MLAs choose sides

| 29/05/2013

mctaggart n miller.jpg(CNS): The formation of Cayman's new parliament took shape Wednesday, following the formal swearing in of the 18 newly elected officials. With Alden McLaughlin as premier and McKeeva Bush as opposition leader, the MLAs took their seats in the House indicating where their loyalties would lay. C4C member Tara Rivers took up her seat on the government’s front bench while Winston Connolly joined the non-executive PPM members on the government back-benches. However, the third C4C candidate, Roy McTaggart, opted to sit in opposition with the UDP members and sandwiched between the independent members, Arden McLean and Ezzard Miller, in the “southeast corner”. Photo Dennie warren Jr

Bush, as Father of the House, presided over the nomination and election of the speaker, Juliana O’Connor-Connolly, without objection, who in turn presided over the appointment of her deputy, Anthony Eden.

Cabinet was then sworn in on the steps of the LA by Governor Duncan Taylor. McLaughlin delivered his first national address as premier, setting out the key priorities for his new administration and pointing to a new more inclusive style of government.

The members then spent the afternoon nominating and voting the various committees of the Legislative Assembly, the most important of which was the Public Accounts Committee (PAC), which presented the new parliament with its first disputes and confusion over who is, and who is not, independent.

Although the opposition leader nominated Roy McTaggart as chair of the PAC, he objected to the premier’s nomination of three PPM government members along with himself to make up the rest of the committee. Pointing to the claims of a new and inclusive government, Bush asked McLaughlin to replace one of the PPM members with an independent member. The new premier agreed and moved to nominate C4C member Winston Connolly, which saw the opposition leader immediately rise to his feet to object.

“Let’s be clear and stop messing around,” the opposition leader said, as he pointed out that Connolly was on the government benches. “You are either fish or fowl but you can’t be both,” the opposition leader observed as he asked McLaughlin to nominate either the member for East End (Arden McLean) or the member for North Side (Ezzard Miller).

McLaughlin said the opposition leader was “expecting too much” and refused. As a result, Bush then nominated Miller, which was seconded by Bernie Bush, but confusion reigned as Miller stood to accept his nomination to the committee and proceeded to nominate McLean, a move which was then seconded by McTaggart in his first act of opposition, not just against government but his own C4C colleague across the aisle.

As a result, the three southeast corner rebels managed to force a secret ballot for the committee members in an attempt to overturn the premier’s nomination. However, as was anticipated, the attempt failed and the result ended with McTaggart, a former auditor, as the PAC chair and members consisting of Al Suckoo, Joey Hew, Winston Connolly, and, in an irony that will not be lost on the auditor general, McKeeva Bush.

The former premier and leader of the UDP will now be sitting on a committee which will be scrutinizing the reports from the Office of the Auditor General. A batch of four new reports from the OAG are due to be tabled in the Legislative Assembly over the next two to three weeks, all of which raise significant questions about the inappropriate spending of the previous UDP administration as well as its management of the public purse. With four inexperienced legislators, including the chair, serving on the committee alongside the political veteran, Bush, the next PAC meeting is likely to be one to watch.

Meanwhile, Wayne Panton was elected chair of the Register of Interest Committee, a committee that never met during the last adminstration. Members also appointed committees to deal wih various issues, including the operation of the LA building, the actual business of the House and to deal wih the complaints commissioner's reports, among others.

Vote in the CNS Poll: How do you rate Alden McLaughlin job performance after his first task – choosing his Cabinet team?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Its a sad state of affairs when a man with the level of honesty and integrity who has given so much to the people of this island is torn down for the color of his tie. UDP is green, PPM is red, PNA is purple. Some people really need to get a life and think about what is needed to get his country out of hole it's in. This nonsense certainly isn't helping the country. Please stop dividing this country more than it already is. Be the solution – don't perpetuate the problem, there is much at stake here my fellow Camanians.

    • Anonymous says:

      I like Roy a lot but as far as i know he was employed by KPMG forever. Is that what you are referring to as a man who has given so much to his country?  what am i missing here? He is about to start serving his country  and doing so with a bumpy start.

  2. 4 Cayman says:

    Roy whilst you play games in the house, remember that you were voted in by the people of this country and by people who are hurting due to the last administration tax hikes. So keep your promises, get to work and let’s get this country back to where we were like in the 90’s where we were growing economically, opportunities for all was available and most of all our politician worked together to make this a great country. Please let me feel proud again to be a Caymanian, to live in a society where I am my brother’s keepers (not the lodge way) and to feel that my children will have opportunities as long as the do academically well.

