Rivers and Bush swap again

| 23/05/2013

(CNS): C4C candidate Tara Rivers was still holding her own sandwiched between the UDP candidates in McKeeva Bush's stronghold of West Bay as 58% of the vote had been countedat around 12:45 Thursday morning. Rivers was pushed back to third place but only seven votes separated her from second place candidate Bernie Bush. While McKeeva Bush was on target to be first elected in his home district he was looking increasingly likely to be taking only two candidates with him as the top four began to pull away from the rest of the field. Incumbent PNA candidates were well out of the race in 8th and 11th while Mervin Smith had also fallen further behind Velma Powery-Hewitt into 6th place.

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  1. Anonymous says:




     SHE WILL be courted and hugged and dined and great smiles

      once she hit the house as  they all need  numbers now to get the Govt set up


     Thank God for new change in the Cayman islands


      PLEASE VOTE a mixed or coalition Govt .

     NO to Party System Tara

     They need your vote again!!