Activist’s sex offenders list investigated by cops

| 18/07/2013

(CNS): Local activist Sandra Catron, who is trying to push the debate forward about how Cayman deals with sex-offenders, has herself become the focus of a police enquiry as a result of the Facebook page she created to name those who are convicted of abusing children or other sex-related crimes. Because the law prevents the media from publishing anything that could identify a victim in such criminal cases, often the perpetrators escape being identified despite being convicted of what many believe are some of the worst crimes committed in the community. For years Catron has battled in vain to have the local authorities create a register that can be viewed by the public.

As a result of a number of disturbing convictions recently, however, Catron has created her own unofficial register.

But the naming and shaming of convicted offenders continues to be controversial in Cayman because of the law and the size of the jurisdiction. The media has been criticised for not naming offenders but court gag orders and legislation that could turn on the publishers makes the local press reluctant to name them. Because Cayman is such a small jurisdiction, the authorities could easily suggest that naming a sexual predator would identify a victim, leading to prosecution of the reporter or owners of the publication. Although there is no blanket law prohibiting the naming of offenders, the result has essentially been the same.

Frustrated by the issues and as a result of several current rape cases in court, Catron decided that it was time to break the silence herself.

“Many victims from years gone by have come forward and are providing content and details of their assaults. Sexual abuse and rape is a deep-seated issue in these islands and we must take all steps to eradicate it. This sex offenders registry is only one such tool. The naming and shaming of offenders is necessary. Victims are having to live in shame whilst offenders are free to roam the streets and work in any jobs they can obtain,” she said.

However, following the creation of the new page, the police began investigating the issue, which Catron said sent a clear but wrong message to victims. Not only have consecutive governments ignored the pleas to set up a government-managed registry, now, when the community takes action themselves, the police are attempting to shut down the registry, she said.

“I must admit that this is the one time that I welcome the RCIPS to come and arrest me,” Catron told CNS. “I stand prepared to seek out international human rights groups and other entities for their support. I am extremely disappointed with this latest development. Victims have set aside their fear and come forward to assist me with the publications for the registry so I will stand strong also. By arresting me the RCIPS will not stop the publication as there are others not located in Cayman who have ample administrative rights to the page,” she said, as she accused the police of harassment.

With what she said had been overwhelming support for the registry, Catron said she is not giving up easily as she said more and more cases come to light on a daily basis.
Asked about the plans to close down the registry, the RCIPS said that the police were investigating the matter.

“The printing or publishing any information which could identify the victim of rape is an offence,” a spokesperson for the RCIPS told CNS. “The posting of names and photographs on this Facebook page causes us a great deal of concern. Firstly, the action could prejudice forthcoming court cases, but more importantly by identifying the accused this will in turn lead to the identification the victim. In this latest case involving a 12-year-old girl, while she is not named on the Facebook page, anyone who knows the accused or recognises him in the posting will be able to identify the victim. Thus re-victimising a vulnerable child who has already suffered so much,” she said.

However, Catron notes that no one who has not been convicted is named on the page and no victims' names appear.

“Every effort is taken to remove any identifying information as it relates to the victim,” Catron stated. “However, victims will not be subjected to any harassment as a result of this. Most victims have given me their full support and discussed their horrific ordeal. The page will also include things like anonymous impact statements from victims so that we can all learn and see how these incidents really affect people. We do not live in a vacuum and many amongst us are suffering,” she said, adding that it also offered general education on protection against sex crimes and signs of abuse.

There is no doubt that the persistent efforts by courts, the police and others involved to protect vulnerable victims has had the direct effect and unintended consequence of protecting offenders, who are then able to re-position themselves to continue their offending behaviour once they are released from prison, as they can gain the trust of others who know nothing of their crimes.

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  1. Joe Sanders says:

    This is why the registry should not be online. People turn it into an online hit-list and innocent people die. Are you going to be held responsible when someone you post about is murdered? –>

  2. big whopper says:

    Sex offender list Sandra??…why not convicted fellon page then…why the focus of sexual crime??

  3. Anonymous says:

    Whoever don’t support this is as sick as these sickos! Is your kids do get rapped or sexually assaulted don’t come back looking remorse from anyone!!!!

    Gt voter

  4. Anonymous says:

    My oh my we seem to be forgetting something about sexual predators, not all of them are men many all too many are female so why is everyone posting about him and saying Sandra go after those boys and men even Sandra focuses on just male offenders which makes her ignorant to some extent to the full extent of sexually related crimes.  Don't get me wrong I think our law enforcement should, upon a conviction require mandatory registration on a sex offenders registry that is available to the public but I am deeply disturbed by the fact that as a woman who as a child was molested by a woman that no one is acknowledging these crimes are not perpetrated male to female alone but male to male, female to male and female to female.  I wonder how many in our country realize how many adult males are raped each year here, the numbers are shocking and I would guess almost all of them go unreported due to social stigma.  No registry of this nature should be in the hands of a private citizen to control but our country does need to get this sorted and established and do so without gender bias.