    So please put aside your childish behavouir and get on with business.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Well, I knew it was going to come (with the complaining about who was elected). I really don't know what happened to the people of this country on election day. I thought we wanted a change. I thought we wanted a new style of government. I thought we were aiming for a true coalition government. But I guess, myself and many others were wrong. Most people voted straight and voted for C4C. What happened Cayman? When we vote for majority of those groups of people these are the kind of things we get. Trust me, this is only the beginning. Remember one thing, a party will NEVER try to make another party or grouplook good. NEVER. Independents will work together, just like in any organization people have to work together who may not have the same views, values, etc… but they have the same objective and it doesn't matter what color you wear. Come on Cayman, let us not screw this up again in 2017 & for goodness sakes YOUNG Caymanians PLEASE VOTE! 

    • Anonymous says:

      If most people voted straight and voted for C$C why did it get only 3 seats?

      • Anonymous says:

        Because people like Winston Connolly lied about who they wouldn’t work with as head of PPM

        • Anonymous says:

          Mmm… that does not actually answer the question.

        • Anonymous says:

          Winston did not lie, he has shown his ability to be respectful and honour the wishes of the majority of the Caymanian electorate. I admire the way that Winston, Tara, Roy and Alden were able to act intelligently and negotiate their differences for the good of these beautiful Islands. Stop the ignorance people.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yeah, we saw independents "working together" to try a coup against the people's choice of govt.  

  4. Anonymous says:

    Judging a person does not define who they are – it define who YOU are.  

    It is time to put away all of this pettiness, name calling, finger pointing – it is distracting and very useless rhetoric.  Only 10% of the truth is being spoken or printed.

    It is time to finally come together and support the roles that our newly elected government have been assigned.  

    I hope and pray each and everyone of them are successful in doing their job no matter which side of the isle they sit on – both are important.

  5. wa? says:

    Bush on PAC is like hiring the bank robber to guard the gold!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Let’s not forget how Roy wven got that position. He was part of Tara’s strings package deal. When (not if) he starts with the antics we’ll know how he came to be in the position he’s in. I sincerely hope he doesn’t tKe lightly the chairmanship he was given that mac will have some sort influence over the committee as well. Or if Roy does mess up then I guess he’ll only be shooting himself in the foot. Roy doesn’t seem to make the best decisions.

    • Anonymous says:

      If sitting on the back bench is the best decision he could make, then that is wher he belongs. Any elected person who has good business sense and prefers to sit on the back bench is only lucky and not a great decision maker, hence the back bench is really where they belong until the next election when they can be sent packing.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Roy is not a UDP member and cannot compare to Mckeeva Bush. Roy has been trusted and has proved he is a man of integrity. Obviously if you are not a part of the government or on their backbench you are opposition . There's nothing wrong with Roy being a opposition member! The opposition will praise when they ought to and call them out when they are wrong and that's how it should be. The big question is how can Alden and PPM support Julianna after her and Mac spent the public money as if their own. If she is not being investigated then free Mac cos in my book they both misused public money XXXX. Cannot compare Roy to them. Why is it that the PAC should be only PPM members? Where is the accountability in that? As per the article it appears that Roy Exzard and Arden is on their own what is wrong with that ? And wtf so what If he had on a blue tie I am sick of this colour issue it is so foolish and to see that comment got almost 100likes no wonder!

    • Anonymous says:

      The PPM had no choice but to go to Juliana with Roy and his cohorts attempt at a power grab because they thought they had PPM over a barrel. So much for be able to trust him as a man of integrity.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Roy McTaggart can make good of this four years that was my biggest mistake voting for him . He acts like a spoil Brat  when he  cant get his way. What all of repersentatives Needs to remember is We The People Put  una there and we are fed up and wont be putting up with no crap any more.

    • Anonymous says:

      Looking at Ezzard's belly makes me glad he's not Minister of Health. Oh, but wait, Kurt is, and he belly just as big. Oh well…………

    • Anonymous says:

      The only thing you know of Mr. Roy is what the News has said, and yet at the same time, you have absolultly Zero understanding of what is going on. 

    • Anonymous says:

      The new Government has just been formed and already everyone seems to jump on the bandwagon to bash them! I really wish people would separate facts from fiction.

