Kurt pulls ahead in GT

| 23/05/2013

(CNS): As Kurt Tibbetts began to pull ahead in the race for George Town, as the capital approached the half way mark, Roy McTaggart from the C4C was holding on to second place ahead of Marco Archer with one vote between them. Alden McLaughlin the Progressive's leader was in fourth with Winston Connolly also with the C4C just 17 votes behind him. Mike Adam was clinging on to the sixth seat just 39 votes ahead of Joey Hew who was only just outside the top spots as the race in the capital began to get increasingly close. Elio Solomon was in 11the place just three votes ahead of Bo Miller but the rest of the UDP candidates began to look increasingly less like serious contenders. With three C4C candidates still in with a shot of seats however, Jude Scott and Jackie Haynes were being left behind.

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  1. Dred says:

    Hope Elio takes good notes. This is a message to you DIRECTLY.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Looks like Elio's Cameo tribute band is going on tour!