McTaggart joins government

| 06/06/2013

roymctaggart.jpg(CNS): In a surprise turn of events, C4C MLA Roy McTaggart has had a change of heart and is joining the PPM government. Premier Alden McLaughlin announced Thursday lunchtime that McTaggart has been appointed as a government councillor and will be working with Wayne Panton and Marco Archer in both the financial services and finance ministries. The U-turn on McTaggart's part, after he had elected to join the opposition, came after “careful consideration” in the face of the threats to Cayman's financial stability. McTaggart beleived his experience would be better used from the government benches, according to the Premier's Office. The premier confirmed that the former auditor would remain as chair of PAC but a PPM member of that committee would be resigning to pave the way to re-balance the committee. (Photo by Dennie Warren Jr)

Despite stating before the election that he was not prepared to work with McLaughlin, when McTaggart returns to the LA he will now join his C4C colleague Winston Connolly on the Progressive government's backbenches behind Tara Rivers, the C4C's Cabinet member.

In his announcement about the George Town C4C MLA's change of heart, McLaughlin said McTaggart had indicated his willingness to serve the country and his constituents as a member of the government and, in the spirit of inclusion that has characterized the new Progressive administration, the premier welcomed him to the team.

“We are confident that his experience in the financial services industry will provide additional support to Ministers Marco Archer and Wayne Panton at this critical juncture,” McLaughlin stated.

“Mr McTaggart has said that after careful consideration, in the face of the threats to the Cayman Islands’ financial stability from a new round of tax compliance regulations and the challenges which the country faces with respect to its finances, he believed his professional experience would be better employed in a proactive way from the government benches. He looks forward to serving the country and his constituents in this new capacity and remains committed to the role of independents within the government,” the premier added.

As McTaggart will now be on what has become a crowded government bench, the composition of the Public Accounts Committee will need to be changed to ensure proper balance.

The premier confirmed that McTaggart would retain the chairmanship but one other member of the government benches will resign to pave the way for another member of the non-government benches to sit on that committee at the next Legislative Assembly meeting.

With all three C4C members now in the PPM government, there will be 12 elected members on the government benches, giving McLaughlin an overwhelming majority over the fractured opposition of three UDP members and two independents.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    What a mess in this country ………

  2. Anonymous says:

    PPM be AWARE.  Although we must hope for the best, Roy has already shown some of what may be his true colours.  Bear in mind his wife holds a fairly senior position in the DART group and it brings to mind what a previous commenter said to the effect there may be a hint of his Masters telling him to get a position within PPM whereby even if he is unable to substantially influence policy he will be at least able to keep them informed as to what is being planned.  Only time will tell if he is being true now or was being true before.

    • noname says:

      Holy Crap, just stop perpuating this negative garbage!  Do you ever get sick of finding something to be negative about?

      • Anonymous says:

        Uh, you don't think these types of things happen?  Look at the industrial and political espionage practised by the Chinese, Russians, and others.  The political espionage is almost as useful as the industrial as it allows the Russians and Chinese to stay one move ahead.  So let's not be so dismissive and critical, because as you ought to know these types of things happen all the time.

        • Anonymous says:

          Wow – I’m speechless. Almost. You are comparing entire nations to one person. It’s people like you that create problems in society. Grow up and please educate yourself. Oh and why you are at it, try and think positive!

    • Anonymous says:

      Here we go GAin. They keep fighting for power yet they don’t know the hour, any minute any day it shall be taken away, cause they want power power power.

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree with your sentiments.  I see a big hook but only a small fish.  PPM remember not everyone and everything is all-inclusive.   Don't let them slip the rug from underr your feet.  God bless, and stear the good ship Cayman over the rough waves, leaving corruption behind and sail through calmer seas over the next 4 years.   Always walk forward but remember to glance over your shoulder, even if you are not directly looking behind. 

    • Cheese Face says:

      His wife does not hold a “fairly senior position at Dart”. She is head of training. She trains people to be better at their jobs.

      You sir, are a muppet.

  3. Anonymous says:

    We need the best & Brightest minds on board the biggest & 1 of the most important role (finance)! We shouldn’t worry about parties but putting country 1st!
    We now have the best on board, let’s get the ball rolling!


  4. Anonymous says:

    Uh oh wait till the bucking of heads starts. I just don’t feel comfortable with all these swicharoos! Before long C4C egos are going to want to call the shots. Remember now…”who are you to rule me? I got more votes than you”. Yup. Wait till it start…..
    Man, this is all too confusing!

