Rivers holds out for more

| 27/05/2013

rivers - Copy (210x300).jpg(CNS): Although the C4C and independent candidates who won seats in Wednesday’s election are denying they have any influence over Tara Rivers' decision to hold off on accepting the Cabinet seat offered to her by the premier in waiting, she is reportedly still seeking a seat for Roy McTaggart as a condition of her acceptance. In the wake of the election result, which gave the PPM nine seats, just one shy of an outright majority, it is understood that Arden McLean, Ezzard Miller, Roy McTaggart, Winston Connolly and Rivers all met Friday and made an agreement to work together to hold out for at least two, if not three, Cabinet seats and the speaker’s chair to force a coalition government.

In additionto failed attempts at picking off some of the PPM team, not only by the independent group but also by the UDP, representatives from the UDP were also trying to persuade the independent candidates that former premier McKeeva Bush would be willing to sit on the back benches of a coalition government if they were to join forces.

However, McTaggart and Miller have both vehemently denied any involvement in talks with the UDP. Miller said he had received solicitation from the party members and had nine missed calls from the party leader, which he did not return. However, Miller has admitted making an early bid for the premiership on Thursday morning as the fnal results came in. He confirmed sending a text to a member of the PPM suggesting a cabinet with him as the leader, which included McTaggart and Connolly and some PPM members but not Rivers.

On Monday, Miller told CNS that was merely “a suggestion” based on the belief that some PPM members were not happy with their leader and would therefore be interested in a coalition. However, once it was clear they were all happy to back McLaughlin, Miller said he changed course and asked that the PPM meet with the three C4C members as well as himself and his political partner, Arden McLean, but he said McLaughlin never responded to that request.

Meanwhile, an offer was made directly to Tara Rivers by McLaughlin of a Cabinet seat and it was also made clear that the speaker’s post was available. When Rivers came back to the PPM refusing the offer and asking for two more Cabinet seats and the speaker, McLaughlin reiterated his original offer that the Cabinet seat was open to Rivers alone and the speaker was still available to either of the political veterans.

On the eve of the election Miller, , McTaggart and Connolly had all made it very clear they would not support a PPM government led by McLaughlin, while McLean had avoided commiting himself either way.  Rivers too did not go on record at any time to state she would not work with McLaughlin and, as a result, remained the most likely candidate for the new premier in waiting to invite into his government. In addition, Rivers’ emphatic break-through in such an important district made her the obvious choice to give West Bay government representation.

However, Rivers has still declined the invitation following the failed attempts by the C4C and the independent members to horse-trade for more influence over the new government, which was sealed on Saturday when Juliana O’Connor -Connolly agreed to support the PPM leader and to accept the nomination for the speaker’s position.

Despite claims from Miller that the five had agreed to work together to persuade the PPM administration to form a coalition-PPM led government, McTaggart told CNS via email Monday that neither he nor Connolly had any influence over Rivers.

“I am not able to speak on behalf of Tara and Winston as they are independent MLA's (elect),” he wrote when asked to comment about the change of events since Thursday,when the team that campaigned on a platform of 'Country First' appeared to be putting themselves first when presented with their first important decision.

“I am aware that Tara has been offered a cabinet position by Mr McLaughlin. To the best of my knowledge, she is considering the offer and will make her own decision whether to accept or decline the offer. She is under no obligation to seek the advice/counsel of the C4C. It is NOT a C4C decision as your heading suggests,” he said referring to the title of the email sent by CNS, “Government and C4C's decision not to join?”

In addition, McTaggart was quick to deny any talks with Bush and said the rumours that the independent candidates are or were in negotiations with the UDP were false. “This is simply not true,” he added.

However, it is clear that the C4C and the independents had collectively requested McLaughlin tosit down with all five of them and his team of nine with the goal of having all fourteen form a government across the front and back benches.

Given the strength of the PPM’s position, the attempts at backroom deals collapsed over the weekend, but Miller told CNS Monday that he still did not believe that even with the support of O’Connor-Connolly that the PPM was in a constitutional position to form government. This notion was dismissed by the PPM team, who have already informed the governor of the make-up of the next administration, though not all of the portfolios have been finalized as a result of the offer still being open to Rivers.

Nevertheless, the North Side member, who swept to victory in his constituency with over 70% of the vote, said he was happy with the status quo.

“I am happy in my south-east corner and I will do what I have always done, which will be to represent the people of North Side and to look out for the interest of Cayman,” he said. “McLaughlin can expect the same kind of constructive and critical analysis of everything he brings to the Legislative Assembly as McKeeva Bush got,” Miller added.

He said he was disappointed that the leader of the PPM, in the wake of the result, had refused to meet with him, McLean and the C4C elected candidates to sit down and discuss the formation of the best possible government.

As the clock ticked towards the swearing in of the new parliament on Wednesday, time was running out for Rivers. Having called into Rooster’s talkshow Monday morning insisting that the PPM leader should give more, it is becoming increasingly likely that she will not accept the seat without at least one more for her C4C colleagues. However,  given the result and the emphatic comments by McTaggart lastweek that he would not support McLaughlin as premier, the PPM leader is extremely unlikely to want to give a Cabinet post to a man who has publicly stated that he does not have faith in him as the country’s leader.