    • Anonymous says:

      She only lists who’s convicted. Show me where a woman has been convicted. Ignorance is on your part not hers.

      • Anonymous says:

        Ignorance must indeed be bliss, did you not catch the tone of the post, the reason no woman has been convicted in this country is that girls, women, boys and men are too ashamed to come forward because people like you would likely not believe them!!!  I know of several young women who have been molested by women and again they won't come forward because they believe that people will not believe them.  I know of at least four well known high profile men who get beat by their wives regularly but they are too ashamed because of an ignorant society to seek help and break the cycle instead they say they got hurt playing sport or tripped over a rock.  I know of one very up and coming successful young man who carries the terrible secret that his step mother molested him daily until he was old enough to fight back.  it is people like you who help keep the secret because the survivors of such horrific crimes are afraid no one will believe them and you prove that point with your ignorant statement.  There are those of us who work behind the scenes to help these people but we are up against a public like you and a judicial system that is as ignorant and unwilling as you to prosecute, try and convict and then register the criminals while providing protection to these survivors.  Oh and as a personal survivor of sexual assault as a little girl by a female do not ever call me a victim!!! I am a survivor!

  5. Anonymous says:

    I fully support Ms. Catrol's mission and find it long overdue.  There are certain elements of our society, as is in every society in the world, has the same problems we do – it is not by any means unique to Cayman.  However in such a small community, we have a duty as parents and as a community is to protect those in our midst  who are most vulnerable and I believe in being aware of those that have broken the law and forever changed the lives of the countless victims of these type of crimes, we can utilise this registry in a positive way.  I do believe that only until such times that the offender in question has been found guilty should the name be added to the registry and if as we all know in this country, we have offenders who have been doing these acts and committing these crimes for a lifetime and are well known to the Court and the community.  Personally, I think that these individuals are ill but I'm not convinced that the rehabilitation argumentholds any merit.  I am more in favour of chemical castration.  I think its only fair for people living in a neighborhood to know that by the way, your neighbour 2 doors down, has been convicted of child molestation.  If you don't think that would change my mind about allowing my 2 young children out after school, riding bicyles in the neighborhood, you have another thing coming.  The long term effects on victims of sexual crimes, including rape, kidnapping and acts of forced sexual violence and abuse, are such that never go away.  Counselling is making incredible advances in helping victims to get on with their lives, but I speak from personal experience, no amount of time or talking has removed the crystal clear picture I can replay in my head of an attack that happened 30 years ago when I was kidnapped and raped repeatedly at gun point.  I made a decision at that time that I wanted to live, but the fear and torment I have carried around since then, has made me seriously rethink that decision and wonder whether it really was the best decision after all.  There are far too many people in Cayman today that walk around with some memory of abuse, be it man on child or man on woman. The pain and lasting effects of this injustice is far reaching.  So Sandra, just do the right thing and keep trodding on.  Countless victims, some of whom have already passed and some still living with this nightmare are with you.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Question begs to be asked. If we have a child molester,rapist out there and the only one's that know  are his , family, and everyone is keeping it quite. Even the police! what rights do the victims have when he is finally brought to justice ! Can they sue the Police Dept/Govt , the rapist family for leaving a dangerous criminal to wander around and continue to do what he want;s to do?     I can think of a repeat offender that was recently advertised on the Face Book page and he committed lot's of crimes and some of the people that he raped did not know he had been charged before. Hence why we need the Name and shame Wall!! I 'am 100%  in agreement and every Caymanain Woman needs to stand behind Sandra Catron and be counted!!!!.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Why is it that just about everyone that calls themselves an "activist" in Cayman seems to be a no-good troublemaker in my book? I want the DART project, I would prefer the dump in BT than where it is and I don't like this sort of ill-informed vigilant behaviour.

    • Anonymous says:

      "I want the DART project".  Here we go again Dart's PR Crew at work.  I hope that you will also volunteer to give up more of your earnings and wealth to make up for the money needed to run government because Mac and Rollie made deals with Dart that ensures Dart does not pay the taxes other businesses and individuals have to pay.  We get in jail for not paying taxes – Dart gets to keep the money that should be paying taxes for government to run the Islands, so that he can make millions of dollars profit.  When Dart does not pay taxes we pay them for him.  