  5. Listen says:

    If you think for 1 minute that any of those PPM guys have forgotten how hard they had to fight to get elected and how hard they must now fight to do what is right for Cayman you can forget it! If any of those C4C try ANYTHING they will be dealt with! 

    • Yaseemi says:

      I could care less how hard PPM, UDP C$C or any candidate turned MLA worked to get there.  They damn well better not let that or anything else get in the way of doing what is best for Cayman.  I wish to God you people would stop promoting this divisivness!

  6. mccarron mclaughlin says:

    Two big thumbs up to Mr. McTaggart!

  7. Anonymous says:

    I believe everyone is entitled to their own opinion. However, when people negatively comment on here about the decisions our new Premier has made, ie bringing Roy on board, they are indirectly questioning Alden’s integrity and leadership skills. Give it a rest. The election is over. In my opinion, we now have the strongest and most qualified government Cayman has ever seen. Yes, the PPM & C4C have different views. But it can only be a good thing for our country that they are working together. Additionally, if everyone in our current government had the same honest and genuine view about policies, infrastructure etc, then this would not reflect what the people of Cayman want (because not EVERYONE voted PPM!). Diversity is a good thing as long as it is dealt with constructively, and lets face it all the Government MLA’s, in addition to the Premier himself, are educated, formidable and not irrational. So, negative commenters, try not to live in the past and look forward to the better future of Cayman. More importantly, give EVERYONE a chance to prove that they have the best interests of Cayman at heart, rather than knocking them before they screw up or show that they are the “devil in sheep’s clothing”. Why don’t we just let them do what they have to do to “save Cayman”. I believe the pro-government members, C4C AND PPM collectively, will prove themselves and make us all proud! Think positive Cayman!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Dear God, As alden proceeds to change for the better … I pray that they never take his kindness for his weakness.

    • Anonymous says:

      I really have to disagree with you here. If Alden can feel comfortable with julie who changed ship 4 times in the last months then he can feel very comfortable with Roy. Alden was even accused by her for taking the bible out of the schools. My early pewdictions is that before the next four years is up there will be a big toss up, and not too long from now either.

  9. 4 Cayman says:

    Alden be very carful Roy is a snake in the grass and cannot be trusted. I think I understand what you are trying to achieve, however, history has taught us that a lot of great men fell because of trust being placed into the men who had no loyalty or allegiance to their leader for example judas, Delilah, Aaron Burr, Cain and so on.

    Word of advise don’t throw caution in to the wind.

    • Anonymous says:

      Wow – what happened to “thou shalt not judge” – your comment is hypercritical at best.

      • Anonymous says:

        While he's being critical at an hypered speed, I also think it is a little hypocritical

        • Anonymous says:

          don't you mean "a" hypered speed, rather than "an" hypered speed?

        • Anonymous says:

          fyi the definition of hypercritical is excessively critical – a simple google search would have taught you this……perhaps you should have done this before attempting to correct text that was not incorrect and in perfect context.  Dummy!

    • Anonymous says:

      If you think that Roy McTaggart is a snake in the grass then you have obviously never met him. He is a wonderful person, very gentle and incredibly intelligent. He is the kind of person we need in out government, and certainly has an essentially immaculate track record in comparison to other members of our 'fine' government.

    • Yaseemi says:

      That is a VERY strong statement.  I would beg you to back up your statement with any facts.  FACTS not opinion.  Come on you selfrightous donkey!  Roy is an fantistic person that has proven time and time again he is a person of honor, integrity and faith. 

  10. Anonymous says:

    Alden you admitted you made a few mistakes in the past, and a true leader does that. I am truly admiring your willingness and openess to having an inclusive government . I really do hope that this Government brings the country forward and that all the decisions being made is for the betterment of our beloved Island. Remember no matter what always stand for Honesty, Integrity and Justice.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Alden, I am pleasantly pleased with your leadership.  Well done so far.  I know Kurt must also be pleased to see how well you are doing too.  That humble spirit is warming.  Also, remember to have the party reps keep in tough with the people about what is going on.  Don't just do it by the press.  OK?  At least once a quarter come to the public and say what is going on, what progress is being made and how things are shaping up. 

  12. Anonymous says:

    Good Choice Roy.  It's good to see you joining hands to help get Cayman on the path to success once more.  THat gives us a lot of hope and inspiration for a better future and is a good example of how we all should work. 

    Now if Arden would do the same thing that would be great. 


  13. Extra Terrestrial says:

    What a bunch of freaking know it all's!

