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Man hit by dump truck

| 20/06/2013 | 29 Comments

(CNS): A man who was hit by a dump truck in Bodden Town on Wednesday is currently said to be in a stable condition at the Cayman Islands Hospital after receiving treatment for head injuries. An RCIPS spokesperson said that the man had apparently run into the side of the moving truck yesterday morning (19 June ) at around 9:40am. Police believe the man ran into the roadway and collided with the side of a moving dump truck near to the Turtle’s Nest Inn. He sustained head injuries as a result of the collision with the truck, which was travelling in the direction of George Town at the time. The driver was not injured.

Police said anyone who was in the area at the relevant time yesterday and who may have information is asked tocontact PC Brian Jameson at George Town Police Station on 949-4222.

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Crown seizes dealer’s $10k

| 20/06/2013 | 17 Comments

court good.jpg(CNS): The crown successfully managed to confiscate CI$10,626.13 in a range of currencies Tuesday from a local man recently convicted of conspiring to supply cocaine. Justice Charles Quin ruled during a confiscation hearing that the money found in Camilo Naranjo’s possession and his home when he was arrested in connection with the drug related offence following a police sting operation was as a result of criminal activity. The crown made the application to seize the cash, which was in several different currencies, following his conviction under the proceeds of crime law. Prosecutors successfully argued that money in Cayman and US dollars, as well as sterling and euros, was acquired by Naranjo unlawfully.

Naranjo, who is serving an eight year sentence after pleading guilty to the conspiracy charge in January of this year in connection with an undercover police operation that took place in 2010. Naranjo was believed to be a leading player in the local drug trade, and plain clothes police officers set up a trap for the suspect, in which they posed as potential customers for a significant amount of cocaine.

The money in question was seized after his arrest but under the law local authorities must demonstrate that the cash came into the convicted man’s possession as a result of his “criminal lifestyle" but the onus was on Naranjo to prove the cash was his via legitimate means. Naranjo had claimed that he had earned most of the money working with a local watersports operator and at a local restaurant but $2,000 had come from his mother.

In the months prior to his arrest in November 2010, Naranjo had made several extended overseas trips to the UK and Holland. He claimed to have financed these through the sale of jewellery and electronic equipment. However, no receipts were produced from the jewellery and the electronic equipment he had aimed to sell or were found in his apartment. In addition, the defendant was living at Treasure Island at the time of his arrest, paying some $1,150 in rent per month.

With no evidence as to how he sustained his lifestyle prior to his arrest or that he had sold any possession but with significant evidence that he was involved in drugs smuggling, the judge said it led to the “inescapable inference that he was drug trafficking on a significant scale”. The judge found that there was “no evidence of any legitimate source of income” for Naranjo. He said the defendant had failed to displace the crown’s assumption that the cash was a direct result of his criminal behaviour and ordered the money confiscated.

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White collar suspect may plead to $500k theft

| 20/06/2013 | 0 Comments

Michael-Levitt (236x300).jpg(CNS): The former president of the Rotary Sunrise Club, Michael Levitt, who was the money laundering reporting and compliance officer for Solomon Harris, made his first Grand Court appearance on Friday after being charged with fraud and theft related offenses from the local legal firm. Levitt is accused of stealing around $500,000 from his former employer but his lawyer implied that there may be no need for a trial if the amount of money the 57-year-old man is accused of taking can be agreed. Following the adjournment to allow his attorney to discuss the case with the crown, Levitt is now expected to answer the charges against him on 5 July.

Levitt, who is a foreign national, was remanded in custody to HMP Northward and if convicted he can expect a significant custodial sentence as the courts have traditionally taken a hard line against those found guilty of financial crime as a result of its impact on Cayman’s main economic pillar.

The accountant was arrested in March of this year when his employers discovered what were described as “financial irregularities” during the firm’s annual audit.

