PPM stands up for Alden

| 16/05/2013

alden (218x300).jpg(CNS): All fourteen PPM candidates running with party leader Alden McLaughlin have declared their unreserved support for him following accusations made by the C4C on Wednesday that some of them were disloyal, and asked voters not to fall for the claims. In a statement signed by the PPM team released Thursday afternoon, the candidates said the C4C was causing “political mischief” but had not named a leader of its own, as the Progressives pointed out that McLaughlin was elected leader by the party membership. The candidates said they would not be sidetracked by the “spurious claims” of the coalition, which has failed to gain a broad base of support from the electorate.

The Progressives said the C4C’s allegations were an attempt to cause disharmony and to question the PPM’s loyalty to McLaughlin.

The statement came in the wake of one issued by the C4C candidates yesterday in which they stated their desire to see a coalition government and confirmed the position that they would not help McKeeva Bush form a government. They said they were willing to work with what they said were disgruntled PPM candidates, whom they claimed had been in backdoor talks with them because they were unhappy with the PPM leader.

The declaration posted below offers the PPM's full support to McLaughlin and, like him, they say they will work with anyone chosen by the electorate who shares their philosophies of honesty, integrity, transparency, accountability and compassion.

So far, the only person that the PPM and its leader have ruled out working in government with is McKeeva Bush.

See declaration below.

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  1. Olivia Pope, the gladiator. says:

    The comment made by the C4C candidates only highlights their lack of political savy and experience in politics. If what was stated, was true ( and nobody believes that), then the thing to do is to keep it to themselves and work on it behind the scene and after the election. This was a very poor judgment call. 

  2. sickntired says:

    Wouldn't vote for them if they were my only option, would stay home first.

  3. listening says:

    As time goes by, the evidence of misleading the public keeps piling up against C4C. They are no better than McKeeva and even McKeeva highlighted their very close connection with him on the Last Panel dicussion of CITN 27. If C4C gets in this islands will continue to down the same path as we did for the past four years.


    XXXX As for Roy his many years of support for McKeeva has facilitated this hot steaming pile we now have before us. Now he is willing to do something after the horse has bolted out of the gate! Oh please give the Cayman Islands a break and go home and forget about the next generation like you have for years with supporting a politician like McKeeva. The only decent unattached C4C candidate from all the horrible mess that is the UDP and McKeeva is Sharon Roulstone. It's pity she got roped into this group of egos. Good luck Sharon, you got at least one of my votes!

  4. Harrow says:

    You must not divide the people though. You will get the vote from the status holders but you must not demonise them because of the status grant in 2003. Many ppm follors have fallen into this trap. Let bygones be bygones. Many progressives love to hear the bashing of Jamaicans but this is actually counter productive. Rise above this Alden this is cheap politics. You must tell your supporters must treat all Caymanians equally, whether they be , first, second, third, fourth generation. There are also Honduran, Phillipenos, British, Americans and others here you cannot ignore these people who hold status.A status holder vote can procure a win just like any other voter's vote. After all they are here already, we must work together for the good of these Islands.Remember it is is not the majority wins elections. It is that group who are objective who are willing  to change if they think the country is going in the wrong direction. Last night a Bodden Town candidate was throwing some snag about somebody with a jamaican flag but if he would observe world affairs even president Obama's campaign in the US, there were a lot of flags from different sections of the country , The gays and lesbian, different US citizens some bear a US flag and the flag from their country of origin but still Americans. So leave out the small talk  and lets advance together for the good of the Cayman Islands

    • Anonymous says:

      And who put that so called bashing into your head? The UDP brainwashers!! Do you not know the Progressive candidates? Have you not been listening to their message? The Progressives have more real Jamaican ties than any of the others:


      Kurt – Born

      Joey – Father 

      Marco – Father

      Alva – Father (may he RIP)

      Alden – Cousins, Nieces, Nephews


      Did I leave anyone out?


      Now name ONE UDP member with Jamaican ties.  Should be obvious if you have been following along.  Like the unicorn the UDP has propagated and promoted this bashing myth. Like everything else, McKeeva has tried to take credit for the mass status grants as if he did it out of the goodness of his heart.  FACT is a single English lady FORCED him to lift the status moratorium through a lawsuit. Only then did he cherry pick from the masses, some who were not even eligible at the time, so that he could abuse the system, not out of any moral or ethical reasoning.  Just like the West Bayers, McKeeva will use any group for his political expedience and then cast them aside once they are no use to him. Look at what happens to the West Bayers after every election for the last 30 years once Mac gets in.


      As for the Progressives they are for ALL of the People and always have been! No puppet strings attached!!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Very well said!