    How about you read the article and then ask yourself;

    Would his expertise help or hurt the government’s efforts to get us back on track?

    If you don’t know, then research him. His bio has been on the web for months now. That said I will make it easy for you. He was the managing partner of KPMG. I am sure you will agree that you would need to know just a little about Auditing/ Accounting and working with others/ teams etc.

    The next question should be; does this mean our chances of getting government spending and cost of living under control is that much greater? Hint…. The answer is YES.

    Does this mean the cabinet members will be able to deal with the issues more effectively? Hint……again, the answer is yes!

    To the pessimists and “CAVE” mentality individuals out there, consider this; If Roy was joining the government to sabotage them, how could he do it? If he became a hindrance, all the PPM would have to do is lock him out of any meetings and refrain from assigning him any tasks.

    The fact of the matter is this……The Honorable Premier Alden McLaughlin and his Progressives will be the one who benefits from this alliance as it will serve to ensure that their mandate is executed in a swift and effective manner. Until now I have not had much time for our new premier, but I am man enough to say today that he has earned my respect as a government leader and I will support him as long as he continues to put country first. Congratulations to the government and good luck as you are going to need it in the next 4 years. You all have my support.

    • Anonymous says:

      I could not agree with you more. I have to say that there seems to be a change happening within The Premier that I didn’t expect to see. I hope that he continues down this road, albeit with the strength to withstand ALL the tests that will be thrown at him.

      Alden we are proud of you, of the humble way in which you are approaching this monster on a task.

      CHANGE – Caymanians Helping a New Government Evolve

  14. Anonymous says:

    Wise move, Roy.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Word of advise PPM- Remember your history and dont let it repeat watch your back with the NO Confidence brought by Mac. C4C

  16. The lone haranguer says:

    Fabulous stuff.

  17. Anonymous says:

    What a turn up for the books, The leader of the C$C politicos has eaten some humble pie and his words and is serving in a government led by Alden. 

    Alden is truly a magnanimous man. I hope that giving these C$C politicians a platform does not  result in damage to the PPM in four years. As far as I am concerened they have gotten a free pass, but four years is a long time and maybe they will come to realize that in the 21st century you can't succeed without the backing of a real political party. 

    Eyes on you Roy, Tara and Winston the electorate is not as gullible as you seemed to think.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Alden is making the right decisions to use all the brain power he has available to him!

  19. CayStudent says:

    Roy is putting his ego and personal interests away and has decided to use his expertise to help the state of the country's finances. That is what a noble politician should do – help the country regardless of who's party member or not! 


    Roy, show Alden that it was not a mistake to let you work with the PPM! I have much confidence that this administration can take us forward.

    • Son of Thunder says:

      Watch your back Mr. Premier, it is interesting how those who crave power do heir work. Before the elections he "would not work with you", after the elections he worked against you forming your government, after the government was formed he went against you, now he is with you. Just watch your back Mr. Premier. Always remember 2001!      

      • Anonymous says:

        As far as I am aware (and do correct me by quoting chapter and verse if you like), McTaggart has never said he would not work with the PPM. The UDP yes, not the PPM.

  20. Diogenes says:

    Hang on a minute!  If the Premier thinks that the PAC needs to be rebalanced because Roy is no longer in opposition or independent, then how does Winston count as independent?  Given he has accepted that the majority of the PAC have to be in opposition, then he has to have 2 of the 4 other opposition members other than McKeeva join.  Or he continues with his formal position that C4C members on the government back benches are somehow independent members when it comes to PAC, in which case no change is required.  He needs to be consistent. 

    • Anon says:

      It is not correct that the majority of the PAC has to be in opposition. That was not true in 2005-2009, nor 2009-2012. However, in principle the chairman of the PAC should be in opposition.

    • Anonymous says:

      Roy was in the Opposition until this announcement. Alden is being entirely consistent.

    • SSM345 says:

      14:54, Its about getting the job done, period, nothing else matters.

      Its for Cayman as a whole not for PPM or UDP or PNA or C4C.

      Can you not understand that?

      And to be quite frank, Mac has no place for anything involving "accounts", he has proved that time and time again, and even admitted he is "no financial expert".

      The "newbies" knbow what needs to be done, so let them.

      End of story.


    • Anonymous says:

      To:Submitted by Diogenes (not verified) on Thu, 06/06/2013 – 14:54                      You just do not get it;let me try to explain.Roy was part of the official opposition and sat on the Opposition bench(to the Speaker's left).He has now decided to be a part of the Government and sit on the Government bench (on the Speaker's right). To rebalance Finance Committee Alden will have to replace  a member from the Government bench with one from the Opposition bench.Hope this helps.

