Backbencher to fight for jobs

| 14/08/2013

(CNS): Backbench MLA Alva Suckoo, a counsellor in the premier’s ministry, has said that he campaigned to represent the people of Bodden Town and he intends to ensure that the Cabinet listens to the concerns of his constituents over unemployment and how that relates to pending immigration changes. Suckoo said that, given government’s decision on the term limit exemption permit holders (TLEP), he will be pressing his colleagues to put unemployed Caymanians before them and to ensure locals are considered for those jobs. Backing the planned task force, Suckoo said much more needs to be done to address the increasingly serious unemployment issue.

Suckoo told CNS that he has also written to the PPM caucus and Cabinet to amend the law to require all vacancies to be registered with the National Workforce Development Agency (NWDA) and to initiate an unemployment registration drive. Suckoo said the vacancies need to be held by the NWDA in an open database via its website and in printed format so that unemployed locals can easily see where the work is and that the agents can match jobs to registered clients.

He is also calling on the government’s Employment Task Force to identify Caymanians who can be placed in jobs that are currently occupied by Term Limit Exemption Permit holders as he is not convinced that all of the jobs they hold are ones which Caymanians don’t want or don’t qualify for.  Suckoo said government needed to meet with the respective employers to discuss their obligations to hire Caymanians into these positions.

Despite supporting the broader objectives of his party’s immigration reform, which formed part of the campaign, Suckoo has raised some concerns about extending rollover to ten years and the decision to allow more than 1,500 workers to remain on island at a time when his constituents are out of work.

“The spirit of this proposed change was to address the current concerns that only a specific segment of the expat population were getting the opportunity to apply for permanent residence,” he said regarding the plan to eliminate the seven year work permit limit and the proposal to allow everyone who stays here to apply for permanent residency.

“The proposed changes from my point of view were required to level the field and give everyone the same opportunity to apply. I do share the view that any proposed changes must first and foremost help Caymanians, especially when we are faced with so many unemployed Caymanians, and when we consider the level of discrimination towards Caymanians,” he said.

Offering his support to Employment Minister Tara Rivers’ commitment to address the discrimination and unfairness some employers exhibit towards Caymanians, Suckoo was not convinced that the departure of the workers holding TELPs would result in an economic disaster.

“Had this process run its normal course, these individuals would have already been replaced and the impact would have been minimal,” he said. “While I am sensitive to the needs of the employers and to the plight of the TLEP holders, I cannot ignore that we have thousands of Caymanians out of work and registered with the NWDA and that this number is growing increasingly wary of the fact that the jobs seem to be moving away from them.”

Recognising that more needs to be done to educate, train and re-train Caymanians, Suckoo said he wanted to see the government of which he is a part focus on building a skilled, reliable and informed Caymanian workforce, and to enforce the law.

“The drain on social services is very concerning. We are spending millions on social programs that do nothing positive for the economy. Putting the unemployed back to work will positively impact our GDP and this is where we must focus our efforts. I campaigned on reducing unemployment and giving Caymanians a hand up and not a hand out. How can I say on one occasion that I do not believe in hand outs and then sit quietly and not do anything to offer a hand up?” he asked rhetorically.

“We have spent years building two pillar industries and now have to encourage Caymanians to take ownership of these industries,” the Bodden Town MLA said. “Caymanians must become the primary stake-holders in the country. I am therefore going to encourage the government to now turn its attention to education and training and to be guided by the manifesto promises we made so that while we are strengthening the position of Caymanians in the workplace we are not setting them up for failure,” Suckoo added.

He said that previous governments had failed to achieve this, giving rise to the now high level of unemployment and the myth that Caymanians are lazy and uneducated. Aware that he is taking a harder line on the issue than his boss and the PPM Cabinet, Suckoo said he was comfortable expressing his own views.

“I believe my role as a government backbencher is largely representational. I have to be a voice for the electorate to a much greater extent than my colleagues in Cabinet, simply because I am on the ground and they, unfortunately, cannot be in contact with the voters to the extent that I can,” he said. “I have to be the eyes and ears of the government and I have to represent the thoughts and feelings of the electorate when I sit in Caucus.”

The MLA said no one in the PPM expects him to blindly support Cabinet policies without question and this was an example of how a government operates.

“I do not want anyone to assume that there is a rift in the government because of the position I am taking. According to parliamentary tradition, this is how it is supposed to work and is a testament to the voters’ wisdom in choosing their representatives. What I am doing is asking the government to take additional steps to ensure that while we improve the systems that affect the expatriates among us that we also take steps to protect and ensure the rights of Caymanians,” he added as he promised to continue expressing the people’s concerns over the forthcoming immigration changes.

