GT opens well for PPM

| 23/05/2013

(CNS): With Kurt Tibbetts leading in George Town, the PPM were dominating the first count in the capital as the results began coming in around 10:15, with 5 out of the six top places going to the Progressives. Alden McLaughlin was second with the UDP's Mike Adam the only non-PPM candidate in the first six in 3rd. Marco Archer was in 4th with Lucille Seymour in 5th place while the youngest candidate in the race, Kenny Bryan, was in 6th. The C4C candidates had a poor start trailing behind the UDP candidates, though Winston Connolly and Sharon Roulstone were the early leaders in the coalition team. Meanwhile, in BT the PPM were advancing in to all of the top slots, while Theresa Pitcairn was clinging onto the fourth seat for the UDP as Al Suckoo hovered just eleven votes behind her in fifth place.

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