Youngest candidate commits to youth issues

| 22/04/2013

301934_10151580824193407_688720570_n.jpg(CNS): The PPM’s Kenny Bryan is the youngest candidate contesting this year’s election, and although the former TV reporter is not the youngest candidate ever to run, at only 32 he has promised that he will be ensuring that the issues affecting the young people of the community take centre stage if the Progressives are elected to office next month. Bryan was lauded by his leader at the PPM national launch last week as a “passionate and dedicated” candidate who will not let the party leadership neglect the nation’s youth. Bryan told CNS that tackling unemployment among the youngest members of the working population will be a priority once in office. (Photo by Mark Lewis)

Bryan said that once he is elected he will not be hiding in an office and will be out working in the community and taking a hands-on approach to the things that he says are undermining the Caymanian people and in particular the younger generation.

The PPM candidate for the capital said young people don't want politicians, they want representatives. “You want to see them, feel them, and know that they will be there for you when you need them," he said. "As the youngest candidate in this election and the youngest on the team, I have taken the responsibility of being the voice of the youth.  The Cayman Islands currently has an unemployment rate of 27 percent among those under the age of 30,” he said as he warned of the consequences if these young people continue to be out of work.

“The younger generation don't care about rich or poor, black or white, old Caymanian or new Caymanian,” he said.  “What we care about is a fair opportunity for all, a fair chance to live, grow, prosper and to build our country.”

Pointing to the divisions that have grown over the last few years, Bryan said a Progressive government would be the glue needed to bring people together.

Despite being one of the party’s newest members, Bryan is already receiving considerable support from the wider party membership and is tipped to do well in George Town in the upcoming poll. He has demonstrated his willingness to work hard with his involvement with the one man, one vote campaign and then the voter registration drive.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    i say let's give the man a fair chance if you think he might make a change then vote for him if not then move along, we have made bad decisions on our roosters, Mr. Bryan might be that cock to rule the henhouse (LOL).

  2. PPM 4 LIFE says:

    If anyone of you can tell me a better solution than the PPM please don't even try to say Independants or Under Dictatorship Party or wha the others calling themselves National Alliance. They are no match for the slate of cannidates that the PPM has put forward from the oldest to the youngest ! Bring them on we got you covered from top to bottom say what you like KB gets my vote as well as the other5 PPM GT cannidates.The so call Independents wanted to make a difference why did they wait all this time to seek power. They are up to protecting there own hides and as for the others Corruption is there middle name. We will not split this vote and we will show GT and the NATION! Then  finally we will get a Premier From the Capital of the Cayman Islands" GEORGE TOWN". An enough of West Bayer and Bracker RUNNING THIS COUNTRY INTO THE GROUND! THIS ENDS NOW.


    • Libertarian says:

      There is no better solution for the Caymanian people than to have a government, a legislative assembly that its members are willing to listen to each other differing opinions, hold debates, and not vote along party lines or alliance loyalties. It really has nothing to do with a party. It is just that everytime we get a dominated party in the house, they seem to block their ears from the other members and do their own thing, following what leader says. I prefer a mix house with humble and receptive members to each other. I hope that answers your question as to the best solution for this country: VOTE IN THOSE WHO YOU KNOW WILL TALK LESS AND LISTEN MORE. STAY AWAY FROM THE DANGEROUS SLOGAN TO "VOTE STRAIGHT!"  LAST TIME WE DID THAT, SEE WHAT WE GOT UNDER PPM AND UDP GOVERNMENTS! 

    • Anonymous says:

      If we are going to bring up dirt let's not leave out the people who have ran around buying out votes by giving the drug addicts, alcoholics and poor money to vote for them. Come on now, this has been going on for years now and you still voted these people in and gave them a chance to prove themselves. These INDEPENDANT people running for a seat, why have they taken so long to show themselves and sincerely want to help Cayman?