      As it has been explained numerous times, an Opposition can be formed by several parties and independents, that doesn't mean that they all need to join together or agree. As such, Roy had not "joined in" with McKeeva. Merely, McKeeva sits on the opposition bench, so does Roy.

      Now, everyone is talking about a divided country that needs to be brought back together. Obviously, Government alone can not do that – we need to do our party. Psycho analyzing every step they take or every face they make up doesn't help at all.

      I really just want the Government to get on with it and for the time being, they have my support cause we can't be any worse off than what we have been for the last 4 years. Let's try and give them a chance.

    • Anonymous says:

      I am one who voted for Roy and am pleased that he tried to get ino a ministerial seat. He did not run to sit on the back bench for 4 years, he ran to make an immediate contribution to our country which is evedent that this is needed. Although some people have criticized the actions that have taken place, i can see a positive in that he attmpted to negotiate to make himself available in a position to better seve the people. I am sure that he will scrutinize every financial matter that does come up to make sure we are finally recieving true value for money with his position as chairman of the Public Accounts Committee. I would like to leave with this one true statement: In business you dont get what you deserve, but you get what you negotiate.

      I wish the government the best of luck and i do hope that they will be ” includive” as there are well qualified people that we have representing us. Please do no let pride destroy us.

    • BORN FREE says:

      Roy Mctaggart refused a seat in cabinet with the PPM unless his 2 colleagues were in cabinet with him. He & his C4C colleagues signed a pact with the  independents that 1 would not take a cabinet seat unless 2 others joined him/her. Now that Tara has joined the cabinet without him he is acting like the person that he's been rumoured to be from many years back. Instead of working with the government & tryng to help in anyway he can he is now sulking on the back bench sending a message in his UDP-type tie. How silly & baby-like!    

    • Anonymous says:

      So sad and upset that I wasted a vote on Roy.

  9. CayStudent says:

    For all you saying Roy and the UDP are on the same team, you are wrong. In a Westminster-Style parliament (like the UK's) such as the one Cayman has, there can be more than one opposition and they do not have to be in alliance. However under the constitution there must be a leader of the opposition, but in actuality that does not mean Roy McTaggart supports McKeeva Bush in anyway.


    PS – I take Political Science…

    • Dred says:

      Well technically they are…and also….was he not a UDP supporter before this whole C4C thing? All I have ever heard was that he was a UDP supporter soould he not be at home on Opposition?

      These are trying times and when we need all hands on deck is when we get idiots like him putt HIMSELF over Country. Who the heck cares if you have a personal gripe with Alden. You were voted in by the PEOPLE so go do THE JOB. And by doing the job I am not talkingt about being a snivling little child.

  10. Anonymous says:

    When you notice the color of the Tie that was being worn before that of what the individual is doing, then watch the behaviour of that individual and realize that we have all been fooled and lied to and then you realize that four years is going to be a long time to put up with the backstabbing lies of said individual before you can remove them from that position!!

    On the first days on the job Roy has made most of those who  put him in office realize  that they have possibly made a huge mistake. Hopefully its just a misconception but Leopards dont change their spots do they??

    Enjoy these four years Sir, beacuse my "X" will not help put you back in there again!!!

    A week into this new Governments reign and Im fed up and ashamed already!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Did you notice the colour of Tara's shoes too?  Red shoes, she was PPM in disguise the whole time too.  LOL People really need to learn not to judge people so quickly and on clothes and not their position.  The position offered to Roy is an opposition position.

    • Alan Roffey says:

      Really? The colour of his tie means he’s secret UDP? Utter tosh!

      I think Roy has done exactly what he said he would do. He is going to hold the Government accountable. He needed to be on the opposition bench to be nominated as the Chairman of PAC. It’s a role that suits his skill set and he has placed himself in the best possible position for him to make a valuable contribution and I sincerely hope he does.

      • Anonymous says:

        Hilarious!  Yes he "placed himself in the best possible position for him to make a valuable contribution", not in Cabinet or in the Government but as a backbencher in the opposition with Mac as his leader! i couldnt agree more, the best possible position for him to be in given his conduct after the elections.  LOL!

        • Alan Roffey says:

          Of course "he placed himself". He always had the option to join the government bench if he wanted to, but he chose not to, prefering to be free to be nominated by the Premiere as Chairman of PAC.