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  1. Truth says:

    Forceing unemployable voters on the private businesses here will only have a negative effect of hireing  more Caymanians in the future.  Think hard on what you will end up doing before you do it.  Right now many hard working Caymanians can't get a job because Caymanian business owners have learned the hard way that hireing local is usually not good for the business.  Change that by giving the locals the tools to be good workers.  Hint:  education and training.  Hint#2" The ones who don't want to work are not worthy of their votes.

    • Actually says:

      Actually, you are assuming that every single unemployed Caymanian is an unemployable voter. Why be such a hypocrite? I hope you are not a Caymanian because back in my day you would be referred to as a "sell-out"

      • KIng James version says:

        Back futher he or she would be tied by the courthouse and floged with a cat o nine.

      • Anonymous says:

        I said the unemployable and not the employable.  Get the chip off and you will see my point.   This should be about giving the working Caymanians a chance now and in the future.  It should not be about making private businesses harder to run.

      • Anonymous says:

        Back in my day name calling was a third grade type thing.

  2. anonymous says:

    While you are at it Alva, please look in to the Pensions of spouses. Men today are divorcing their first wives for younger women and womenthat are not from here. They are marrying them to keep them on Island, So the first wife that has been through a lot with that husband, should remain the beneficiary on the ex-husband's pension, instead of the pension automatically going to the current wife. On the other hand, I also believe pensions beneficiaries should be a choice from inception and not one that will automatically go to the spouses, especially where children are involved. One other thing on pensions, I believe the private sector workers should be given the option to redeem their contributions, when they reaches the age of 50, I do not thnk they have to retire for that. 

  3. Anonymous says:

    Mr. Suckoo are you going to make these people work hard and well or just get them jobs to prove to the public that they can't?  The first will help everyone.  The second just helps you get more votes at our expense.  What you end up doing will show us all who your trying to help.  

    • Anonymous says:

      Didn't he say he would ask to Government to focus on education, training and re-training? Its about time we had a government that looked out for the people of these islands and not the greedy business owners.


      • Anonymous says:

        Do you really still belive that what they say they will do?  Where have you been for the last decade?  He is not the first one to promise better education and training right?  Caymanians did not get any of that.  Caymanian schools are still third world at best with the expect results of many Caymanians unable to compete for jobs in Cayman islands.  THAT is the problem.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Caymanian unemployment is a myth.  Look Mr Suckoo is that Bigfoot over there?

    • Anonymous says:

      Perhaps for you it is, but not for the hundreds of Caymanians who are unemployed and would like to find a job.

      • Anonymous says:

        Hundreds? Not once you exclude the drunks, the crack smokers and the criminals.

        • Anonymous says:

          Actually, thousands once you include everyone that has been forced to leave their homeland or take a position below that for which they are qualified to make ends meet – all so you can fill your company with your own foreign nationality and keep your girlfriend here without having to marry her.

          Fair is fair though.  Since you automatically exclude drug taking Caymanians from employment considerations, lets have a surprise workplace "pee in the cup" party tomorrow and see how many of your thousands of expatriates (particularly in the service industry) meet your minimum employability standards.

          You can deprive Caymanians of employment opportunities for their drug use, but only after we have deprived all your expatriate buddies of their employment for the same reason. 


        • Anonymous says:

          It is about 2,000 before you exclude those. That's why I said hundreds.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Obama talks good too, but action is better.  Talk can't pay cuc, mortgage, water, school fees etc etc

    • Anonymous says:

      Goooooooooooo SuckOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO !!! Go get'em my son !

      We need a champion for Caymainians real bad man!! Tru. And while at it please fight for a wage $$$$$$$$$$  increase across  board— it gettin' real rough out here man. Suckoo for Premier.

      • Anonymous says:

        I understand the enthusiasm on here for Mr Suckoo's remarks..clearly the previous administration did nothing to address the inbalances in the system, and there are a lot, I am not arguing with that.


        But a lot of the comments I am reading are ignoring some important factors and coming across loud and clear is an "entitlement" factor. I worked in many places and have only seen that here. Elsewhere we neve got given jobs, we had to interview well, do the job well, be there at the right times. If somebody failed, they got fired. I work also with some very talented Caymanians who are getting chances. I also work with some who just turn up when they feel like it, and they are going nowhere in this organisation, except possibly out the door.

        Everyone has to understand that businesses will only operate as long as they can do their job efficiently and make money at it. If they are forced to employ people who dont want to work, they will soon shut up shop. As many have written in the past…those Caymanians that want the careers and are prepared (as we have to ) to put in the effort and hours to succeed, please step forward, you will be welcomed as you will save the fees for WP. I have got to tell you, lately we have not found anyone willing to do that, but we are still encouraging those we already have.


        The issue starts with understanding business and education..nowhere else..

