Rivers accepts with strings

| 28/05/2013

monday 034 (226x300).jpg(CNS): Despite the unequivocal message that was delivered to Tara Rivers on Tuesday night to accept the Cabinet position regardless, the C4C candidate who broke the UDP’s West Bay stranglehold at the election did not accept the PPM leader’s offer of a Cabinet seat untilthe eleventh hour and has reportedly done so with strings attached. The conditions on which Rivers has said she will accept have not yet been revealed but the premier in waiting, Alden McLaughlin, postponed this morning’s press briefing in order to discuss the issues with his team. McLaughlin said Rivers wishes to bring the other two C4C candidates elected in George Town with her but it is not clear in what capacity.

The PPM leader has postponed the conference, which will be broadcast live during tonight’s news hour on Cayman27 and Radio Cayman, when he will announce his government, with or without Rivers, ahead of Wednesday’s swearing in of all members into the country’s parliament.

“I have just received a response from Ms Rivers proposing that all three C4C representatives will join the Progressives government subject to certain conditions,” the premier elect said on Tuesday morning.

McLaughlin has made it perfectly clear that there is only one Cabinet seat available and because he wants Rivers specifically he has held out until the last minute for the West Bay candidate, who romped home just one hundred votes behind the eight term political veteran and dominant district member, McKeeva Bush.

However, Rivers has also been holding out for more seatsfor her C4C colleagues, with whom she spent Friday in closed door meetings along with the two other independent candidates, Arden McLean and Ezzard Miller. It is understood the five signed an agreement to push the PPM for more Cabinet seats or look for cracks in the PPM team and open the possibility of a coalition under an alternative leadership to McLaughlin.

When the Progressive stood fast, it is understood that the negotiations switched to the independents trying to get a bigger slice of government from McLaughlin on the back of the offer made to Rivers. However, the PPM leader has held steady to his specific offer.

Repeatedly declining what many observers have said is an extremely generous one, given that his party won the largest amount of seats in the House, Rivers finally said yes before 9am Tuesday. However, this was not the definite 'yes' which some 400 constituents had literally begged her to take at a public meeting on Monday night in the district.

Although Rivers was offered the Cabinet seat without having to join the PPM and has been given the option to choose from a range of portfolios, it is not clear exactly what strings Rivers has in turn attached or how she wants McLaughlin to accommodate her team mates, as he has said there will be no Cabinet seats for any other candidates.

This is not surprising as during the latter part of the campaign Rivers’ C4C colleagues, Winston Connolly and Roy McTaggart, both said they would not support McLaughlin as leader, as did returning North Side MLA Ezzard Miller. Yesterday Arden McLean (East End) denied saying he would not work with McLaughlin as premier, though the former PPM member left the party last year as a result of differences between him and the Progressive leader.

Despite the revelations by Miller that the group had signed an agreement to work together to prevent giving McLaughlin the majority he needed in order to get more the group, he has been reluctant to admit exactly what the stand-off was about.

Rivers said last night that she was “disappointed” that McLaughlin had publicly announced his offer to her before she had decided, as it put her in a “difficult position”. 

However, she did not fully explain what she meant by that during the West Bay public meeting, where it was overwhelmingly clear that her constituents wanted Rivers to accept McLaughlin’s offer. McLaughlin made the announcement when he revealed that he was able to form a government, as former premier Juliana O’Connor-Connolly had accepted the speaker’s position.

Although he does not need Rivers in his government, McLaughlin has continued to hold the offer open to her in the hope that she will accept, giving West Bay a voice in government and adding female representation to a male dominated Cabinet.

Yesterday McTaggart, who was present along with the rest of the C4C’s slate of candidates last night at Rivers’ town hall meeting, claimed that he had no influence over Rivers decision, despite the deal that the five had signed. 

“I am aware that Tara has been offered a cabinet position by Mr McLaughlin. To the best of my knowledge, she is considering the offer and will make her own decision whether to accept or decline the offer. She is under no obligation to seek the advice/counsel of the C4C,” he said.