      • Anonymous says:

        50% of a lot is much more than 100% of nothing.  So the DART deal will increase revenue streams.

      • Anonymous says:

        What you talking bout? You mean CG not Rollie. Get ya facts straight oe boy.

      • Anonymous says:

        anon 1726 I do understand your frustration.

        However when large projects are proposed for the country that Government itself cannot handle they give concessions to allow the project to be completed so that the country can benifit.

        Of course the question then is how much is too much?

    • Anonymous says:

      Ms. Catron has been working on this for well over 7years – I would hardly call her ill informed.

      • Anonymous says:

        And in the end there was a unilateral amateur effort that needed amendment straight away because it exposed a victim.  That is pretty much my defintion of ill-informed.

  8. Anonymous says:

    What about them little teenage babies having children for married men?? What about those creeps!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      lol! awww! are you hurt due to a younger version female stepping in the light and your man who dont know anything about staying faithful?! trust me. it is not the "teenage girls" fault to go out there and breed for married "men". Half the times these married men dont be wearing no wedding ring, they always rolling SOLO out on the road seeking a young thing

  9. Hercules says:

    Myths and Misconceptions About Sex Offenders

    – This is in response to those commenters that mention only parts of a study, the parts that suit their agenda about rehabilitation, reoffending, who is who and what to look for etc. Copied word for word from the 'Oregon Sexual Assault Task Force'.

  10. Da Purple Dragon aaaaarrr says:

    Totallly agree with my girl on this one  however we also need to set up a registry for "Stalkers" oh oh ooooh somebody will instantly get on that naughty list now won't they?

  11. DUH says:

    Making a registry of sex offenders does not take away their chance at rehabilitation, it merely makes a public record of who has commited sexual offenses in the past. If a sex offender hopes to redeem his reputation he has to earn it by demonstrating his desire to change. How would it entail law suits? Is a reformed sex offender going to file for damages to his reputation? Umm he already damaged his own reputation with the choice he made which got him on that list. Its nice to know you have faith in humanity and the potential of positive change, but lets be realistic. You do the crime you deserve to have the public recognize you as that offender so they know who to be cautious around. Regardless if you change, the public deserves more rights to their and their children's safety than a present, past or future sex offender deserves.

    • Hercules says:

      And what about those falsely accused? The scorn in a small community such as the Cayman Islands is 1000 fold. The whispers,jeers and so forth will forever follow those accused wrongly or proven innocent in a court of law. Even when there’s no actual victim or abuse, people still hear “rumors” and that’s like a hand on your holy bible around here. So it must be true. Call Sandra, here’s a picture. Posted. Ostracised.

      • CaymanPiper says:

        I think Sandra forgets that we don't live in a perfect system, and if it was her son who was falsely accused of a pedophilia crime, she just caused him to be hated, branded, and ostracized by society. You see you have to be careful… it is like the death penalty- once it is made legal in an imperfect system, innocent people will get themselves in the net.

        • Anonymous says:

          Actually she has already listed her own family on there – so seems to me you don't know Sandra Catron – wrong is wrongno matter who does it. Don't molest children and you won't have to worry about being branded.

          • M. says:

            I think you miss the point. Nobody is saying that the public shouldn't know about who is a pedophile or sexual molester. Once there is a conviction and proof of guilt by the Court, the conviction is publicly made known already via the newspaper or some other source. All we are saying is that you CANNOT publicly put somebody's name on an official list without a declared conviction, and repercussions that would follow if the complainant were to appeal to his civil rights being violated. There is no way that such a list could be support without costing the government and tax-payers.

      • Double DUH says:

        Simple. If the police helped Sandra rather than making her an enemy and protecting actual sex offenders we can eradicate this issue. If Sandra continues to face opposition by the law then she will become a vigilante and inevitably some names will appear there when they have no right to be there. It should be dealth with legally; innocent till proven guilty. Those who were actually charged and found guilty of a sexual offense should be put on a legal registry. On this island im sure there are worries about the reputations of offenders who want to change. Perfect, this registry will motivate them enough to work to remove their names from the list. There should be a certain scale, allocated time and assessment of registered offenders to determine if they havebeen rehabilitated. If they pass the assessment and have not gotten themselves into any trouble after such amount of time they can get their name taken off the list. Honestly people, lets put our heads together and think about this before we either go "Boo Sandra or Whoo Sandra". Yall ga do betta blood

        • Hercules says:

          Very good feedback. But Iwould hasten to say most will want the names on the registry forever and ever. Then there goes the incentive for not reoffending. The public’s right to know is open to interpretation, too much or wrong knowledge, however well intended, could lead to a mob attack on the wrong person in this small community. The courts should always have the final say.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Childrens should not be permitted Face Book accounts – thats the first problem I see here. Parents just give their kids too many freedoms to see and hear what is not for them. Block them from these sites. Know what your kids are seeing and doing.

