the increase in crime?
    • What are your views on the frighteningly high rate of teenage / unplanned pregnancies in Cayman today?

    My "X" goes to the candidate that speaks best, if at all, to the above issues.

    Anything else is nothing but politricks and petty bickering amongst the masses – which is clearly threatening to resurface yet again.

    • Anonymou says:

      Don't forget:

      -How do you propose to decrease the cost of living for the residents of the Cayman Islands?

      -What decreases in the civil service do you see and what is an effective target size for the civil service?  for the government in general?

      -How will you stimulate the economy with a government effectively unable to spend money?

      -Is the George Town berthing facility necessary and what are the real environmental risks to 7 mile beach?

      -What is your answer to the land fill issue given the economic constrants of government?

      -Do you favor mandatory recycling?

      -Where will the government get the money to do the required work on the prison for the human rights law?

      -Do you support theconservation law?

      -What are the 3 priorities do you see as urgently require resolution in the country?

      -Do you agree to term limits for politicians?

      -Do you believe that paper Caymanians be allowed to run for LA?



    • Anonymous says:

      The PPM never has any solutions just bath mouthing others and obstructionism.

      • Anonymous says:

        Well we've seen what the UDP solution is – corruption galore, blaming others for their failures and nothing achieved.

      • Anonymous says:

        You're confusing the PPM with McKeeva Bush. I seriously suggest you make some attempt to come to your senses before May.

    • Anonymous says:

      Cayman poiticians do not solve problems, they wait around until somebody else suggests an idea from the many retreats, banquettes or conferences they attend,and then they steal it with alot of uncessary kabuki theater as a distraction. Dont expect any particulars to be spoken about in any of the parties speeches, just more high pollutant expat bashing and do nothing committees promised to be formed to pay non-credentialed committee members, 

    • Anonymous says:

      Get rid of Anthony Smellie.

      Get rid of SamuelBulgin.

      Get rid of David Baines.

      Get rid of Duncan Taylor.

      Get rid of McKeeva Bush.

      Get rid of the Lodge. Yes Joey, that means you too.

      • Anonymous says:

        Get rid of Anthony Smellie? Yes


        Get rid of Samuel Bulgin? Yes


        Get rid of David Baines? Yes, he have not done a good job in solving the crimes in these Islands, and as small as these Islands are, it's time for him to go.


        Get rid of Duncan Taylor? No, No, he is doing a good Job, he can stay.


        Get rid of McKeeva Bush? A Big Yes to that, he is the most deserving person to go from your list.


        Get rid of the Lodge. Yes Joey, that means you too. Now you got me here, who are you talking about, in this case I leave it alone, no answer here.

  12. Anonymous says:

    The PPM has policies and philosophy, platform and programmes?  Really?  Because I don't recall a single one being put forward in four years of opposition.

    • Anonymous says:

      Err…that would be because they were the opposition and not the government. That is the role of govt., you dolt.  

      • Anonymous says:

        If you think the Opposition should not have viable solutions to the country's problems you need to wake up and smell the coffee.

        • Anonymous says:

          You're an idiot. In NO Westminster model type constitution country do you hear of the Opposition putting forward policies, plans and programmes during the course of their tenure as the Opposition. It would be completely wasted time and energy since they are not the govt and cannot implement them and the govt will not listen even if they are sensible policies and plans etc. It is not govt. by committee, you know.

          However, it is a different matter when they are seeking to contest an election and must convince the voting public that trhey should be the govt. We must hear them now.

          It is staggering how many simply do not understand how governmental systems work.     

        • Anonymous says:

          Why on earth does the UDP supporters continue to try to blame the PPM for the UDP's utter failure to run this country? Oh I almost forgot, McKeeva taught them that.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Wow. A lot of anti-PPM posts on here although I suspect most of them are generated by one or two persons. The firt 6 are only minutes apart and all have the same flavour. C4C hard at work!

    • Anonymous says:

      Yeah, i actually counted 7 that were almost identical and just a few minutes apart.


