PPM vows to pass ethics law

| 22/04/2013

alden (2) (229x300).jpg(CNS): With the latest revelations regarding the Nation Building Fund and the conflicts of interest faced by members of the Cayman Islands Airports Authority Board, the PPM has committed to passing legislation to enable the Commission for Standards in Public Life to fulfill its constitutional mandate. The commission has been waiting for such a law for several years and has been forced to sit by and watch mounting allegations of corruption among public officials without being able to act. However, the Progressive party has made a promise to pass the necessary laws as quickly as possible and to also strengthen the standards of good governance and existing anti-corruption legislation. (Photo Mark Lewis)

In its latest report the commission stated that the final draft of the Standards in Public Life Bill was submitted to Cabinet via the deputy governor. At a recent press briefing, asked why the law had not been considered, Premier Juliana O'Connor-Connolly said that because all Cabinet deliberations were confidential she would need to seek leave to explain this to the public. In the interim, the commission remains unable to take any action regarding questions over conflicts of interest or poor ethical standards facing politicians, civil servants, board members or other public officials.

However, the PPM leader said  that the revelations in Monday’s CNS article, "Airport board in conflicts", was just one more reason why it is time for new leadership in Cayman and that this must end if Cayman is to move forward to a positive future. Alden McLaughlin said the backroom deals and shady activities will end when the people of Cayman return a PPM government next month.

“Conflicts of interest are never good for the people of Cayman but without proper oversight, as we have seen for the past four years, they have become a way of life in Cayman. This behaviour will end with the Progressives pledge not to appoint members to statutory boards whose personal or business interests could cause any conflicts of interest to arise,” he said.

With a track record of passing legislation dealing with good governance and transparency, McLaughlin promised more good governance and anti-corruption legislation.

“We have a proud history of doing what is right in this regard. We enacted the Freedom of Information Law in 2007 and the Anti-Corruption Law in 2008. We are going to go further by enacting legislation to give effect to the Commission for Standards in Public Life once we are returned to office on May 22nd,” the PPM leader added.

The continued revelations regarding the Nation Building Fund has also raised concerns for the PPM leader, whosaid that the fund, “championed by the disgraced UDP leader McKeeva Bush", was was just another one of the many ways he and his party and the splintered PNA have betrayed the hard working people of Cayman.

“What we face is a lack of transparency and accountability by the UDP and the PNA as political organisations,” McLaughlin said. “Churchgoers in Cayman need to understand that the Progressives, as a responsible government, will continue to support their programs through transparent and prudent means. It is not okay to continue the UDP and PNA controversial, back-room dealings, because with a system like that nobody wins."

Saluting the two churches which have agreed to give back the cheques doled out in the latest round of grants, he said, “All non-profits and faith-based organizations must understand that there needs to be a level playing field, and that only happens when supported programs, scholarships and initiatives are clear, organized and out in the open, as will happen under a Progressive government,” McLaughlin added as he promised voters a return to transparency and integrity.

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  1. Mi sa so says:

    I want to hear solutions, right now the population is suffering. I am not sure who i am going to to vote for as of yet but these are the points I want to hear.
    The economy
    Gov over spending

    I want to hear plans not just we are planning to do something, what is the plan? Not just words, to be honest who cares up with the ideas, just get it done.

    • Libertarian says:

      What is sooo disturbing- this election is looking like a personality and toastmaster's contest. When they are elected, is when everybody will be scratching their heads as to what just happened.

    • deaf much ? says:

      You must not have come to the Public Meeting in BT last night then? All 4 Progressive candidates outlined plans for the district.

      And they did a hell of a job as well!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Alden McLaughlin has locked horns with top civil servants before and come off worse.

    Any government he fronts will be drowned in the same swamp.

    • Anonymous says:

      NO amount of bull crap in this world is going to stop the PPM from winning this election for the good of this country and every one of us, including you.

      • Anonymous says:

        That is your version 08.37..I would say most everyone is sick of Parties, and whilst PPM has a marginally better chance of getting more MLA's than the UDP (who I hope get none), the independents will control it. Both parties (and I include UDP lite with UDP) have shown how weak and ineffectual they are in the most recent governments.