  13. M. to Catron says:

    Catron, I have a problem with publicly listing names of offenders. To me, it assumes that they can never be rehabilitated from their fantasies. Because if they could be rehabilitated, it wouldn't be fair to list them for the public to know. If society was to adopt this idea, it would entail lawsuits against the government if a young offender reformed his ways and is being dsicriminated because of a public listing. Catron, let us not be vindictive and place all offenders in the same barrel… yes, it is good to know who is who, but there has been no study that has proved that such offenders can never be rehabilitated. Just my 2-cent

    • Anonymous says:

      There's a good bit of evidence that many sex offenders can't be rehabilitated, particularly pedophiles.

    • Anonymous says:

      when you get him rehabilitated then call her and she can remove his name. One must pay the penality for their crimes.

      Otherwise we will have  arnachy on our hands,  we are not that far off, as it is now.

      • Hercules says:

        Calling her to remove the name after rehabilitation?! You really believe Sandra will be convinced? Judge, Jury and Executioner is an apt phrase for your comment.

    • Anonymous says:

      All studies have clearly shown that there is no rehabilitation for pedophilia. Do you really think Sanda is being "vindictive"? How dumb can you be? She's trying to protect our innocent children.

      • Hercules says:

        You are wrong. There is NO definitive study that proves either way, that much is clear. What about kids who molest other kids? That’s another study, but this time it’s definitive. “Think of the children” is not a problem solver.

        Pots, pans and kettles all about the place.

    • Anonymous says:

      And just WHERE do you think they will get this rehabilitation? Not going to happen.

      And it IS fair to know if he is your neighbor and you have children that fit his needs.

      How would you feel if you had befriended your new neighbor, seems like a likable fella, and 6 months down the line he suggested taking your kid fishing? Sounds fun, eh!

      That's just my 2 cents

    • Anonymous says:

      If people can be named and shamed by appearing on the Cause List (without actually being found guilty) which is available to the public on our Judiciary Website, why should a Rapist be exceptional? Thieves and drug users can be rehabilitated as well but if you do wrong as adults we should be willing to accept and face consequences! I am not against what Ms. Catron is working towards. However, it was not her place to take it into her own hands. I do wish Government and the Community would wake up and realise that Cayman is no longer what it used to be and support this.

    • Anonymous says:

      You have a point with lawsuits. People need to understand that the sickest of criminals have civil rights too, and seeing we adopted a bill of rights in the Cayman Islands, I would think twice before supporting such a list of names.  

  14. Anonymous says:

    She has more courage than or system! The hurtful part about this is that our system suppose to protect us!


  15. The Thinker: says:

    Sometime ago I heard an older lady remark that if a young lady who had been molested by a man  "three times her age", had not been dressed so provocatively, he would not have molested her. These are the kinds of remarks that help to perpetrate these offenses. Let me give you a story about "justice" and "justification" in a case that I witnessed as a young boy back in 1950.

    A twelve year old girl was molested by seventeen year old young man in the community and who having realized that what he did was wrong, subsequently went into hiding. But, as the word got out he was eventually hunted down by the people of the neighborhood. 

    Now keep in mind that in those days there was  no telephones,  but word spread as quickly as if there were, and little or no tolerance for anything that interrupted the serenity of our community was tolerated, so one can imagine the outrage after hearing the horrific things to which this little girl was subjected! Upon hearing  the story and the details thereof, it was decided by the elders of the community that this young man had to be taught a lesson for this awful thing he had done to this young girl, and for the humiliation and embarrassment  it caused to  his family and the community!

    The decision was made by the males of "his" family to teach this young man a lesson, and to put the fear of god in any others that might be so inclined to do anything similar. It was decided that whatever was done had to be done openly and publicly. After discussions among the older males of the community it was  agreed that  punishment  would be administered. They spread the word as to where this would occur, and the whole neighborhood was invited to attend.  A kitchen table  was brought out and placed  under a large Tamarind Tree, and a "switch" [from the tree] was laid next to the table.

