Excessive violence lands first time offender in jail

| 22/07/2013

(CNS): Acting Judge Michael Mettyear sentenced a 21-year-old West Bay man to six years imprisonment on charges of wounding and a robbery. Chadwick Dale pleaded guilty to the wounding of Trevor Campbell after the two got into a physical dispute and Campbell ended up with a chop to his head and shoulder from Dale's machete. Dale was also convicted of a robbery that occurred 9 December on Seven Mile Beach, in which he stabbed a woman twice with a screwdriver during the crime. Dale had no previous convictions and the judge said as he sentenced him Friday that it was "sad and somewhat unusual to see a person like you appearing in the dock for such serious offenses".

The judge said he accepted the fact that Dale's victim had provoked him but he had used excessive force as an act of self-defence when he had chopped the victim in the back of his head and shoulder during their confrontation in September of last year. Both men were armed with machetes and Dale was reported chasing the victim as he attempted to flee and suffered a fractured foot during the attack. A neighbour was able to intervene and called the police and Dale was granted bail shortly after.

The judge granted Dale a substantial discount for his guilty plea to his alternate charge of wounding with intent rather than the attempted murder allegation.

While on bail for his previous offense, Dale committed the robbery in the heart of Cayman’s tourist district along Seven Mile Beach near the Calico Jack's bar last December. Canadian national Jessica Roberts had arrived at the bar to have a drink when she realized that everyone was scattered on the beach and heard someone yell to call the police. Unsure of the situation, Roberts went onto the West Bay road and called 911.

During her call to 911, she spotted someone acting suspiciously and concluded that he had been a part of what was going on. She said that Dale approached her and took her bag before running off along the dark beach, where she followed.

“I was thinking some punk took my bagand wanted to get it back,” Roberts said. “I wasn’t thinking ‘psycho with weapon’.”

The chase continued until the end of the Surfside Bar property, where he turned to face Roberts and she begged for her bag to be returned. The bag was dropped and the victim handed the mugger the money from her purse, believing he would be satisfied. Instead, Dale placed the money in his pocket and said, "Now you're dead, girl!" before he pulled out a screwdriver and attempted to stab her.

Having been certified in Krav Maga (a brutal form of martial arts that focuses on incapacitating opponents as quickly as possible), Roberts was able to dodge the majority of Dale's attempted stabs and punch him in the throat a few times.

Roberts managed to escape with two puncture wounds from the tool used. One jab was blocked by her right hip bone and the other just narrowly missed her liver. “I’m very grateful that it happened to me and not someone else,” she said. The judge reported that she made a good recovery from what he believed must have been a "terrifying" experience.

Justice Mettyear handed down a two and a half year sentence for wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm to run consecutively to his three and a half year prison term for robbery.

Immediately following his ruling, the judge told the first time convict, “Unless your behavior improves greatly upon your release, I fear you will be facing more lengthy sentences in the future."

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  1. Anonymous says:

    That is a slap on the wrist for attempted murder.  As an additional excuse to being on drugs and acohol he could have used "I'm really just a punk piece of s..t and always was and always will be one". 

  2. Anonymous says:

    This man simply resides in WB.  However he is a Jamaican.  He has caused havoc to two people that I know about.  With that tourist incident it is clear he is very dangerous.  I trust that a deportation order was ordered.  If not, I hope Immigration will have him on the radar to deport him after his sentence.  We do not need such a violent man here.  We got our own.  Go home with that mentality.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Attempted murder gets you 6 years…owning ammunition even without a gun gets you an automatic 10 years.  This is embarrassing.  I hope Jess gets one more crack at him when he gets out next year.

  4. Civil says:

    HAhahahaha. Tell everyone in Northward that you got beat up by a girl!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Throw him in jail & throw away the keys! The streets can do without him!


  6. No Sah says:

    6 years??? Really??

    1. It WAS attempted murder.
    2. 6 years???
    3. Destroying the tourism industry (Cayman's highest source of island income.)
    4. 6 years??????
    5. 6 yearsssssss????

    No way Cayman Islands Law. Hats of to you

  7. noname says:

    The prosecution should appeal this inadequate sentence.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Six years is not enough! He's a violent criminal, a guaranteed repeat offender and he'll be out in probably 3.5 years. Seriously?!?!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Excessive violence would indicate that there is such a thing as acceptable violence. Wouldn’t extreme violence or some other term be more appropriate?

  10. Anonymous says:

    21 years old and this lil yute has chopped someone in the head and stabbed a woman with a screw driver?? On the real what is going on down here?? Even after she gave him cash he still tried to stab her?! Not sure what the point was there.. This once again shows that the RCIP and Courts have bad judgement.. How do you go from not having any serious incidents to chopping someone and stabbing a woman on the beach??? It takes real big b*lls to chop and stab someone.. He has a history the police just doesnt know about it.. Not only should he serve more time but the Courts should appoint someone to speak with this guy while hes in there.. He obviously has some issues within that will only get worst by being locked up with other violent people.. 