As a result, and unless things change before the end of play Monday, it looks like the people of West Bay have lost out on a chance of government representation and the PPM will be functioning with a tight majority.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Tara chioce could be as simple as seeing that if she take the position, Mac will be leader of opposition. This is a very daring position and could be averted if the members make up their minds what they want. Tara is young and educated, but a term as MLA would have been better for her. I wish her luck which ever way she chose. But its Govt supporter or opposition. At anytime we can have another Mac attack if this people continue playing this political games. at least with Mac being premier, he would take on all the responsibilities himself so no conflicts. And his puppets would just fill the seats while he squanders. Or as said before, he would be inside the bus and they catch a ride on or under the bus. As good as the idea for Alden, he should have just stuck to his PPM plans. Now you have PPM members that could have a grudge over this selection. after all C4C was on the trail with a lot of bad talk towards PPM.

  2. Anonymous says:

    What deal is Roy and tara in … tha we dont know about ! if you are truly a party stop playing independant .. this POLI-TRICKS needs to stop! How can tara represent her people well playing back -bencher , she should be lucky she was offered the position . Now just accept it and lets get the real work started.

  3. Anonymous says:

    All this dam foolishness could have been sealed up long time if he had only asked Mac to fill the post.  Mac, mi bwoy, you Ready?



  4. Anonymous says:

    Ezzard disappointed that the PPM leader and his team did not want to meet with Ezzard, Arden and the C4C MLA's elect.  So, have I got this right?  Ezzard tries to stab Alden in the back saying he won't work with him as Premier and tries to organize his own Premiership and put the PPM in the opposition.  Wow, seriously? At least Alden isn't a two faced &%$#* and pretend like Ezzard clearly can.

    • Anonymous says:

      I have always said that Ezzard is cut from the same cloth as McKeeva.


  5. Anonymous says:

    No time for indecisive people. Did you chose to run as an independent? Did ypu win your votes? So what is your problem now? Enough flip floppping for the past years, you had more than four years to decide where you stand and all options. You now won votes and what? Dpnt’t know what to do…or holding government to ransom for yourself and others? Right now….vote u out before u begin! What a waste of peoples time…another self server already! Didn’t take long did it?

  6. Anonymous says:

    I’m so sick of this. This is worse than the campaign rhetoric! It’s amazing what the quest for power will bring out in human beings. I can’t get out of my mind Roy’s remarks after the win – something to effect of “…here I am, first time running and I’m the second elected member for George Town…” Power has them all mad. Alden is the only one showing a conciliatory attitude but he can’t wait forever. Lets get on with the country’s business. Anyone who wishes not to give the government the benefit of their expertise and talent let them sit where they will.

    Can’t believe that the former Premier is leader of anything tho’.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Hello! Four years the people voted in are trying to decide where they stand? Maybe some are still in shock that they were voted in. Well, get on with it! Cayman had enough indeciveness n nonsense. If some are starting out this way, then go sit at the back. Remember when last government started out of the blocks on the wrong foot… Any one oerson not ready then go sit down and down run again. Are you going to be a drain from now on? Cayman needs lots of drains to keep letting the nonsensae drain out…

  8. Anonymous says:

    West Bay voted for Tara to represent them, plain and simple.

    Forming a coalition government means you work with another party to form a government not strong arm them into accepting your running mates.

    I hope we all see once and for all what and who these so called C4C Independents represent and reject them all in four years.


  9. Anonymous says:

    Offering the Speakers post to Ezzard would be the biggest insult ever. Ezzard wants the Premiers job, all nine yards of it or nothing at all. That is Ezzard Miller for you and it  now seems like we may have elected several,Ezzards on this occasion.

  10. Anonymous says:

    The C4C is trying to setup themselves for the next election.  Big and bold on their website says Country First, so why don't you want to work with the majority/PPM?  I would think this type of conversation would not exisit as they would immediately roll up their sleeves and jump right in.  The calculation is if they do that, they will help the PPM led administration and Mr. Mclaughlin to succeed and would make it easier for the PPM to win the next election.  Ladies and gentlemen, this is what all this fuss is about.  They should call themselves See Fussy.

  11. Anonymous says:

    wait !  did  i miss something ???  i read : hold out for 2 or 2  cabinet seats ?

    really ????????????    i thought ppm won !!!??!!! 

    and ezzard wants to be premier ??????   a little to much "miller time" in NS,  i say..   lol


    • Anonymous says:

      Ezzard got 326 votes and therefore DESERVES to be premier.   

      • Anonymous says:

        Rolston got more than that and he wasnt even elected!!

        • Anonymous says:

          Let's see Ezzard move out of his NS cave and see if he EVER gets voted in anywhere else. Hold on, 326 votes anyqhere else would have meant NOT ELECTED for the past 127 years that this man seems to have been alive and plaguing the country with his stupidty and egotistic self.

  12. Chris says:

    Coalition for Cayman has up until this point refused to form a coalition government…..

    they have refused to put country first……

    This is no joke thing, if you aint played this political game before you got to get used to it and quick!

    Stop the antics and start working for the people!

    Btw, thanks Alden for selecting an elected representative for speaker. This decision saves us about half million dollars in salary over the 4 year term.

    Good work!

