Witness trouble delays trial in gang killing

| 10/06/2013

(CNS): A 27-year-old West Bay man who was scheduled to begin his trial in Grand Court this week for the murder of Robert Mackford Bush (28) during a gang related killing spree in September 2011 will now have to wait until March 2014 before he has his day in court. Brian Borden has denied being one of two masked gunmen who opened fire on Bush, but due to issues relating to the crown's key witness, his chance to defend himself has been postponed for the second time. Borden was arrested in August last year based on the evidence of one man. His lawyer told the court last week that he believed it would be impossible to go through with the trial because of an on-going police investigation into the witness.

Although those charged with murder are almost always remanded in custody, his defence attorney, Nick Hoffman, put the court on notice that said he intended to make a bail application for his client, who has already served more than ten months in jail without trial. Given the latest developments, Borden is looking at a further eight months on remand at HMP Northward, which would raise questions in regard to the bill of rights, which requires the justice is delivered in a timely fashion.

Borden has held his ground over his innocence since he was arrested based on the evidence of the crown’s leading witness. Although no details were revealed in the court about the questions over the key witness, it has caused a further and significant delay in the case.

Bush was shot multiple times in the head and body by two masked men while sitting his car at the junction of Capt. Joe and Osbert Road and Birch Tree Hill Road on 13 September 2011. The killing set off what were described by the police as a string oftit-for-tat gang related shootings in West Bay and George Town. No other charges or arrests were made in relation to the murder of Bush or the other three victims.

Andrew Baptist (27) was gunned down just two days later on Sand Hole Road, West Bay on 15 September by unknown masked gun men. His killing was followed by the murder of Preston Rivers (19), who was shot multiple times by at least two armed gunmen in Anderson Road, also in West Bay, on 17 September.

The shootings then moved to George Town, when Jason Christian (18) was killed in Cranbrook Drive off Crewe Road while sitting in a van with Keith Montague (22), who although also shot multiple times survived the attempt on his life.

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