Meanwhile, Connolly also made it clear in a short statement released in the wake of River’s ‘strings-attached acceptance’ that he still wanted to see a coalition government, despite the fact that the PPM won and was already in a position to form the government.

“It is my duty to the people of the Cayman Islands to work in a strong PPM-led coalition government which puts independents in roles that are meaningful and allows the views of the people to be properly expressed and duly considered,” Connolly said but he did not indicate if this meant that Rivers was still holding out for a ministerial position for him or McTaggart.

Whether the PPM accepts the as yet unrevealed conditions that Rivers has attached to the offer, her decision is expected to be revealed during tonight’s conference, when the ministry that she will head up if she has accepted, as well as who the remaining PPM Cabinet member will be. If Rivers’ conditions prove too stringent, however, and the new premier-to-be forms his government without Rivers, the second elected member for her constituency will have some explaining to do to the people who elected her and last night emphatically encouraged her to take the job.

So far, McLaughlin has confirmed he will be taking on the new public affairs ministry with his premiership, Marco Archer will be the finance minister, Wayne Panton the financial services minister and Deputy Premier Moses Kirkconnell will take on tourism and district administration. In addition, Osbourne Bodden has been selected as a minister but his portfolios have not yet been confirmed. With education, health, community affairs, environment, planning and public works all available, Rivers is being given a broad and interesting opportunity to fulfill her campaign promises.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    "Accepts with strings"? Please, like she was ever not going to accept. Get real, people. 

  2. Anonymous says:

    Arden & Ezzard you have shown your true colors, once again your hunger for power has backfired! Both of you have lost credibility with the voters, so save your money for the next 4 years because this will be the last time the people vote you in.

    PPM start looking for credible perspective candidates to run in these districts for 2017! These jokers keep getting voted in because they run virtually unopposed (undesirable opponents).

    Very disappointed in you both, but not surprised either! your inflatable ego's & loud mouths have gotten you frozen out!


  3. Anonymous says:

    I am so disappointed with the C4C after standing up for them and pushing for them for months.

    I thought that finally there was a group that was not just practicing lip service (or not a group as they were claiming but that seems lip service too).

    PPM has no obligation to offer the seat, and after what I understand to have been going on from peopl elike Ezzard and Arden whom PPM supported and worked with for years (do you think Ezzard would have had the same support the last 4 years without them?), it is amazing that they kept the offer open. 

    C4C, please give me one more hope that you truly are "Country First" and not self serving.  I need this to hold on to my sanity.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Mr. Premier elect (I love the ring of that tone) It is time to get out the dust broom and brush off Anthony and Kurt. Let them know that they were elected to help run the country, not sleep in the house and run their own businesses. Form your Government with your elected Progressives Members and lets start moving this country forward. Do not let the Wannabees make you come across as weak and afraid to tackle the job.

  5. Anonymous says:

    It is high time the Premier elect do what is necessary to start moving this country forward by forming his Government with his elected party Members and let this bunch of wannabe Independents go fly a kite. If Tara Rivers is so insistent on dictating to the PPM what she want and is willing to accept, it is high time to move on and let her earn her salary on the opposition side. She clearly has her own Agenda despite what her constituents has recommended and she should be allowed to carve out her own Political destiny without the ability to demand what she is willing to accept. Mr. Premier lets get the show on the Road. The Independents are making you look soft and unsure of yourself and you need to prove otherwise.