  13. Unison says:

    @ 11:44 – Already you guys are condemning poor Tara. She has not even serve in the MLA 10 days yet and already you are cutting down your own Caymanian!  Shame on you!  Tara has a hard decision to make. It is not an easy decision. She has to decide what is best for West Bay and what is best for the country as a whole!  This is a principled-decision she has to make. I am sure she ran with campaign promises that she made publicly. I am sure C4C group never had any intentions of working with Alden McLaughlin of the PPM party. I am certain that they opposed the two-party system that dominated Cayman's politricks for such a long time. And Tara is well aware that so many people voted for her to take an INDEPENDENT stance!  The decision she has to make may be closely aligned to her integrity as a politician. So I am asking you commenters on this site to give her some slack. It is not even 10 days yet and you know nothing about the inner conflicts she may be facing at this time. Pray that she make the right decision and hope for the best. Peace     

    • Lets be Serious says:

      Seriously now- was Tara talking about speaking to her constituents when she was negotiating for extra seats. I suspect that if Tara had done thisthen she would have been advised to look after West Bay and not to risk losing the opportunity to have a seat in cabinet. Tara and the C4C along with Arden and Ezzard were trying to strong arm the PPM and failed.

      This is why the country should seek to choose a cohesive and stable Government and avoid this nonsense.

  14. Anonymous says:

    COUNTRY FIRST. Make the right decisions because just as you were voted in you can be voted back out. Represent your people well! Don't bother with the politricks… now is not the time for it ! Cayman needs some serious work and we need a serious government.. If you claim you are independant … WHY MOVE AS A PARTY? Independants don't need to consult with anybody.. & if any consulting isbeing done, it should be to the people who elected you in there. Moreover i go on to say there are some really power hungry people in this election … If alden's party got majority just leave him with premier … who are you to say different. what is due to ceaser should be given to him ! Also it is funny how some people in this election made it seem as if they would work with the progressives but now they want coloation…. ( THE PROGRESSIVES GOING BRING BACK THIS COUNTRY) SO get on board or miss the flight… Stop putting (me) first , work for the betterment of YOUR country

  15. Anonymous says:

    It is a shame that CITN will not do a live broadcast of this meeting.During the run up to the election it seemed that CITN did very little live broadcast of events of national importance.I can recall one hour coverage of a two hour forum put on by UCCI.Apparently the new owners are not not too keen to donate time in the interest of public service.Shameful

  16. Anonymous says:

    Is it not abit strange that Alden after failing to lead his PPM part to a clear majority turned to the premier of the PNA for five months and who was deputy premier for 43 months of the UDP government to be speaker and C4C who took two seats from the PPM in town and one in west bay to deny him the majority to make up the 10 seats he needs to be elected as premier.

    Would it not have been better for the Cayman Islands to offer the action man who did such a good job as Minister in the last PPM administration back his ministry and Ezzard who has clearly demonstrated his knowledge of the standing orders Speaker.

    Just asking what it means

    • Anonymous says:

      Back in the day, Ezzard's recent action at trying to get members of the progressives to defect so that he could take over the Government could be considered treason, at the very least, he would get a public flogging if not made to walk the proverbial plank

    • Anonymous says:

      I thought everyone knew what it means. It means they both wanted to be Premier not interested in speaker.

    • Anonymous says:

      I imagine that neither Arden nor Ezzard would accept an offer of speaker as they would not have any chance to bring motions or debate. Being from single member constituencies, this would leave their district with no representation. 

  17. Anonymous says:

    Alden did his part and needs to move ahead with forming the government. Tara is not a true independent and he should not wait any longer to form the government. Also, why would Tara be seeking a ministry for someone that said that he would never work with an Alden lead government? Is she suffering from Amnesia?

  18. Anonymous says:

    Why on God's green earth is Tara Rivers holding a public meeting? For what? For people to put of their hands and say, "Yes, Ms. Rivers, we want you to be a minister!" This makes no sense. Ms. Rivers, the people of West Bay would not have put you there if they could not get the best representation as possible. They put you there to represent West Bay and the country's interests. This is just absolute nonsense at this stage. Your meeting is a ploy to either spew some anti-PPM propaganda or to turn arpound to C4C and say, "Well, my people want me to take it, so goodbye boys. I tried." Their is no rational reason to hold a meeting just because you don't know whether you should take a ministerial position, epecially when the PPM has said there is no condition for you to join them as a Progressive. Jockeying for positions all because someone wants an "Honourable" in front of their name??? And is Ms. Rivers so powerstruck she thinks she can drag people across the finish line with her and that's why she's pushing for another cabinet seat for one of her buddies?  Who do they think they are demanding for more Cabinet positions? The PPM got 9 seats. The country has spoken. They have their majority with Juliana crossing and being made Speaker. So C4C and the rest of you, get on with it. Either do what's best for the country and join the PPM as backbenchers or sit on the opposition side and stew. Wonder how hard you can work for the country over there. If I were PPM, I would have pulled my offer from Ms. Rivers. Clearly, she is incapable of being decisive if this is an example of how she would lead as a minister. PPM, just get on with running the country. You have your majority, walk away from the table if these people don't know how to put "Country first." You extended the olive branch but obviously it's not being graciously accepted. They want to suck on grapes too. The behaviour from those 5 so called "independents" has been disgusting. True colours are being shown. 