      I am Caymanian by from many generations by birth. But it is 2013 and way past time to continue to beat the old drums that only seperate us as a people.

      What is amazing too is many who shout such backward foolishness are themselves married to foreign persons…which means they are teaching their own children,and others, to view foreign born Caymanians (even their own spoise/parent) as somehow less than another.

      This type of attitude and behaviour only breeds prejudice, contempt, disharmony!

  5. Anonymous says:

    VOTE PPM NEXT WEEK, Cayman. Can it possibly get any clearer?

  6. Anonymous says:

    I have listened to Bo Miller who has, as he himself, more solutions for the Cayman Islands than the entire party of the PPM who are talking of reopening of the West Bay Road.

    Wake up just because you are not the UDP doesn't mean you deserve the leadership of the government.

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree. PPM is slowly starting to show their somewhat cocky side again……..Are they better than UDP/PNA? Absolutely! Did they turn the country against them 4 years ago? Absolutely!

      PPM, I hope you learned your lesson 4 years ago when you also got to full of yourself. Try to remain humble!

      • Anonymous says:

        Not really. Do not confuse self confidence and standing up for themselves for something else. This time around they had to speak up rather letting McKeeva and the UDP run riot and tell lie after lie unchecked with no rebuttal.  That is what doomed them during the last election. They let others spew propaganda without responding to it, which turned out to be their biggest failure. The seats they lost were only lost by very small margins which could have been won had they been more vocal about what they did and why they did it.  Plus the advent of the worldwide recession did not help their case.  Any one remember sitting in traffic for hours and all the road rage? PPM solved that decisively.  

        • Anonymous says:

          Wait a minute, do you think PPM over spending had any impact upon that election?

          What about the PPM government's mismanagment of the constitution negotication where they left out OMOV and single member constituency?

          Rewriting history instead of learning from it assures you will make the same mistakes again. 

    • Anonymous says:

      BoBo is full of solutions an always has been. Good luck if he gets elected an you actually gotta wait for him to take action toward implementing those solutions! Pure hot air!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Forget what the PPM does right now. What matters is how we vote on Wednesday, just wait a couple of days, all we see how Cayman views Alden.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Can someone please tell me what is wrong wit Mr. Alden McLaughlin? I am hearing Alden this, Alden That. They don't like him, they hate the man…but I ask you, Why?  Mr. Alden McLaughlin is the one of the few Politicans that stood up to the tyrant in McKeeva Bush and his side kick Foolio Solomon. Mr. Alden, tried to do too much in a short space of time, He tried to put laws in place to clip the wings of a corrupt Government in the UDP. He spearheaded the FOI, The Constitutions, the Anti-Corruption Law, He built modern schools. Yes! School for the Caymanian children, which was badly needed 25 years prior and people like Truman Bodden ignored the fact that our children were being housed in an asbestos and mouled infested environment.  Mr. Alden did a lot of work for the people of these islands. At lease our people knew what it was to work and not just depended on hand outs to turn them lazy. McKeeva has turned these Islands into a welfare state and now Social Services are bursting from the seams.  McKeeva has turned these Islands into a third world situation, while he entertained the rich with commissions for himself.  Mr. Alden is a true Stateman and you don't see his name appearing on the Police or DPP Blotters every week. I think when the truth is revealed about the true 2009 Budget, you people that are repeating what McKeeva Bush is brainwashing unnah with about Mr. Alden McLaughlin, will come to light.  The only thing the people of these Islands can say about Mr. Alden McLaughlin is that he has been over ambitious in getting projects done, but the man had a burning passion to serve his people.  To this date the people that keep talking negative  things about Mr. McLaughlin cannot yet tell me why they hate this man. I guess he is too squeaky clean for them. I heard one person said "He hate Jamaicans". I know this man and no way in God's world that is true. Alden is approachable, Alden is likeable by those who know him and Alden is the best person to lead the young Progressives to victory, come Wednesday May 22nd, 2013. Mr. Alden McLaughlin is a visionary and he deserves a 2nd chance at leadership Cayman.

    • Anonymous says:

      Are we speaking of the same Alden who is head of the PPM, you called him a visionary, how is pandering to voters about reopening the West Bay Road the words of a visionary when he has been speechless on the issue for 3 years?

      I have been listening to him speak on the radio and hear nothing of his vision of the future of the Cayman Islands.

      No I do not hate Alden but I am willing to hold him accountable for his past leadership and his current lack of leadership. It takes more than rebranding the party name to make a real change within the PPM.

      His major claim to fame is to not be a part of the UDP but the country needs more. At this time with finances at a dangerous low and many out of work answers and solutions are needed and I do not hear them from Alden.