  6. semi pro says:

    First I think it was absolutely irresponsible for the leader of the PPM, and the future Premier to have such a lapse if judgement, stating that Tara was offered a position so prematurely has not served the Tara, the process, or the country well.  It has put undue pressure on a situation that needs quite a bit more thought than 99% of the people here are willing to put into it.  We seem to have a need to make a demon out of someone.  We got rid of one (Big Mac) and now we instantly want to replace the villan with another face, enter Tara and C4C endoresed candidates.  I have had discussions with dozens of people in the last couple weeks, and reading all these posts and listening to the radio… I realize that the vast majority of our voting population have no clue as to what our system of government is and how it works!  We are not stupid, but holy crap we are ignorant!  Continue on with the witch hunt Cayman, string 'um up!  Tie blocks to their feet and throw them over board, and if they make it to the surface, there is your proof, they are the devils children! God bless if one of the good ones actually survive the onslaught of ignorance!  I am honestly sick to my stomich with uglyness we are displaying!

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree with you fully Semi Pro. You are absolutely right and despite the various claims, from different quarters, to the effect that Alden did not needTara and Julie it was clear that the Governor did not accept that PPM had a clear majority. Note that it was not until Julie joined the party at the eleventh hour and Tara accepted that the governor issued the acceptance release. Simply put, while the party had the largest vote they did not have a majority and they needed Tara to do so along with Julie as speaker. Im sure Alden knew this and hence the reason he ignored the ignorant cries of others in the party to move on. Well done Alden, you have finally covinced me that you have the intelligence to lead my islands.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Premier Mclaughlin pass over the member if she can't act independent of her C4C colation. Her first loyalty is to the people of the Islands. Don't let one person hold up the business of the country.

    Is she going to ask C4C every time she have to discharge her official duties?

    Move on man

  8. Anonymous says:

    Roy and Winston said they wouldn't work with Alden at the helm, how is it now that Tara is holding out for them to "come with her" into this government.  Unbelievable bunch of two faced people we have here, not a party then a party, won't work with Alden but then when it suits them they seem to forget what they said 5 minutes ago.  TRUST is not just a 5 letter word, you people are unbelievable. 

  9. Annie Multon says:

    If Connolly and McTaggart move to the govenrment bench then they will be allowing the UDP to select a Leader of the Opposition.  That is a highly undesirable situation. And McTaggart and Connolly must take the blame for that.  And that will hurt their future prospects as they will not be seen as serving Country First, but will be seen as serving their own personal interests first and country second. Equally any one of these two persons could make a preferable Leader of the Opposition.  Encourage Tara to accept the PPM's offer and therefore represent her West Bay constituents as she promised and instructed to do so by those persons at her meeting last night.  If Mervyn were in her shoes, I am sure he would not hesitate to accept the PPM's offer. 

    • Anonymous says:

      Its not a perfect result in either scenario, but I strongly feel that the talents of Winston and Roy are best utilized as part of government, where Roy's financial mind and Winston's legal mind can be valuable assets for the government.   They could advise on policies, serve on meaningful committees etc. 

      Opposition groups just serve to complain and oppose, and their views will largely be ignored.  This isnt a Cayman specific issue, but common everywhere.   (Look at the UK where Labour simply opposes everything the Conservatives and Lib Dems do.  Same in the US with the Repubs and Dems).  

      The C4Cs could better shape policy if they join the gov't, rather than just 'oppose'.   There will be enough barking by Bush and Miller for everyone over the next four years. 

    • Anonymous says:

      Ok, maybe I am confused but I thought it was a given that Bush would be leader of Opposition as this is the only other party in the house. C4C and Ezzard and Arden ran each as independents and as such, are not a party. I understood that the consitution basically says that the remaining party with the most elected members will elect the Opposition leader, or am I confused?


      • Anonymous says:
    • Anonymous says:

      I don't think Mr. McLaughlin should waste any more time with Tara. She acting like a spoiled brat, even if she is well-educated.  And she did not sound weak during her campaign, as she is now acting, by needing to fly on anyone else's coattails.  The other Cabinet members who have accepted are there to work with her but FOR THE GOOD OF THE COUNTRY – not for the good of McTaggart and Conolly!  Tara, please brace up and act like the strong woman you presented yourself to be.  Caymanian women have been strong throughout history.  We need anoher "Miss Annie" (Huldah-Bodden) in Govt. today!  Please think of her as you take up your responsibilities – either on the Govt. bench or the backbench!