      That's the problem! Cayman does not work together, they work apart. Fight each other down and discriminate one another. Such a shame and disgrace. I remember going to one of the YUDP meetings and hearing them select people to be on their "team" because they either had money or so called popular in a certain "rank" and then you could guess right,,,,that was my last trip to one of those meetings. I also remember going to the PPM's office asking for a little assistance because I was in a financial jam one month and didnt know what to do, I went and explained I was a single mother and needed help with something, i was told to leave a name and number and she (the lady I saw) would get back to me as soon as she could, it has been over a year now and I suppose she probably couldnt be bothered.

      Anyways, I think the majority of them are in there just for the money and take representing Cayman, the people and making POSITIVE, PREGRESSIVE improvements within society as a joke. We all know who they help and just make broken promises to the rest of society and Cayman in all.

      Because Kenneth made a few bad choices in his life does not mean he can't make a positive change for Cayman, he certainly has proven that he has made and can and DID make positive changes with his life! Do you know how many people are unemployed and have no other choice but sell drugs or rob because of PEOPLE LIKE YOU who discriminate them, turn up your noses when you see them and not want to give them a job! For the same reasons, where they come from, who their family is, for their mistakes and so on. Do you want to help Cayman, lessen the crimes and poverty? Help each other.

      What is the point of wanting to make a difference when you see your own Caymanian making a change, wanting to help others and not encourage him? I believe in Kenneth, not PPM. I believe he knows where I come from, what I have been through, though he is a man and I am a woman, he can relate to me.

      I dont know what he will do once elected but I believe he deserves a chance because we all do. We have given the prestiege a chance, the well educated a chance (since some of you want EDUCATED representatives) and they have done want they found fit at the time. Who knows, it may just be the ex criminal, drug dealer, Mr. Cayman, ex News reporter, young Caymanian, what ever you want to call him, I believe his mother named him Kenneth Bryan, it may just be you who makes a good change and that is what they are afraid of, ONE OF US,  just might be the one to make the DIFFERENCE! one of us so called criminals who are condemned by our own society, our own people. Nevertheless, when God is for you, whocan be against you.

  3. patricia bryan says:

    @ "sold to every crackhead in town"…sweetheart you have a good argument regarding the fathering of children, and lifestyles chosen to live, etc. but truthfully ifyou have to hide behind "anonymous" AND your information is incorrect, most of your other argument has no credibility. I plainly stand behind my name with no shame and post it to every post I write on any article on the media. Kenneth won the Mr. Cayman pageant some years ago and went on to represent the Cayman Islands and caused placement. In 1996 he represented the Cayman Islands in CARIFTA under the guidance of Sports person Evelyn Rockett. He does not have a "criminal record" otherwise he would to be able to be a candidate in this election. Kenneth has asked me not to comment and so has other supporters because everyone knows I am very vocal. However, I have no qualms with the repreated bickering over, and over…over about the very same thing…LMHO. It's stale news now and is no deterrant to anyone or any supporters. If anyone without sin cast the first stone, let him stand before Christ. I know I have some. I can guarantee you and the others have yours.Sin is sin in the eyes of the Beholder. What is to be will be and what God has for Kenneth, no one will take it away, whether it be this election…or the next. God used MURDERERS, ADULTERERS, THIEVES, ETC. to do His world and made a mark on the world. It is perplexing to me why people who have no courage can shoot down someone who decides to stand up for those very same people. Sad society. Shallow bunch of Caymanians shoo shooing ANONYMOUSLY–without proper grammer, spelling and punctuation!!

    • Anonymous says:

      I think you will find the correct spelling is "grammar"……just saying

  4. Anonymous says:


    • Down to Earth says:

      Give me a person who has made mistakes in their younger years and have turned to lives around than having someone go into politics only to turn their lives into a criminal & corrupt way of life! You go Kenneth, Cayman needs good decent people like you who has passion in helping those who could end up going down the wrong path.

