Four week closure at Raleigh Quay for utility work

| 04/04/2013

images_42.jpg(CNS): Dart Reality Cayman Ltd is closing another public road for some four weeks in order to undertake utility work on the road running parallel to the site where it proposes to develop a luxury hotel. Raleigh Quay, one of the connections to the West Bay Road and the new Esterley Tibbetts Highway extension, will be closed to traffic on Monday 8 April for around four weeks. As a result, more temporary traffic diversions will be put in place in the area to enable people to access the beach, local bars, Foster Bay Villas and St Matthew’s Residences. Dart said that there would be no left turn onto Raleigh Quay from the highway during works.

Local traffic from Raleigh Quay will exit right onto West Bay Road to the Yacht Drive Roundabout. Meanwhile, access to St Matthew’s Residences and Foster Bay Villas will be via the Yacht Drive Roundabout and access to Tiki Beach, Surfside and Calico Jack's will also be via the Yacht Drive Roundabout, officials from Dart stated.

The work is all part of government’s controversial deal with Dart to swap land with the developer to facilitate the development of the former Courtyard Marriott hotel site as a beachfront resort. The deal will eventually see most of the West Bay Road from the Governor’s Way junction to Yacht Drive closed to vehicular traffic.

See full details of the latest diversions and traffic flow changes below.


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  1. Another broken Promise says:

    This story was posted exactly two months ago today. 

    The Raleigh Quay connection remains closed coming on a full month after it was supposed to re-open, even though it is obvious to the thousands who cross this section of road that the works that were being carried out concluded some time ago.  Yet the local businesses and residents [The local, local economy] continue to suffer due to this incompetence and inconsideration. All of this with no legal authority, forget about moral obligation.

    Meanwhile the "local acess" in blue on the attached diagram from surfside to the public beach and calico jacks has been ripped up for no logical reason.  So much for local acess. Deep gashes full of rainwater now mark the underfill that once supported the thick very expensive asphalt that was laid down at great cost to generations of Caymanians and served as the lifeblood of tourism and commerce between West Bay and Georgetown for decades and decades. Oh and let's not forget 18 months later the hotel that was supposed to be refurbished and generating income room tax revenue for the Cayman economy is no where to be seen.  The one and only obligation out of the whole "deal" that was supposed to bring real revenue is nothing but a barren, desolate white elephant marl pit.  The works completed to date on the hotel by no stretch of the imagination can be termed "continuous" as stipulated in the contract.        

    A letter to the editor of the Compass on June 3 2013 asked how much longer the Raleigh Quay connection will remain closed.  Can CNS shed any light on this question?  Obviously it would be asking way too much for CNS or the good people of our new Cayman Islands Government to find out when the Hotel will arrive on the scene.  All in all, the evidence overwhelmingly points to something being rotten in the state of Dartmark.  You can trust we are taking notes and marking time.

  2. Anonymous says:

    This is just so wrong! The UDP and PNA have sold WB Road for almost nothing!
    If this is such a great deal why is the PriceWatetHouse Value for Money not published!
    I will vote for an independent that could stand up to big business development!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Waiting for the flood of adverse comments…come on Cayman…I am waiting…


    BTW, isn't that new ETH extension just fantastic? A road to be proud of, world class instead of a crumbling mess. Has anyone who frequents the area like me noticed just how peaceful public beach is now? And the area around it…pure bliss to be noise, no fumes…

    • Anonymous says:

      The truth is, many of us are numb, watching Dart twirl his metaphorical moustache and TELL us what he is going to do.    We find out what our vig is, what will be done to us when Dart Co. informs us.  


      All the while without full disclosure of the "deal" under which Dart is operating.   What do you expect us to do?   Protest the impact that we've not been informed of?  

    • Anonymous says:

      brillant post…

      lots of people are going to look very silly in a few months time after their 'opposition' to this superb development….

    • Anonymous says:

      Interesting…peace is what not just the Public Beach but all of OUR World Class West Bay Beach was know for. A road being called "World Class" more interesting. We were not so shallow as to worship a length of asphalt in the SWAMP because it is "NEW". Grand Cayman's original West Bay Road is where it is because it made sense to thousands of Caymanians who carved out a well worn path over hundreds of years. It all started back in the day when bare feet, whompers or if a traveler was lucky a Donkey or Horse were the mode of transportation.  Then in more recent history the overcrowding and endless throngs of ungrateful and miserable trouble makers arrived.  So what is it you are trying to say exactly?  Oh, you can't be PROUD of the rights and wishes of the LOCALS now can ya? Or maybe the intended inference is more miserable than that. Pfft…NEXT!!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Now, because the ETH extension was opened before it was finished, and we all know why, lanes are closed daily so that it can be completed. Whoever is responsible for these lane closures clearly has no idea how to do it properly. there is no prior warning for approaching motorists travelling at 40 mph. They just find the lane closed. I have witnessed several instances of motorists having to brake sharply to avoid driving into the closed lane.

      As far as ETH being world class. I am no expert, but I have driven in many parts of the world and would question the curvature of ETH and its traffic islands for a 40 mph road.

      I notice that by Harbour Heights where the road now makes a right angle turn there is now a 25 mph sign. Did Dart go through all the correct procedure to get the speed limit changed?.