Judge hands down lengthy sentence for violent attack

| 19/07/2013

(CNS): Justin Ramoon (21) was sentenced to seven years and nine months in prison Thursday, after being found guilty of wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm to 20-year-old Andrew Lopez outside Archie's Bar on Shedden Road last August. Ramoon was convicted of stabbing him eight times to the left side of his body. Justice Malcolm Swift said in his ruling that he entirely agreed with the conviction by the jury. "I can find nothing that assists me to reduce the sentence for any mitigating reason," the judge said. Justice Swift arrived at this sentence after taking into account the time Ramoon had spent on remand as well as his time on curfew and electronic tag when he was bailed in February.

Ramoon's defense attorney indicated to the judge today that he would be applying for an appeal of the conviction after the sentence was handed down.

In her submission, crown counsel Toyin Salako stated that during the attack Ramoon had made a comment which she believed related back to an incident that occurred only a week prior to the stabbing and helped suggest that Ramoon had a degree of premeditation.

After the first stab wound, Lopez claims that he heard Ramoon ask, "Where all your mouth is now?" before continuing with the attack.

Counsel noted a remark made by Justice Charles Quin that there had been an increase in violent crimes involving knives and weapons, and submitted that Ramoon had a previous conviction for the possession of a prohibited weapon, which also happened to be a knife.

During his closing arguments on Ramoon's behalf, Ben Tonner made submissions that there was no proof to support the claims that the weapon was a knife, or that he had gone out armed with the intention to hurt someone.

In his conclusion, however, Justice Swift determined that Ramoon had been "harbouring the grudge over the course of the week", in reference to the incident which is alleged to have happened at a well known spot called Jah T's. He added, "You saw him, you decided to (exact) revenge on him and did so from behind, without him realizing he was about to be attacked."

Justice Swift said he was able to come to the conclusion that Ramoon was a regular offender, being in possession of weapons while in public places. He mentioned that in light of his two previous weapons charges, this could be viewed as an aggravating feature.

The judge said he had arrived at the starting point of an eight year prison term but had deducted a total of 168 days that Ramoon spent in custody at the Northward Prison, as well as the time he spent electronically tagged while on bail.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    See this is what’s wrong with Caymanians, you’ll sit and talk bad about people when you have no idea whether what you are saying is true or fails. Justin was never been charge for no damn unsolved murder or further more arrested for one. It seems you are mistaken him but that’s nothing new that all you disgusting Caymanians ever do mistake people and destroy their life’s. His family back ground has no impact on his life besides from people like you’ll trying to drag his family names into every damn thing that goes on here in the Cayman Islands. Una people have the police watching their every damn move; they can’t even shit in the damn bushes without the police knowing.
    Mental problems? You all sound like the damn ones with mental problems; by sitting talking about people you think need help; so why the hell you don’t help if you think they need so much help? Oh I know why because your life isn’t much better so you can’t even help your damn self.
    Deaf brother who rides up and down with other little boys on bikes all day long hmmmm. Maybe you should call the school and ask about that little deaf boy’s grades. Because when last I checked he was doing very well in school despite his hearing disability. Not in school? When last I checked its summer and if you feel these kids need something to do maybe you should volunteer to organize a free summer camp that kids his age can go to. You all ever sit and thought that there’s nothing for kids to do that struggling families can afford?
    There are no jobs out there even for people that have work experience or have good education, much less for people that names have been destroyed by the system and people like you. Maybe the one who said the Justin used to throw cans in their yard should had thought one day and said “hey Justin I have a little job for you but can only play you a small amount of money” instead of sitting down making people throw trash in your yard. Maybe your yard was already full of trash that’s why people decide to throw more on it.
    “they are lost cause” that’s what’s wrong now everybody turning their heads from the youths instead of giving a helping hand. Now you all rejoicing that a young  man is sent to jail. Really now wtf jail going do for him? Ever thought about that?

    • Anonymous says:

      A lot of the things you suggested you and I both know these kids would just laugh and walk off. The truth hurts but as long as people close to them try to protect the fact that something is wrong we will forever have these issues.