          It ought to be as plain as the nose on one's face that his decision to sit on the opposition side was a calculated one, to maintain his clearly stated independence from party politics and to place himself where he felt he could do the best he can for the jurisdiction.

          It does not mean that he has chosen "Mac as his leader!", any more than Arden or Ezzard have.

          • Anonymous says:

            Where did you get that notion, Alan? You must mean the govt. BACKbench.

    • Anonymous says:

      It is pathetic that you people are so caught up in the "colours" issue that you are judging McTaggart of being the same. I doubt that he even considered the colour of his tie when he wore it! Get over all the party rubbish. The man wore a blue tie but that does not make him UDP. Grow up, get a mind and drop the party mentality. Plleeeese!

    • Diogenes says:

      If your political choice is based on his tie colour…

  11. Anonymous says:

    And the all knowing trash talking village idiots are out in full force just a week after election….


    • Anonymous says:

      What do you mean by “village idiots”. Why am I surprised that you support ROY and see people as Village idiots.

    • Anonymous says:



      They did the same trash talking to the UDP for 4 years. why do you think they are going to stop it now.

    • Anonymous says:

      "village idiots" – comments like this won't help Roy as some of these "idiots" admit to voting for him.

  12. Anonymous says:

    kiss mi neck back! Mac on the PAC committee? Forgive my ignorance but won't they be reviewing reports from the AG, some of which are scathing of Mac and his croonies? Well am sure we can expect objectivity there! Waste of time. 

    Not sure what game Roy is playing, first time in the LA and he come out guns blazing already. 

    As much as they have said about Alden and his attitude, seems to me that he is the mature, conciliatory one so far. 

    He was gracious enough to include Tara in Cabinet (he didn't need her to form the government) but at least now WB has representation. EE and NS coulld have also had representation if Arden and Ezzard weren't so stubborn and refusing to work with Alden. 

    I tell unna had be careful of dem C4C people, Country First my foot, Roy first! Winston first!

    The people have been fooled again, conned into voiting for these people thinking they were getting change and then suddenly now Roy is with the Opposition? With the same McKeeva Bush he vowed not to work with? 

    Mark my words, Mac planning another coup, unna forget what he did to Kurt and his Government? The man is like a phoenix and he constantly rises from the ashes! 

    And everybody blaming Ms. Julie for joining PPM, she is a smart woman. Who is PNA? She can't be a party of one. what is the point of her being an "independent" and she know better than anybody that Mac is not a forgiving person so she couldn't go back to UDP. Besides she say she retiring soon so what does she care what unna think, she not begging for no votes next time. Best wishes Ms. Julie. Just because someone does what is in their best interest or in the best interest of their constituents does not make them a dishonest or bad person, it is called negotiating. 

    She the only one who didn't "vow" to not work with Mac so just in case he was returned to power, she might still have had a chance. She didn't say she wouldn't work with Alden so he welcomed her with open arms. 

  13. WHAT !!!!!!! says:

    I do you spell   I TOLD UNA SO he was not a GOOD CHOICE for GT…See what una done bout una want to mix up you votes…Glad I VOTED STRAIGHT and dont have this crime on my HANDS..

  14. harsh reality says:

    why people seem surprised at the fence jumping and back stepping of Roy puzzles me. Roy and Mckeeva have been buddies from way back and i knew once he didnt get placed where he wanted he would have no problem working with UDP, although, he stated adamantly that he would not work with UDP and used that stance to decieve the GT public and get elected! Roy enjoy these 4 years on the opposition because its your last! You have clearly demonstared that you are not a man that stands behind his words and you will jump on any ship – Juliana should be your middle name!

  15. Anonymous says:

    Mr McTaggart is starting to remind me of Mr Magoo…

  16. Anonymous says:

    SO NOW WE KNOWC4C really means"CHAMELEONS 4 CAYMAN".  Yep. The CHAMELEONS!! We have the PROGRESSIVES, and the NO DNA party and the HOLY TRINITY party and the CHAMELEONS

    • Anonymous says:

      C4C endorsed the candidates. The candidate has their own independent mind to do what they want… Sheeesh

  17. Anonymous says:

    Roy wants to be leader of the opposition. He is sitting back hoping that Big Mac will be convicted and forced to leave the LA.

    • Anonymous says:

      That would never happen. Dont you see that Ezzard and Arden put him to sit between them????

  18. Say Wha?! says:

    Oscar the Grouch (Roy McTaggert) is just that and is off to a great start proving his nickname is aptly given.