      • Diogenes says:

        YOU do not get it.  When the PAC was formed Alden agreed that the PAC membership should have a majority of opposition members, but said that Winston counted as opposition even tho he was on the government back bench.  Roy was on the opposition bench.  The 3 "opposition" members being Mac, Winston and Roy.  

        Now what has changed?  Roy is on the government back bench.  So why does the PAC need rebalancing?  If Alden meant what he said before, it does not.  If he has changed his mind and thinks that C4C does not count towards the opposition majority principle, then he needs to replace 2 members, not one.  

        Simple logic and consistency, and to the significant number of thumbs down all I can say is that you either do not understand simple math, or you are so in love with the concept of the inclusive approach to government and the undoubted advantge of having Roy on the PAC that you are deliberately ignoring the fact that the Premier is either changing his position for convenience or overriding a basic principle, which is that the PAC should be dominated by the opposition (no matter what you may think of them) because they are there to provide a critical overview of government, not a rubber stamp.  To be clear, I am not saying Roy shouldnt be on the PAC – far from it.  Just that 3 people on it shouldnt be on the government side of the house. 

        • Anonymous says:

          The last governments books will have to be checked first. You don’t want the UDP checking of their own stuff. After their books are done and PAC is checking this PPM admin THEN it should mostly be made up of opposition members – THAT is what the Premier said.

        • Anonymous says:

          Maybe we should ask Senior Legal Expert, Mr. Steve McField? Where is Steve anyway? Is he preparing for Mac's case coming up?

        • Anonymouse says:

          You and the Compass keep repeating the fallacy that the PAC should be dominated by the Opposition. That is not the case and has never been the rule. Typically the govt. in power has the majority of seats on the PAC. That was true in 2005-2009 and in 2009-2013. That is true in the UK and the other Overseas Territories.  

          The premier has to think again because in principle the Chairman of the PAC should be a member of the Opposition and Roy is no longer a member of the Opposition.  

          • Anonymous says:

            The only reason PPM headed PAC in 2005-2009 was because most of the issues they were still dealing with was from the prior government. It is standard that the opposition chair this committee and it makes good sense they are the ones that review government spending and accounts–nice checks and balance.

            • Anonymous says:

              Hwoever, it is not standard for the opposition to have the majority of seats on the PAC as I have already explained. Obviously the composition of the 2005-2009 PAC did not change as they came to review the accounts of the then administration. Likewise the PAC under the UDP govt. did nto change over time but was always dominated by the UDP. The current UK PAC is dominated by the Conservatives and they have a Conservative-led coalition.  Obviously Miller, McLean and McTaggart, who were not part of the previous govt could have formed the majority of PAC members.   


          • Anonymous says:

            The first reports to be considered by the new Public Accounts Committee (PAC) will be on events that occurred during the time in power of the current Opposition. Do you want a PAC comprised of the majority of that same Opposition considering reports on themselves? This is one of the reasons why the composition of a ,PAC will change over the time in power of a particular government.

    • Dred says:

      He is doing the best thing. He realises that even though Mr McTaggart is an independent member he wants to make sure the country recognises that what he is doing is not the way UDP would do things. He is trying to remove any doubt and for me and a lot of other people I like that.

      I want to say this on record now. If this government fails to be the best we have seen in the past 2 decades it will not be for talent that is being put to use. It will be because ofegos. I believe we could not field a better team than we have right now. Yes we have some who are not GREAT but the team aspect of the talents of both the PPM and the C4C coming together for the better good is inspiring to say the lease. I can only hope that they can check their egos at the door when meeting on issues and always remember that it is for all of us they are there.


      Dred out

  21. Anonymous says:

    Interesting developments….wonder what other "horse trading" went down over the last few days. lol

  22. Anonymous says:

    Congratulations must go to Alden on his handling of this matter. Contrary to the predictions of his crtics, he is undoubtedly demonstrating his openness and willingness to really have an inclusive Government serving the best interests of the Cayman Islands. It augers well for the next four years. Keep up the good work!!!

  23. Whodatis says:

    Still don't trust him.

  24. Cashew says:

    Oh-o. I knew he couldn't resist the power. My thinking is This Mc has the blessing of his handlers, C4C ( Hey! I just realised the number 4 on my keyboard is also the dollar sign! Shifty ;P ) Any, C4C gives their blessing in order for him to keep track of things directly.