      I agree, C4C was working overtime last night. It's so easy to spot their comments now, in particular to those about Alden and the PPM.


      Funny how they dont attack Mac with the same energy. Just UDP in C4C clothing i guess.

    • Anonymous says:

      I don’t think the UDP has to resort to PPM style tactics thank you. As if it is a big secret that all you have multiple emails for three people. Sounds like the radio talk show. Probably the same handful doing the postings too. LOL

  14. Voter in GT says:

    No, the backlash against party politics is also aimed at the PPM.  It is the favortism and cronyism that we need to stop.  We do not need the other party elected just to see the Boards swtich to their buddies and 4 more years of time and money wasting.

    We no longer want career politicians period.  We want accountability with lawyers and accountants and business people from the pricate sector that know if they would have screwed up so badly over the past decade (PPM & UDP alike) their shareholders would have FIRED them, not re-elected them.

    I own land in Bodden Town and go to churh there.  However, my voting district and residence is in George Town.  I wish better for the people of Bodden Town.

    Where are the good Independents there who will NOT be swayed by party BS?

    • Anonymous says:

      Why do you leave C4C out of your narrative? They are a party in all except name. Do you think their founders each paid $50,000 to join, expecting to be left off Boards and cushy jobs if their group gained power? Wake up or be bamboozled. No "Independent" that has signed the C4C "pledge" is Independent. Not unless they are without integrity and don't intend to honour the pledge. Either way you are screwed.

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree with you but the fact is that the PPM in the past have allowed persons to remain on boards etc…if they were perceived to be doing a good job.  this has actually back fired on them and they were severally criticized for being to nice.  the C$C will do the same they were appointed to every major board by the UDP, and their firms were contracted to do millions of dollars in work as well…please don’t be fooled by their message of "we are the saviors".

  15. Anonymous says:

    I'm so scared the UDP is going to make a clean sweep again this election. With Onecent Frederick in Bodden Town, Foolio in Georgetown, Capt Eugene in West Bay, a criminal suspect for a leader, and all that money Foolio raised to buy fridges and two thousand  Jamaicans backing them how can they possibly not win? Waaa mess.  

    • Anonymous says:

      One thing for certain, Cayman is eternally dishonorably doomed if Caymanians refuse to wake up this time around.

    • Anonymous says:

      "two thousand Jamaicans" I don't understand your reference? What are you getting at? It appears that NO Caymanians voted in any of the districts the last election and that it was ONLY "Jamaicans" voting. So I guess there is "nothing" that WE Caymanians can do about that eh………..in OUR elections in OUR Country!

      • Anonymous says:

        I don't understand your reference? What are you getting at? Who on earth suggested that NO Caymanians voted in any of the districts the last election and that it was ONLY "Jamaicans" voting. So I guess there is "nothing" that WE Caymanians can do about that eh………..in OUR elections in OUR Country!?

      • Anonymous says:

        They are referring to the thousands of status grants and their dependents who are now eligible to vote. We counted them last election.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yeah and with mac serving a new God and all that.

  16. Anonymous says:

    PPM and UDP-two parties that nobody wants to go to!

    • Anonymous says:

      Guess you never saw all the cars in The Shores for Macs birthday party and his Nelson Mandela cake! 

      • Anonymous says:

        If McKeeva Bush and Nelson Mandela should ever have anything in common, I hope that it is 27 years in prison.

      • Anonymous says:

        Ain't no Nelson Mandela cake on earth going to help McKeeva Bush.

      • Anonymous says:

        You mean to say it wasn't a McKeeva Bush cake? Unbelieveable. He must have been trying to make a good impression on the crowd. I do suppose the kool aid was strongly spiked as well.

        • Anonymous says:

          Mugabe had a McKeeva cake at his lavish 89th birthday celebrations last week.

      • Anonymous says:

        The Shores Jamaicans sure love Mckeeva…

    • Anonymous says:

      At least you got invited…do you even know where the C$C lives or when they have their parties?