    • Anonymous says:

      Finally a dog wit some reeeeeeel teeth man !! Go man Alvin- we need a real fight right now. No more clowning dis time.time for real change.

    • Anonymous says:

      One rabble rousing speech does not make a good politician. Lets see what he does.

  6. GO SUCKOO! says:

    As employers exploit workers with low pay, sexual harassments, and threats, divorce rate going up, marriages of conveniences, and pensions being robbed, finally, Suckoo comes to the rescue for not only for the oppressed, but all unemployed Caymanians!  You go Suckoo!

    • Anonymous says:

      That is not happening in the offshore financial sector…

      • Anonymous says:

        It is not happening anywhere.  The poster confused her telenovelas with real life.

        • Anonymous says:

          620 businesses are on record of not having provided pensions for their employees That means it is actually happening almost everywhere.

  7. Datisme says:

    Lets see if he is in the "force business to hire who he wants instead of who they want", or the "Train and educate them so they can do the jobs as wellas an expat so the business owners choose them" camp.   Remember Alva even though private business owners are not paid by CIG they are still voters too.  And they pay in to the public purse instead of the other way around.

    • Anonymous says:

      This thing about training Caymanians is a joke. Caymanians was so smart that at least they could run a good Country for decades. Even the domestic that is hired most of the time has no training in cleaning, cooking etc. Deal with this matter Mr Suckoo.

  8. noname says:

    Someone has access to a large number of computers.  And its not an expat.  A janitor perhaps?

  9. Anonymous says:

    A great start! I hope this is not like a new broom?


  10. Anonymous says:

    While I applaud Mr. Suckoo, Minister Rivers and the Premier for their commitment to out of work Caymanians and to address discrimination and unfairness exhibited towards Caymanians, I think they need to review the hiring practices within the Civil Service first. For some time now, certain Chief Officers/Heads of Departments have been hiring expat workers on two year government contracts and are in the practice of automatically renewing these expat employee contracts, without even advertising the job locally first. Once the expat employee's two year government contract has been renewed several times, they are then "transferred" to another ministry, portfolio or department and another expat employee enters the government office to fulfill the duties of the former expat. The idea of these "transfers" is to enable certain "highly favored" expat government workers to have their contracts continually renewed until they can legally apply for PR, which in turn leaves qualified Caymanians to remain out of a job. To add insult to injury, most of these types of jobs are in HR, Finance and Accounting which are fields that many Caymanians are qualified for.  The sad part is that the Civil Service does not even give these people a chance to apply as they are not advertised and contracts are automatically renewed.  While there are some Caymanian and paper Caymanian civil servants that have nothing better to do than spend their work hours disrupting others in the office with their constant laughter and gossip (some even take naps at their desks), the Civil Service consists of many hardworking and qualified Caymanians who perform their jobs well. So, Mr. Suckoo, Minister Rivers and Hon. Premier, if you are truly concerned about this issue, I urge you to re-examine the HR process within all of the government ministries and agencies before you look elsewhere because "the discrimination and unfairness some employers exhibit towards Caymanians" is happening right under your noses and by your own top Caymanian managers at that.

    • Anonymous says:

      The government should be forced to hire expats through the inefficient work permit office.


      It is time that the government eat the yukky dog food that the private sector is forced to eat.

    • Anonymous says:

      Your post at on Wed, 08/14/2013 – 23:51 is a clear representation of exactly what happens in government. XXXX

      Mr. Suckoo, Hon. Premier and Minister Rivers, if you truly want to help Caymanians you need to start in the Civil Service. It is a fact that Chief Officers, Appointing Officers and Heads of Sections are in a position to hire their friends and expats alike. There is now a new Performance Agreement where NO ONE can be appointed to senior positions from Deputy level and above without the blessing of the DG. What kind of system is this where the final say rest in the hands of ONE MAN? This cannot be right at all and I am calling on you and your other colleagues to deal with this injustice.

      There are many Caymanians in the Civil Service that are more intelligent and qualified that some of the existing Chief Officers, some of which were dismissed from other jobs and were interviewed more than once by the former DG for the senior and powerful position they now hold. What a disgrace!

      What about the new Prison Director who was just imported from the UK by the Chief Officer for the Ministry of Home Affairs to head up the prison service. Within a month or so of being in the post, three prisoners escaped from Northward Prison. I can guarantee you the Chief Officer is not going to do anything about that. Yet he was quick to offer the former Prison Director a package and retire him as a Caymanian. Consider the many Caymanians that were retired or terminated from the prison as though expats can do a better job of managing the prison. Where are you now Mr. Chief Officer? Why aren't you out here now elevating the expat? No you can't because you have to spend some time cleaning the mud off your face.

