Tara Rivers passes Mac

| 23/05/2013

Tara-Rivers-sm.jpg(CNS): As results rolled in from West Bay, Tara Rivers passed McKeeva Bush in an historic moment that may be short lived but is nontheless significant, as the third box was counted in the district. With 265  votes, Rivers was ahead of the 30-year incumbent by 20 votes. Coming up behind McKeeva Bush was Bernie Bush, followed by Captain Eugene and Mervin Smith (C4C), who was just a few votes behind and hovering outside the seats. While Rolston Anglin was in 7th place Cline Glidden had fallen to 9th place, Velma Hewitt was in 6th place and Woody Da Costa was the highest ranking PPM in 8th place. Meanwhile, in Bodden Town Anthony Eden passed Theresa Pitcairn while Ozzie Bodden remained in 3rd place as Charles Clifford pushed Saunders out of the seats into fifth place

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  1. West Baya!! says:

    And they thought it couldn't be done.

    It took my sister to make HISTORY in West Bay!!!

    Congrats sis!! 

  2. Cayman Mama says:

    Well done Tara! I don’t vote in WB but I’m rooting for you!

  3. squid says:

    Tara and Theresa are in the lead. Good to have women in there. I can hear the song, "Woman gonna run this country in the 21 century…"

    • Anonymous says:

      From the moment Teresa declared with the UDP she was doomed.  Poor, Poor, Poor judgment and then she showed some ugly true colors during her campaign especially when it came to condoning corruption and disrespect ala McKeeva Bush.  Now her political career is tarnished and doomed for the rest of her life.


      Congradulations to Tara!!!!  A true Cayman Patriot!