      • Anonymous says:

        Alden is Leader of the Opposition but was never Leader of Government Business. 

      • Excited New Voter says:

        You gotta be joking!!! Believing what you are writing then posting it! Geeze three years ago PPM did not have all of the new blood they now have, moreover they certainly did not have Capt. Bryan and Woody DaCosta who were fighting against this not so beneficial deal with DART from day One!

        Open your eyes and ears and start listening and seeing what has happened to the PPM since the new Blood has taken over. They were the main people trying to give equal rights to all voters during OMOV, DaCosta and Capt. Bryan were champions against shady deals which will cost our next generation. These people have caused Alden to change his position on many issues. In fact, I have noted Alden’s attitude has certainly changed in a positive way here of late. He is now engaging and willing to speak out. Listening to the new blood over the years, Alden has no choice but to do as they say or he is out in a blink of an eye. Think about it, 10 new bloods vs. 5 old heads, who you think is going to win?!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      The PPM had the whole country behind them 8 years ago when they swept the election. 4 years later, they had obviously fallen out of favour with the majority of the people.

      I hope they have all learned their lesson accordingly.

      • Anonymous says:

        Yes we do sincerely hope the majority of the people have all learned their lesson accordingly.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Alden may not be a charismatic leader. However, he handled the whole McKeeva thing with tact and diplomacy. He didn't rant and rave and make Cayman look even worse.  He did not stop until he got the support which finally made some of hte former UDP do the right thing and force McKeeva to step down.  He tried his best to improve education – at least we have one new high school. It may have been extravagant but we didn't know the recession would happen.  He's very well educated and can hold his own on the world stage.  The lie about the cvountry being bankrupt when McKeeva got in did Cayman a lot of damage.  I am not going to believe that until I see audited accounts proving that was the case.  How could we have been bankrupt when McKeeva alone spent over $1M in travel?  

    This govt over the past 4 years has taken our money and had one big party.  4 years ago, I had money left over every month to save. Now, I can just barely pay my bills, if I cut down less and less on food every month.  I pray and pray that UDP will not be re-elected next week.  I want open, honest, ethical govt. and UDP have proved that they not honest, not open and not ethical.  I beg the people to vote for the good of the country, not for what polliticians can give them. Unemployed people need jobs, not hand outs once a year at Christmas or clean up work once a year.  They need the skills to be employable and we all need ot think of the next generations.  Our children and their children. 

  10. Anonymous says:

    The C4C is playing dirty politics because they are desperate for votes at any cost. This release by the C4C has now lost them all credibility because it shows that they will stoop to lie to destroy their opponents and competition. It is amusing that it has taken six months for the C4C to have the balls to go public to announce that they will not support a Bush government. Why did it take so long and why did it take until this week to release a manifesto. People of Cayman, do not be fooled by this party calling themselves independents and telling th world that everyone wants to jump ship and join them. Why are they at the last minute suddenly asking the non C4C independents to join them – They are desperate.

  11. Anonymous says:

    I do not need to have a leader that is a personal friend. As long as they stand for something positive have integrity, vision and they ability to form a government and do what is good for the country I will vote for them. So far Alden McLaughlin hits all those for me. I will vote for him and his team because they look that they look as though they can actually make up a cohesive unified government. I do not want to Se a replay of the coalition government that resulted in Kurt being ousted because he joined a coalition group of all chiefs and no Indians. I just want to see some stability and unfortunately I still do not know how the c4c intends to form a government.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Here's my response to the 'innocent until proven' justification for political support. (Big Mac and Joey case)

    Say you are the parent of a small child and need a caregiver for the child while away at work. Would you (a) employ someone who has been charged with 11 counts of child molestation as the caregiver (noting that other caregivers are available) because they are presumed innocent until proven guilty, or (b) would you say I will reconsider you if and when you are acquitted of your charges? Only a moron choose (a). Is the future of our country somehow less important?  

  13. Anonymous says:

    I don't blame PPM and their stand on not supporting the UDP.  Look people who would want to work with anyone, two and even three people who have mis-lead our country and steal from us.

    I remember a long time ago a lady friend of mine stole some money from me and lie about it.  It broke up our friendship knowing that she did that to me her friend.  

    So I look at this election as a mert and say Big Mac is accused of theft and Joey Ebanks too..  I can trust someone who is accused of stealing from my country and our friendship has been broke..  I will forgive after the court case just like i did my friend who was ordered to pay me back every cent.

    Big Mac and Joey should not be running for office and I hope that the governemnt that gets in will put something in place/amend the law so that accused persons are not able to run for office..

    Some Caymanian are fool.