    At three o'clock in the afternoon [the time it was decided to administer punishment] the trembling young man was brought out. No one said a word except the boy's father who apologized to the boy for what was about to happen, and told his son how much he loved him and that  what was about to happen was for his own good. With that the boy was stripped of his pants and laid on the table where he was held by the males of the girls family while his father administered twelve lashes of the Tamarind Switch. Upon ending the punishment the father "who was by then in tears" went over to his son hugging him  and telling him how much he loved him. Even some members of the girls family was in tears, not because they thought that the punishment was in the extreme, but because he was one of "The Neighborhood Family" and one for which they were saddened because of the awful thing he had done.

    Today that young man is an upstanding citizen in the community and has raised two beautiful kids who are both professionals today! "Spare not the rod and spoil the child".



    • Hercules says:

      “Today that young man…” – your words. I’m not sure a person who is 80 years of age is considered a young man. Now if you were at the age of say, 110 years old, you might consider him as young. But this is not the case, as you stated that you were a young boy in 1950 when this “story”/event occurred. The maths do not make sense to me when you said ‘today that young man’. Doubt then sets in.

      • Anonymous says:

        What are you bumbling about….the writer is correct.

        • Hercules says:

          Ahh, past tense. My mistake. I need to go for a walk and get some fresh air to clear my old brain. Thank you for the correction.

      • The Professor says:

        It is  so sad to hear people "like Hercules" making statements which exposes their  obvious lack of a proper back-ground in the use of English Grammar. When in doubt, one should ask so as not to make one-self seem [may I say] lacking in the proper use of  the Language!  Put another way, the word "THAT" used in this context is indicative of, or is in reference to, something in the past tense, thus the phrase is correct, and when you begin to get a fairly good knowledge of English Grammar you will have agreed with this explanation! 

        • Hercules says:

          Thank you for your correction. But should it not be; like “Hercules” and not “like Hercules” ? – Furthermore, see my reply below admitting my oversight. And one last thing, you have an extra space between the words ‘their’ and ‘obvious’. :-\\

          But let us not stray from the subject at hand, my dear Professor.

  16. Anonymous says:

    There are many rights and wrongs on this argument, regardless of those for the moment, my concern here is that where Ms Catron is  getting her information from in the first place, is it directly from the court? You really do not want to open yourself up to a false accusation case….

  17. Power Trip says:

    I just like to look at the pictures of the perps. Admit it, we all like to look. It’s something to talk about to make our lives more interesting and make us feel above others in an otherwise boring daily life. 'If it bleeds, it leads' comes to mind. Sandra, you are going about this the wrong way. No different than the likes of Nancy Grace, Phil Donahue or Geraldo Rivera. Because the nastier, more controversial and yes, evil, the better. I believe you are more for the praise and accolades, more so than the message itself and to make a difference. Take it to the law makers, as the social blogs make it easy, but always cheapens the whole thing. And eventually you'll have a 'psychological-mob mentality'; "string 'em up by the balls" and so on postings, shouts and talk. Until the wrong person gets hurt, that's my fear. If it does happen, who do we hold responsible? But it's all too easy from the comfort of one's chair or wherever the posts/Likes are generated.

    I've known you longer than you'd care to know Sandra, while I respect you for your voice, you do not have my support on this matter. Especially after posting on the FB SOR page that you would sue some more if they come after you. I quote: "most definitely they WILL be SUED AGAIN if they come after me. No 2 ways about that!" Oh really now? You win half of a legal case and now you feel empowered, right? Again, I know you well.

    I’d like to end by saying, as a parent, sexual assault victim and socially responsible citizen of the Cayman Islands. I'm here to state that this is not the proper way Sandra. You do not and will not have my support. My social responsibility about this matter and Sandra's 'charge for the so-called good' and the direction it is headed ends here, with a period.

    • The Professor says:

      Are you a PERP?  Does this article seem a little too close to home for you.

      I know of families whose young daughters were molested by their fathers,  and it was the Church People who insisted on not making it public. Today it is sad to see the effect this has had on the grown women who were these young girls. Most  of them have never had a normal relationship with a man, mainly because they are conditioned negatively towards men.

      In the 'Good Book" they recommend that these "perps" be stoned to death.  But  I guess as a good christian you will disagree with that! 

      • Hercules says:

        I didn’t see where the poster ‘Power Trip’ mentioned the “Good Book”. Let’s not get started with religion and the abuse that has ruined so many lives instead of helping and guiding and following this “Good Book”. And please note, the use of the word ‘perp’ is short for perpetrator, not perv or pervert. Get your mind out of the gutter. People who have a different opinion are not automatically guilty or suspect. But then again, this is a small community. “Rumors” = Marl Road.

  18. Anonymous says:

    I think we should support Sandra Catron because your kid may be the next victim! It doesn’t hit hardest until it happens to someone near to you! If we’re afraid to make a stand, please support someone who if not afraid to make a stand for the best interest of everyone!