    • Anonymous says:

      Same thing I was saying. Poverty brings stealing and crime. Look carefully at the surnames .

      • Diogenes says:

        Poverty – right.  That explains why a) he chopped someone in the head when they were running away b) he stabbed the girl after she gave him all the money.  He is not rght in the head, or a nasty little **** – take your choice, but poverty has nothing to do with it.  Get him a psychiatrist and keep him the hell away from normal people until/if he is sorted.  

  11. Anonymous says:

    What constitutes attempted murder in the Cayman Islands?

    When someone tells you "Now your dead" then attempts to stab you multiple times, does that not add up to attempted murder?

    The suspect actually told the victim what he inteded to do, to kill her. Charging him with wounding seems a bit lax.


  12. Anonymous says:

    WTF Cayman! These little punks are destroying your countries reputation. Two armed assaults gets 6 1/2 years? Two and a half years for robbing a woman and stabbing her (telling her he is going to kill her). Better hope it doesn't happen to my sister or I'll fly down take the little punk "fishing'. People are going to start taking the law into their own hands. They will have no choice. Politicians are too busy renaming some facility after their friend or handing out local awards to each other rather than take care of the basics. 

  13. Anonymous says:

    Spelling of the 1st victims name incorrectly. He should have been deported!

    • Anonymous says:

      In reply to *to spelling of the 1st victim' comment – he is a Caymanian so not sure what you meant by deporting him.  Maybe you should have all of your facts before commenting . 

      • Anonymous says:

        Chadwick is not caymanian. He was here on a work permit for lone star resturant as a kitchen helper!  Where do you get your facts from???

  14. Another Anon says:

    I suspect this young man will not remain a "first time offender" for too long.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Is the infamous Chadwick Dale deportable?  How did we inherit him?  More disgrace on this beautiful island.

    Jessica Roberts you are a smart woman, you should still be putting Krav Maga on that criminal.

  16. Hoping for better days says:

    GOOD! One of many that need to be locked away. Why? Because they have no class, no respect for others and at the end of the day these punks have no conscience. It is just sick and disturbing the amount of violent acts that are committed here in Cayman and people are hardly ever held accountable.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Given he is apparently not from here, deportation order?

  18. Anonymous says:

    scumbag….just check out his muppett facebook pics….

  19. Anonymous says:

    WOW!!! The Judge really dropped the ball on this one!

    "sad and somewhat unusual to see a person like you appearing in the dock for such serious offenses".

    What’s sad about it?! It’s not like he’s known in the community as being a person of good character who’s well educated and/or being productive in society!!!

    First off he’s a repeat offender as stated “While on bail for his previous offense, Dale committed the robbery” Second he stabbed a woman with a screw driver after mugging her and she pursued her bag. She gave a statement that he said "Now you're dead, girl!" For god sake he attempted to kill her. Like she said thank god it was her and not someone else because of her training in Krav Maga. If it wasn’t for her training this would have been a murder!

    He should have been charged for attempted murder in the mugging/stabbing incident while the charge of excessive violence was appropriate. He should have been given nothing less than 20 years for the combined crimes.

    He is clearly not an asset to society and will return worse than when he went in.

    • Anonymous says:

      He should be deemed 'Persona Non Grata'.  The dregs of importation.


    • Anonymous says:

      They didn't mention the other incidents that happened while on bail. He appeared in court in June for other serious offenses that occurred in October. He is a nuisance and always got bail until the Beach incident! The victim that got chopped also got chopped in his foot while using it to guard himself while being attack after falling because he was running away from this nuisance, can you imagine if he had used his hand!  He is a Jamaican who was on a work permit and apparently didnt have work so he engaged in terrorizing people. He is a disgrace and should be deported.  He should have been charged with attempted murder because that was what he had in mind to do to both of them.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Could someone please confirm whether the Judge considered whether this scum is deportable? There is never any mention of such considerations in court reports and yet our systems and laws require such consideration if the crown is truly presenting all factors.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Amen, one less psychopath off the streets, even if it is for a temporary duration. It is a shame that this young man choose to be a criminal than try to better himself.

    • Anonymous says:

      We need to ensure that he is not only off the Streets but off our Island.

      • Anonymous says:

        How many times we read about deportation in the newspapers.  Imported criminals should be deported.  Guess the status cannot be rescinded.

        • Anonymous says:

          Of course in can be rescinded. All it takes is for the Government Legal Department and immigration to enforce our laws!