    • Anonymous says:

      As I see this the leader of opposition is aready Mac as the C4C is not a party and the leader has to be the leader of a party.

      As for the decision it all depends upon the conditions she puts down.

      What if she says that C4C has to get three seats?

      If I was the PPM leadership I say thanks but no thanks.

      Fact is that the PPM has already place Marco in the position that McTaggart would be best at.

      Moreover how many seats does the C4C have overall?

      It seems as if they all want seats. Except the country chose the PPM to lead the country not the C4C. And it is by quite a margin.

    • Anonymous says:

      I fail to see how they would be responsible for that. They are independent – even though they ran under C4C – it is not actually a party; therefore, they can't make up the Opposition. Sooo… UDP is, by default, already the Opposition and Mac is the Leader.


      No independent member can be held accountable for that. Only the fools who voted in ANY UDP member should be blamed for that.

    • Anonymous says:

      I just have a few questions:

      1) If PPM truly had the majority why would they even be engaging in all of this debate? Please dont respond with that nonsense about Alden being "magnanimous" this is ALDEN "only an act of God" McLaughlin!! They simply need to rescind their offer and continue to be the "majority" that they are because people already think that they were sooooooooooooooo "generous" so rescinding at this stage would not reflect badly on them at all. Especially after the deadline was passed today, the original offer was very clear no alternates would be accepted so why continue to negotiate………………………….

      2) Why are people saying West Bay would get better representation if she is a Minister as opposed to a MLA? With a Ministry she will become a part of the sitting Government which is PPM(!) She has a great work ethic so she would be working tirelessly to get her Portfolio in the best place possible so when would she have time for District issues??? As an MLA she would be a backbencher so she would have more free time thus more availability for her constituents.

      3) How long do you think she would be able to keep up being "independent" after being deeply entrenched in the PPM Governement? She would be the minority and the lines will become crossed and blurred the deeper she gets entrenched in her Ministry.As a Minister she will be a part of the PPM Government, you can slice and dice that anyway you want she will be a part of the PPM Government!!


    • BORN FREE says:

      Just let that woman go, she has strung the Progressives out for long enough & is playing games with Alden & embarrassing the country. This has become a joke & she has shown a total lack of love for her country by playing these silly games. Just let her go & get on with forming a PPM government without her & bring some respectability back to our beautiful Cayman Islands. Stop playing games Ms. Rivers. 

  10. Anonymous says:

    Let’s get this show on the road! This is the same problem we had before! People not seeing eye to eye,
    Don’t forget your roll you’ll Promised! It’s either you are on the train or your not, but we have have a country to SAVE!


  11. Anonymous says:

    This is great news – they should all work together for the greater good of Cayman. If Alden rejects the proposition, he will be showing us that HE doesn’t have Caymans best interests at heart. Put your pride aside Alden and accept! Lets ensure UDP fizzle away and that two groups of politicians can work together, for the greater good! You are all decent hard working people, put differences to one side and WORK TOGETHER! We could have the strongest Cayman government ever. It will be historic if you accept.

  12. harsh reality says:

    I'll just be frank! This specticle is embarassing and Tara should have not hesitated for a second to take up the post(doesnt mean she is PPM just means she has put country above selfish personal gain). One good thing i have to say about the West Bay folks is that, in all the ignorance and mind boggling stupidity they are loyal to the bone! I wonder sometimes if they dont ever get tired of the same old BS! I was personally hoping for Tara to get the votes and make it in as i'm not from West Bay and i cannot vote there. What she is doing as of lately is clearly not independent and it almost seems as though she is trying to form a political party right before our very eyes. Dont let the rest of those independents throw you under the bus like Mckeeva did Rollie and Clyne( their careers are clearly over)! Be independent and act independent and forget about your other "PARTY" members who dont get what they want, you are responsible to us the Cayman People and you can best believe we may be forgetful but we are not forgiving! Just ask all those that didnt getre-elected! Especially Mark and Jon Jon! Dont let yah West Bay peoples down Tara or this will be your first and last stint in elected office cuz old Mac still strong in west Bo Bo! lastly – you think if Roy had got offered that post he would be mopping around on what Tara is going to get? You better know you're playing with the big boys now!

