PPM clinging on in GT

| 23/05/2013

(CNS): While Kurt Tibbetts pressed ahead in George Town for the PPM the C4C were pushing further into the top six and Mike Adam was clinging on to keep the UDP in the race as the count continued in the capital passed midnight. With only 34% of the vote counted George Town was turning into a fight between C4C and the PPM. Roy McTaggart was in 2nd place while Marco Archer was in third. The PPM party leader was neck and neck with C4C's Winston Connolly. Mike Adam pushed back Joey Hew into 7th place to steal the 6th spot but only 11 votes separated the two party opponents. C4C candidate Sharon Roulstone was also still in the race as she was only 23 votes behind Hew. As the UDP candidates fell further away from the top slots Bo Miller was holding 11th place just 2 votes behind the C4C's candidate Jude Scott.

The capital was proving to be a mammoth task for counters and the supervisor of elections confirmed that he expected the final results would not be in until around 7 or even 8am in the morning.

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