      Please Kenneth, for the sake of our future (the young people) dont give up because of a few negative comments from your opponents as you will be a great Representative for us, The Younger Generation!

  5. patricia bryan says:

    I re-read these comments three times. I am still sitting smirking at how our own people are casting stones at their own. Our little islands and country is the laughing stock of the world. Why cant we stick together? Why cant we give one another a second, or third chance? Why do you commenters think the Cayman Islands has degraded to the level it has? Not especially because of Mr. McKeeva Bush as many may think but because we can't stick together!! Any other nationality who represent in any other country or even their own…they do not slander one another the way we do our own. Does not having a full-formal education make a man not able to speak and represent his people? What about common sense? And experience and relating to his people? There are many who have more than one degree and cannot hold a decent conversation, or cannot walk among the very people who are crying out in the Cayman Islands for recognition. I can tell you I am amused! Absolutely so. Not because Kenneth is my brother and I BELIEVE he will do a good job, but because it is simply amusing to see people get on here and repeat the same things for months on end. LOL. LMBO. LOTF. You all had better get real and decide what you want for the Cayman Islands. Because many that you will cast your vote for have darker secrets than a small prison term. And represent many in the drug trade who go under the radar. It's called corruption. We should be worried about having representatives who DO HAVE BACKBONES to stand up against a more controlling government. I wonder how many of you making comments have degrees, what you are doing with them, and whether you would have the COURAGE to run for office. LOL. You guys are too funny. Community Service. Is that always seen??? The best community service always goes unnoticed or unreported in front of a camera. Please remember that. Ask Bill Gates!! LOL. LMHO.

  6. Anonymous says:

    The worst threat to the way of life in Cayman is the influence of cocaine.  This man has in the near past been convicted of supplying cocaine.  He has admited that it was something he did on multiple occasions.  Good people do not supply cocaine.  Go of any help the community if you are that reformed.  But there is no place in the LA for a convicted drug dealer until a LOT of time has passed.

    • Anonymous says:

      I support the UDP, however I am so pleased to see Kenneth running. What the hell is wrong with us Caymanians. I have listened to Pastors who used drugs. I even had the priveledge of listening one night to one of our Status holding Pastors and not from Jamaica either…. who admitted that he was involved. I was so proud that he had made a change. Kenneth has now grown up and wants to climb to the top while you crabs are trying to pull him down. Would you prefer to see him on the street pushing drugs all his life to make a living? i say that Kenneth just need good guidance and he will one day be one of our best Politicians ever. Just remember when Jesus asked the question "He that is without sin cast the first stone". Kenneth is one of the best speakers on the PPM platform and I am very proud of him as a Bracer. Only wish that he would have run for the Brac. Good luck Kenneth, and remember that you have to have broad shoulders for this job and there are only a few got lucky people that won the first time that they ran. The first time is ADVERTISMENT.

      • Anonymous says:

        Em…the very brilliant POTUS Barack Obama and the not so brilliant President George Doubleya Bush have admitted to smoking the herb. Selling it is a whole other story.

  7. Anonymous says:

    errr.  Kenneth, Im not trying to judge you by your media known past nor from what I actually know about you and your past.


    Im sorry Kenneth, I wont be giving you my vote, and here is why. Again this is my vote and I can do whatever I want, but i feel as though I should justify my reason.

    While I do agree with your points; honestly, anyone and everyonefrom one time to the next have mentioned these well known problems.Had grander ideas that what you have proposed and many years later.. no results.  If you had brought up, say.. better mentoring programs, structured education programme, you might of probably spark my interest. While I agree with your numbers of unemployment, you have not spoken about the real reason so many young caymanians do not have jobs. The way they dress, the poor grammer, poor work ethics, just to name a few bad qualities. These are the things that they should be helped with, especially their attitude to employment and salaries.