    • Anonymous says:

      Speak for yourself. There is just as much difference between UDP and PPM as chalk and cheese.  C4C find another line leave PPM alone. If you are so great why do we bother you so much

  17. Anonymou says:

    Changing the name from the PPM to the Progressives is meaningless until we hear some solutions from the about the country's problems.

    The voters will not be fooled by the same old stale rederick by the PPM leadership. Frankly the PPM must prove they deserve leadership of the government based their ability to provide solutions rather than the fact that they are not the UDP.

    Until the voters hear solutions that make sense they should remain skeptical of the "Progressives".

    • Anonymous says:

      What is "rederick"? Did you mean "rhetoric"?

      Until voters hear solutions from any politician or party they should remain skeptical. That's not just a PPM thing.


  18. Anonymous says:

    I really hope the PPM wins, as these Islands needs stability now. the C$C are UDP and I don't trust them to do anything favourable for Caymanians. I can envision them pushing through the agendas of those who put them in there. The lobbyiest! don't be fooled Caymanians, they will not be for you, but for their rich friends. They will widen the gap of rich and poor and eliminate the middle classed altogether.

    • Status and VOTING says:

      You must be joking pro-PPMer…. Wow, your party sat back for just as long as the schools churned out sub-standard students, bloated the Civil Service, and got us into debt too.

      Sorry, UDP & PPM alike are party politics and like all of our Eastern Caribbean cousins, let's not go down the brainwashing path.

      We are a small population of 60,000 good people.  We do NOT need private jets, private chefs, bodyguards, and dozen persons jaunts off on political pandering.  We need a few good accountants and administrators (and recently looks look a few more Auditor Generals for the appointed crony & conflict of interest Board members at Authorities).

      I DO hope the voters of Cayman wake up and see they have been given empty promises and the blame-game for far too long and it is time to not re-elect ANY former politicians.

      Really? Can starting with a totally clean group of people be bad?

      The last decade of politicians (all of them) have done us no favors.

    • Anonymous says:

      Did you read Big Mac rant against C4C before you posted that rubbish? He sounds exactly like Alden

  19. CayStudent says:

    Still a bunch of poli-tricks. These candidates won't earn my vote. 

    • Anonymous says:

      Let me predict what, I don't hope, will happen.

      There will be so much fractured voting going on that those who get in will be part of but not part of any group with a majority.

      NOW THE BAD PART. People like JUJU, who will be returned by the uninformed and too blinded by blacktop to see the truth. She will then hold her bible in one hand and shout out "well, I only willing to work with those who are honest and full of integrity".

      Of course, not to showed up, over half of them will raise their hands and proclaim to be "honest & full of integrity". At that point she will take charge and slip her way right into being Premier again.

      Another four years of hippo manure being dumped on us.

  20. Anonymous says:

    I hope it doesn't end up like their last term as administration…fight until they get in power and then paralized once they are in.

    • Anonymous says:

      Wow….you really need to look up the definition of paralysis.

      These are some of the PPM accomplishments in 4 years, compare that to what the UDP got done: 

      Truman Bodden Sports Complex new track and lights.

      The Bocce court and the lights on the netball courts.

      Have you been to the new GOAP?

      Have you been to the new VL building?

      Have you seen the new school buildings?

      What about post-Paloma assistance of 10 million dollars on the Brac?


      What about upgrades to or new buildings for:

      The Golden Age home?

      Nurse Josie's Senior Centre?

      Extension to the Kirkconnell Community Centre?

      Jimmy Powell Players Pavilion?

      Annex field turf, grandstand and lighting?

      Haig Bodden Sports Centre?

      Old Man Bay Football field?

      Ed Bush Sports Complex including artificial turf, grandstand, stadium quality lighting?

      Lions Swimming Pool grandstands and building?

      Jetties and ramps at various locations?

      Parks in various communities?

      First phase of the East West Arterial?

      Second and third phases of the ETH?