  14. Anonymous says:

    Change is coming. I can feel it. Kudos to the PPM candidates for doing the mature thing. Politics is a dirty business and the C4C is no exception to this rule. Their privileged positions do not give them the right to look down on their opponents or smile in my face now they want my vote.

    Mac sure put Roy is his place didn’t he. You are in the big boy’s club now Mr. Roy. Get used to the idea that when you say Jump nobody is going to say How High!

    You got to beg me for my vote just like anybody else even though you would not have deigned to speak to me a few months ago.

    GT Voter

  15. Anonymous says:

    16:43 give me a break, until the UDP gets in..  You forgot when Mr. Bush got up one day and said he was going to tax all work permit holders.  We have it hard too and we are also keeping the Caymans going..

    He is NOT a good leader and everyone from east to west, the Caymanian people, UK and the International business world have seen it.

    I feel sorry for the Caymanian people and we too can return home..  In Canada, the UK and the United States the government assist their people why are so many Caymanian hurting is my question.  I volunteer and I can say West Bay need the most help and for a district with a leader for so many years I am disgust.  

    Mr. Bush and his party with this controling factor and you must do what he say.  He even tried to control the company that I work for.

    I hope the Caymanian people and residents vote the entire UDP Government out and that also include the PNA group..

    Vote smart.


  16. semi pro says:

    I can tell you from personal conversations with one of the "Young Guns" that I personally had at the first UCCI debate, there was significant unrest and in fact they were going to discuss having him step down as the leader of the PPM at their general meeting.  If that has feeling has changed, I cannot say.  However it would raise the question what changed their minds.  This is my thought.  The question of who would take the leadership of the PPM?  I believe Kurt would not be running if the PPM was stronger, without Kurt, Alden doesn't have a change of getting in.  Kurt doesn't want to be the leader of the PPM again, for several reasons I would think.  The next person that would come to mind would be Moses, I don't see him being the type of person that wants that roll and all that comes with it, so I would say that he turned it down.  So who do we have after these guys?  Maybe Wayne?  Well, Wayne would be an obvious choice, but 1) Wayne has no experiance in the LA, and possibly could find himself in the position as Premier if the PPM was to win enough seats.  I think Wayne is smart enough to know on his maden voyage it would be reckless to try to fill those shoes. 2) Wayne is not assured a seat, and there is nobody that can carry him on their coat tails in BT, like Kurt can and has done with Alden.  So if I was to guess, the decision was made to simply leave Alden where he is. The PPM in itself has done what they want Cayman to do, and that is accept second best by default. Now I am just guessing, but I would be willing to bet I'm not far off.

  17. anonymous says:

    Go ahead PPM,test if you must, but paying attention to the following 13 items (listed in no particular order) will be much more practical, accurate, and effective.You have less than a week to prove your leadership that is lacking.From a good friend.

    1.Leaders who can’t see it, probably won’t find it: Leaders without vision will fail. Leaders who lack vision cannot inspire teams, motivate performance, or create sustainable value. Poor vision, tunnel vision, vision that is fickle, or a non-existent vision will cause leaders to fail.

    2. When leaders fail to lead themselves: A leader who lacks character or integrity will not endure the test of time. It doesn’t matter how intelligent, affable, persuasive, or savvy a person is, if they are prone to rationalizing unethical behavior based upon current or future needs, they will eventually fall prey to their own undoing.

    3. Put-up or shut-up: Nothing smacks of poor leadership like a lack of performance. Nobody is perfect, but leaders who consistently fail are not leaders, no matter how much you wish they were. While past performance is not always a certain indicator of future events, a long-term track record of success should not be taken lightly.

    4. Beware the know-it-all: The best leaders are acutely aware of how much they don’t know. They have no need to be the smartest person in the room, but have the unyielding desire to learn from others.

    5. When there’s a failure to communicate: When leaders are constantly flummoxed by those who don’t seem to get it, there exists both a leadership and communications problem.

    6. It’s all about them: If a leader doesn’t understand the concept of “service above self” they will not engender the trust, confidence, and loyalty of those they lead. Any leader is only as good as his or her team’s desire to be led by them. An over abundance of ego, pride, and arrogance are not positive leadership traits. Real leaders take the blame and give the credit – not the other way around.

    7. Sing a little Kumbaya: While love and leadership are certainly two words you don’t often hear in the same sentence, I can assure you that rarely does great leadership exist without love being present and practiced.

    8. One size fits all leadership style: The best leaders are fluid and flexible in their approach. They understand the power of, and necessity for contextual leadership. “My way or the highway” leadership styles don’t play well in today’s world, will result in a fractured culture, and ultimately a non-productive organization.