  19. HELP US ALL says:

    The fact that Roy and Winston tried to make themselves PREMIER this FIRST GO AROUND is an INSULT.

    Is it true that not everyone is happy with Alden as Premier??  SURE! But if you really want to put COUNTRY FIRST make a credible suggestion, like pushing for Moses to take the premiership like people have been suggesting OVER AND OVER AGAIN. Or some other compromise… but not yourselves! 

    What kind of cocky ass attitude is this??????

    Shame on you Roy! Shame on you Winston!  Great way to start your political careers, morons.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Once you have all finished playing musical chairs to see who gets the biggest pay-check with the most benefits, could  all you then start with the business of Cayman, please. Or is the next matter of business to start positioning yourself for the 2017 election.

  21. Anonymous says:

    If Tara is going to consult with C4C for each of her decisions, then there is a serious problem here.

    “she is reportedly still seeking a seat for Roy McTaggart as a condition of her acceptance”

    Therefore, she is not really independent since her choices are “dependent” on others. Grow up and do what’s best for the country!

  22. Anonymous says:

    Keke you won’t be getting no position this time! You have to blame yourself for that!


  23. Anonymous says:

    Take it Tara! Wb needs a voice in the house!


  24. Anonymous says:

    This is a perfect example of why coalition governments cant work and are terribly unstable!           Can you imagine what would happen if noboday had a clear mandate here.   You would have Ezzard, Mckeeva and the indepependents fighting each other for power and horse trading to make deals. It woudl come down to who was offering the highest price! Is that what the country deserves? NO

  25. Anonymous says:

    Tara is a nice young lady but she is already seriously damaging her credibility.      I am aware that she has ALREADY TWICE refused the offer of the PPM to be in Cabinet.     Alden McLaughlin is already exhibiting extreme patience as well as political generosity in making yet another offer to her. Anybody else beside Mr McLaughlin would have moved on without her because he wants to demonstrate a committment to West Bay and to having gender diversification in cabinet. I applaud him for his patience and reasoning. It is just too sad that Tara seems intent on constantly putting ROY FIRST over COUNTRY FIRST or WEST BAY FIRST!   Come on Ms Rivers, you are on the verge of blowing a great opportunity and wearing egg all over you. West Bay wont forgive you for that!

  26. patricia bryan says:

    I can honestly say I saw this coming…the election results. Whether we realize or want to accept,  PPM needs more to run the ministries, AND it certainly would be great to have a female on board, one with the stamina and passion I know Tara for. However…it is NOT THAT simple. I think deep down inside it is not that simple for Tara either, because she may be trying to stick to what she put her reputation on the line for…whether personally that has slightly changed or not but she is sticking to what she said she would. I kind of feel respect for her for this. PPM is not making the decision lightly to include another party to their cabinet, and neither should the other party take it lightly to jump on board, because it would/could mean sacrificing what they truly believe in, what the people who gave them numbers believe in, and NO ONE truly wants to sacrifice their beliefs. PPM should likely keep Miss Julie and put her on board then allow Miss Lucille Seymour or Miss Mary Lawrence or if she has an assistant (NOT elected Members), continue on as Speaker, if and until someone else is chosen. I can only say to say a silent prayer and ask the Divine wisdom to work it out for the best. This certainly is a trying and historical time in our Islands and Caymanians…many of you are still not as educated on policies, the Constitution and governance of politics. If many were there would be a better understanding and seeing through the frosted glass.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Roy had better return Mac's calls now…Looks like he is out of luck on the PPM side..or will he join Ezzard and Arden in the southeast corner…looks like it is going to be very crowded over there now..Ezzard may not be too happy with that.

  28. Anonymous says:

    A coalition is a way for two or more parties, who were not individually successful in selling their platforms to a majority of voters, to claim leadership and create a new platform on the fly.

    Individual voters will not have been given the option to consider this new and hastily assembled plan. I think this is viewed by some to be 'undemocratic'.

    If you sort of want milk, sort of want a coke, but are fairly sure that you'd really prefer a beer… do you think you'd be happy to have a half a coke and half a milk blended and poured down your throat?

  29. Whodatis says:

    The C4C is not a political party.

    I repeat, the C4C is not a political party!

    (Well, as we say over in the East … "If dey aint – dey sure missin' a damn good chance!!")

    Tara, you ought to be careful. I like you and would have voted for you if I was a member of your constituency. However, both your and Winston's decisions to chummy up next to the C4C cast a shadow over your candidacies. I sincerely believe that both of you would have won seats without the endorsement of the ominous "non-party / lobby / group" that is the C$C … excuse me, C4C.

    Personally, I am sad that Roy McTaggart even won a seat – much less the notion of him being made a cabinet minister. I don't trust him (or Jude Scott for that matter) and at best, he should be restricted to an advisory role – not policymaker.

    As for Ezzard, who could expect anything less, lol! Although ICCI-gate was very disapointing and is sure to leave a blemish on his legacy – as a Caymanian, I feel somewhat secure that he is in the legislative assembly.

    As the situation regards Arden, he is a good egg – no major complaints there. In fact, considering the bunch, I strongly believe he is the best option for works etc.

    However … all that being said – the immature bickering and self-serving attitudes need to put on the shelf.

    The affairs of the country need to be addressed and they are greater than any individual or group of individuals elected to parliament.