      North Sound Road, Elgin Avenue, Dorcy Drive, Seymour Road, Marina Drive, Shamrock Road, Queens Highway?

      Four marine vessels?

      Drugs Tasks Force and Marine Unit Marina design and base?

      First phase of terminal expansion at the airport?

      Improvement of GPO?

      New Savannah PO?

      Replacement and new PO boxes in GT?

      East End Cemetery Wall, Bay Seawall, Clarinda Beach Seawall to protect East End?

      38% reduction in basic electricity rates from CUC?

      Extension of Frank Sound Public Water Supply?

      Rehab of West Bay Sewerage System?

      New North Side pumping station and extension of the North Side Public Water Supply?

      Repaired and reopened National Museum, Harquail Theatre, BT Library, EE Library, NS Library, West Bays FIRST Library, new annex to GT Library?

      I could go on but my hands are tired …..

      • Anonymous says:

        Your list only proves that “any fool can spend money”.

      • Anonymous says:

        Let me add some more accomplishments:

        Left the country in near bankruptcy
        Left the country at the mercy of the UK’s whims
        Fired several good Caymanians from high level positions
        Gave away the popular Houston route to Continental who is making a profit
        Overspent on schools that we may still lose if we can’t keep up the payments
        Bloated the civil service costing us millions

        I would think this is a pretty good list to start with. I will post more after I have a snack.

        • Anonymous says:

          Unless you do the accounts at your own business, your decisions are only as good as the info your CFO presents.

  21. Anonymous says:

    "McLaughlin said the Coalition for Cayman (C4C) was essentially a type of party but their leadership was a discrete small group of people and voters could not see the behind-the-scenes machinery"

    If you went to McKeeva's birthday bash a few weeks ago, you would have seen the C4C (XXXXn) all out in force having a grand old time. PPM – not one invited. Need I say more?

    The "behind the scenes machinery"  are playing a very dangerous game with the hearts of the Caymanian people and when the truth comes out, the people will refuse to shop at your businesses and they won't use your services either. We can call names here, but it's a public forum and those that are not in McKeeva's pocket are not blind.

    McKeeva Bush, I will not sleep at night until you are where you belong, behind bars, not the drinking type.

    • Status and VOTING says:

      Would it help if all the Independents and C4C came out in public and denounced Mac?  

      Sounds good to me.

      Political suicide maybe, but the right ting to do? Yes.

      • Anonymous says:

        C4C was the first group to demand that McKeeva resign as Premier while ppm did their usual fence sitting


        • Anonymous says:

          What do you call 3 No Confidence Motions??!

        • Anonymous says:

          For crying out loud – the PPM brought THREE noconfidence motions against the man when those who call themselves C4C were completely silent!!! There was never any fence sitting about the fact that McKeeva had to go. Being the decent people they are they gave him an opportunity to do the right thing and resign of his own accord after the arrest.    

        • Holy Cow says:

          err and where was C4C when the PPM filed the first and second no confidence motions trying to save this country from further embarassment and degradation of our reputation and economy?


          Where were those C4C members in the private sector and on boards of private sector representative organisations when a certain PPM candidate was PUBLICLY calling for McKeeva to step down in the best interests of the country and in the alternative demanding that his UDP colleagues act in the best interests of the country to remove him?


          None of this happened the week after McKeeva was arrested like C$Cs comments!

          It was done a YEAR or more BEFORE he was arrested! So be honest about the facts! 

      • Anonymous says:

        Ezzard and the PPM'S tried to meet with C$C to do just that and they outright refused to work with ANYONE.  

  22. Anonymous says:

    Mr Aladeen must be day dreaming not even himself will be re-elected in the capital.We are doing a clean sweep in G.T,W.B,B.T,N .S,E.E and C.B & L.C.