        I can't vote here, so try to look objectively at what I see.

        • Anonymous says:

          Are you serious? Can't you see independents are staring towards joing forces with both PNA and UDP. If PPM doesn't win, it's a Mckeeva 2.0 for the next 4 years and then you losers will complain. Give me a break!

        • Anonymous says:

          Did you say "marginally better chance"? Even worse, did you say "the independents will control it"? We shall see, my friend. 

        • Anonymous says:

          Anon 1107 the problem is that the independents are just that on their own.

          Mac gets back in say with 3-4 UDP votes and he has more say that an individual independent candidate. Unless of course you are talking about the C4C – the party thats not a party. Which would be a group of independents that act like a party in terms of voting for a common candidate.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Here are some ethics, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

    "Love God with all you heart, soul, strength and mind."

    If you do these as a politician , you will be re-elected forever.

    I am tired of these hateful people calling themselves politicians working every deal to put money in their own pocket from Iceland to Scotland, oh yes!

  4. Live Free.... says:

    I read alot of comment over the past few weeks, and today, it saddens me to think that people in Cayman is so un-educated when it comes to politics. Question: What are the opossitions roles in the house? Answer: Oppositions are responsible for holding the Government accountable, and also can present motions to the House, but being the minority, gives them a less chance of having them pass, or even taking in to consideration by the Government of the day.


    Some people in Cayman is jumping on PPM saying they done nothing in four years, nothing could be further from the truth, as I can recalled, they presented a motion to the then Premier sharing some of their ideas in dealing with the Economy, what happen? Mr. Mac told them he don't want to hear anything from them, but from the people of Cayman. Give credit to the oppossiton party for trying to work with the UDP Government in tackling the economy during the height of the recession, where they would had come together and share ideas in getting to economy rolling in the best way possible, even though the recession wouldn't go away overnight, but the UDP Government refuse to join them. People of Cayman, that was not a time for rivalry, it was a time for the then Government and the opposition to come together for the good ship Cayman.


    The oppossition also had push to removed the Mac three times, because of his out of control behaviour, drive through policies, which is now affecting Cayman, and the mounting allegations which started at three and went up to four, until his ultimate arrest. The oppossition party came to his followers and asked them to join them in the No Confidence Motion against their leader, they said no on two occasions, and that they are standing by their leader and not going to vote against him, that was not until their leader got arrested, that they then decide to join the opposition and vote a No Confidence against the Government, which lead to the fall of the Mac.


    And to say that the PPM as the then opposition done nothing, makes me wonder if  some people in these Islands have a short memory, or pretending that they don't remember any of the things PPM done as the oppositon? Next: OMOV, it would be very contradictive if PPM never support Ezzard and Al Suckoo in the OMOV drive, for PPM wanted it in the Constitution, but guess who stop it? Brother Mac, he did not want to sign on the bill unless it was removed, so PPM had to compromise, but leave the door open where the people can vote for it through a referendum, and even that the Mac hijack, so it wouldn't pass, and it didn't.


    People of Cayman, PPM worked very hard as the then opposition, I'm not connected to any Party, but I know a good, honest and un-corrupt party when I see one, and The Progressives is that party. If the UDP had done a good job with no back door deals, no corruption, and a  without the wrong doings, I would have given them the same hats off, but they don't deserve it.


    Live Free…..

    • Anonymou says:

      The Opposition did very little for the past 4 years more was done by Ezzard than the entire PPM.

      Unless the PPM have some solutions about the economy, jobs, size of civil service, cost of living and crime then they do not deserve to lead the country.

      Ethics and la la la won't get it done except to push the country to direct taxatrion.

      Personally I don't hear the answers coming from the PPM.

