UK cash up for grabs for enduring local projects

| 18/04/2013

Money_bag_150.jpg(CNS): The Cayman Islands governor is inviting people in the local community to apply for up to $10,000 of free cash to fund community projects. The money comes from the Overseas Territories Programme Fund via the United Kingdom’s FCO and is set aside for proposals which seek to promote good governance and transparency, raise awareness about human rights, protect the environment, reduce crime or improvethe justice system. The annual grants range from CI$1,000 to CI$10,000 and will be awarded to those projects that have the potential to leave a lasting positive impact in Cayman. The governor’s office is now searching for projects to support for the period April 2013 – March 2014.

“The 2012 Overseas Territories White Paper aims to strengthen links between the UK and Overseas Territories governments and commits the UK government to provide support to the Overseas Territories governments. This modest fund seeks to do just that by assisting with access to expertise and training. We put it to excellent use last year and we hope to do even better this year,” Duncan Taylor, Cayman’s governor,  said in a release on Wednesday.

Last year grants were given to more than half a dozen diverse projects, from documenting orchids to human rights training.

Money was given to train the uniformed services to prepare them for the Bill of Rights; equipment for the Central Caribbean Marine Institute to allow them to study the impact of climate change on our marine ecosystems; support for Brackers Against Alcohol Misuse; assisting the Human Rights Commission for books for primary school children explaining the Bill of Rights; the Gender Equality publicity campaign; development of genetic fingerprints for Cayman’s endangered endemic orchids; and training for those involved in the criminal justice system who work with sex offenders.

Projects must be completed by March 2014 and bids which have already secured some funding from other sources are particularly welcomed. To receive a project bidding form please contact Tom Hines at the Governor’s Office:, tel. 244 2434.

This information is available on the Governor’s Office website.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Don't let the cynics derail good initiatives.  If there are people or groups in Cayman ready and willing to do projects that could make good use of these grants, projects that would either promote good governance and transparency, raise awareness about human rights, protect the environment, reduce crime, or improve the justice system, let's encourage them to seize this opportunity to go for these grants.

  2. Unnalookya says:

    The UK Government on its own initiative created the Overseas Territories Programme Fund for the express purpose of supporting "the work of the UK government to maintain the security, stability and prosperity of the overseas territories."  That's the source of these grants; so we didn't go begging for these grants, the UK initiated them.  But if we are really worried about what people in the UK will think, won't it be more of an ungrateful slap in the faceto the UK if instead of graciously accepting it, we spurn the offer of these grants?

    And are we saying we really don't have any worthy projects that the grants of up to $10 thousand each could help?  Do we not have any worthwhile projects we could do to "promote good governance and transparency, raise awareness about human rights, protect the environment, reduce crime, or improve the justice system"?  For one example of "protect the environment", couldn't we use a $10 thousand grant to help kick-start the hiring and/or equipping of dedicated teams to cull lionfish?

    If anyone is really worried about UK opinion on Cayman getting a few thousand dollars in these grants from the UK's coffers, here's a much bigger sum to think about.  Between October 2012 and January 2013, more than thirty UK Members of Parliament signed on to a parliamentary motion that among other things claims that the Cayman Islands as an Overseas Territory "has received $430 million from the [UK] Government in the last three years."  So at least those MP's believe Cayman got that much from the UK.  I'm not saying they were right in that belief.  Can anybody tell us when that $430 million was given to Cayman, who in Cayman administered the spending of those funds, and what projects they were spent on?  Or was this just another case of MP's and others in the UK having ill-advised beliefs about Cayman?  But in any case, did anyone hear any complaints from UK taxpayers or the UK press about that amount being given to Cayman?

    So let's not be afraid of accepting these very modest sums from the UK.  Let's encourage individuals and groups to come forward with projects worthy of these grants, let's hope they get those grants, and let's applaud them when they succeed in their initiatives!

  3. Anonymous says:

    This is not just a hand out for Cayman, it’s from an FCO fund for all OT’s – the way people are going on makes it sound like we are a charity case…. You want some cash for a worthwhile project then apply and if it’s accepted you get it, where’s the issue here?

    I would guess the total amount available across all OT’s is probably not more that 100k – I seriously doubt the average Manin the street UK taxpayer really gives a toss ……

    Stop the hysteria please.

  4. Anonymous says:

    since the people of the cayman islands has no problem voicing their opinions and making such an out cry that the large sum of money was given to the churches, the british people need to do the same thing and demand that their money is returned to their territory, their hard earn money that the UK takes out directly from their pay. 

     I bet you my whole salary that you will have caymanians applying for this project so fast,  so that they can gain other people hard earn money.  what a bunch of hypocrites the island people are.  you all are no better than the churches, that's why this island is going to sink more faster than we think.    

    • Anonymous says:

      12.41-The money is on offer and the Governor has asked for applicants who will or will not be awarded money based on their applications. I see nothing hypocritical in there. Surely this is a good thing? Why is everyone arguing about it?

    • Anonymous says:

      Blame the FCO!