    • Anonymous says:

      Might as well have elected Coco. At least he can play the electric piano in "what I see Happening."

  19. Anonymous says:

    How can Bush have anything at all to do with accounts or finance and the auditor general. my mind boggles. How can he be asked to scrutinize reports from the AG while he was in power. Dont tell him when they are from. He might find his own mistakes?

  20. Saw it coming says:

    Roy’s pre-election rhetoric has proven just that, empty promises that pandered to the desperate business community whom should have been more intelligent to shift through all the bs.

    His actions from immediately post election to the LA’s first decisions shows clearly it’s not Country First.

    Initial Grade an ‘F’

  21. I must say says:

    Winston, Tara and the new Government members all conducted themselves with dignity and pride yesterday, but I am very very disgusted with Roys behaviour. Not only was he sitting in between the two Ind members but he was enjoying their attempts to ridicule and cast slurs at other members. The only thing Roy reminded me of yesterday is the little weak kid who used to get beat up so much he went and hired the school budy to be his "friend" and then sat snickering and laughing when the bully beat up someone on his behalf. I hope he remembers to always keep that bully under control.

    Also did anyone see Roys face when the instruments to appoint the Premier were completed? OMG he was literally sneering and visibly upset. 

    It is already obvious that Roy wants to eb a puppet master but does not commant he respect and attention of anyone but himself. He spent a great deal of time giving Tara some hard looks and she tried her best to ignore him yesterday.

    Tara need not worry! the PPM guys have her back. 

  22. Anonymous says:

    Roy and C4C, you are exposing your true colors more and more as this goes on! I am telling you, your reputations are in tatters! Roy, you managed to end up with 2 C4C members and Mac on the committee contrary to Aldens propsed PPM nominated members. Tell us again that C4C wasn’t prepared towork with UDP to undermine Alden at the cost of the Countrys betterment. At least we know who Mac is, we are only just finding out about C4C.

  23. The lone haranguer says:

    I think we are going to see a lot of opposition in the opposition. Let the games begin!

  24. SKEPTICAL says:

    There are some indications that Roy McTaggart does not know ” his ass from his elbow ” , but hopefully the “inclusivity” to which our new Premier has referred will be a two way street, and Roy will put forward constructive suggestions which will be given proper consideration, by the relevant government Ministries.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Roy sitting with McKeeva in opposition to government! Wow.  I wonder if Mac's speech on Cayman 27 got him thinking?  C4C really means something – See if you can see."  It's all "befuddling" to me.  LOL  Glad to see Tara and Winston made the right choices though.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Hahaha Roy got what he had coming to him.  First time running for office and wanted so much so soon.  If he's not power hunger I don't know who is.  Cayman better watch him.  He could turn out to be worst than McKeeva Bush!  He's sitting right where he belongs.  Alden was too nice to give him any position at all.  I think Alden is the best man for the job of Premier – now we can lift our heads and again be proud to be Caymanian!

    • Anonymous says:

      Yup!!  Better a drunken womanizer than a gambler…..  There is not one person in that Legislative Assembly that I can say I'm proud they represent me or the Cayman Islands.

  27. St Peter says:

    Glad to see that Alden still has his sense of humour though – putting Mac in a position where the 5 people on the PAC committee will examine the AG reports of  inappropriate spending by Mac and the UDP.

    Then if the majority of the committee concludes that the spending was in fact inappropriate, does Mac have to sign the report?

    Cute move Alden – and poor Mac wants to have a little power so badly that he just could not resist…

  28. Anonymous says:

    I don’t understand why people call their salaries huge. Each of the elected members who ever worked in the private sector made WAY more money than they are now. You all really think $8k is a lot of money pfft that’s a drop in the bucket compared to what people like Winston and Roy and Wayne have raked in over the years. sorry but their salaries are not the incentive as they all earned way more doing way less for many years.

    • Hoping for better days says:

      No, money isn't, but POWER is!!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      So? This was all their choice remember.

    • Anonymous says:

      Its not so much the initial salary its the things they will be able to accomplish with the power they have that will be more beneficial. Dont forget the majority of our politicians have hidden agendas. Given the positions they are in its much easier to accomplish their real finacial and business objectives! 

  29. Yaddi-Yadda says:

    The Force is stronger with the Premier. Stand fast against those rebel forces in the Southeast Quadrant.