  5. Anonymous says:

    What's curious here and becomes even more evident is that ….the people….the voters…..have had… and continue to have a clearer understanding of what good governance involves.  Than the governments they have had. They know what they want to see done and how it should be done.  And, it seems, eventually…political parties also see it.  But it is like a group of children whom we watch learning by their mistakes. When they finally come out and say…."after consideration, we have come to realize corruption in government is a bad thing. And… we're going to make a serious attempt to stop it. … if we're elected… next time."  Then, you just have to shake your head. Exactly how many years has it taken for this message to sink home? The basic problem is a total lack of accountability of these governments… once they are elected. Because 'promises' and vows vaporize in a cloud of secrecy and closed meetings.  So many things that can't be discussed in an open forum.  Because of this ruling or that ruling.  Government then becomes either by design or default something separate and apart.  People want one thing only and they don't ask for miracles.  They want an OPEN government.  But that gets lost in translation.  Because we're allowing… the same people… to translate… for us.  In closing, all I'm reading from this statement from the PPM is that they're telling the people what the people have told them!  And making it sound like something they've invented.  Duh.

    • Anonymous says:

      Think about the culture change the PPM made in their approach to governamce during the 2005-2009 term.  Regular press briefings, Freedom of Information law, Anti-corruption law, Commission on Standards in Public life.  Your lack of knowledge or bias undermines your entire post. Credit should be given where credit is due.

      • Anonymous says:

        You forgot to add….put us in massive debt!!! That’s credit alright. $330,000,000 worth of capital works while going into recession is poor poor governance.

        These folks are all the same. Both parties. Promise you anything in April and May every 4 years then forget you until the next election. Another election same Bullsh#t!!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Just another vehicle to obstruct the other guy from accomplishing anything.

    • Anonymous says:

      It is not intended to obstruct  if someone is doing something that is right and honest. If we are every going to restore hope in our little Island something has to be put in place to guard against corrupt politicians. GO PPM!!!!

      • Anonymous says:

        You don't understand. Insisting on doing what is right and honest IS obstructing the UDP from doing anything. 

  7. Anonymous says:

    The 3 P's.  Power, Privilege, Pension.  There is nothing, absolutely nothing, that has greater motivation for a person to put themselves forward for a position as a politician.  Talk of doing what is best for for 'your country' and appealing to the base instincts of the 'masses' is required to achieve the 3 P's.  Anything and everything will be said and done to achieve that aim, the 3 P's.  It is a sad fact that this is the state of politics today but past and current evidence is overwhelming.  It's all very depressing.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Just more hot air. Another pending law, another committee, another reason to delay taking action. How about committing to change the culture of corruption in CIG and requiring full compliance with the existing laws and regulations like the MLA Registration of Interests?

    • Anonymous says:

      Re "Just more hot air." – do you feel the same way about their promise to bring the Freedom of Information law into effect?



      "How about committing to change the culture of corruption in CIG and requiring full compliance with the existing laws and regulations like the MLA Registration of Interests?"


      But they have done this with also bringing legislation like the Anti-Corruption law, etc. Also, whose register of interests is not up to date or complete? If you are talking about non-PPM members, why write as though the PPM are at fault for this?


      Let's stop the stupidity and stick to the facts, at least until after election. There is a lot of talk going around – keep it factual please.

    • Anonymous says:

      I will support their Ethics bill if they support my 'compulsory free beer for everyone" bill. That way we can sit down and discuss this like gentlemen at great length and do absolutely nothing of any use to the people of Cayman, just lots of words, and little action…

    • Anonymous says:

      I really, really hope that people will give some of the Independent Candidates a chance! Don't get me wrong, there are some Independents where you have to wonder what on earth they are thinking and saying now as for years they have had ample opportunities to do the right thing (be it in their position of Immigration Board member, as CEO, Managing Partner etc), but chose to look the other way.

      However, there are some of them who actually do have new ideas and can think outside the box. Throwing new laws around and then playing favors again is not going to cut it. We need somebody with balls who is willing to cut spending and in the process step on peoples' toes if necessary.

  9. Anonymous says:

    BS, politicians are in it for the power and money.

    NOT for you . . .

    Empty promises to get your vote.