    Get to work people!

    • Anonymous says:

      I can't believe it! I actually agree with everything whodatis just said!!

  30. Anonymous says:

    You may feel torn between two worlds, but Tara put your country first. Everything will happen in time. This defeats the purpose of why you ran and what you preached for the district of WB. I know we may not know your full intentions but please take the offer. If you do this and prove that independents can make a significant change then in time the others will be given their chance as well. We all have to start somewhere so make now be the time as this is the first time the people have had this amount of faith in independents. Show us why our faith in you and other independents should not be in vain!

  31. Anonymous says:

    So is Roy now wants to work with the PPM when he said he wouldn't under Alden as Premier? Lot's of flip-flopping if you ask me. The way I see it the C$C are holding the country hostage while the PPM want to have a decision made so they can move forward. Just because Roy was a managing partner at KPMG and I'm guessing he wants a financial ministerial seat, doesn't mean he is qualified compared to the elected members that have already been selected to fill them. He is an ACCOUNTANT by trade and not a Finance guy. These two are very different things.

    Marco is a finance guy, knows the ins and outs of the government finances, has experience with it, holds a law degree and is an economist.

    Wayne – grew a successful business during his tenure with Walkers, into a successful globalcompany. He wasn't given a franchise to work with such as a big four like Roy. Walkers is global law and financial firm that hires the likes of Roy in their day-to-day practices. And Wayne was a leading part of their success in all of this. 

    So where would Roy go that he would be more qualified than anyone else who was elected fair and square? No where…

  32. Dred says:

    I am a bit shocked at all I am hearing….

    Ezzard, as much as I respect the things you are doing and saying YOU are in no position to make demands ESPECIALLY being the Premier. Who do you think you are? You are essentially a party of one maybe two if Arden backs you.

    Now on to C4C. Really!!! You tell the man you would not work with him now you telling him Okay but only if you give us 2 seats. Who do you think you are. You are NOBODY. Insignificant. They do not NEED you. What they are doing for Tara is because of:

    1. Where she represents – They want West Bay to have a voice.
    2. She is female – I believe it plays a role.
    3. The fact she kept her mouth shut – The rest of you should practice this also.
    4. The skills she brings to the table

    Roy, Winston…..you lost. Do you get that as yet? You ran 6 and you got 3.

    What you need to do now is to PUBLICLY take your words back and apologize to Alden for making such stupid remarks and ask to be included in the government at a capacity that utilizes your talents.

    It’s time you ACTUALLY PUT COUNTRY FIRST and stop being a little crying child.

  33. Anonymous says:

    For Independent candidates that campaigned against PPM/UDP spending, one would think it would be nigh impossible for them to reconcile their idealogy with the current party manifestos.  I hope the C4C-endorsed independents continue to honour their independence, and look to form an intelligent and constructive opposition which returns open debate to the LA.  That's what the people voted for.

  34. Anonymous says:

    The day we see a "two term only" provision for politicians, is the day we'll cut loose the aged fear and stagnant views of dinosaurs like Ezzard, Mac and others, who only know how to rule through their heavy handed bullying. 

  35. Anonymous says:

    Lets take a look at something. Ezzard got HOW MANY VOTES? About 500 ???

    If that man had run in any other district he would NOT get in. Too bad he wont move out of Northside because he KNOWS he would have to sit down and SHUT UP.

    Ezzard as Premier? Based on 500 votes? That man has the biggest fattest ego on the face of this planet. I am ashamed to be Caymanian sometimes when I hear him spout off on some things.

    Like a reader below said: EZZARD GO SIT DOWN and talk to your 500 voters and let the rest of this country deal with real matters. KMT!!

  36. West Bayer says:

    "As the clock ticked towards the swearing in of the new parliament on Wednesday, time was running out for Rivers. Having called into Rooster’s talkshow Monday morning insisting that the PPM leader should give more, it is becoming increasingly likely that she will not accept the seat without at least one more for her C4C colleagues."

    CNS – this is inaccurate. 

    Tara did not "insist" this morning on Rooster that "PPM give more" nor is it "becoming increasingly likely that she will not accept the seat without at least one more for her C4C colleagues."  On Rooster this morning, Tara mentioned the meeting tonight for her constituents and that she was carefully considering the proposal.  I think it is great she is not hasty – shows the mature level of deliberation we need.

    Please do not fan the flames – I support PPM and Tara and believe we can get off to a positive start.

  37. C. Ebanks says:

    Tara please accept the Cabinet position so that they good people of West Bay will have a good honest and fair voice. Now that the hold on West Bay has been broken lets et on with the job of getting our government and country back on sound footing, congrats to all members who where elected, the people have spoken and to those of you who didnt vote you have no voice to offer your opinion.

  38. Anonymous says:

    Ezzard wanted to be Premier..LOL…what a joke!!!!!

  39. My 2 Cent says:

    I think Tara should hold her ground and not join in the PPM ranks. Let them select one of their own for the ministry.

  40. Anonymous says:

    Well Mr. Mclaughlin, you tried! And if Ms. Rivers is unwilling to accept the offer then it's time to move on. Thank you PPM for attempting to be inclusive.

    The others will likely be more beneficial on the opposition side anyway…especiall Mr. Miller as he has done more there than when he was a Minister. (Miller as premier with 300+ votes?)…not to mention his glaring lack of diplomacy!

