The one man election

| 16/05/2013

As we get closer to May 22nd, the political campaigns become more desperate as each group or individual tries (hopefully) to place one effective lasting point in our minds to ensure we vote for them. There is nothing unusual about this if it were not for the glaring observation that many of the arguments actually aim for the same result: the removal of McKeeva Bush from any scenario where he could regain his former position as premier.

Over the past few days the best example of this is the perfectly timed statements from virtually all of Mac's opponents telling voters that they would not work with the UDP if elected.

Very few, aside from Mr Bush's most ardent supporters, would take issue with that result. The problem is that voters are being manipulated to vote not just against the big man or the policies of his running mates, but to vote proactively for certain groups and in particular the PPM.

The argument seen right here on CNS recently goes like this: don't split your vote between the C4C, PNA, etc, because Mac and his colleagues have a reasonable size voter base so 'they might win'. And we don't want that. So, as beautifully articulated by Roy Tatum in a recent viewpoint, we should vote straight for the PPM. Don't vote for any independents, the C4C or PNA. Just vote for "us". In fact, voters should not even bother to assess any of the non PPM candidates; they would do well to ignore everyone but Alden and crew.

It's not just that this strategy is plainly a manipulative move by the PPM (or any other group that uses it to get your 'straight' vote), it's also a complete mockery of the democratic process and a complete lack of respect for a voter's right to exercise that very private choice on May 22nd.

If you feel that McKeeva needs to retire, by all means don't vote for him if you are in West Bay, and even if you aren't, say what you wish as loudly and effectively as you can to ensure he gets the least support. But don't water down your right to assess any other candidates that will be on the ballot in your district by swallowing the scaremongering tactic suited solely to help some other group win.

And what about all the non-PPM candidates out there? Are we saying there is nothing worthy of considering in the proposed solutions of any candidates within the C4C, PNA or even any of the true independents? And what about some of the new UDP candidates?

Democracy may not always give us the result we want, but nothing could be worse than
getting a government that got elected not by virtue of the policies they set before us, and not because we wanted to vote for them, but by default. Ironically, this is the point argued by the PPM regarding how the UDP got elected. But now they are advocating an equally absurd approach because it works for them.

The vote on May 22nd belongs to you, not the PPM, PNA, C4C or anyone else. What you do with it and the consequences of your actions are but for you only. Vote for the person or group that convinces you that they can take this country out of the current mess and let the chips fall where they may. Anything else and we will all simply be reduced to being puppets due to the political strategy of one selfishly motivated group or another.

Vote in the CNS Poll: How will you be voting?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    So far the CNS poll is indicating a very clean sweep by a very wide margin and that is certainly the way I am voting as the most sensible way out of a bad situation.

  2. Chris says:

    Everyone talking about this straight "Yardie" Jamiacan-Caymanian vote for UDP.

    The Jamaicans I have spoken to have much more sense than to vote straight for the UDP, a party in which corruption appears to thrive.

    In fact what many have been saying is that,

    "We have seen a similar situation ruin Jamaica.

    That is why we came to Cayman to seek work and a life away from crime and corruption.

    We have no where else to run to and dont want to have to leave Cayman.

    So we are not voting to continue this style of government.We are voting for change."

    My friends, dont be fooled by the vocal minority. Please dont think that all Jamaican-Caymanians are voting straight UDP, they are much smarter than that and on May 22/23  the results of the election will prove this point.



  3. Anonymous says:

    You need to consider whether your favorites can get elected but also whether they will be part of the future government. If they are clearly not going to be part of the ruling party/coalition then your vote is just a protest. Nothing wrong with protests, but you give up an opportunity to influence the government if you vote for someone who is unlikely to be in the government majority.

