Purple Dragon students celebrate black belt success

| 05/07/2013

382758_277058409010886_2106788576_a_0_0.jpg(CNS): Five Purple Dragon students were recently honoured at a ceremony held at the Purple Dragon Cayman dojo June 1st. Celebrating their success at the grueling Black Belt Grading held May 11-13th 2013 in Florida, Lance Jefferson, Steffen Pitta and Cathy Williams each earned their first black belt. Mario Dadal earned a second degree black belt, three purple stars and was awarded the distinguished title of Instructor. In addition, Instructor Leonard successfully achieved fourth degree black belt ‘renshi’ status and was notably awarded title of Sensei, as he explained:

“Obtaining the title of Sensei is an incredible honour, made possible only by the support of everyone at the dojo, especially Sensei Floyd, Sensei Karen, Sensei Geddes and Sensei Antonio. The continuous encouragement from friends and family has made this challenging path incredibly rewarding. A special thanks to Professor Jacob, for his leadership and continued inspiration throughout my years as a Purple Dragon warrior.”

Revered Professor Don Jacob, founder of the Purple Dragon Martial Arts system, recently migrated to Florida and welcomed a large number of international Purple Dragon martial art students, including a number from Cayman, to take part in the grueling three-day grading and seminar. Grading is the process by which karate students of varying levels are tested by Professor Jacob before they can progress to the next level of their training, which is indicated by an exchange in their belt color.

This was the second time Professor Jacob hosted a Black Belt grading event and seminar in Florida. Previously, all Black Belt grading took place in Port of Spain, Trinidad.

Over 51 international participants were evaluated in fighting, forms, self-defense, breakfalling and weapons as well as their knowledge of Martial Arts history.  The grading marks the culmination of years of dedication by the students to improve their skills and enhance their fitness, both mentally and physically.

Cayman Islands Purple Dragon Martial Arts instructor, Sensei Floyd Baptiste, was very happy with how his students performed. “The recent success achieved by Purple Dragon students in Florida is a testament to the hard work and dedication within the Cayman Islands Purple Dragon family.  Watching the students achieve such esteemed levels of distinction is a rewarding moment for all involved at the dojo. I’m looking forward to what the future holds for Purple Dragon Cayman.”

Purple Dragon is the longest running Martial Arts school in the Caribbean, with 45 schools in over eleven countries, and thousands of students worldwide. 

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