    Additionally if PPM gives in to these unreasonable demands, and the others have the support  of UDP….we could well see them continuing to try to get Ms. Oconner Connolloy back, or someone else to join them,….and end up with another coup.

    Mr. Mclaughlin has admitted he made some errors during his last tenure, but even so he was instrumental in the 2009 Constitution, with the Freedom of Information law and Anti Corruption Commission….and we wouldn't know about half of the corruption going on without these! Additionally much of what the PPM spent money on 05-09 was much needed schools and roads that previous administrations had totally neglected!

    Mr. Mclaughlin has a qualified team, and the only properly functioning "party / Team / Group" and the PPM got 9 candidates (at least three times the amount of any other grouping) so my vote is that the PPM move forward.


  41. Anonymous says:

    If any of the Independents and the C4C said they would not work with Mr McLaughlin as Premier, why should he sit down with them to form the Gov't? Hello!!! They should have run with enough to form a Gov't if that's what they want now. Correction: wanted from the beginning.

  42. Anonymous says:

    I hope Tara doesn’t make West Bay sorry we voted for her!

    • Anonymous says:

      Tara is in a no win situation.

      If she says yes there will be those that say we elected you to go away from party politics.

      Yet in that same district they elected 3 udp.

      If she does not there will be those that call it a lost opertunity.

      Girl call in sick.

      Now she says she is holding out for another C4C to be given a seat as well.

      The country chose the PPM to run this country not C4C.

      Guess what they can do without her.

      As for that no party boy you quacking loud.

    • Anonymous says:

      She won’t this is the right thing to do!
      Go Tara and Roy!

    • Anonymous says:

      What happened to country first…?

      Elected for less than a week and already asking  "what's in it for me…I want more".

      Stop taking youself so seriously and do what service you can for your country Tara.


    • Anonymous says:

      Little chance of that. She's going to make a fine Education Minister.

    • Anonymous says:

      She already has.

    • Anonymous says:

      Tara has to take in to consideration those that voted for her, and why they did. Forget whether I or any one else belives it is the right thing to do. The mentality of those who voted her in has to be considered.

      She has to think hard about this, as it could make her political career a short four years.

    • Stiffed-Necked Fool says:

      Try be quiet and take a back-seat! You offered a Ministers seat and you want to act like you some big-shot, you showing yourself to be like the longserving WB MLA! You still "wet behind your ears" and you acting so! Alden, please move on without her!

    • Anonymous says:

      You all voted for Tarabecause you believed in her and thought that she was capable of handling the job. Now just leave her alone and let her take care of this mess, she is quite capable. If PPM did not force this Premiership on us which backfired on them there would not be so much candidates. This is all about Premiership… Big salary.

    • Anonymous says:

      John A. Cumber Primary School 7 pm tonight!  Every voter in WB need to show up and tell Tara to put COUNTRY AND WEST BAY FIRST and accept the ministry appointment she has been offered.  Let's show her that the 1,483 West Bayers who voted for her are her true constituents, not her C4C cronies trying to twist her arm!

    • Anonymous says:

      In West Bay there were 7209 votes cast against the UDP as opposed to 5422 votes cast for them.  The PPM candidates in West Bay received the second highest number of block votes followed by Tara and Mervyn.  Taking a ministerial seat – a no brainer perhaps.

    • Anonymous says:

      Tara I do not whats the problem is with not taking the cabinet position, that was offer to you by the PPM???????????.   Let move on and work in unity for the people of our Islands. We needs to start getting to work, people need needs work get up and move on with PPM.

  43. Anonymous says:

    If two more independents like Bo Miller and Chuckie had been elected, and let's say Mike Adam had squeaked back into 6th position in George Town, Christmas would arrive and there would still be no decision on who would form the government.

    Dislike the party system as much as you like, and I am not a member of any party, but at least the PPM has given us the surety of getting the least dangerous option available to us. They were the lesser of all evils, and that is why I voted for them.

    Alden appears to be a principled man, and I hope he sticks to them.

  44. Anonymous says:

    It looks here like the tail wants to wag the dog.

    That is not the teamwork I expected from the liberals and I am disappointed in them.

    I can see Ezzard wanting a bigger seat at the table.

  45. Anonymous says:

    ''It looks like the people of West Bay will have lost out on a chance of government representation'' 

    The people of West Bay gave Rivers votes to represent THEM !!  Now if her buddie doesn't get a cabinet seat she won't accept one either…for shame!!

    She is betraying the people that voted her in…

    • Anonymous says:

      Lol, give me a break… West Bay voted for 3 completely inept members as well, do you think they are sorry??  

    • Anonymous says:

      Obviously Tara is already playing the prima donna.  Roy McTaggart wasn the first to say that if he were elected, he would refuse to work with Alden McLaughlin.  Now Tara wants him as a part of her agreemeent to accept Alden's offer.  THAT SHOWS HOW MUCH COUNTRY FIRST THIS GROUP OF INDEPENDENTS WANT.  I heard Tara on the radio this morning saying she is having a meeting tonight to find out what her constituents want.  Roy McTaggart is not one of her people and shouuld not get a cabinet seat along with our popular group. 

    • Anonymous says:

      She has the whole country to consider.. Not just West Bay..