    9. Lack of focus: Leadership is less about balance and more about priority. The best leaders are ruthless in their pursuit of focus. Those leaders who lack the focus and attention to detail needed to apply leverage and resources in an aggressive and committed fashion will perish.

    10. Death by comfort zone: The best organizations beat their competition to the future, and the best leaders understand how to pull the future forward. Leaders satisfied with the status quo, or those who tend to be more concerned about survival than growth won’t do well over the long-run.

    11. The “A” word: Real leaders are accountable. They don’t blame others, don’t claim credit for the success of their team, but always accept responsibility for failures that occur on their watch.

    12. It’s the culture stupid: The lesson here is that culture matters – forget this and all other efforts with regard to talent initiatives will be dysfunctional, if not altogether lost. Don’t allow your culture to evolve by default, create it by design.

    13. Show some chutzpa: Leadership absent courage is a farce. I’m not referring to arrogance or bravado, but real courage. It takes courage to break from the norm, challenge the status quo, seek new opportunities, cut your losses, make the tough decision, listen rather than speak, admit your faults, forgive the faults of others, not allow failure to dampen your spirit, stand for those not capable of standing for themselves, and to remain true to your core values.


    • Anonymous says:

      Thanks for posting this. Alden is by no means perfect but he checks most of these boxes. As much as any other “leader” in the running but he also has th experience.

  18. harsh reality says:

    All i can hear from C4C on their advertisements is them gloating about there successful lives and their great accomplishments in business. You think the common folk suffering gives a hoot about you and your successful business? You have never struggled to pay a bill in your life, or to send your kids to fancy universities and private schools in hopes of securing their futures, your vote rest only with a few in the corporate sector whom will be the true benificieries if any of you are elected! You can brag about your business success but cant seem to agree as a team on anything other than "we dont want to work with Mckeeva". Half of you sat on Mckveea elected boards for the last 4 years, didnt have any quoms with the man then! POOR PEOPLE FED UP! especially dont need any high society muppets up in government who are completely desensitized from the problem plauging us good old middle class folks! and that goes for us the corporate middle class also (accountant, auditors,administartors, bank tellers). I'm tired of watching the gap between us that used to be middle class and you lot widen at a mind boggling pace! You lot would be continuing the sale of Cayman to DART! These people cant answer you straight on any question they are asked. They are desperate and trying to play both sides of the fence and you know what they say – "greedy dog gets no bone" PPM over you lot any day!

    • Caymanian VOTING says:

      Dear Harsh,

      You are too harsh and quote WRONG.  These C4C folks were born the same year as YOU.  They went to the SAME schools.  They were no silver spoons, look who they for?  Yes, hard working honest George Town Caymanians.  Just becasue they made a better life that YOU did, do not judge.

      Come Wednesday.  I'm voting for the C4C that were born here and made the most of it instead of lookng for UDP or PPM handouts.

      I would rather vote in a successful Accountant, Businessman, Anti-Money laundering expert woman, Immigration hard-nose than your wimpy whiny do-nothing career politicians.

      Don't be a sheep and vote party, it shows you really do not think what is best for Cayman.

      We need a small group of people who can run this country like a corporation!!!

      5,000 students are line workers and need to be groomed and looked after

      6,000 Goverment Employees are middle management

      Chief Officers are the VPs

      and Legislative Assembly is the Board of Directors

      Give me a CEO anyday instead of the foold we elected over the past decade!!!

  19. Anonymous says:

    People should stop playing politics and get serious about the discussing the issues.  The UDP is still a force to consider.  They have delivered and yes I agree that they have made some mistakes along the way.  In their manifesto they admitted to their mistakes and undertook to be more open in future administration.  This is an important point not noticed by many.  Give them a chance and you will see the PROGRESS continued

    • Anonymous says:

      Are you on crack?

    • Diogenes says:

      Delivered what exactly?  Hand outs to friends and connected parties?  Commissions for those on the inside?  Paved driveways?  Can you clarify for the rest of us.  

    • Dred says:

      This is another mount trashmore….

      The part that makes me laugh the loudest which I had to tell CNS about is their Code of (Mis)conduct document.

      What a joke. TO ME……TO ME…it seems that to run for a UDP government you have to have done something wrong…like its a pre-requisite or something to have some legal issue hanging over your head.

      Big Mac is the same baffoon he has always been, he ain't changing for no one.  think he is going to "be more open" you are as blind as a bat if not worse.

      Like I have said in another post…UDP Supporters are either Brainwashed or Braindead….

      …..and he knows it…..he counts on it…..

    • Anonymous says:

      "…and you will see the PROGRESS continued"…..   Thanks for describing my deepest fear.    PROGRESS that benefits the very few to the utter disregard of the many is no progress at all, but a regression.  

