More refugees returned to Cuba

| 18/04/2013

CubanBoatersNov12 (300x254).jpg(CNS): Despite risking a perilous journey in search of a new life, six Cuban migrants who opted to leave the vessels in which they were travelling were returned to that country this week. Immigration officials confirmed the repatriation Tuesday which brings the number of migrants that have been returned to Cuba this month alone to ten people. At present sixteen other refugees remain at the Immigration Detention Centre on Grand Cayman, after being picked up by officials from boats that have recently passed through Cayman waters.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    when they enter in another country it is consider illegal, they have to be locked down, screened and processed.   if we did not have these securites in place can you imagine what would happen? have you ever been to downtown, Miami? Miami just lost my shopping spree money.

    i totally agree that if they wish to continue to travel,  the humane thing is to assit them in can foods, water even a medical kit, give them some gas.  it doesn't feel right to just put them back on a boat without even these things, come on now have a good heart. 


  2. Anonymous says:

    Every one so quiet about this problem. Just lock them up and send them back. LIke it dosen't matter because: They are only "CUBANS".

    Let's all hope that Cayman and all those involbed in breaking their dreams of freedom and not giving them help. Would never have to end up in Cuba asking them for HELP. We never may see that, but we never know what the future holds and how they say: What goes around comes around.

    Thank God Cuba is opening up to see a better future. Hope we see less of them coming here asking help and not even getting water.

    RIP all those who have passed our coast and not received any help and gone thirsty, hungry and dissapointed on Cayman peoples for not doing what is right and doing for others what we expect others do for us.


    • Anonymous says:

      It is good to send them back to their own land.  The humane thing is to ensure they have food and water and treat any urgent medical issues – which I believe we do.  Not all of them blend well into our culture….most that are given the right to stay here do.  However, there is one who has proven repeatedly that he is not deserving of this right and he is contstanting biting the hand that feeds him!  The land that rescued him!  Be careful sir…..there is so much one can take.  We will soon bite back.