  4. Unison says:


    More than ever before I implore the electorate to vote for a candidate of moral standard. These questions one should ask before voting. You may think some of these questions are foolish, but they are guaranteed to put in the right candidates: – 

    Question 1. Is he or she surrendered to the supreme intelligent source of life, religious people would call God or Being?  You want someone in power who is not easily surrendered to money, fame, pleasure, power, and status; someone who is not easily led away by temptation to get themselves involved in corrupt behavior for personal gain. You want someone who is true to duty and universal principles such as fairness, integrity, service, human dignity, benevolence, tolerance of other people's faith, and justice. Of such things, they have found ground and root in the supreme intelligent source of life. They attribute thanksgiving and their strength and wisdom to the source of all things. If you see this humility of a surrendered life to God in a candidate, by all means they are ready for power?

    The other questions pertain to whether the candidate is a balanced and stable minded person, which is important for someone taking political power and counteracts selfish desires that may arise as an attachment to fleeting thoughts, emotions, and objects. Note you want candidates that will not become corrupt. So that entails looking within the candidate. Remember words mean nothing prior to election. You have to know how that candidate behave during diverse circumstances to know they are fit for power. If they can't deal with little power in a given circumstance, how are they going to handle power of having control over a country?

    Question 2:  Is the candidate tolerant of other people's views?

    Question 3:  Do you see them always irritated, easily angered, and impatient to deal one on one with people?

    Question 4:  Are they open and understanding, always showing a person the attention he or she need?  Note right now they will be open and understanding, but you have to reflect in the past and see how they treated people. Right now just prior to election will be too late because it will be a show or time to cover up. I don't know, but I find that people who are the least understanding and impatient to deal with people one-on-one, too busy to listen to people, are the first ones to get themselves caught up with some sort of corruption or selfish ambition. 

    Question 5:  Do you see acts of compassion to those unfortunate and even to their pets?  I don't mean now that you must take a drive to the politicians yards to see if they chain their dog or just let him roam the neighborhood freely. You have to look back in the past and ask yourself the question, how did this candidate treated his mother on mother's day; or, did he or she passed by me whilst I was looking for a ride on a hot day?  These are very important things to consider. You want a person in power who has a heart!

    Question 6:  Is the candidate proactive instead of reactive? Do they have up-and-go?  Do they focus on prevention and getting things done?  You don't want someone who is reactive and wait until the last minute to do something about a major problem.  What does the sun do?  It shines its light. It is proactive. It gives its warmth and creates rain. The sun is not reactive. We don't push the sun to shine.

    Question 7:  Are they in harmony with nature, life, people?  Are they peaceful?  Do they have a pleasant spirit?  Harmony is a very important concept. You want someone who is in harmony with nature. They eat right. Take care of themselves right. How they treat themselves is how they will consider the electorate. You don't want someone in power going to AAA.  You don't want someone who is not friendly to the environment and don't love conservation. You don't want someone who is in the LA and believes in division. HARMONY that is the key word. 

    The more you see such virtues in a candidate, is the less they will be identified with ego, selfish desires, and emotions, and the more they will not be involved in corrupt practices or ill will against the country. Remember sudden power, status, or wealth is not an easy thing to handle if there is no fortitude and God in the person's life. They can easily be swept away and end up representing a selected people instead of their constituency. We have to look beyond the parties and groups and at the individuals themselves. You don't have to use all your votes. If you find only one good person, then only use that one vote to make a difference. If you don't know any of the 50 odd candidates, then dont vote at all. 


  5. G.Towner says:

    Sorry but I am sticking to the Indians and following my own conscience – my chief is my conscience!  No more party for me!  You have to realize they will put in their leader. If you put in UDP candidates and a man who has new charges on top of him, go figure out whay will happen next. These followers will more than likely put in their leader who has already marred Cayman's reputation.

    • Anonymous says:

      If you split your vote you will help to put WMB back in as premier. Wake up!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Good post!

  7. Anonymous says:

    CAYMAN NEEDS A CHANGE AND PPM NOR THE UDP fit into that!!! Therefore C4C an PNA and the Independents deserve those votes! Voting for PPM an their idea of ONE man ONE vote is leading Cayman into the valley of the shadow of death! This type of system is only grounds for corruption.

    • Dred says:

      You see I was with you right up to PNA… shot yourself between the eyes right there.

      You ACTUALLY think that is a change? Really? PNA is made up of 5 UDP merbers and 3 of those are hardcore going back many years. Their policies mirror the UDP handbook. Let me say this…

      Was it not our Sister Islands per son who paved driveways? She may as well have given away a fridge or a stove….