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Olympic day to showcase national sports

| 20/06/2013 | 0 Comments

gym.jpg(CNS): Updated with list of events attached — The Cayman Islands Olympic committee will be hosting a number of events on Olympic Day which takes place on Sunday, June 23 June at Public Beach celebration of its 40th year anniversary.  In the past Olympic Day has solely been a 5K Run/Walk, but this year organisers have invited the National Sports Federations to showcase their sports and the day will include Cycling at 9am, Football at 10am, Rugby at 11am, Golf at 12pm, Darts at 1pm, Swimming at 2pm, Volleyball at 3pm, Gymnastics at 4pm and the 5K run/walk organized by the Athletics Association at 5:30pm.

Olympic Day is free and open to everyone.

Organisers stated in a release that the event is not a fundraiser but to promote Olympism. Olympic Day is celebrated the world over on 23 June when hundreds of thousands of people – young and old – get moving and participate in sporting activities.

The event is hosted to promote participation in sport regardless of age, gender or athletic ability. Over the last two decades, the event has helped to spread the Olympic ideals to every corner of the world. The CIOC has hosted this event for several years and every year it has become a bigger success.

Registration for the 5K Run/Walk can be done online at For more information about Olympic Day call the CIOC office at 946-6984 and visit our Facebook page for constant updates:

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Cops warn drivers about thefts from cars

| 20/06/2013 | 13 Comments

(CNS): Three cars were broken into on Tuesday night while their owners attended the Clifton Hunter High School graduation at the Agape Church and police are now asking drivers to take extra precautions as they attend large public gatherings that are targets for thieves. Issuing the warning Wednesday, Angelique Howell, District Commander for George Town, reminded motorists to be aware of their surroundings when they park their cars and ensure that there is nothing valuable visible through the car windows which may tempt criminals.

“Try and park where there is adequate lighting and not in areas which are overgrown with bushes,” she said. “Before you leave your car you should also ensure that you don’t leave any valuables in view.  This is all about reducing the opportunities available to thieves and making your vehicle less vulnerable.”

CI Howell said additional officers patrolled the area surrounding the Church Wednesday for the John Gray High School graduation.

Anyone who wishes to speak to an officer about crime prevention should contact their local police station.

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Scientists to use submersible to examine lionfish

| 20/06/2013 | 0 Comments

antipodes-underwater-01 (267x300).jpg(CNS): A group of scientists will engage in a series of dives next week off the Florida coast to study the growing lionfish population in a deep-sea manned submersible. The goal of the three days of diving and panel discussions is to foster long-term collaboration among scientists to halt the unprecedented expansion of this invasive species, the providers of the submersible said in a release. "Our expedition is an opportunity for some of the most respected marine experts in the region to come together and find a way to further science on the lionfish epidemic," said StocktonRush, the founder and CEO of OceanGate.

"Lionfish are a serious threat to the ecosystems of the Atlantic, Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean waters, and we're pleased to provide our manned submersible for this research initiative and for the collaboration between organizations such as Nova Southeastern University (NSU) and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, all of which share an interest in raising awareness and exploring methodologies for lionfish population controls."

Antipodes, operated by OceanGate, will utilize a high-powered prototype collection system to catch the fish for later study. The use of OceanGate's submersible creates an unprecedented opportunity for real-time scientific collaboration and observation of lionfish in areas below diver depth. The data collected during the dives will be made available to scientists and researchers across the country.

The recent invasion of lionfish, a non-native predator known for its venomous spines and dramatically increased numbers in the waters of Florida, the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean, has severely decreased native fish populations by up to 80%, creating a serious threat to marine and reef ecosystems.

Hosted by Nova Southeastern University (NSU), the mission is also supported by the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation and will conclude on Saturday, June 29, with a panel of leading experts on aquatic invasive species. Scientists will discuss the data and imagery captured during the expedition, as well as their own first-hand observations.

OceanGate first raised national awareness of the lionfish threat in 2012 during the discovery of a downed World War II Hellcat fighter aircraft. Footage of the wreck also showed an alarming number of lionfish and caught the attention of marine biologists.

"The opportunity to further current research with submersible dives beyond diver depths will offer much needed insight into the species, and bring science closer to a solution for control," states Richard E. Dodge, Ph.D. Dean of NSU's Oceanographic Center.

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