  30. Kaymanian says:

    Roy Mctaggart, does it really make sense to go and sit on the opposition side, while your fellow C4C colleagues are sitting on the government benches? You're siiting between Ezzard and Arden like a sandwich. If you could state the reasons why you chose this alliance, I would prehaps understand a lot better. I would like to see you assist the government and help get the countries financial situation getback on track. Either you're just a first timer and being precautious in what you do, or you are simply just showing your true colors. As a young Caymanian it absolutely disgraceful to see a bunch of clearly qualified, educated adults not even try to work together to get this country back on track. COUNTRY FIRST, yeah that's gone far………so far. Just a note to Mckeeva Bush you didn't put anyone besides your members on government committees. REMEMBER. So Mr. Bush stop being so critical of Alden at least he is trying to give the independent members a voice.

  31. Anonymous says:

    Shame on you Roy, a wasted vote for you. How could you chose a seat between Ezzard and Arden? I am disappointed.

  32. Anonymous says:

    Well, Roy appeared not to be able to decide where to sit today, so maybe he’s not sure where he is! He did say on Rooster yesterday morning (it may have been Monday) that prior to that time did not appreciate the significance of where members sit in the LA. I really wouldn’t have thought that of him.

    I hope somebody is keeping a journal on this – this would make a great political sitcom LOL

  33. Anonymous says:

    Yes Alden showed his true colors he would rather vote Mac onto the PAC to scrutinize his own governments transgrations supported by his own rookies Winston, Joey and alca rather than put veterans like Ezzard ( former chair of PAC) who know how the committee should function or Arden who has 12 years parliamentary experience. So we have a PAC with four members who have served on a committee in LA and the disgraced loud mouth former premier show be very effective.hqsxm

  34. Anonymous says:

    For Pete's sake Alden/PPM, watch your backs.  Mckeeva is no doubt scheming to bring you down ASAP, and by the sounds of it, there are several others working in conjunction with the worthless rag.  Careful Arden and Ezzard, you know what they say about laying with dogs, taking up with fleas.

    • Anonymous says:

      People should remember that Ezzard sat on the opposition bench for four years as an independent and he did not join the PPM then. Arden left the PPM around a year ago and joined Ezzard in opposition and neither genetlemen were part of the PPM opposition. They provided their own opposition as independents, and may I say were quite effective. At times there was a confluence of their opposition with that of the PPM and at times there was not. But all in all, the collective opposition of both the PPM and the two gentlemen, provided a check against the UDP. So now Ezzard and Arden are back in opposition and readers are here pontificating that it means they're with the UDP. Really?? Where have you all been for the last four years? The opposition benches can consist of individuals not aligned to the main opposition party. This is what happened prior to the recent elections and it's happening again. Pay attention to the political realities, please.

  35. Anonymous says:

    who cares what side of the house roy sits….. he knows he has no government role….it does not mean he mean he votes with mckeeva et al……..

    i have never known such nonsense in terms of who sits where…..its like the schoolyard allover again……

  36. Anonymous says:

    Let’s work together & stop the childish behavior! You’re all grown men & you’ll have a country to save!

  37. Anonymous says:

    Wow looks like they need to have LA 101 classes for the new members (not a dig – but if you don't know you don't know).  What a mess.  McKeeva should NOT this close to the PAC.  AND he's going to eat the rest of them alive.

  38. Anonymous says:

    Mckeeva head of what! sigh another pile of reports in the trash!

    • Stiffed-Necked Fool says:

      McTaggart is showing his original "colors"! We knew where he stood all along, what a disgrace!

  39. Anonymous says:

    Funny how ROY and the UDP members were all wearing the same tie. Interesting………….

    • semi pro says:

      If you think Roy is in kahoots with Mac, I have a peice of land to sell ya with 360 water views just off South Sound.  Come on, stop looking for crap to talk about, and go get a JOB!

      • Anonymous says:

        Being a prisioner is full time Job yu know. I can use my hour how I chose.

    • Anonymous says:

      I don't thing Roy knew that the UDP were going to change from green to blue.  He probably thought that he was safe to were blue. Does anyone know why the UDP changed thei their colour to blue and abondoned the previous green?

      • Anonymous says:

        They've been using that ALL campaign long!! And before too I believe.

      • Anonymous says:

        As far as I know, the UDP colours are blue and green………….therefore, think they wear whicever one they like.  They wore both blue and green throughout the campaign.