    I would suggest that this is really a time to focus on the issues that can best halt the disintegration of our islands’s economy, on matters that can best re-inspire our people to believe that things can get better, to focus on ways and means for providing quality health care, quality houses, jobs, education and the like—for the 50 Thousands citizens of this country who are under such undignifying burdens, its beyond sad. It is a time for thinking in terms of, first, coming up with new policies that can help the people, throwing out old policies that have repeatedly failed to alleviate the poverty of the majority of Caymanians.Mr Aladeen surely you would agree that only after the policies are identified, only after the policy priorities are clearly articulated and agreed upon, only then should people be asking who should do this job and who should do that other job.

    We are scheming that young Caymanians, formally educated professionals as well as those who have not been able to study enough formally… all Caymanians should become energised and excited and engaged in building a new political reality in Cayman, a new fresh political maturity which has thus far been obviously lacking.We want to help people like the new independent minds who want Caymanians to take responsibility and ownership of our country and its future direction. Just as we helped, within the Constitution, end UDP and PPM rule in Cayman, We intend to help end, within the Constitution, the current incompetent parties.To this end We are committed.This too is an aspect of our political maturity (as a Islands) that should be open for discussion so that we leave politics of personality behind and instead focus on the fundamental needs of the people of this country.

    Vote 4 independent in May

  23. Anonymous says:

    Can Mr. Mclaughlin do anything else besides reference C4C every time he speaks? where is the PPM plan to fix the country instead of worrying about everybody else tell us exactly what he and his party will do for the country. Tired of negativity

    • George Towner to dah bone says:

      Anon 21:02, could you please tell me what's the independants plans are for these Islands, than only attacking the party system? I live in George Town where most of the independants has declared and can only hear bits, and pieces, but not enough for me or anyone to make a definitive decision, because they just haven't officially hit the campaigne trial. So stop bashing the PPM for not, according to you, having a plan when the independants candidates doesn't have an cohesive plan as yet, and let me go further, you will see the PPM plans in couple of weeks, keep watch! Alden is an politician and has rights to speak about his propose opponents, to try and let people know the truth behind the C4C. The reason why some of you are kicking up stink, is because not only Alden, but Mackeeva has also exposed who the C4C really are, and that's it a party plain and simple. You can fool some people sometime, but can't fool them all the time.

    • Anonymous says:

      Has C4C told us they will do except claim not to be a party?  Let's demand to hear their policies too.

      • Anonymous says:

        C4C waiting on PPm Manifesto so that they can try to outdo PPM. No way Jose. The only argument you have against the PPM is that we are a party and a good one too may I add. We ARE NOT FOR SALE

  24. Anonymous says:

    Funny how desperate he is to convince somebody he is the only person who cares about poor people. We have seen him in action before what did he do to help Caymanians when was minister in charge of Labor?

  25. Anonymous says:

    I find it ironic that these people call themselves the Progressives. There is absolutely nothing progressive about having Alden McLaughlin as a Leader or about the PPM beyond their name. They are almost as bad an Opposition as the UDP are a sitting government

    • Anonymous says:

      Is that you again Johann? Your personal bitterness and hatred of Alden will ruin you, get a therapist.

  26. Anonymous says:

    LOL does he realize he is the most unpopular MLA in GT? Bring back Kirk Tibbetts or allow Moses to lead them out of the wilderness

  27. Anonymous says:

    Where is the vision and can PPM really lead the country when it’s leader will not win a seat without KT?

  28. Anonymous says:

    No chance of winning in May with Alden at the helm bring back Kurt

    • Anonymous says:

      If not Alden, what are your choices.., Mac, James Bergstrom (right, who?), or Juliana? Give me a F-ing break!!


      Of those choices, Alden would get my vote 100 times out of 99

    • Anonymous says:

      Alden might lose his seat.

  29. Anonymous says:

    If Moses was the leader they would have more support and chance of winning a majority in May.

  30. Anonymous says:


    • Status and VOTING says:

      ha ha ha, PPM has clean hands and pure heart too?  Puh-lease….different colors same politricks.