    Keep your eyes on this one please.

    Charles de Gaulle got it right when he said: “In order to become the master, the politician poses as the servant.”

    Bob Marley also got it right when he sang: "Don't let them fool ya, or even try to school ya! Oh, no! We've got a mind of our own…"

  25. Anonymous says:

    Alden I do hope your willingness to be so trusting works out for the best for this country.

    Many of us knew C4C weren't to be trusted and they're showing their true colours, in my opinion. They refused to put country first from day one. It has clearly been about their party/group (another dishonest aspect of this aliance) having power and influence BUT the question remains………are ALL the C4C members former UDPers or new players? DART maybe?

    Bottom line, unless Alden DOES know who is behind C4C, then they have created too much confusion, quesions re their true alliance and the PPM should be very careful. Maybe the educated, heavily financed trio may be more deadly than the UDP trio.



    • R Carville says:

      Roy, Winston and Tara are their own indivudals who do not have to discuss matters with C4C As it is not a political party. This is further proof that as Independent minded MLA’s they make their own decisions.

      All the stuff said during campaign by the 3C4C and PPM now count for nothing. I don’t hear PPM saying anything negative about them since they have all decided to assist the government and increase the majority. I guess if Juliana O’Connor-Connolly can join the PPM who were her political enemies and be rewarded with the Speaker position and a driver why cant Roy join the government back bench?

      Just another day of Life and Politics in Cayman.

      • Anonymous says:

        Dont tell me that julie is going to have Paul drive her again for the next four years. How ridicilous can you get. This girl has no sense of spending money. Marco will have a time of his life keeping her under control. I still dont see why ppm have to have her.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Now that Roy got the Voters message, thanks to CNS, lets see where he will go from here. If I was Alden I would have put him in a place where he could be watched very closely. That seat between Ezzard and Arden did look rather uncomfortable.

  27. Anonymous says:

    I saw a picture of Roy on Facebook with the word DART written all over the background. He may have been given new orders by his Master since the UDP is out for awhile. I sure wished he had used a different background for that picture.

    • Anonymous says:

      His wife works for Dart (in HR). He has a big interest in ensuring Dart stick around.

      • Anonymous says:

        I see. Now I get the whole picture.

      • Anonymous says:

        It is much better to have Dart around than those big AIRLINE OWNERS Saaaaaaad from the middle East. Dart has put many a meal on our tables, all you was concerned about was that poor Mack might have been the distributor.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Great to see such loyalty  Now lets see you register that airplane of yours in Cayman and not the USA

    • Anonymous says:

      a plane ??  its a plane ..a train…. it's a SUPER ROY !!! 

    • Anonymous_awoa says:

      Please explain what airplane ownership has anything to do with this……

      • Anonymous says:

        Its about registering your assets and paying the fees to the country you help govern Roy

  29. Anonymous says:

    While I believe Roy would be beneficial on either side I am happy to see he put aside his pride in order to truly benefit the country. Marco is stuck with a daunting task of organizing Cayman's unstable budget but my confidence in his success has been boosted 3 fold knowing that Roy will be there assisting him. Things are looking up I'd say.

  30. Anonymous says:

    Can he replace Marco?  We need the best man for the job.

    • Anonymous says:

      Marco IS the best man for the job.

      • Anonymous says:

        Did you read any of the inane crap Marco posted as viewpoints?  Look at his career, it was ordinary.

        • Anon says:

          Marco didn't write any "inane crap". The fact that you're still struggling understand what he had to say isn't his fault. 

        • Anon says:

          Marco never did anything as a civil servant, trust me, except acquire degrees at government's expense (he was not alone in that). That does not mean, however, that he will be no good as a Minister (when he doesn't have to actually "do", just tell others to do it). Give him a chance. At least he knows how utterly useless one of the most senior over-promoted finance people is (the source of many finance related problems for many years) and maybe he can encourage her to retire.

    • Anon says:

      Are you nuts? Marco Is the best man for the job. Roy is an auditor.

      • Chris Johnson says:

        Let me add a little here. To be the managing partner of a major accounting firm in Cayman is quite an accomplishment. These firms do not just provide auditing services but many others including accounting , insolvency and consultation. I am not taking sides in any scrap as who is best for the position that Marco holds. I do however find your remark offensive and immature. Roy will bolster the resources of the PPM immensely and like the McTaggart family of yesteryear he will be a credit to the Cayman Islands.