      • Anonymous says:

        Its not only the color of the tie. It was exactly the same make ties. Check the pictures and the videos.

      • Anonymous says:

        That was so they wouldn't appear to be so green anymore.

    • Anonymous says:

      Funny how JULIANNA, a UDP & PNA member, is now a PPM member.  PPM has allowed her to "launder" herself under their umbrella so will they now also stop the alleged investigation into impropriety on her part?  PPM's choice of Speaker & its newest member seems to be a  more serious consideration than Roy's choice of necktie.

      • Anonymous says:

        Wouldn't have been neccesary but for the antics of Southeast Corner Hazzard, Arden and the C4C.

        • Anonymous says:

          Exactly. Does anyone think the PPM really wanted Juliana? They had no choice in the situation imposed on them by C$C and the Independents.

      • Stiff-Necked Fool says:

        Give it a break Gary, why prolong what you cant cure? You tried "a ting" but failed, so try something else and come out from where you dont know nothing about – Politics! What color is your tie, original udp green?

  40. Way away says:

    The government still has the same atomic control of the PAC that the UDP had. If there is something embarrassing to the government the three members simply have to not sow up and there is no quorum.

  41. 4 Cayman says:

    So Roy said he would not work with Bush under no circumstances. Now the man has joined forces with him. Man this starting to get confusing. It seems like I should not have listened to the empty promises and voted. What’s the point huh?

    • Anonymous says:

      By 4 Cayman,

      You take politics too serious, something you know nothing about..let me remind you of this.always keep an open mind, football has rules, baseball has rules..politics has none.

      if you remember this you will live longer without the stress….God bless!

    • Anonymous says:

      He has not "joined forces" with Mac. Please, if you do not understand the WM system of Parliament do not speak as you do. Members of parliament can sit on the same side as the "Official Opposition" but not be a official part of their group, i.e. there is more than one opposition. Mac is the leader of the opposition simply because the constitution states that the leader of the larges minority will head up the opposition. Just like how Tara is working with, not apart of the PPM.

    • Anonymous says:

      I wish people could at least try and get an understanding of our politcal system. just becuase they are both in opposition does not for a second mean they have 'joined forces'. CNS – maybe you should do an FAQ or an educational article about the parliamentary process.

    • Anonymous says:

      He said he would not work to form a government led by Mr. Bush. I heard and saw this when thery were on the panel along with Premier Alden Mclaughlin.

  42. Anonymous says:

    They will seek TV time whenever possible but without realizing how boring they have become.

  43. Anonymous says:

    Does the public accounts committee have conflict of interest rules that prevent member from voting on his own transgressions?

  44. Anonymous says:

    I hope that that is Bush's last official function!

  45. Way away says:

    Alden showed who was willing to work with who.

  46. sickntired says:

    Good Move Roy cause when PPM can't get anything done the blame won't fall on you like it will on Tara.  Smart Man.

  47. Power of the People says:

    Wow! I knew this was going to be fun! But so soon!?!

    Loving this new government already! You just can't write fiction like this!

  48. Anonymous says:

    Despite the huge salaries they earn, in the past the non sitting of these committees has been the norm rather than the exception. We should all be vigilant to see if change really has come.

  49. that's the last straw says:

    A fox to guard the henhouse?   Hilarious!!

    • Anonymous says:

      How do you spell "effed it",  Roy?

      • Anonymous says:

        We would like for Mr Wayne Panton to look into all the monies that was given to Cayman Brac for the Paloma fix up and monies from Dart since then and check the ones that really needed a fix up and did not get. The hurricane season is here already and those homes that did not get any attention will only be completely destroyed if there is ever another Paloma.

        • Anonymous says:

          That would be Marco who is Minister of (Government) Finance. Wayne is Financial Services(Industry).

    • Anonymous says:

      So Winston Conolly and Tara Rivers wuill be on the government side while fellow elected C4C colleague, Roy McTaggart, will be in opposition?.Therefore C4C is part government and part opposition. However, I do see the validity of having an oppostion memeber as haead of PAC as it will provide more objectiviy. Howeve, I think Ezzard Miller oe Arden McLean should been on the committee rather tahn McKeeva Bush.

      • Anonymous says:

        Yes, two are with the governemnet and one in opposition. They are independents, nothing wrong with that. Hopefully tis will stop some of that "they're a parrty" nonsense 

        • Anonymous says:

          Ummm…up until recently they fit every definition of a party including the one in the Elections Law.