  10. Anonymous says:

    People forget what the PPM have given us in the FOI, Anti Corruption, Standards in Public Life, Civil Rights, Constitution and many other democratic laws. Where would we be today without this contribution to the modernization of our country's laws not forgeting that the PPM was the first government since the mid 1970s to invest in the country's infrastructure. Infrastructure belongs to the people and is owned by the people with an investment in future generations of Caymanians of which can be amortized over 50-100 years. The PPM have already shown us all what good governance is all about and hats off to them again for continuing their good governance in planning to introduce "Ethics Laws" and stengthening our anti corruption and standards in public life laws when they are elected into office. Voters should remember that voting for "Independents" equates to a coalition of novice new comers to the political arena who will form a government with the PNA(UDP Light) and or the UDP. This is a frightening thought because the country just cannot endure another 4 years of any UDP or ex UDP in power.


    • Anonymous says:

      Everything else, but a Constitution that was not made for the people's interest but for party/UK interest. Not enough checks and balances and less people participation in our democratic processes. Sorry bro, not satisfied. Alden and Kurt could have done better!  And if they do get in I hope they make serious reforms for the people interest ALONE!

    • Anonymous says:

      Forget what?!  People forget that these clowns put us into a recession which could have been avoided, had Fco drafted us a flimsy constitution, and millions of dollars unaccounted with no efforts of auditing to give an account. PPM is another repeat of the same ole cycle.

      • Anonymous says:

        The PPM didn't put you in recession, you idiot. In fact govt spending made the recession less painful by providing employment for some.

      • Anonymous says:

        I guess Cayman would be the only nation in the world that was immune to the global recession. Jeez, you Caymanians do have an insular view of your country!  Regardless of what tany government inCayman did, the effects of the global recession would have been felt.  the issue is how it was managed.  and McKeeva and the UDP are a study in what no to do.  don't scream "We're broke" and then try to tax the country out of the recession.  And don"t spend money like it is going out of style on all sorts of unproductive thngs like world travel.

      • Soo? says:

        I am confused! Are you saying the PPM caused the Global recession ?


      • SSM345 says:

        10:50, from your comment I can only assume you heard the word "recession" for the first time in your life when Mac said it in one of his rants and you then believed his explanation / "werrsion" of what it was and how it was caused?

        You obviously then put yourhead back in the sand, where it remains.

      • Anonymous says:

        Millions of dollars unaccounted for you say??? Who would have benefitted most for proving that the PPM left us in a multi-million dollar deficit? Answer: The UDP.


        So, my question to you is: WHY did the UDP NOT audit the accounts and try to prove to us all (factually) what they claim the PPM had done?


        The logical answer to that is that the UDP lied to us all – they could NOT prove it, but they said it anyway. I remember all of the PPM at the time, including Arden, asking for and even begging for an audit of the government finances, but the UDP were tooscared to audit because they knew they WERE WRONG and it was all lies!!!



        • Anonymous says:

          The fault of the PPM was that it nver insisted on having the books of Government kept up to date. This gave fodder to McKeeva to use in attacking them as he only knows how to attack and blame others. No-one can be sure that there was an $ 81M deficit for the fiscal year ended June 2009 in the absence of audited accounts.

      • Anonymous says:

        non voter here, but, what the PPM didnt throw away i have every confidence that mac would have gotten his hands on. just sayin 

  11. Papa Say No! says:

    Yes that is exactly what we need more laws and absolutely no one to enforce them same old PPM. In their last government over 1200 laws were revised or amended and add to our books which by the way i am sure were never ever read until some of our wonderful politicians found out by surprise that they had in fact breach them. some people will do or say anything to get elect. What a bunch Cluster#%*we got running this place. More laws what mess!

    • Anonymous says:

      What we have ow id the opposite of what you're are saying.  Whe have the enforcement agency in place, the Commission for Standards in Public Life but we do not have the laws to allow them to do their job.  The UDP administration would not pass the laws.  I guess Mac thought it would get in his way.

    • Anonymous says:

      I suppose you prefer how things are now with MLAs using 1million dollars of Govt money on their travel, using govt credit cards for questionable means, giving millions to their church without receipts or contracts, paving private driveways with public resources, being a connected party to govt contracts?