      Was it not our BT Candidates who stood in front of their BT Constituents and told them the dump, ooops WASTE MANAGEMENT FACILITY was what we BTers needed and to shut up and take it…..

      Was it not the 5 of them that hung in their to the bitter end with the man and only jumped ship when they were up to their knees in water?

      Come on man. Grow a brain or something…

      PPM is not the answer BUT they are our best answer…Ideally we would get a mix of PPM and Independents where PPM and Independents formed the government BUT be afraid…be very afraid…..sometimes chasing green grass sometimes make you get browner grass….

      • Anonymous says:

        PNA alliance were brave enough to remove McKeeva from power, and still  they believe in working with Dart to get important projects up and running. It took alot of guts for Rolston to remove his own mentor. They were tested, yes tested politicians. At least we know some bit about them. They presently are doing a better job than when McKeeva was in for his three years. Imagine if they get another 4 years, I believe they will do what is right. To put PPM or C4C members in would be to experiment. But we know the PNA members. There is no experimentation with these individuals. Remember it is picking the worse of the evils. I recall when PPM was in they spent like crazy during a global recession and didn't stop until the country was in a deficit. They organized protestors to stop the current from negotiating deals with Dart and public-private partnerships to try to boost the economy. Instead what I am hearing from them, is their intentions to bring austere measure upon us, cut the civil service, and increase fees. Sorry but I think the PNA's approach to go ahead with deal making is the better option. PPM will bring us autere measures instead and that is what Cayman don't need. As for UDP, we all know they are done!  But PNA, let us give them a chance. It took alot of guts for them to get where we are now.

        • Anonymous says:

          Going ahead with deal making is not a better option unless the deal is beneficial to Cayman and is made in an ethical and transparent manner. The most  seasoned business person of all the candidates happens to be the Deputy Leader of the PPM., so I am sure he will see about negotiating deals that will benefit the country as as whole

    • Anonymous says:

      Voting for PNA is no change as they are regurgitated UDP members. They will likely support McKeeva to regain power whether they state it or not. I wish Juliana could be ousted in Cayman Brac but not likely

    • anon says:

      if the yardies vote straight in GT then houston we have a problem.

  8. Just Commentin' says:

    That political speeches are designed to sway voters is a given. While I do believe that campaign speeches should be ethical, it is unrealistic to expect that all or even most of them will be. That is why it is important to have an informed electorate; however, far too many people in the Cayman Islands are unable to distinguish brilliance from bullsh_t and we end up with the likes of Makeeva Bush as premiere even though a man like him would never make the post of dog catcher in most other places.
    Current popular political rhetoric, even if self-serving and not always entirely forthright, does not constitute "a complete mockery of the democratic process"; it is, rather, the most fundamental expression of a basic right: the right of free speech. Which is why it is a somber responsibility of voters to do their own research, become informed of the issues and where the candidates stand, and then vote responsibly.

    It is very irresponsible of you to suggest to voters "What you do with (your vote) and the consequences of your actions are but for you only." One vote can change the tide of an election and alter the course of history.  In this election more than ever, we as voters have a solemn responsibility to consider the consequences to the territory when we cast our votes; to do otherwise is selfish.

    In this election I urge voters to vote strategically and wisely if their aim is to ensure that we will not see Bush back in office. This election my primary aim is to do what I can to see to it that Bush does not get back into power.   I do not care how otherwise worthy a candidate, party, or non-party group might be, they will not get my vote if I think it opens any doors for Bush. I think we can get by with just about any other combination or coalition as long as it has nothing to do with Bush. Sorry, but this is the way my chips are going to fall this election.  Read my lips: No more Bush!

    • Rick says:

      Which is why we have democratic elections. You only get to vote as one voter, abeit with several votes in certain districts. Obviously you think that if anyone votes for Bush they are not 'responsible'. I happen to think persons like you are not responsible for the statements you make, but I really don't care that you say it. I know how I will vote and it will be for any persons who are willing to work with anyone, as long as it is in the best interest of the country, and not to refuse to work with a whole group of individuals based onpersonal hatred of one man. If I was in West Bay, I would vote for McKeeva Bush, the only man left in these Cayman Islands.