    • Chris Johnson says:

      I agree about the issues. However above all the voters need consider integrity, nepotism and honesty. We all know the faults of previous Governments spanning twenty years or more. BUT in which Government was there a lack of those principles I noted above? PPM certainly went overboard with the peoples money. However who organized the suspect Cohen, West Bay land purchase, Chinese deal without proper disclosure. There was a total lack of transparency on these deals as well as the Dart deal.
      So I agree that PPM got their accounts wrong but probably got them from the accountant general of the day who still has that onerous and responsible position today where his figures are questionable and/unauditable.
      Voters please vote with your head and not with your new fridge. Remove corruption and nepotism from the way of life. I particularly address this to the voting community of West Bay who seem to be have been misled over the years by one Bush whose reputation is almost akin to that of the previous premier of the TCI.

      • Anonymous says:

        You say "accountant general of the day", Mr Johnson, when I think you mean "Financial Secretary". But the accountant general of the day is still there too. Both have bungled horribly but such people don't get fired.

    • The Soothsayer says:

      “All is well in our camp and we are loyal bondmen to our Ceasar”

      It reminds me of a number of Shakespearean quotes: “beware he that doth protest too much”. Hope you win Alden. If you do, you’ll be whipping dem young progressives!

    • Caymanian by status and VOTING says:

      Give them a chance and see the country destroyed you mean.  Please! $$$ millions spent on waste & corruption and you STILL drinking the Kool-aide?  wow, please see a shrink.  I mat not live in West Bay, but can smell a rat from here.

    • Tickle my pickle says:

      Obviously I have been the idiot all along. Corruption and selfish deals with private parties is obviously the way forward

    • Anonymous says:

      I could give you a good ole tamarind switch beating for that comment !! You are clueless as to what's really happening today obviously !!

  20. Hunter says:

    Those candidates who would suggest Alden McLaughlin to be the right person for the job could not have been on this Island between 2005 and 2009. The PPM with Alden McLaughlin caused much pain and sorrow. I would like all of those persons endorsing him as the guy explained how we got into this mess, explain why we have to go begging to UK now for money. Did the PPM caused this? Refresh your memories. Further more what has the PPM government done in those four years except collect good money and sleep at the wheel.. No Cayman, you cannot vote the PPM in again. Leave them out this time, they are old, brains not so good and the new candidates running for them just cannot pull us through these times. As I see it now the Cayman needs the Government that is in now, along with Independents Ezzard, McLean, and some c4c. Make up a good government. Some old and some new, but not the PPM.

    • Anonymous says:

      The Government that is in now???

      • kim says:

        Yes, because we know who they are!  Members that kicked out MB and seem to be doing great in 6 months time. Vote for who you know. Stop experimenting with candidates you don't know. At least PNA are experienced crew. We know them already!

      • cow itch says:

        i told ya.. dear is someting special bout purple… all west bayers love it

    • Anonymous says:

      What a drama queen! The PPM didn't cause any pain and sorrow, the global recession did just as it did in Bermuda and other competitor jurisdictions. We have not begged the UK for any money we just need their permission to borrow and to ensure any major contracts are subject to a competitive tender process. I think that is a good thing for now.

      As bad as they are they are 1000 times better than McKeeva's UDP who has caused only international embarassment and reputational damage, law suits and damages and accomplished absolutely nothing in 4 years. The PNA were a part of that. Remember that the UDP/PNA were the govt. not the PPM.   

    • Anonymous says:

      I can agree with with you on NO old PPM people and it would be great if none of the old school PPM get in. And maybe a few of the new ones do. For the Big E and Arden they can be very dangerous, yes I think they may make a good MLA but no on the cabinet, both of them are by dangerous, especially the big E…
      As for the UDP and PPM I have already done my mobile vote and not one of these parties got my vote…

    • Anonymous says:

      you got that right bobo

      aldeeen send us down the debt drain !!  we drowning now !!!!!!!!!!! 

      • Anonymous says:

        Good riddance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Poor idiot is drowning and he doesn't have a clue who's drowning him.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes, it's quite remarkable how many people appear to be suffering from what I can only describe as a self-induced amnesia in regard to how things were under the last PPM government. I'm praying for an end to this foolishness of "It's the PPM or the UDP" as, Lord, what a mess has been created. "Them give us licks and we give them licks" stupidity. It's pathetic.Can we all PLEASE elect some people with some common sense this time round?

      • SSM345 says:

        03:01, I am really starting to believe that UDP supporters think that Cayman was the only place in the world that had a recession.

        Quickly explain to us all how a "supposed" $81M debt has now become that of $700M+ under the PPM.