      If so, you and those MLAs need to be locked up!

  12. Anonymous says:

    These folks will say anything to get elected. I remember then saying they would pass OMOV if elected….why did they not support it last year?? It would have passed if they really supported it. Instead Alden had more excuses…not enough time, people couldn’t understand it etc etc.!!!

    These parties are the ruination of cayman. Both parties. Please think this election–vote for those who can really do the job. You may have to mix your votes but that will give us a better government than one of these “follow our leader till we die” groups. Parties have divided every other Caribbean country and even brought violence. Don’t vote for someone just because he or she is with this one or that one. Vote for those that candi the job!!!

  13. SANDFLY says:

    The PPM is a party of incompetent Peacocks that had power and never used it correctly. The UDP is the world's worst political operation. Thank God we have an alternative choice of Independents that put our country FIRST. I am tired of self serving counterfit politicians.

  14. Anonymous says:

    BS, you had the last 4 years to move a motion in the house, you had the support and you choose to hide behind, oh it would not have passed, so we, PPM did nothing.

    Did nothing for 4 years,  why, now you are going to do everything, BS

    You have just proven that the registered party(S) is self serving and baaaaad for this little country.

    • Anonymous says:

      Are you serious?  How can the leader of the opposition (has the minority in the house) pass motions or enforce anything? I encourage everyone to exercise their democratic right, but be responsible in what you say please and if you don’t understand something then seek advice first.

      • Anonymous says:

        putting a motion to the house would at least show they had the brains to do something, and then when this election came they could have said "we tried, we were out voted, now lets do it again"

      • Anonymous says:

        Yes , I am serious, I said move a motion knowing it will not pass, so what do they PPM do

        nothing. They did not even try, just sat back and let the country ant it's people suffer while

        they plan to become the next Government.

        That's not leadership, that's self interest and Party before Country

        Now go read the comment again.

  15. NeoSurvivor says:

    A nation grows by its resolve, as mandated by the will of the citizens, and reflected in the adaptability of its legislation.   


    I hope the PPM are given the chance to walk the walk.    I believe they can do it. 


    We grow in increments, and perhaps we may later — many, many years from now, come to recognise that the impetus of our growth was spurred by the growing pains of the current administration.  


    That's as kindly as I can put it. 

  16. Anonymous says:

    This is all good and well and applaude the PPM vow. Who will vw to keep the PPM in check? Just saying, if you are an employee of a business who has the checkbook – if you buy a pen for $100 when you could have bought it fir $1- is that not just as bad as stealing the $99 difference? We need eyes on all of them

    • Anonymous says:

      For starters, the article is about legislation to give powers to the Standards in Public Life Commission to give them the teeth they need to enforce higher ethical standards for those serving in public life whether they are elected or employed in the public service. So there is your check. The Auditor General is also effective in keeping the Government in check when he is not being bullied and called names by a lunatic leader! But you are right, we the people should keep eyes on all of them and thank the PPM government for their government in the sunshine approach which brought about one of the most important pieces of legislation in this country – the Freedom of Information Law! For thefirst time the people of this country had the right to information which is theirs to begin with! So we the people are the ultimate check! Of course Bush and his UDP wailed that it was bad because he and they are fundamentally opposed to you the people having the right to your own information! Imagine where we would be right now without that – completely in the dark!!

  17. Anonymous says:

    Well it is the silly season..Promises Promises Promises….Where have I heard this song before? Oh yeah, was just about four years ago..

  18. Anonymous says:

    So? You won’t enforce it. You never do.

  19. Chris Johnson says:

    Pass as many laws as you like but politicians will still not stop cronyism whatever you say. Their mates will continue to sit on boards and committees. Candidates should be invited to put their names forward to an independent committee and in due course such committee can approve the appropriate choice of candidates. The candidates should also declare their interests in any possible relationship with such committee or it’s business. This is not rocket scientist stuff, just common sense.

    • Anonymous says:

      I support the PPM , but I cant tolerate some of their very close supporters. Lets hope that they are not on the boards this time as they only make them look bad.

