Yoga brings in $1000 to help protect local coastline

| 07/08/2013

(CNS): Local activists campaigning against two developments that threaten the costal environment in their community raised over $1000 on Sunday with a special yoga session.  More than 40 people attended the morning yoga class on the beach in South Sound in the heart of the area that the group is hoping to preserve and donated cash to the cause. Protect South Sound has appealed two Central Planning Authority decisions and is awaiting a date for the Planning Appeals Tribunal hearing for the first of two appeals regarding the removal of a 50ft mangrove buffer designation along 2,000 feet of coastline, filling of the buffer area, and construction of a 9ft high seawall.

Following the change of government, the group has been told that the Planning Appeals Tribunal board is currently being re-appointed and once that is done, the hearing will be scheduled.

“We wish to thank Bliss Yoga and the community for your continued generous support of Protect South Sound," said Berna Cummins of Protect South Sound. “The funds raised will support the work that Protect South Sound has been undertaking to protect the coastline in South Sound from irresponsible developments.”

The group of concerned local residents have been attempting to stop environmentally destructive coastal developments in South Sound for several years in an effort to preserve the much loved recreational and residential area it is today. The group was formed in 2010 in opposition to the CPA approved Emerald Sound development which included the creation of an inland marina, dredging of South Sound, canals cut through South Sound Road and a 1,000 foot long 20 foot high bridge.

In addition to being a recreational area that is treasured by people island-wide for its rustic charm and natural beauty, South Sound is a Marine Replenishment Zone, and designated Scenic Coastline by the Development Plan. The Marine Replenishment Zone was established 27 years ago to support the regeneration of the delicate marine ecosystem which has given rise to a once again vibrant marine environment.

However, the area has been under continual threat from what the activists state is “irresponsible coastal developments” that threaten to profoundly affect both the delicate natural environment, the safety of area residents and the public’s ability to enjoy this much beloved area.

“The precedent that would be set by these developments will have significant implications for not only South Sound but for future coastal development island wide. If the developments are allowed to proceed this would open the door for a new era of highly detrimental coastal development in the Cayman Islands,” the activists warned.

Meanwhile, in South Sound blasting for the Adagio Community Development lakes is on-going and the fill from the holes is beingtrucked off site to the separate seaside development.

For more information about Protect South Sound email or join our Facebook page

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The Central Planning Authority mandated that a 50 ft mangrove buffer be retained along the property in question as a condition for prior approval of land development back in 2003.  

    You are correct that it is not the same type of Mangrove Buffer / Storm Buffer designation that is in place for mangroves on the North Sound – however it was still a protected 50 ft mangrove buffer. 

    The Department of Planning usually recommend that the 50 ft mangrove buffer is retained as a condition for development of land -on mangrove coastline outside of the North Sound. 



  2. Knot S Smart says:

    I have a solution to this problem.

    We let Rene dig his canal and develop his properties and he donate a small seafront parcel where these bunch of rich people can have a serene setting  to do their yoga…


    • Anonymous says:

      You can be as bitter as you like.  But let me tell you, it is great being rich.

      • Knot S Smart says:

        Dont worry Dear…

        I am not bitter and you might be surprised to learn that I am financially better off than even you…

        What I dont like is the idle rich who have the time on their hands to fight anyone else who is making progress… Dont be bitter Dearie…

  3. Anonymous says:

    One important note…THERE IS NO MANGROVE BUFFER IN THE CAYMAN ISLANDS OUTSIDE THE NORTH SOUND….what you do have in South Sound is mangroves along the shoreline but they are not a designated "buffer". Most in south sound were destroyed a few years ago when hurricane Dean I believe passed by.

    Just need to make that correction as there is constant talk about this imaginary "buffer". Having said that if we can save some mangroves then save them. They don't actually protect from hurricanes as we have seen but form a good habitat for little fish and such.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Way to go, Bliss Yoga!  You definitely made a positivie difference in our community!  Gratitude for all efforts in creating awareness for such a worthy environmental cause!