      • Just Commentin' says:

        No Rick, you are accusing me of something I would never say.  I would never call people who vote for Bush "irresponsible'!  They are morons.

    • Anonymous says:

      We need to remove the Bush from the House of Assembly!

  9. anonymous says:

    101 people will get elected by default even though I agree that’s wrong. Especially since mac is so dangerous his opponents will just telll voters to look the other way and they will pick up the extra votes. I just pray that if ppm and c4c gets in they don’t waste the chance to help the country out of the mess like u say

  10. anonymous says:

    I will gove a vote to some ppm and one udp and 2 c4c. At least I will know that I did the right thing and not voting for a whole bunch of people that don’t impress me.

  11. anonymous says:

    Hear hear..this elections really sucks because u can’t vote straight for ppm blindly and udp is no good. Problem is we just have very few decent candidates to choose from. Everybody begging you to vote straight for their group but no one offering any solutions. They all want to get in for free.

  12. anonymous says:

    Ppm saying vote straight and udp saying split your vote. I’m doing whatever I want and I agree with this viewpoint that they all using us just to get their group in.

    • Anonymous says:

      UDP is saying vote straight for UDP if you are UDP but if you are voting for PPM or C4C split your vote because UDP knows that favours a UDP victory.

  13. M says:

    Your vote does bear consequences!  That is why I am not voting straight. Everytime we vote straight, the members of the LA house don't want to listen to the opposition, and then you have no debates over important matters, and they follow what the leader say. I recall when Kurt was leader it was the same thing. Everyone in the house voted "yea" despite opposition presenting factual arguments as to why they should have voted "no."  So you hear them singing again to vote straight, vote straight, vote straight … I don't thinkI am going to do that this time because I love my country and I want people in the LA who will weigh situations before passing them into laws; I want them to talk and put aside differences and have public debates so the country will hear what is going on. 

  14. Anonymous says:

    101 – u have some good views some of the time but clearly you now need to take the 201 class.

    The C4C folks are clearly fast learners in the art of politricks. God help us if they actually get some real experience.

    PPM are the most most honest and credible group we have in this race. They have a structure, a leadership team and a stated manifesto of their position and the actions they will take if elected.

    There is only one clear choice in this election.


  15. Anonymous says:

    "What you do with it and the consequences of your actions are but for you only".

    But that's just not true. Your vote bears consequences for who will be the next govt. and for the country as a whole. You are encouraging voters to lose sight of the big picture. Letting the chips fall where they may is reckless. Voters are not only voting for a person but must think strategically.

    • Anonymous says:

      Voters should only cast votes for candidates they fully believe can represent them, not prostitute their votes for party croanies they don't fully support.  It's better not to cast all your available votes, than cast them errantly for someone you don't support, just because they are in the same party.  We've seen that show already.  

      Because of the multivote framework that still remains, and the many that will also cast those same wishie-washie 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th choices, the discounted alternates can effectively win through a landslide of secondary support and emerge as the dominant leaders after 22nd.


  16. Anonymous says:

    You need the PPM for one reason–to install "one man, one vote."  Elections will look a lot different in the future because the individual candidates will be more important and accountable. Until then best you block vote.

    • Anonymous says:

      This is my first time to have the privilege to vote in the Cayman Islands.    I have never before in my life voted for a 'straight' party ticket.    However,  this time I will do so, and one of the reasons you have noted.    Other reasons I am voting PPM across the board is that I strongly believe that the country as a whole needs to put both of this term's governments well behind us;   the backroom deals, the audacity of spending and waste has been shocking.   PPM may not be the answer for the sucessive generations of terms, however they appear to me to be the best current choice for what is best for the Cayman Islands.    Once the country has regained some of its lost credibility and trust, we can begin to maneuver through the growing pains of economic recovery in a recession with which the entire globe is facing.    We MUST get this election right, because we are all hanging by a thread, and the horrors of another UDP or UDP lite government would set us and the economy adrift.    The final straw.  