      We did not ask for this money!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Ok People, Let us express our absolute appreciation. $10K is surely an obvious token of "Good Will" and consideration if no more.

  6. Anonymous says:

    We appreciate the offer but must decline as this money should be spent on the UK taxpayers.

    We are proud people that only want to be treated fairly and with respect. This is the only thing that we are asking for from the UK.

    • Anonymous says:

      Every nation considers itself a "proud people".  Stopmuttering vacuous nonsense.

  7. Anonymous says:

    The U.K. press are going to tear the Cayman Islands to shreds over this once they learn that U.K. tax payers' money is being gifted to a place with a higher per capita GDP than the U.K. while at the same time not one penny is being put into their treasury by Cayman.

    Please, Cayman, ignore Mr.Taylor's carrots!

  8. Former U.K. Taxpayer says:

    Oh, Lord.This is money straight out of U.K. taxpayers' pockets, folks. If anyone is naive enough to accept this Trojan Horse of an offer, watch out for the consequences when M.P.s start raising questions as to (for example) "why the Cayman Islands, which has no income tax or property tax, is being given tax payers money". And then the FCO will use this to put pressure on Cayman to introduce them. Got to remember, these people are real slick! My advice : don't fall for it.

  9. Anonymous says:

    UK please keep your money. We don’t want it. Just stop wasting ours with things like Tempura and Cealt. If you give us back the $20,000,000 you wasted there we would not need your puny $10k. Insulting actually. So thanks but no thanks.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Why should I settle for a lousy 10 k when I can get 100 for delivering some votes ?

  11. Another Anon says:

    Please, for the love of pete, keep the money away from our politicians!

  12. Anonymous says:

    As an observation, I find it odd that the UK is sending cash to Cayman, given that the per capita GDP of the UK is $38,000 and the per capita GDP of Cayman is $47,000, and that Cayman doesnt contribute a drop of taxation to the UK coffers.   Wonder how UK taxpayers feel about this (or should Cayman send some of its duty collections to UK revenue…).

    Very odd remnant of colonialism I suppose.   Morally, Cayman should refuse this cash and instead encourage the UK govt to contribute the intended amount to causes within the UK.   Its not really fair and kind of greedy on the part of Cayman. 

    Bold comments above….but true…..

    • Anonymous says:

      …or to Jamaica, where there is extreme poverty, not just simply 'poor' as in Cayman.

    • Anonymous says:

      How many times have you people  reminded us that The Cayman Islands are British and Belongs to the UK- which I agree is true.  So now there should be no complaints about them giving us some funds.  You can't have it both ways!!

      • Anonymous says:

        Why not 14.09? Caymanians get it both ways and then some.

        Passports? You get UK ones, but my British one not good enough to get one here. That is kind of prejudice don't you think?

        Benefits? Where are mine, you can get them in UK?

        Right to vote (for Brits)-you have it if you live in UK, why dont we here?

        Defense? UK does defend its islands, as a recent anniversary recalls. I would love to see you guys defend just yourselves, never mind theUK!

        And what does Cayman give UK? Errr lets think, not much thinking time needed, it gives them nothing but trouble. And on top of that we have to put up with all the "damn foreigners taking our work" shit, generally crappy prejudiced attitudes and really corrupt politicos who you guys keep voting for. Still, when we had enough we can all go home. And when the real independence comes, we can send all Caymanians back home from UK too. Then we will all be happy, right?

    • Anonymous says:

      Seems that you have forgotten that we are a "United Kingdom Dependent Territory".  I guess finally, they feel they should offer a little "supportance".

      • Anonymous says:

        The UK taxpayers (many whom live and pay indirect taxes here) do offer supportance.  But the good things tend to go unnoticed, whilst the bad things tend to get exaggerated beyong comprehension.

    • Anonymous says:

      What about those high salaries and bonuses those UK citizens get? That’s why the per capita GDP of Cayman is high. Send more money home because most Caymanians make low salaries and are poor.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Like we have organised cullings of lion fish why not start a drive to cull feral chickens and green iguanas. Not sure if many people like both of these on the menu though?

  14. CYM says:

    Well this almost sounds like the Nation Building Fund. But this time it is from UK taxpayers.

    • The Rt. Hon. Anon. says:

      And this time it isn't entrusted to anyone in Gowermint to dish out.

    • Anonymous says:

      "But this time it is from U.K. taxpayers". This is the point. it's money deducted straight out of their wages that would otherwise have gone into their pockets. You don't think there just might be some resentment from them when they learn their hard earned cash is being given to aplace with no income tax? Yes, we all know about the crippling indirect taxes we pay, but they don't, and good luck trying to explain it to them. Talk about putting your head in the lions mouth. Crafty bunch the FCO. "Thanks but no thanks" is the only sensible thing to say. Unless you are a complete simpleton, of course.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Vote for Taylor!

  16. Anonymous says:

    I hope that these projects are showing where they used the money and isn't like another Nation Building Fund.   One of those projects listed just got started a few weeks ago.