        Have I missed something in the last 4yrs? Was it the PPM and Independents who were spending money we didn't have?

        Was that Alden dressed up in a McKeeva suit?

        • Anonymous says:

          Funny!  But no, we knew it wasn't Alden dressed up in a McKeeva suit when we started hearing "Weeze broke!"  "Weeze broke!"  'cause Alden doesn't talk like that.

           I guess that's when the Govt. credit cards came in handy, yes?

          Alden is a solid guy, honest, has long-term vision, a good education, a keen, legal mind and conducts himself like the gentleman that he is, even when he has hard decisions to make.

           I knew him from his childhood coming up, knew his parents and I can tell you that I have observed him consistently exercising the good principles that he was raised with. I am proud to have him as leader of my party.  And thankful!

    • Anonymous says:

      At least we got roads, a new admin building, a school, what have we got in the past 4 years?  Nothing, nada, but money flowing out on foolishness faster than water -law suits, travel, "gifts" to universities in other countries while our people are struggling.  Give me PPM any day over UDP/PNA.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hunter what pain and sorrow are you referring to? Is the the rebuilding of Cayman? Is it the building of roads to improve the quality of your life? is it the investment in a new government admin building that is to be proud of? Is it the investment in education that will benefit this country for generations tocome? Is it the economic stimulus that all of that provided in the start and middle of a global recession just when we needed it? Or maybe the pain and sorrow is that the PPM gave the people the right to access their own information – the right to assess and hold their government accountable? Perhaps the greater pain is that your favourite first and worst premier is now being held accountable under the anti-corruption legislation delivered by the PPM? Is that what you are sorry about? You are a bad joker and yes the country will vote PPM again because they are THE ONLY group with total integrity and honesty who have the ability and the numbers to rescue this country!

  21. Anonymous says:

    This is what cayman Islands needs & wants!! team players & progress! Fighting is what tore these islands apart! If you’re not a team player your vote should be clear come election day my people!

    Wp Brac

  22. Anonymous says:

    Im sick of hearing about PPM wasted money atleast with PPM  you can see the building where the money went in to  And the UDP was eager to be cutting ribbons and moving in to them  to sit in there new offices . But where has the money gone that McKeeva and UDP spent ????

    • Anonymous says:

      My dear, you suffer from a severe case of amnesia

      • Anonymous says:

        okay well i remember when UDP paid out millions of dollars in penalties for a dock we dont have.  so like the guy said at least there is are buildings from PPM (even though that was a big waste too, at least we have some equity for money spent).

      • Anonymous says:

        what is amnesia ? i forgot !

      • Anonymous says:

        If you think he's bad, McKeeva can't even remember he promised to turn our economy around in three months four years ago too. Or perhaps he's just saying it again because it gets him elected by the idiots among us.

    • Anonymous says:

      Well, reading the CNS story above it seems that at least some of it may have gone towards education, the only slight difficulty being that of the location of the institutions to whom the money was given.

  23. Anonymous says:

    They’re trying to create strife between the ppm! That’s a desperate move! Sounds like someone boat is sinking to me! Change is coming no matter what you do or say! Caymanian people are hurting and they will show you come election day!

    Gt voter

  24. Anonymous says:

    No more passengers lets elect leaders that don’t need the job but will do the job! Lets get rid of all that hang on to the coat tails of their leaders! Some of them don’t have no real life experience at all! Lets be smart Cayman

  25. Anonymous says:

    Just more misinformation from C4C

  26. Anonymous says:

    I predict the following results on the 22nd May 2013 :-

    Cayman Brac and Little Cayman – Moses Kirkconnell and David Bodden;

    North Side – Ezzard Miller

    East End – Arden McLean

    Bodden Town – Charles Clifford, Osbourne Bodden, Tony Eden and Al Suckoo

    George Town – Kurt Tibbetts, Roy McTaggart, Marco Archer, Sharon Roulstone, Kenneth Bryan and Winston Conolly

    West Bay – McKeeva Bush, Tara Rivers, Bernie Bush and Mervin Smith

    • Anonymous says:

      If I could click that 'LOL' icon 100 times I would. WOW! 

    • Anonymous says:

      hopefully you dont rely on fortune telling for a living!

    • Anonymous says:

      What rubbish you write Sir 15.58

      It is as clear as the nose on your face that Premier will be Kermit the Frog, ably supported by Big Bird, the Mad Hatter, Mickey Mouse and Pluto.