    • Anonymous says:

      You might call it selfish, but Tara was looking to have the talents ot Winston and Roy be used by the government.   It would be a shame if these two folks were burried in the opposition back benches.  They both have calm and reasoned dispositions, and would be drowned out by the blabber of Ezzard and Bush. 

      • Anonymous says:

        To:Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Tue, 05/28/2013 – 12:18. You seem to have forgotten that it was the blabber of Winston and Roy that caused them to be excluded.They were the ones who stated a lack of confidence in Alden.How then can you expect him to welcome them with open arms knowing that they do not trust his leadership and thus might work to undermine him.(Think back to 2000 when Kurt invited McKeeva to join Exco with him ,only tobe stabbed in the back one year later).

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree – I guess the whole independent stuff is not what it was made out to be………

    • Anonymous says:

      really? …really?

      As a lone woman in the cabinet – as a lone independent woman in the cabinet – – – you REALLY think it would have been a good idea for her to acquiesce to Alden's "offer" the very second he put it on the table (like JuJu did!)??

      And then what? She would spend 4 yrs in the 'boys club', declawed and powerless. They would view her as a girl and dismiss her as easily as Mac has with all women. 

      NO! She has done EXACTLY what she needed to do to gain some respect up in that place. She has been resistent to his bullying and ridiculous public drama. Refused to go in on HIS terms and stood her ground with negotiations! I bet you one thing – if SHE had been in government when the port negotiations were going down, things would have been MUCH different. 

      THAT is the type of leader I want in the LA. Someone who is not quick to sign on the dotted line because they are told to do so. She has MUCH to consider in taking or declining this "offer" and either choice would not be easy. Kudos to her for professionalism, restraint and wise judgment. Trust but verify. Read the fine print. She is a lawyer for God's sake! She knows the dangers of penning her name to something that could potentially destroy her AND this country.

      And with regard to PPM's "generous offer" – puleeeeez! WHY do you think he has moved his "deadline" 4 times? BECAUSE HE NEEDS HER. WHY do you think he has not moved on to someone else?? BECAUSE HE NEEDS HER!!

      Yes they got a majority elected – but that means NOTHING, NADA, ZIP because they DID NOT get West Bay. At all. No one. Not even close. HA! Know what that says? WB don't want PPM! And where does the big bad wolf live?? That's right kids – in West Bay. But oh how sweet – that true to story – little red riding hood swooped in and got SECOND ELECTED! But she did it without that red cape! HA!

      So please – before you continue to feed on the putrid misinformation and propaganda perpetuated in the media and through mischievous press briefings and subversive messages being disseminated – give the girl some credit for doing what NO ONE could do – not even the holier than thou PPM. She put that bogey man back in the closet so you can all sleep better at night. She ain't no fool and she will do the right thing. She just needs you all to remember in 6 months that she is independent when you forget because she is sitting with a full PPM row of ministers. 

      She will be held to task over the decisions THIS government makes and for their screw-ups too! I think she is wise to make requests for things that will enhance her position as an independent member of a PPM government.

      Tara – you are wise beyond your years and clearly a force to be reckoned with. Do not be bullied – you weren't in the general elections and you will not in the LA! You continue to do the right thing and you will be rewarded with a constituency of faithful supporters who will trust you to look out for them and this country. You actions in the last few days have shown the style of true leadership – not follow the party mentality!


      • Anonymous says:

        I agree with you 100%. C4C is not a party but a coalition.  Nay Sayers love to distort the truth and cause confusion.  