  46. Anonymous says:

    Congratulations to all new and old elected members of goverment.

    Hope the new government can help us all unity Cayman again.

    Please look for the best Candidate for each Ministry. Peoples who have knowlledge and experience in the field which they may be representing.

    It's a shame that the one man vote is not in place. Bernie Bush would have made the best SPORT MINISTRY. To continue to work with the kids, the youth, special need peoples and all the peoples in Cayman who loves Sports. He has always been involbed in helping. Maybe next time. Keep working Bernie.

    Congrats to all.

    May God bless us all and bless our Cayman Islands.


    • Anonymous says:

      One man one vote does not affect party allegiances….b bush would still be UDP

  47. Anonymous says:

    Ezzard…power hungry as usual…dah wha you get!!

    What a bitch lick!

    • Anonymous says:

      You all is a bunch of hyprocrites,de odda day unna wa prasing Ezzard now unna cussing him.

  48. The Justice League says:

    Here we see the power grabs left and right.

    Politics = Power and sometimes +/= Corruption. My hope is that the latter is less this time around. But I wouldn’t bet on it.

    C4C’s ‘group think tank’ statement of Unity and putting aside party politics, its colours and its way of thinking, sure smells like public BS’ing to me, with both Connolly McTaggart saying that they would Not join a government led by McLaughlin. Where’s the unity in that statement gentlemen?

    Rivers, to me, seems like she is really an independent thinker, willing to really put aside differences and get on with the proper business of our government. I’m hoping it is so.

    T. J. L.

  49. Anonymous says:

    Come on Tara. Stop trying to make it more dfficult than it has to be. Is this West Bay politricks all over again? Man I hope McKeeva and Bernie are not in your ear right now.  It is pretty simple really, if the people had wanted more Independents in they would have voted them in.  As a candidate that is supposed to be an INDEPENDENT thinker taking the minister position should be a no brainer. We thought you were poised to do good things for West Bay and all of Cayman. Roy took his pre-election stance and you took yours, now let's get on with runnng the country in the LA building, NOT through the local media forums.

  50. Anonymous says:

    Ta-ra-ra Boom-de-ay!

    You blew Big Mac away!


    You'll represent West Bay!

    In quite a different way!

    U..D..P… didn't get their way!

    To lead us more astray!

    In our beloved West Bay!

    How "bout a mini-stray"?

    CHORUS Ta-ra-ra Boom-de-ay! Ta-ra-ra Boom-de-ay! Ta-ra-ra Boom-de-ay! Ta-ra-ra Boom-de-ay, Ta-ra-ra Boom-de-ay, Ta-ra-ra Boom-de-ay, Ta-ra-ra Boom-de-ay, Ta-ra-ra Boom-de-ay!

  51. Anonymous says:

    Would any of you go and beg someone, who has publicly said they do not support you, to join your team? Be honest now.

  52. Anonymous says:

    From where I sit it would appear as if Ms. Rivers got it all wrong.  It is not the C4C that she should have dialogue with but her constituents as they are the ones who voted her in.  The C4C  seems to have it all wrong as the PPM already have a majority and they can form the government.  The Alden McLaughlin led PPM did an honorable thing by seeking to include her in the cabinet with no strings attached.  How could the PPM possibly seek to include 5 "out-siders" they would be setting themselves up for failure and disaster.  Does anyone remember the "coup" of the early 2000s?  Need I say more?

  53. Anonymous says:

    Amazingly silly talk by the six "independents." You'd think they'd won the election.  I can't wait to see them try to form an "opposition." What a bunch of over-inflated egos.

    • Anonymous says:

      Doesn't look like they are going to challenge Mac for the leader of the opposition either. What a waste of our votes.

  54. Anonymous says:

    I'm almost starting to regret not voting for Ellio; at least this is the kind of behavior that I would have expected from him.

  55. Anonymous says:

    So how are any of them an independant again? If she wanted the best for our country she would have accepted the position, only questioning where she would be placed. 

  56. Anonymous says:

    **“McLaughlin can expect the same kind of constructive and critical analysis of everything he brings to the Legislative Assembly as McKeeva Bush got,” Miller added.

    He said he was disappointed that the leader of the PPM in the wake of the result had refused to meet with him, McLean and the C4C elected candidates to sit down and discuss the formation of the best possible government.**


    Ezzard is really bight and feisty you know. He tried to take the leadership from the Progressives who won the majority of seats and THAT was his response? He said himself that he didn't return NINE missed calls from Alden. 

    Ezzard, go sit down. Arden, I'm disappointed in you.

    • Anonymous says:

      I think that was nine missed calls from McKeeva.

    • Anonymous says:

      Ezzard I'm not surprised, but Arden action man of the people…c'mon now join  the winning team to pull in the same direction we want from you.

    • VirginiaLee says:

      I understand from the CNS article that it was the UDP party leader that contacted E. Miller.

    • HELP US ALL says:


      Clarify CNS please…

      CNS Note: Yes — Nine mised calls from Bush

    • Far Canal says:

      He said he didn't return nine missed calls from McKeeva, not Alden.

