Rescued boaters in custody

| 06/08/2013

(CNS): Four men who were intercepted and rescued off the eastern coast of Grand Cayman by the Joint Marine Unit around 5:00 on Tuesday morning have been taken into custody, officials have reported. The men, three from Belize and the fourth from Jamaica, were discovered in a canoe some five miles off East End after they called for emergency assistance. The engine on the 27-foot vessel is believed to have either run out of fuel or malfunctioned, the authorities stated. The migrants were refused entry and taken into custody because they gave conflicting stories about how they arrived in Cayman’s territorial waters, officials stated. (Photos by Lennon Christian GIS)

No further details have yet been given and it is not clear if the men were suspected of carrying any illegal contraband, such as drugs or firearms, or whether they have been detained as illegal economic migrants.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    that shows how easy smugglers can sneak into cayman undetected, but i am glad these men were found alive regardless of what they were doing.