      • Anonymous says:

        Have you ever heard of anyone on the PPM being under criminal investigation for three years? Or being dragged out of their house at seven oclock in the morning and locked up by police on numerous occassions? Or having their house ransacked by police? Or having their personal items seized by police?  Or running for election while being on police bail? Or getting kicked out of government by the same ones who've been licking their feet for the past four years? While swearing to God all the while it's all a conspiracy to take away their seat? And all the while half the voting public actually believes them? Or giving Cohen half a million of our money for a plane ride? Or giving away two million of our money to cover their own dumb ass? Or giving their church two million of our money for you know what? Or being stopped by the UK from signing a deal with a Chinese company for you know why? Or giving thousands of Jamaicans status for you know what? Or giving away fridges for you know what? Or switching to a better God so they can get re-elected? Or Giving away tens of millions of dollars in concessions and crown property that they have no right to give away? Or using government's fax machine to send a fax to Mr. Stan Thomas? Or collecting two pensions from the country they love? Or sending them a bill for five thousand dollars worth of christmas lights for their house? Or frittering away millions of their dollars cruising the globe?  Or having the auditor general and so many more decent folks fired for you know what? Or taxing the backsides off the people they love so they can have more money to throw to the dogs? Or accusing the PPM of creating an 81 million deficit to get themselves elected? And convincing the voting public to actually BELIEVE that crap? Or trying to sell the Government Administration Building so we could rent it back? Or failing to provide the country they love with a budget and audited accounts as they are paid to do?  Or being stopped from digging a huge holein the ground in East End? Or being stopped from digging the bottom out of the North Sound? Or being against the UK monitoring our elections? Or firing Mark and John because they know they won't get re-elected for supporting them and hiring Vincent so they can put the dump in Bodden Town? Or accusing C4C of being the coalition for cash because somehow it might make them look a little better? Or lecturing a class of young people on integrity with their reputation? Or brain washing foolio and santa claus? And all the while swearing that their hands are clean and their heart is pure? Now THAT'S what I call politrics. And I have to admit the PPM has clean hands and a pure heart when it comes to politrics.

  31. Anonymous says:

    I see Kurt, Alden, Sharon, Roy and Jude as 5 of the 6 getting elected in GT.  Will it be Joey Hew or Marco Archer for the 6th?  I don't know.  Just know it won't be UDP.

    • Anonymous says:

      I think Joey and Marco have more compassion and respect for common people, therefore can relate to a wider electorate, than Roy and Jude, so i think they will win over those two.

    • Anonymous says:

      I see Kurt, Alden, Marco, Sharon????

    • Anonymous says:

      I believe I can hear the Beatles warming up with "Hey Jude, don't take it so bad…..

    • GT Voter says:

      At 19:36 – Will I tell you one thing, me and my family is voting for that young man Mr. Archer! Am very impressed with his statemanship and clean cut to the point. 

  32. Anonymous says:

    Yeah baby, time to roll up those sleeves and hit the campaign trail, I may not be 100% in agreement with all the choices, but I know I can comfortably support at least 5 out of the six. I am taking consolation in the possibility that the one person I am nervous about will probably be a backbencher if elected and can use the 4 years as a learning and grooming period

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree with you on being comfortable supporting 5 out of 6, therefore I will give my sixth vote to an independent candidate.


      The PPM needs to understand that they MUST take the high moral ground even if it means losing some of their supporters. Do they think that the gun men were initially welcomed with open arms into Jamaica's various political parties, or did they start by accepting people guilty of lesser crimes just because they brought votes?


      I will vote for 5 PPM candidates, not because I am a PPM supporter, but the risk of electing anyone who isn't anti-UPD/McKeeva is too high to take a chance on voting for too many (supposedly?) independent candidates.


      However, I look forward to the next election where I will have only ONE vote and will cast that accordingly and hold MY representative accountable.


  33. anonymous says:

    C4C along with the NUDP is gonna crush the living daylight out of the PPM.Mark these words.

    • Anonymous says:

      That is exactly the same as saying McKeeva is forever honerable.

    • Anonymous says:

      Even you C$C supporters admit publicly that the UDP is connected to C$C, LOL……