        These are independent thinkers ladies and  gentlemen. They have based their campaign on that of a coalition, showing the country that they can work together. That'swhat this is about, working together for the greater good of the country. Thumbs up to Tara for engaging her constituents in this important matter and everyone thinks this is the best way at this point to serve her country., but she is not one to receive hand outs and she is making this clear. I say Fight on Tara.

        This is political chess and the right moves have to be made. I fully support Tara, Winston and Roy. These are brilliant people who stick together and will accomplish many things. I also support most members of the PPM. but more importantly as a citizen, I will hold them to task. we put them there and it is our job to make sure they are appraised.  

      • Anonymous says:
  13. Anonymous says:

    Lol…Mckeeva is loving this drama!

    • Cayman Mama says:

      Who cares? MacKeeva is irrelevant now and forevermore.

    • Anonymous says:

      I hear Mac is actually in the middle of it!….trying to pull Arden and Ezzard with him and the rest. Also hear that Arden and Ezzard are actually listening….who would have ever thought that one!! Power is sure seductive.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Accept and demand! Sounds like my credit card companies policy! And we know what their all about! Hahahahaaaaa….waste of time Alden, time to move on…..sounds to me SHE already sees herself as the opposition leader and the old boys ain’t going to like that one bit!

  15. Anonymous says:

    I, like many others, have been patient with this issue as I can imagine it is not an easy decision to make for Tara.

    However, her actions, after the clear view of the people last night (as she stated she wished to hear and honor), are really starting me have me question this stance of the C4C not being a party.

    I don’t see her insisting that her support be Ezzard or Arden.  Wake up Tara – you mess this one up and the people are going to be through with you.  Don’t let the C4C do this to you.  You all claim to be independent.  It’s time to act like it.

    Can’t you just make it clear to the PPM that you will not blindly vote/agree with them and will stand your ground if you don’t?  Do you really need one of your party members in there too?  It is starting to make you look disingenuous.  I voted for you Tara – please don’t disappoint.  

    • Anonymous says:

      I don't understand why she insist on having other C4C back her in government and why she is holding out for them to get a slice of it. Clearly, PPM wouldn't have asked her to join the cabinet if they then just plan to bulldoze her down – they would have had it much easier just giving Al or Joey a ministry.

      So why is Tara playing these games? Clearly we all don't know the full story (wonder if they themselves do), but would surely be nice to know what REALLY is going on.

      Anyway, puts a sour taste in my mouth that it already starts off like this………

  16. Anonymous says:

    Not once during this whole ordeal has Ms. Rivers been thankful for the opportunity with "no strings" attached. So third try is not a charm and she has the PPM going back into discussions. The voice of the people who took timefrom their families to entertain her yesterday evening still don't matter as much as the voice of her party mates.

    I for one really hope that they make no concessions for her or the C4C as we all know if the roles were reversed they certainly would not have extended a remotely similar offer, if any at all. I don't Roy, Winston or Tara at this point can be trusted to support the PPM in a positive way. 

    • Anonymous says:

      Well done Tara rivers. We MUST get in government with ALL our C4C colleagues. They must pay for not getting outright majority. Either that all the highway !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and Next time Tara for Premier !!!

  17. Anonymous says:

    C4C MLAs shame on you for pretending to be independents yet catering to your backers and financers. Who financed your very substantial campaign and with what expectations? What do you 3 elected MLAs have to do now to pay back your backers? What is your agenda? Are you with Dart or against Dart or neutral? 'Murky , clear as mud'- is the message you have delivered. I voted for 2 of the C4C candidates. Not so sure I did the right thing.

    Tara Rivers you are doing the bidding for your puppet masters. Pay back the cost of those campaign posters, meetings, motor-cades and break through on your own. Show your middle finger to the special interests ….  the Special interests be damned.

    • Anonymous says:

      If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck… its a Duck!

      C4C is walking and talking like a party.  So what are we to think – they are a PARTY.

      I will be a cold day in West Bay before I vote for the C4C again.