    • Anonymous says:

      Who ever you are. You couldn’t have said this any better. I agree.

  2. Anonymous says:

    He looks just like the guys ( and yes, they are, like me, Caymanian) who mouth me off all the time in the district I live in if I suggest they shouldn't thow their cans in my yard as they go by. Thank the Lord Jesus Christ he won't be doing that for a while but there are plenty more around like him. Wurtless, lazy anti-social detritus.

  3. Anonymous says:

    good riddance!

  4. SaveOurYouths says:

    That family seems to be troubled with this kind of news. When will someone look into this? 

    He has a little deaf brother who rides up and down with some other little boys on bikes all day long, they never go to school!! From Prospect-Central and back again. Why is something not being done about these children from now?! No child should be out of school at his own will to roam the streets to become a thug, drug dealer or a bum in this day in age. Somebody should intervene. Please!

    • Anonymous says:

      Children and Family Services along with the Education Department & Police Department should have staff members out in the fields as and when reports on  youths are received.  These are our only future, and from humble beginnings supervison is required for these youths, to become self sufficient in life.

      They would have an opportunity to work, not sell drugs, or steal, It is a sin and shame to see the many we have in the community.  More enforcement of parents and Departments concerned should is require.   As long as they are neglected, we are going to have more and more thugs, drug dealers, rapest  etc..  Where are all the dead beat dads? that arrive for short stays or on permits and leave their offsprings to be cared for by our country – this should not happen – I would echo that something needs to be done in these cases.  Either they are not allowed back into the country until they can honour their duties as father or husband. 

      Our Government is to be blamed for not putting down more strick their Laws, and putting heavy penalties – that will help our country in not carrying the large burdens of unjustice – In reaching  out to our Politicians  to justify such casesof Child neglect that has become an explosion in our country, and thre adoption of children wo are neglected after some time.


      • Hoping for better days says:

        Cayman blame game again. Let me tell you all something, one of our biggest problems is a lack of GOOD PARENTING. Yup, right here in Cayman. ok? Do not even begin to blame the government when you lot don't even check if your kid has homework in the evening etc. Just stop with the blame game. Parents are responsible FIRST & FOREMOST! END OF.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Not nearly lengthy enough. Justin Ramoon is a violent repeat offender.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Then he'll be let out early for good behaviour and you'll be expecting companies to hire him. XXXX

    • Anonymous says:

      Can the Courts and others see that Justin Ramoon is a troubled Male, and he needs the attention of a medical doctor for his head. Anyone can see that there is extensive problems with him.  It is one thing to put him behind bars, and hope this is the solution to his problem, by all means he needs help to find the human in him.   Who can attest to his surroundings while growing up – this could have a drastic effect on his way of life – to put him in prison is one solution  but we should not just put him in prison and let him become another monster on the streets in cayman after his time is served.

      I believe this is where the churches should play a larger role in bringing them closer to God with spiritual help – then they would be doing a job in paying back some of theYoung Nation Building Funds.

      • Anonymous says:

        He may indeed have mental problems, but he is violent. He is a suspect in an unsolved murder, he has been known to possess fire arms, he has stabbed people, attempted to shoot people. He is a gang member. It is obviously his family and background that has made him this way – his mother has 3 sons in prison for violent offences and is a former crack addict. XXXX The time for intervention has passed – unfortunately. Now we have to protect society from them – sad to say, but true – they are lost causes.

      • Hoping for better days says:

        I want to know how God will help him if he is mentally ill. I am not an atheist, however, I just think some people think God is the answer for everything. NOT.

        Mental disease is prevalent among Caymanians as others obviously but yes our people are known to be mentally ill. Something which is very very serious. So sympathy?? My sympathies lay with the people he has hurt, killed, attempted to kill etc. Think before you do. Poeple like him do not think. He just TAKES WHAT HE WANTS. JAIL HIM, force him to think.

      • Anonymous says:

        The main problem with his head appears to be finding a cap that fits him.  Behind bars suits perfectly as far as I am concerned. 

  7. Anonymous says:

    keep him off the streets