  20. Anonymous says:

    PPM?! Yeah! Good luck with that!

  21. Anonymous says:

    Talk is cheap. What about the environment law? The retirement law?

  22. Anonymous says:

    I am very glad to read that the PPM are going to strengthen our anti-corruption lawsand to pass laws to improve standards in public life.

    I would like to say however that it is not sufficient for the PPM to commit to not appointing people to boards if they have conflicts of interest. What needs to happen is that laws need to be put in place so that no future government can appoint people to boards is there are conflicts of interest. We need to permanently eliminate the possibility of money grubbing cronies getting onto government boards and statutory authorities.  

  23. Anonymous says:

    When the Progressives were known as the PPM, they had just as much diffficulty counting as the former UDP leadership and lay silent for years as the official paid opposition while the UDP leader ran hog-wild.  Ethics?  Give me a break.

    • Anonymous says:

      You must have been asleep. The Opposition were anything but silent. There were many protests and public demonstrations. There were 3 separate motions of no confidence.  There were calls for his resignation. There were calls for investigations. Were it not for the FOI, which the PPM passed, most of the dirt would have been hidden.  

  24. Anonymous says:

    And what's a vow?  Another one of those promises made before Election. Typical !

  25. The lone haranguer says:

    Lying cheating stealing, just another day under the UDP. Maybe if we wote them back in they will change. Not!!!

  26. Anon says:

    Is the ppm listening to other candidates ideas and making them part of the manifesto? Didn’t I hear Roy Mctaggart say that passing legislation for standards in public life needs to happen ASAP last week at the chamber forum?

    Is this why ppm does not have the manifesto out yet? Are they collating all other candidates ideas and making them their own? Or are they late again?

    • Anonymous says:

      Think you got it wrong.  Seems all C4C can do is repeat what the Progressives say,  Oh, by the way  – where is the C4C manifesto?  Oh forgot they are not a party! My bad!  But if they don't commit to anything how do we know what they are going to do and how do we hold them accountable?  Oh! my bad again!  I forgot that they want to stay independent minded and flexible – i.e.  free  to do whatever is expedient.

    • Anonymous says:

      Think you got it wrong.  Seems all C4C can do is repeat what the Progressives say,  Oh, by the way  – where is the C4C manifesto?  Oh forgot they are not a party! My bad!  But if they don't commit to anything how do we know what they are going to do and how do we hold them accountable?  Oh! my bad again!  I forgot that they want to stay independent minded and flexible – i.e.  free  to do whatever is expedient.

    • oh no my friend says:

      If you listen to Winston Conolly it is plain to see that he borrows ideas from Woody daCosta,  Alva Suckoo and Marco Archer regularly. Things I hear Winston talk about today these two guys put on the table over 1 year ago. Dont believe me? Check the Panel Discussion videos on Cayman 27. I guess Winston is being a typical lawyer and working with Precedents and Templates.



      • SSM345 says:

        13:43, or maybe he is just repeating what needs to get done and has been so conveniently swept under the rug time and time again? No wonder it seems repetitive.

    • Really? says:

      Roy is not someone the PPM should be stealing ideas from. His answer to our unemployment is to bring in Asian workers and pay them slave wages instead of hiring Caymanians. Dont believe me? Check out how many Asian ladies he hired at his Firm. 

      Roy is typical C4C – exploit cheap labour to make a bigger profit, feed his friends at the trough, fatten up those one or two sell-outs who support him and oh yeah Hire personal security to accompany his candidates to Wellys. 

      • Anon says:

        Sorry buddy. The Asian thing is a byproduct of our ppm and udp governments. As these parties drove the cost of doing business through the roof, there are 3 options for these businesses:

        1. Close business down
        2. Reduce cost (since financial services are human capital intensive, bringing cheaper labor is an option)
        3. Move to a cheaper jurisdiction.

        Which one would you choose as a Caymanian? You are missing the point. There are thousands of cheap labor nationalities here, simply because businesses chose the 2nd option.

        We need to cut civil service and wasteful spending and give businesses a break so that they can compete globally.

        Your turn!