      • anonymous says:

        First time voter my a$$ i don't think any of the 3000 caymanian status plus families  that Mckeeva granted going to vote PPM straight.Remember PPM runs in their last election on the platform that they were going to take away those caymanian status.Time is longer than rope….Now payback time PPM!!!!!!

        • Anonymous says:

          PPM said no such thing and obviously did no such thing. You'd be surprised how many sensible people there are among the 3000 who do not think like you.

        • Anonymous says:

          I AM a first time voter.   I didn't get my status with the "3000", but 16 years ago, the old-fashioned way — via a lineage connection to the Cayman Islands,  police report, letters of reference from community people and proof that I had the assets to support myself   Ironically, until the UDP changed the elector process in 2009 such that status holders who were not naturalised were allowed to vote, I could not do so.     My eyes have been open the entire time.     There are people within the PPM with which I am a tad uncomfortable, however the least of them are far above the PNA/UDP (same people, different day).    Previous PPM administration made some mistakes.   They didn't make unvetted backroom deals that obligated the CIG and country for years to come.    They didn't fritter away our money on personal travel thinly disguised as "investigation" trips.     I could walk into Mr. Kurt's office of Mr. Moses' office and gain and audience with either — they are humble folk and accessible to their constituents.    I can't say that I'll always view the Progressives/PPM as the answer, because our government is an evolution of which we share in the process, but I can say with absolute firm conviction that they are the ONLY hope for the recovery of these islands this election.   If C4C is truly serious and engaged in the best benefit for the Cayman Islands, they will do good works throughout these next four years and make us know who they are and what they stand for, and maybe then they will be viable candidates.    UDP/PNA is a vote for continued graft, corruption, and failure.   Simple as that.   

          • Anonymous says:

            Correct except for one thing: it is the new constitution which allows status holders to vote and as we know that was PPM's baby.

        • Anonymous says:

          Another hysterical UDP scaremonger.  Get off the kracka lacka.

    • Voter.. says:

      PPM never spearheaded the one man one vote referendum because they were hoping to take the credit of passing the one man one vote away from the other opposition members who spearheaded the campaign. Alden himself had misgivings about the referendum iniative because he wanted the PPM to deal with it after general elections when they get in. And at which point of time,Arden Mclean broke away from the PPM and became Independent like Ezzard.

    • Anonymous says:

      C4C are for OMOV, because obviously, they are running as if OMOV already exists!

    • Anonymous says:

      PPM as usual is always too late. They had an opportunity to implement OMOV and they didnt! Plain and simple hard and fast fact everything else is political posturing!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Others have promised electoral reform and OMOV so give another reason. How come UDP are bad to tell people to vote straight but when PPM does it they are being strategic?

      • Anonymous says:

        Because voting for UDP means a return to McKeeva govt.

        • ttt says:

          Not necessarily. It is really West Bayers that need to watch out that they put back in Mac. They are ones that have that power. I suggest the other districts and G.T. included, selected the right candidates and not on party line – some c4c, pna, udp, and ppm.

          • Anonymous says:

            So if you vote UDP in GT & BT, because its just WB voting Mac, and on the 23rd they all say 'leder Mac is our Premiere leader', then its not your fault for voting forthe people you know will make Mac Premiere? – Milk & Carrotts

    • Anonymous says:

      We need them for more than one thing.  Like to remove the onerous fuel cost and fuel duty that Caribbean Utilities imposes on us each month. These two costs represent more than double our actual consumption charges!!!  Progressives, we are counting on you to change the way CUC bills us by removing the heavy taxes which they are allowed to add to our bills.  We need to introduce competitive, more cost effective electricity services and break up their monopoly in Cayman!  West Bay, if your UDP leader has not been honourable, you can at least do the honourable thing and VOTE STRAIGHT for the Progressives! They are a solid, decent bunch of guys, so proven in your community and you can count on them to be conscientious, engaged leaders.

      • Anonymous says:

        They can remove the fuel duty but the fuel costs is what it is. It would not be possible for CUC to eat that.