    I’m a supporter of sex registry

  19. Anonymous says:

    I support this 1000%!!!! Name and shame is working for the Blue Spot and it will work for this too. 

  20. Anonymous says:

    My goodness, we only have a few people like Ms Catron who will take a stand against injustice and she needs to be respected and honoured for that.


    I wish politicians and people who have to actually state 'they don't like her' will stop trying to make it a personal issue, she hasn't.  I really hope their egos don't get in the way and they refuse to set up the registry again because she'll get the 'credit'. Remember it doesn't matter who sets it up WE all know Sandra Catron was the one fighting for it.

    She's not doing this for her children, she has none to best of my knowledge.

    She's not doing this for publicity or to get 'votes' she's been fighting for this registry for years.

    So for the love of God and the vulnerable and hurt persons, especially children, do the right thing leaders.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Yeah yeah go Sandra!!. So Sandra were you abused? Did you tell everyone who did it? Was it a relative, most of the time its a relative like Oprah's story. I'm so sorry this happened to you. Did you tell ,did he get arrested. Are you going to put his picture or did it not go to court? Are you still afraid? Did he say he was sorry? I could go on ….but I think maybe some of you may feel like I do. Its nobody's business. Yesthere are different cases. Everyone is different ,but this makes everyone  the same. Its not fair to the victim. Everyone will start asking and children especially when children find out they will not have the compassion. They will tear the victims apart with their evil talk. 

    If people leave their children where predators can get them. That registry isn't going to help the children. If they are next door ,what are your children doing over there? If you have children why don't you know where they are? Watch your children and don't trust anybody!!!!

  22. Anonymous says:

    She should be prosecuted to the fullest – how dare she knowingly expose the identity of minors who may have been abused!!

    • Anonymous says:

      i don't believe you read this through m8

      she did say that she tries to keep any factors that may link the victims to the accused out of her publications.

  23. Anonymous says:

    RCIPS needs to find something better to do! This is a much needed initiative!

  24. supporter says:

    Keep pushing Sandra. Haters gonna hate, but don't watch them.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Sandra your heart is in the right place, but I'm not sure where your head is.  Outside of the legal implications, some of the content which I've seen (posted by others) is not appropriate for younger persons to access.  Using a social networking website such as Facebook is slightly reckless as it’s widely used by very young children (10+).  It could also be highly damaging for a child of the abuser to find this information about their parent plastered all over the internet.  Beyond this, we have to be careful that we are not giving the wrong impression of our country to potential visitors with families.  You'll be surprised how many people will choose another destination if they get the impression that child abuse is rampant.  Again, this vigilante approach is the dog scenario all over again- you once again stuck your nose where it doesn’t belong.  I appreciate your past efforts to petition for this to happen, but if the country wanted this to be in place it would be. I guarantee that if 50% of the Cayman Islands population were to march through George Town the Government would listen.  Use social media to advocate for support and arrange mass movements.  The outcome will be more effective, gain legal legitimacy and keep your backside out of Fairbanks!

    • Anonymous says:

      wow.. OUR own children and OUR own family members are being raped and molested and you're worried about not giving foreigners the wrong impression?! i couldn't give a damn what they think as long as we're doing something to stop it.


      outside of the victims potentially suffering more i dont see anything wrong with this. maybe if more people got publically embarassed it would put a halt on some of these sick people ruining these childrens lives because the mental scars will never heal.


      we need more people to have the balls to do what she's doing about many different things that we see wrong in cayman because as we can clearly see the government (as usual) is keeping everything on the dl.

    • Hercules says:

      A very educated and brilliant reply. Your comment about visitors to the island is spot on. From the other comments with this article and on the FB page and Ms. Catron’s own words, you would think we have a serial abuser(s) in 1 out of every 10 persons. I’m sure it’s not pleasant whatever the number is but the sensationalism attached to the FB page could make one think there’s an epidemic that’s out of control. And low and behold, who’s here to save the day? S

      • Anonymous says:

        We do have an epidemic! If only you would realize that we have so many assaults here and the vast majority go unreported. Sad!

        • Hercules says:

          If that is true, you should bring this information to the authorities, immediately! The sad fact is, yourself and others that same to have all the numbers and stats just might be part of the problem if there’s really an epidemic. I on the other hand, don’t think there is.

      • Anonymous says:

        Visitors are also victims so now they can be more aware instead of coming here and getting raped and then going out there and slandering us on their own. Google it and you will see they are MUCH less afraid to speak out.