    • Anonymous says:

      Wrong. CB/CL – MKirkconnell, JOCConnolly

      NS – EMiller

      EE – AMcLean

      BT – AEden, OBodden, CClifford, MScotland

      GT – KTibbetts, RMcTaggart, AMcLaughlin, M Archer, M Adam, W Whittaker 

      WB – M Bush, E Ebanks, B Bush, T Rivers

      • Anonymous says:

        McKeeva you needa stop trying to be a comedian cause only you would write something so far fetched and hilarious. Consider going back to the lawn business.

      • Anonymous says:

        I predict a northside win for Joey Ebanks…. 

  27. Anonymous says:

    I'm so sick of people criticising Alden for supposed failures of charisma or decisiveness. The fact is he has a formidable intellect that we could use right now. Listen to him speak or read what he has to say. You will be enlightened.

    • Anonymous says:

      Enlightened yeah… I watch Cayman News 27 panel talk between him, Mac and Roy, and Alden couldn't even defend himself and party's position properly. He may be an intellectual, but I think PPM need a charismatic leader because Mac is and he knows how to talk

      • Anonymous says:

        Mac knows how to talk ignorance and show disrespect. He only appeals to ones who benefit from his largesse and the Jamaicans to whom he gave status. He cannot even pronounce "three" properly.

    • Hoping for better days says:

      Enlightened? Really? You make me reconsider the very definition….my people are far too gulable.

  28. Anonymous says:

    What else is PPM going to say a few days before the election? Even if there were talks C4C showed a slight immaturity revelaing same, those people will never go to their fold now.


    Both PPM and C4C and independents should now agree to stop bickering amongst themselves, put aside their differences and fire all the guns they have broadside to sink the pirate ship of UDP/PNA-when the opposition groups are fighting amongst themselves we all know who will jump in and try to steal their thunder…come on guys…

    • Anonymous says:

      I'm sorry the C$C showed their true colours with yesterdays press release.  Not a single vote from me.

    • Anonymous says:

      you see how power hungry they are ??  they would rather destroy the island and rule it, then work together for the good of us, the people ,   shame on c4c and pm  and please not again while we are on it !!

  29. Anonymous says:

    I have never been a PPM supporter and quite frankly never will be but I must state that it is quite refreshing to see them show signs of unity rather than to practice the divisiveness that the C4C and other independents have shown as of late. The C4C have attempted to cannibalize the base of the PPM by making it seem as though there is disharmony in the PPM camp. And I must reiterate that I am not a fan of Mr. Alden but he is right when he says that this is a show of desperation on the part of the C4C. And apparently now there is a race to announce that they will never work with any candidate running with the UDP if elected. But you notice that the PPM aren't saying this anymore nor have I heard any member of the UDP say who they will or won't work with. 

    It seems as though the two parties are the only ones who realize that the issues for our country are quite severe and we will need all hands on deck to solve them together. I thought the independents were supposed to be the ones that ran a 'clean' campaign. I thought that the reasons they were running as independents was to put a stop to the divisiveness of party politics. But it seems as though they are contributing to the divisiveness rather than putting a stop to it. 
    • Anonymous says:

      Politics in any small village is about egos bud-deh and everybody is smarter than the next guy.

      That is why McKeeva always out smarts the rest. The other capable ones all want to the Boss Hog like him instead of working together to GT rid of him

    • Anonymous says:

      Never say never.

  30. Anonymous says:

    I think it's important that I start this piece out by saying I have no problem with the PPM Party's members or their politics. I don't think there's any secret that I don't generally agree with those politics, but I still support their right to engage in the political process and work to affect change.
    I do however, have problems with the notion that our local PPM Party is so fond of saying they don't back candidates. That is, for lack of a better word, weak.
    You're an organization that holds meetings, but strays away from memberships. You advocate certain policies and attack others. You foster political belief and connection amongst those that attend your meetings.This is social backing. He is a PPM Party affiliate and there's nothing wrong with that.
    I think that point, above any other needs to be made. Coming out with the stance of "we don't back candidates" undermines your entire party. And the local PPM Party is ,in fact, a political party. It's written on the building.

      Alden Mclaughlin has a weak PPM, so that side of the political coin is ripe for the taking, but straying away from backing candidates for any reason will only work against your political hopes. If you want to be taken seriously, go the distance. Don't back out at candidates, or any sort of political affiliation. It just makes you look like you'd rather whine about issues than fix them.

    Former PPM Supporter

  31. Anonymous says:

    Now put that in your pipe and smoke it! 

  32. Anonymous says:

    C$C is desperate, especially now that even Mac has dissed them.

    • Anonymous says:

      Mac dissinganyone is the biggest compliment you can get

    • Anonymous says:

      When you sober up you will admit who the desperate ones are, and they ain't  the C4C my friend.

  33. Anonymous says:

    Good move, PPM.