    Im sorry Kenneth, but I believe you have picked the wrong time to run in politics, as it is probably the worst time for anyone who does not have real world solutions. People who can not hold their own with other educated indiviuals, will suffer in this election, especially if they actually have a debate. I believe your short coming will not lay low and will be placed under a magnifying glass this time around. The "big macs" of elections will be thrown out as you can see what has happened if you put a lawn man in charge of the budget(bad joke).

    I hope something works out for you though, and if you do not get in , do not give up, use this to give yourself experience.

    One last thing, I believe you should look into getting a higher education if you are not elected(actually you should non the less) and do plan to run again. The 4 year gap is more than enough time to get a degree as what Mr. clifford as demonstrated. In my opinion , that would show younger caymanians that they can still achieve something, even if they have had a rocky road. At this time, I would not broadcast you as an inspiration to any young person, as I believe their are people younger, who has grown up in worst situations than you and did not go down the path you once did.

    Also, if you can, please do some type of community work. You speak about the community, yet I have never seen you do anything in it.  Im sick of politians talking about the community, to then just disappear when they have failed to get a seat in the LA and reappear when elections come around again.

    ANyhow, best of luck young fella.

    Your cousin 

  8. Anonymous says:

    good gosh I dont even know where to start…. how about here, First off, EVERYONE, yes I said EVERYONE, has a history. Because some of your dirt has never been aired is that suppose to make you any better?

    Every time someone tries to make a change, try to relate a little to what is taking place in society you will always hear the empty barrels making their noise. It would do Cayman a lot of good if many of you shut up for once. Who else can understand where I am coming from if they havent been where I have been. How can someone sell me something if they dont know how it works or let me explain more clearly, if you do not know what it is like to be poor how would you understand my fight to survive? IF you dont know what it is like to be in prison how could you tell me that if I keep fighting everyday to prove myself someone would believe in me and help me and sky's the limit. Good grief you all need to shut up for once and realize EVERYONE HAS A HISTORY!!!! At least we know he has changed, can we say the same for you who has been hiding in your closets????

    please let's not throw any stones here…. thank you!

    as a young Caymanian to a next, I wish you all the best Kenneth, I am neither for PPM Or UDP because all they have ever done is make promises they never keep But I wish you the best, because I admire you, You have always went after your dreams and look at where you stand today, good job 🙂 Remember God is your leader not PPM. Seek him in all you do and you wont fail.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Someone who has been in trouble as a youth and turned their life around is a way better role model for troubled youth than someone who hasn't. Lot's of our young people can relate to Kenny and see that the path they are on can be changed if they are going the wrong way. Those of us who have never been in trouble cannot relate as well to young people who need guidance and advice – as much as we would like to think we can. 

    • Anonymous says:

      I am proud of the way Kenny has pulled himself up and has turned into a very changed individual.  Kenneth commited these crimes when he was much younger;  he has turned his life around and I believe other young men going in the wrong direction can look at his life and by so doing see that they too can turn their own lives around.  The difference with Kenneth and the XXXX as well as other politicians/would-be politicians is that they are still committing their crimes after they have reached the pinnacle and are as we would say in Cayman "hard back men"   I do not think we should compare Kenneth to them.  And by the way we bring in motivational speakers to lecture to our youth, and we hollar and clap for the way they came back up through the cracks (no pun intended), heck they have been hired in this country  as youth leaders- if we can do that, then I see no reason why we cannot appreciate that Kenneth has indeed "turned over a new leaf". God Bless you Kenny and if you do not get elected I feel confident that you will still have much of offer the youths in Cayman.


  10. Anonymous says:

    more banal soundbites from the ppm…what about some concrete proposals?


  11. Anonymous says:

    i got kenny on speed dial…..

  12. Anonymous says:

    Well he should know about youth problems…he went to jail because of a ” youth problem”!!! Please Cayman wake up to these idle promises. I am all for giving someone a second chance but that chance should not be running the country!!! I like this young man but he sure ain’t no role model for the youth!!! Vote for capable, honest and mature leaders to take this country out of its mess.