        • Hercules says:

          Coming here and getting raped? Please don’t make it sound to visitors reading these comments that there’s a major issue here with visitors being sexually attacked. I suggest you choose your wording carefully and make a clear distinction. – – –

          The DOT can get on this right away otherwise and start a new slogan:

          The Cayman Islands – ‘You Will Not Be Fondled Upon the Seas’

          – Yea, I don’t think that’s going to work.

    • Anonymous says:

      Social media is used by government officials for Sex Registry – search it on FB and see – great idea!!

      • Anonymous says:

        Is this lady a 'government official'?

        • Anonymous says:

          Read the post – it said social media should not be used. Point being even govts. use it. Boy this site sure has some dumb as**** on here!

  26. Anonymous says:

    Well done Sandra.Our women need to realise their strengths and empower themselves.

  27. Anonymous says:

    There is nothing worse than a keen amatuer sticking their noses in things like this.  Actions of this nature have been documented to do more harm than good to everyone involved victims, perpetrators and potential future victims.  For example complaint rates drop when there is publicity.  It is arrogance of the highest order to unilaterally behave in this way without official support.

  28. Anonymous says:

    What about the blue spot facebook page 🙂 Just sayin'

  29. 4 Cayman says:

    I might not agree that this would be the correct way of naming and shaming sex offenders. However, I would be very angry to learn after the fact that my next door neighbour is a sex offender and I got three young daughters. How could I explain to them I was not able to protect them from such a horrific crime? 

    Something needs to be done because its not safe in cayman anymore and this would be one step in the right direction of making our community safer!

    • Stiffed-Necked Fool says:

      "Sex offenders registry", well the first name that should be on this list is missing, but then again, we will never see that name on this Sex offenders Registry!

      I going start my Sex offenders registry and start with the first name that should rightly be named in any Sex offenders registry, as sex offenders dont only apply to sex offences against minors, even though that is the most sick & serious!

  30. Anonymous says:

    If the courts would hand down longer sentences for these creeps we might have less of this happening. If only the courts were as concerned with the safety and welfare of the molested children among us as they are of their identities we might get somewhere without the Sandra Catrons.  For you people commenting who think Sandra's actions are so terrible, maybe you should rechannel your outrage at these losers who prey upon OUR children. It's people like you who give these people license to do what they do.

  31. Anonymous says:

    Wrong target

  32. Anonymous says:

    just be care full sandra be care full

  33. Anonymous says:

    Sandra thank you for having the guts to do this. This is not your job but somebody had to do it.  This has been going on in our community for too long.  I know because I was abused as a young child and back in the day it was not something you spoke about so the man who abused me is still in our community, is well known, and pretending to be a Christian. God knows how many children he has abused during the years.  I wish to God he could be named and shamed and spare others of what he did to me.  

  34. Sam Putt Putt says:

    There must be workable arrangements that provide for a reasonable balance between the protection of the identity of the victim of a crime and the public's right to know who among us has been convicted of a crime, particularly sex related crimes. We know there are such arrangements. They exist elsewhere.

    It is a great stretch in my opinion to conclude that merely the knowledge of the name of an offender could easily result in the identification of the victim. However, it is misplaced to fault the enforcement authorities for the collateral effects of their interpretation of the current law. They are not in a position to provide this interpretation and in fact inconsistencies in enforcement already exist. The Cayman Islands Judicial and Legal Information web site publishes cause lists which include the accused's name for trials, including those for sex offences.

    So there already exisits precedent for the publication of accused sex offenders names, presumably because it is reasonable and necessary to publish them as part of the Cause Lists.

    It is clearly the responsibility of legislation to provide for the wishes of the people. And I would certainly think that this is a no brainer in determining that the wish of the people in this instance is not to shield and protect sex offenders from the public scrutiny any other convicted criminal is subject to.

    So I would say to our newly elected representatives, do your job, fix this problem and legislate.

  35. Anonymous says:

    Thank you Ms. Sandra for never giving up on this.

  36. Anonymous says:

    Please Ms Catron be very careful, in the first named case on your page it seems the court wanted to protect the privacy of  the victim by not naming the perpetrator, and by your actions she is now presumably identifiable. The last thing this island needs is vigilante groups going round with kangaroo court justice meted out….

    • Anonymous says:

      The court never names the perpetrator but yet the media give identfying information – Ms. Catron removed that from the FB page if you have payed attention.

      • Anonymous says:

        So the removal is an admission that there has already been problems with the crazy amateur scheme?  Someone will die or be seriously hurt because of this.

        • Anonymous says:

          No –  you need to pay attention. BEFORE she posted the perps she removed the info. that the media included. PAY ATTENTION – nothng was taken down.