  57. Dred says:

    All I have to say is…..So much for "Country First" as all I can hear is ME ME ME from all sides. PPM now has the majority and does not "technically" need any of them. The fact that some went on record to say they would not work with Alden basically means they ruled themselves out of the equation. I honestly do not believe you can blame Alden for that aspect of things. If they had taken a more respectful approach andlet things be they may have been in a much better situation with possibly 2 seats BUT they had to shoot their mouths off and I must say I am SHOCKED at the people who did because some are big times politicians and some are supposedly smart. Not really looking so smart now to be honest.

  58. Anonymous says:

    i Dont understand who the C4C, Ezzard Millar, OR Tara Rivers think they are!  Did i miss something here or did the PPM not win the election.  How does Ms Rivers or anyone else who was not a part of the PPM think they can DEMAND more seats in Cabinet and why are we waisting time on this?  The C4C wanted a coalition and they ran their campaign on that basis and lost.  You lost! what part of that do you not understand.  we didnt vote for a coalition and somehow you want to ram one down our throats.  The behaviour of Ezzard, Roy, Winston and now particularly Ms Rivers is starting to fall in line with some of the very things i voted against.  You cannot buy your self the premiership or a seat in Cabinet or bully your way there.  If the stories about the udp/Mclean/Millar/C4C and Juliana coalition are false how else does the C4C gain enough bargain power to feel they could force a coalition and demand seats in Cabinet.  I for one am getting fed up with this.  I find Millars comments about how he sought premiership disgusting and disturbing.  seems the egos of the C4C and ezzard are so huge they probably will have a fight about who should be leader of the opposition.  LoL i will buy tickets to that fight. 

  59. Anonymous says:

    West Bay needs honest cabinet representation for the first time in decades. Only Tara can do that. 

  60. Anonymous says:

    Tara, please accept the offer. You can do so much for the youth of WB, who desperately need help, in the position. You were elected on your passion and desire to help us. Don’t throw this opportunity away by playing politics and power struggles. Believe that your passion and knowledge will influence your fellow Ministers and you will be able to make a difference. The PPM are honest individuals who will respect your perspective and personal knowledge of the concerns of WB. Tara, we are all so proud of you and have chosen you to represent us. Don’t disappoint us by rejecting this opportunity.

    • Anonymous says:

      I am sick and tired of hearing what Tara can do for WB if she takes the ministry position. As a minister, she is expected to do the same for EVERY district! I hope she can get that straight in her head before she makes a decision!

  61. Anonymous says:

    Tara, do what is best for the people of West Bay who put their faith in you. 

  62. Anonymous says:

    Yeah, Mac would sit on the back bench, my backside. That would last about 2 minutes.

  63. Anonymous says:

    The team that campaigned on a platform of country first appeared to be putting themselves first when presented with their first important decision.


    I think that statement precisely sums up all that has taken place.

  64. Big Whopper says:

    Tara, Congrtas and all the best…but I still can not understand the reasoning for not snapping up this opportunity right away. I am no expert in politics so maybe there is something I am missing here. Please explain what reasons for not taking the offer right away. Not every decision you make you will be able to hold a meeting to see what the publics wants. The PPM is already showing the difference in governance this country need…it is unfair sometimes the good suffer for the bad.

    • Anonymous says:

      Good Lord. If this is the timeliness in which she is planning to execute any function or decision for an office/ministry, you better hope she's only in charge of the cemetries and parksdept. Otherwise, she'll have to  hold a public meeting every evening to get HER constituents to "sign off" on any process, paper or progress proposed. This doesn't bode well for the already cumbersome and bureaucratic wheels of government. It just reaks of immaturity and unsurity by someone who is not able to make sound decisions for the country based on their own intellect and knowledge. Why was she elected again? 

  65. Anonymous says:

    You're stirring the pot a bit here with this story aren't you. Tara spoke on Crosstalk this morning and it didnt sound like this.

    • Anonymous says:

      Tara was trying to cover her ass. And if you notice she didn’t dispute any of this, most of which was described by an earlier caller.

    • Anonymous says:

      What we say on the "stage" and what is uttered behind the curtains are two different things I guess. Just more drama and bull. 

    • Anonymous says:

      I have to fully agree with the above comment. I did not hear allof Tara's conversation on Rooster this morning, but what I did I tend to have understood that she was not asking for a seat for anyone else from the C4C. Rather it seemed to me that she was getting so much advice from so many directions that she thought it in her best interest to hold a public meeting to meet face to face with her constituents for everyone to come to a consensus on how best to proceed.                                                                                                                                 When she was asked directly during the interview by host Austin, if her lack of response to the PPM leader  at this time had anything to do with Roy McTaggart or Winston Connolly of C4C & her response was that it had nothing to do with them.

  66. Anonymous says:

    This is a crystal view of how these politrickers are already vying for SELF and trying to hold the country hostage for their own benefit. So much for the best national interests! Already theire credibility can be called into question. 

    • Anonymous says:

      Obviously  these C4C do not know the first thing about democracy and how the voting process is supposed to work.  The Progressives won the election- they do not have to take any other group on board but they have reached out to Tara and she is now fuddy-duddying about a seat for Roy!!  Tara nor Roy is in any position to make that call and she knows better.  I am sure she is a smart Caaymanian Woman and will make the right choice.  You are supposed to be independent so please swat away all the buzzy in your ears and do what is best for West Bay and the rest of Cayman or else you will go down in history as a wasted vote!!