Mental health patient throws rock at driver

| 12/07/2013

(CNS): Police have arrested and detained a 25-year-old man in George Town who is understood to suffer from a mental health problem after he reportedly threw a rock at a man who was driving along Sheddon Rock near Funky Tangs. The rock struck the victim in the head but police say he refused medical attention, and despite receiving a head wound, the injuries were not life threatening. The incident occurred at around 1.55 on Friday afternoon and is currently under investigation by George Town uniform officers. Anyone who may have witnessed this assault is asked to call PC Ava Parkinson at GTPS at 9494222.

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  1. I say yes says:

    The so called nation building fund should have been used to build a mental health ward as God knows we need this more than supporting the 500 churches we have. Its good ridance time we look after the ill forgotten that we have instead of ignoring them and sending them off to Jamaica which is a waste of money. The driver is lucky to be alive and wish him a positive recovery, the 25 year old needs help.

  2. Anny omis says:

    I cannot report a crime when to the best of my understanding no law has been broken. Therefore no crime has occured. Odd behavior, in and of its self, is not, to my knowledge, illegal. I just wish I had more tools, under the law, to be proactive.

  3. Anny omis says:

    There are a couple of people in the downtown GT area that wander about, claerly out of touch with reality. (please no cruise ship jokes). Some are harmless, or so seeming, like Mr. Kirky, others are more worrisome, like the large heavyset young man who hangs out by KFC, and licks the merchandise, and holds items upto his face.

    • Anonymous says:

      And the poor woman who daily walks down West Bay Road, from the early hours to latest night. Surely we as a community shoud recognize this as abnormal activity and collectively do something for her.

  4. Anonymous says:

    We have historically neglected our mentally ill in Cayman and the time is long overdue to adress this. The mental health department at HSA is staffed by wonderful psychiatrists and psychologists but they are overwhelmed with the numbers of patients they have referred to them and this is especially true of the young people who need their services.Left untreated all we offer is punitive solutions ……………. the numbers of mentally ill inmates at Northward and Fairbanks are testiment to this. Time for us to show comapssion and care to all members of our society.

    • Anonymous says:

      How many are drug cases, that their brains have been damaged?  How can we deal with the drug problem and save lives?

      • Anonymous says:

        Legalise drugs.  Would make a massive difference to treatment and recovery chances.

      • Compassion says:

        In the same way we would deal with all mental patients, compassion andunderstanding. Have you noticed you have already decided mentally that if it is a drug related issue that caused mental stability there is less need to care for that person? Have you also noticed this was placed in the crime section? That is because we aren't helping or understanding the situation, we think we can get rid of some of the problem by labeling them criminals with drug problems and throwing them in jail. People start drugs for a reason. Find that reason and you can find the problem. Also with the amount of mentally ill people on this island it is about time we create a home for these individuals. Unless ofcourse your cool with them roaming around unnattended. They need help, give it to them.

        • Anny omis says:

          I agree, we need to help them. And, of course we need to find the root cause. But, we cannot allow clearly unstable persons to reak havoc on local businesses. My staff is predominately young and female, and they also have a right to personal safety.

      • Anonymous says:

        None of them.

  5. Anonymous says:

    poster:03:57  I don't remember it being on any politicians platform promising to stop mental health patients from throwing rocks at cars.On serious note sending them to Jam so they are out of site and out of mind is not the solution

  6. Caymanian Culture says:

    Please report ALL crimes that can help the community.

    I have heard about 2 burglaries in my neighborhood this week!?  Huh….?

    As much as I do not want to see poor international press for my beloved Cayman Islands, I DO want these residential crime stories to be relevant and shared with the public instead of swept under the carpet.  (CNS, how do you get your daily crime reports?)  Why are we not hearing about EVERY home invasion?  I need to see this on "You Tube?"  Pul-ease!?!

    Does anyone remember the Compass 1' inch police police report notices?  We need these to return to our printed pages (that way our "online readers" will still see the vanilla island, but locals can be aware)  

    If the RCIP will continue to stick their heads in the sand (shameful) then we as a community must somehow make ourselves aware of the petty crimes happening daily on our streets.  Hello David Legge?

    No longer do I want hear it on the coconut telegraph or marl road that my neighbor was burglarized.  If Neighborhood Watch does not work (lame) then we need to at least educate and inform the public.  Clearly the police are ineffective so the people need to be aware and awake so we can watch out for each other.

    The pretty PR campaign needs to end and we need the daily facts, not frosting!

    CNS: We receive our crime news from the RCIPS, either when it is disseminated to all news media or because we hear about an incident and ask the police for information. If the RCIPS produced a daily police blotter, we would certainly publish it.

  7. Anonymous says:

    And as to date, what has government been doing about this issue? This was hailed as one of the first things to be tackled by our new leaders, but yet here we are months later and we still just hearing chatter. Again. Empty promises.

    • Anonymous says:

      Easy there big feller. It ain't a dictatorship anymore. Takes time to do stuff 

      • Anonymous says:

        My guess is that a lot of money will be spent on achieving nothing, except perhaps naming a refurbished building after someone to win votes.   It is their way.

        • Anonymous says:

          Why don't you give them a chance and see what they do? I didn't support the UDP govt.but I did not have a word to say about their administration until they were in office one year.  

    • Anonymous says:

      Months later? I think you mean "weeks". The Elections were held on 22nd May. Today is 16th June.