  37. Anonymous says:

    This is a disgrace.  If publishing such information is not an offence at the moment then it should be criminalised promptly.

  38. Anonymous says:

    Cayman needs a sex crime registry! They are kids everywhere & everyone needs to know who is who next to their kids etc!

    I’m in full support of the sex registry!

  39. Anonymous says:

    What is wrong with this woman?  Shut her down.  She has done irreparable damage to so many people.  That poor 12 year old girl.

    • Common sense says:

      How so? Please educate us on the irreparable damage. Obviously you do not know that each day for court the names of the offenders are posted with the crimes they are being charged with. That is open to the public. How is a sexual offenders registration any different? It doesn't name the victim. People like the police who point out that this girl is 12 years old for example give the public more of an idea who the poor girl is. Not a registry. Do you know who this 12 year old girl is? Whether you do or don't the fact remains people who know her will speak regardless, this is cayman. The victims will be identified but they wont be subject to any harm or damage if offenders are named and shamed. Common sense people common sense. Making a sexual offenders registry illegal is a blatant allowance of child rapists to get away with their crimes. Im sure if you had a 12 year old child you would like to know the neighbour next door isn't going to molest her, wouldnt you? Seriously people are you guys on crack? make it illegal yuh nuh

    • Anonymous says:

      The person is no longer 12 – she's an adult and in full support. Get your facts straight.

  40. Kim Angelina says:

    Sandra is making a huge difference on our islands and that what matters most!!! Go Sandra, name them and shame them. Maybe they will think before they do such senseless acts!!!

  41. Anonymous says:

    I may not like her as a person, but she has a point. Cayman does need a registry for sexual assault/abuse offenders.

    • Anonymous says:

      Which should be done the correct way and not by this lady on 'social' media! 

      • Anonymous says:

        And if she did not push this do you see Government or the police pushing it?

        I think not.

        She makes noise and they will react.

        It is desperately needed and I am fine with it but it must not expose the ladies that were raped. They have already had to deal with the horry and do not need to be put through it time and time again. The list should also give some details list when it was done and how often they were caught. Some might regard that as important information.

  42. C says:

    I agree that it is time for the Cayman Islands to have a sex offender registry. If people are going to find out who the victims are they will find out regardless. Not having a registry really only protects the identity of the offenders. Specific details of the victim(s)' relation to the offender need not be disclosed, nor any other identifying details or circumstance of the case. I'm sorry, but ignorance is not bliss when your neighbor is a pedophile pervert.

  43. Anonymous says:

    I agree that this is a topic that needs to be focused on by our government. However It is not your place Sandra to do this. If you want to pass laws and regulations then GO RUN FOR ELECTION!


  44. Anonymous says:

    Go girl! You have my full support, I am in US.

  45. Anonymous says:

    This is one thing that I support Sandra on.  If anyone thinks that the Cayman public doesn't know who did what to who, then someone has their head buried in sand.  Besides, no offender is convicted in secret court; it is all public and their names appear on the court list for trial.  It is also amazing that despite being convicted in open, public court, a person's convictions are still not published publicly here; they are in the USA.  If they are expired by reason of the Rehabilitation Law, then print that beside it, but if you are convicted in public, then your name should appear on a publicly accessible database.  The police would be far more effective as I think the public would be able to call them when they see a known burglar or thief, or rapist, or child molester hanging around in a particular location for no justifiable reason.  And forget this crap about criminal rights under the guise of human rights; human rights should be more in favour of looking after the rights of law abiding people in society than it is of those who victimize society.  Someone needs to take a long hard look at our legal system and arrange a reality check for those administering law and justice in this place.  Pity courses in common sense aren't available too.  Sandra, stand strong.  You are on the right track with this.

    • Anonymous says:

      '…..human rights should be more in favour of looking after the rights of law abiding people in society than it is of those who victimize society…'

      By doing what this lady has done was she looking after the rights of law abiding people in society that were victimized and are now made victims again…..or putting herself in the news again.  Perhaps some people like to draw too much attention to themselves.

    • Hercules says:

      A lot of the sex crime trials held in a court of law (and not your back porch) are closed to the public, especially when these trials involve young kids. Most are requested by the prosecution for fear of the victim being intimidated or embarrassed and made ashamed. It gives them a leg up in this regard too, as they don’t have the added pressure of calming a witness/victim. Nor be accused by the family or public of not asking the right questions, not being toughenough or such things.

      For the accused, this can be good as well, no threats or shouting from the gallery by family members or the general public. In the end, it’s requested so the trial will proceed in a lawful, professional and fair manner for both sides. A name is one thing, but a photo speaks a thousand words.