  18. Anonymous says:

                  If  Tara is asking too much it may be time to explore another avenue.Perhaps he could ask Ms Julie to take a Cabinet post instead and fill the Speaker's post with someone who is not an elected MLA. .This would not only give him the numbers he needs to control the votes in the LA and Finance Committee ,but another experienced person in his Cabinet. One of the new guys could work along with Julie in preparation for one day being selected for a cabinet post..Cline Glidden comes to mind as a good candidate to be Speaker.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Why was Tara “disappointed” that Mclaughlin had revealed his offer to her before she mad e a decision? Secret “deals” already? Sorry, but I don’t like this!

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree.  Why bother going out to the public?  If they don't accept your conditions then you are going to say no?  Even after the public has urged you to take it?

      This does not look good.  At all.

      • Anonymous says:

        I agree also. Alden is bending over backwards to give the people what they say they want.  I hope this does not blow up in his face. I for one do not believe they have put country first. Alden is not the arrogant one.

  20. Anonymous says:

    If they had just said they were a party from the beginning, the vote may have been different. This is a deception and in my opinion, Tara Rivers, Winston Connolly and McTaggart have behaved in a dishonourable fashion. 

    They have pretty much sealed their political futures to the dustbin with Ellio, mike, Cline, Scotland and Seymour.

    We don't need them anyway, they are divisive, politically-oriented opportunists. Run your businesses from the back bench and leave the rest of us alone. 

    • Anonymous says:

      You sound like a bitter B.  The fact of the matter is that these guys ranon a coalition government campaign.  The fact that the PPM did not and I repeat did not sail into victory means the people would like to see a coalition government and this is what Tara, Roy and Winston are fighting for.  I absolutely agree with them and I am sure glad I voted for them.

      • Anonymous says:

        wow you must be the PR spin team for the C4C!  Here's some breaking news for you:  The C4C PARTY lost and so they are in no position to demand, expect or hope for a coalition.  The idea that you still think that people want a coalition with Roy and Winston after what we now know about who they really are, means you are on some mighty strong stuff and from which i suggest you refrain! 

      • Anonymous says:

        If C4C were really interested in taking chaarge of this Country and running it how they wished it to be run, PUTTING COUNTRY FIRST, then they would have endorsed or ran a full 18 candidates, or at least 15 or so.


        Instead, they ignored the people of Cayman Brac & Little Cayman and Bodden Town as C4C didnt bother to find someone or endorse a candidate that was good enough in their eyes. That was a BIG SLAP in the face of every Bracker and Lil Caymanian as well as Bodden Towners.


        It appears that their silently-endorsed candidates in East End and North Side won too.

  21. cow itch says:

    I knew it!… from the moment Jordanian called her a "nice lady"

  22. Anonymous says:

    What?? Does Tara think that if Roy or Winston had been offered a Cabinet seat they would hold out for her? Why is she doing this? Roy and Winston have both said they were not asking her to do this.

  23. St Peter says:

    Please could I make one small request Alden. Is it at all possible that you could put Brother Mac in charge of the prison system? And Brother Ellio in charge of churches…

    • Anonymous says:

      As long as you don't put Sister Ju in charge of paving and travel, please Mr. Alden.

  24. Anonymous says:

    To all the people who decired Alden being a good premier please take note. There is real statesmanship taking place here. Country first, Alden second. He deserves trmenous credit for this approach. I for one voted for 4 PPM candidates (who got in) and 2 C4C candidates (Roy got in). This is exactly what I want to see and bodes very well for our country. It would be great to se the 3 C4C candidates supporting the enw governernment. Where is Arden though?

  25. C4C voter says:

    Tara, do not submit!  Remain a strong opposition against the PPM if they mess up on our finances!  I repeat. Do not submit and accept any post from one of the parties that has brought Cayman in financial mess!

  26. Hoping for better days says:

    Anxious to hear what the "strings attached" means with reference to her acceptance. You have made the right decision in accepting Tara, now get ready for the REAL WORK. 🙂

    Goodluck to you and always be true to yourself!