    • SSM345 says:

      06:19, And McKeeva, Joey and all the "Yes" Men are positive role models?

  13. Anonymous says:

    All good intentions aside I still fail to understand how a convicted criminal can be part of a political campaign? If he wants to do good, and not just in it for the easy life (which apparently he chose for so many years), then why has it taken this to “help” young Caymanians? They probably could’ve done with his support way before joining the PPM. I’m all for someone who has had a hard life make good of themselves, but in politics? Really? Without an education or any substantive history of job security, maybe he should consider doing charity work, and going back to school?

    • Anonymous says:

      Read his bio before you make those comments – re: Education


    • Anonymous says:

      I am not PPM but I will be giving him a vote as I SEE THE POTENTIAL ,IN kEN. oNE DAY HE WILL BE A ROLE MODEL for the youth. Common sense is all he need to know how to be honest and love people.

  14. NeoSurvivor says:

    I will be watching Mr. Bryan.   He has passion and energy, and that counts for a lot.    He has love of country, and I believe he will be accessible to his constituents, if elected.  


    As an old fart, I don't feel disenfranchised by his words — I feel uplifted.   He has vision.   We could do a hell of a lot worse.  

  15. CayStudent says:

    If you want to increase equal opportunities among young Caymaians, then you should look into passing a motion where government entities and private companies giving scholarships for students to study overseas should only be given to Caymanian students that demonstrate financial need. 

    How is the poorer or middle class Caymanian student going to improve their socioeconomic standing if the rich Caymanian can apply for the same scholarship benefits?

    I find it unjust that politicians talk about the unemployment trap all time and yet fail to address the grass root issues such as education. 


    Just my opinion.

    • Anonymous says:

      I disagree. I think that the scholarships should be given to those who have the requirements and grades. It should not be discriminated because one is more "lower class" than the other. A lot of people put their own money to put there kids to school in the private sector and aren't a cost to the government all their life (for education) and when the child graduates and looks to attend college to find out he "can't get a scholarship" because he's from a "wealthy" family is wrong. It is not the childs fault he is from a more financially stable family. For one to be denied a scholarship with all the right qualifications because of their family is wrong.

      Level the playing field. Not just say, if you're poor you are entitled for a scholarship.
      I do agree though however, the education system needs an overhaul, as the richer do have an advantage with grades as the graduates typically come out way ahead than those of the public, thus reducing the chance of a Caymanian attending a public school qualifying.

      • Anonymous says:

        so if they are wealthy and their parents can actually afford their tuition for college then why are they applying for scholarships.  i thought the government scholarships was to actually help the students who has very good grades but could not afford to go to college due to their parents not having the fiancial means to do so.  it is wrong to give students scholarships because they attend private schools and other kids had to go to public school.  they should be given scholarships based on their parents income and the required grade level.  As always this is cayman the rich kids get the good scholarships due to their parents knowing someone on the grant  board. this island sucks.

  16. Laughable says:

    Can I get a $50?

  17. Anonymous says:

    Please tell how you are going to fix the youth problems? Lots of talk but no substance.

  18. G.T. says:

    hmmm… lol … no wait … LOL

  19. The lone haranguer rides again! says:

    Good man, you got my wote.

    • Anonymous says:

      19.03 Don't give away a thing of beauty such as your democracy for such a cheap price…a few words, no substance and you are prepared to vote for him?

      If this is what Cayman does, then Cayman will get what it deserves..

  20. Anonymous says:

    Ellio 2.0 opportunist — what qualifications does this man have to represent cayman on a national level? Did he even graduate high school? This is why we are where we are now! Electing people who are not qualified and don’t have business experience CAYMAN vote smart!

  21. Anonymous says:

    You go Kenny!  I'm votin for ya

  22. Just Askin' says:

    The PPM’s answer to Helium Solomon?

  23. Anonymous says:

    The only good thing he said is that he will be not in an office and that he will actually work. Or is that a bad thing?