        • Anonymous says:

          Keep your shirt on. Of course he will benefit the govt. The point is that his particular skill set does not make him better suited to the position of Finance Minister than Marco. Simple fact whether you like it or not.  

          • Chris Johnson says:

            Clearly you did not read my post. I said I was not taking sides. I was merely elaborating on the responsibilites of a managing partner in a major accounting practice. By the way he would require to have ties to go with his shirt when at KPMG.

          • Anonymous says:

            I do not think you can read. Mr Johnson is not saying Roy would be better than Marco. At least his blog is constructive which is more than can be said of yours.

    • Anonymous says:

      My concern is not our Roy but PPM is going to have the strongest Opposition ever…he he he.

  31. Anonymous says:

    Roy I must congratulate you on your decision, you have made the right choice, and the Premier and the rest of thegovernment should be very happy to have your services, especially in these trying times. God bless you for making the right choice.

  32. harsh reality says:

    BS! Roy you have just become enlightened to the comments on CNS by many of the same people who elected you, and are now embarrassed at what your true intentions have saturated the minds of the electorate with (all for self)! I suppose you intend to put the spin on this that you are thinking about the country before self but food for thought – i dont feed into such nonsense! You are running around like a chicken thats lost it's head and seem to be cleary over whelmed by your new found political office – you remind me of a child running wild in a toy store – at this rate you are on track to fast becomming twice the spiticle that the PNA were and you're doing it all by yourself – give yourself a pat on the back! Alden if you trust this guy shame on you, as you also seem to clearly lacking back bone! Stop lolly gagging around with these C4C novices and LEAD!

    • Anonymous says:

      Sorry "harsh reality". FAIL!

    • Anonymous says:

      I really doubt our MLAs care about what many of the self-proclaimed political know-it-alls comment on CNS.

  33. Anonymous says:

    Yeah – I knew Roy would see the light.  I voted for him and was a bit put out that he wouldn't team up with the PPM.  All's well that ends well.  Good on you Roy.  I'm proud of you.  With all these strong team players now, we can only ask God's guidance in pulling us out of this mess and putting us on the road to recovery. 

  34. St Peter says:

    I agree – the country will be better served with Roy (and the two independent members  of  the opposition as well) working together to assist the government to try and get us out of this calamity that Mckeeva and the UDP put us in.

    We are all in this mess together and must work together for the good of the country…

  35. Anonymous says:

    OMG  PPM be very careful of who you take in to your camp. This was the same man that stated on the radio that he wouldnt work with this Government. Be afraid be very afraid.

    • Anonymous says:

      It's never too late to do the right thing. Roy has put petty issues and ego aside to represent Cayman in the area where he has the most relevant expertise and Cayman need the most help.

      Thank you Roy.

      • Anonymous says:

        And never too early.

        • Anonymous says:

          Yes but we would like to see her turn up on time for LA meetings. As her practise in the past has always benn to turn up late for whatever occasion. Her salary is one of the highest paid CS and we are demanding her loyalty when it comes to being punctual.

      • Anonymous says:

        One thing we cant say is that ju ju did not secure her place early. She is smart in the sense that she saw that she wasnt strong and we understand that she early asked Alden for the Speaker job. I am sorry but you are not leaving her behind.

      • Anonymous says:

        Roy and Marco we just want you to try and calculate how much it has costus the Public to have all that asphalt put in peoples driveways. Also we want our monies back.NOT ASKING TOO MUCH ARENT WE?

  36. anon says:

    This is great news and can only be good for the country.

  37. Anonymous says:

    I did not see this coming. Nor, I suspect, did anyone else.

    • Anonymous says:

      Everyone in the Brac knew that she was not a strong candidate, and I MUST GIVE HER THE CREDIT THAT SHE REALIZED IT TOO. Thats why she was asking from long before the election for the Speakers job. How in the hell for the past 4 years she was opposing PPM and now she has joined him Thats the first wrong and dangerous thing that PPM could do.After all that position should have gone to Ezzard, and our strong and able roads man should be no other than Arden. I can see her doing her tac ticks with Moses K. Beware….

      • Anonymouse says:

        All of that could have been the case if Ezzard and Arden had not joined forces with C$C to make unreasonable demands for 3 Cabinet seats plus the Speakership.

  38. Anonymous says:

    Praise the Lord!  We need all hands on deck to turn this ship around. Roy's experience will prove invaluable to these Islands!

  39. Anonymous says:

    me want a piece of this action and ofcourse the cheese and bacon :)))