      Once again, I am begging the Premier and Ministers to help us. And as much as I love Caymanians I will say to you that if those top Civil Servants fight against you in this regard, do not hesitate to replace them with other supportive and caring Caymanians.


  11. Anonymous says:

    Keep up the good work Suckoo.  This is the kind of attitude that has been needed to champion the cause for Caymanians. God bless.

    • Anonymous says:

      22;08 But remember in order to be successful you have to have a real Caymanian born and bred to be checking into these jobs. Let me tell you that this is the problem now. Regardless where they come from or how long that feeling against Caymanians runs deep. Now a day if you go looking for a job please dont say that youre a Caymanian please……

  12. Anonymous says:

    I agree with what you had to say 11:16, with the exception of the last sentence. That my friend is lip-service at its best.

  13. Anonymous says:


    Please ensure that anyone who intentionally mislead immigration to get their permissions is removed. There are too many people sitting smug on the basis of lies and too many Caymanians who have lost their jobs as a result.

    • Anonymous says:

      You can say goodbye to at least one law firm and its newly Caymanian partners on that basis. Bastards!

  14. Anonymous says:

    Al Suckoo speaks the right words and I believe he means them. It will be interesting to watch his fellow party members and see how it all works out. Kudos to you Al, I hope that you will now have the fortitude to stand up to the backlash that is likely to come at you, from the mean spirited, greedy, want it all foreigners, greedy Caymanian business owners and from those within your own party. God bless you son.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Great job, Al. Keep it up. Cayman's behind you, believe me. We need jobs for Caymanians NOW!

  16. Anonymous says:

    I was out one evening shooting a little pool which I do from time to time, and I bumped into a thousand (euphemism) young expats from the UK. (They were nice people) It turned out that they were all from XXXX. Not a Caymanian in sight and these were twenty something expats in professsional positions. It seems to me that high political powers are circumventing the law for the dollar. I really hope that we can get to the bottom of this. By the way, these were entry level positions which Caymanians are more than capable of filling.

    • Anonymous says:

      You just worked that out?

    • Anonymous says:


    • Confused.... says:

      15:28 – First you say……"Not a Caymanian in sight and these were twenty something expats in professsional positions."

      and then in the next breath you say "By the way, these were entry level positions which Caymanians are more than capable of filling." 

      So which is it?

      Also, exactly what is "thousand" a euphemism for? 

    • Anonymous says:


    • sir percival the timid says:

      That's nothing!

      One of them turned me into a neat! 

      I got better.

  17. David Shibli says:

    There is a vast difference between saying something from a political platform and actually doing something. Alden may have said something, but he is a seasoned politician with the ability to keep the people at bay. Suckoo is new blood and wants to make a difference, I would suggest to Alden that he give Suckoo a chance. Mr. Suckoo, I wish you all the best in improving your country.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Oh wow! I cannot express how very proud I am of Al Suckoo at this time. THIS is the kind of representation that each and every elected official should strive to deliver and I say congratulations to Al Suckoo for taking up the mantle and standing up for his people. Thank you, thank you, thank you Mr. Suckoo. Of course, I can just imagine the criticism and verbal attacks that will spew forth, on this message board and otherwise, from a certain segment of this society as a result of Mr. Suckoo's stance on these issues but I am sure that he, like I, will not give a rip!! I AM PROUD OF YOU AL SUCKOO!!!!!!!!!

  19. Anonymous says:

    Finally someone speaks up. I know this young man would do it eventually he is not like the typical politician. He practices what he preaches

  20. Peanuts says:

    Well, he making sure that his will not be a one term MLA. This is a man who early in the day is showing that he can think for himself, un-like some that we had last time around. Respect is due.


  21. Anonymous says:

    Al Suckoo obviosly in a short time has learnt and is a clear example of who an elected representative of the people should be, we are fortunate to have one more among the whole lot.

  22. Kmanlady says:

    I am a voter from Bodden Town…Good Idea…lets see ACTION now…

    on the 10yr term limit with rights for Residency after is just not right….Don't support the bill Suckoo.  I am not sure what your Leader is thinking about…when he entertain the  thought of making the rollover for 10yrs.  We have to stop thinking about the expats and start thinking about CAYMANIANS.  The expat have another home…we Caymanian only have this home. so protect it for us…

    Thanks a BT Voter watching you…

    • Anonymous says:

      while I agree with you , your passive aggressive tone is quite uncall for. Wait and see what happens, instead of say"we are watching you" You sounds like a stalker. geesh

    • Anonymous says:

      13:56 I support your comment 100%. Where will we get the monies to support all these imported Caymanians? There are already too many of us born and bred Caymanians that genuinely need assistance. Government will have to in the future tax the Caymanian in order to give assistance to these poor people. Already we have some who is not even on the Island and receiving assistance and that money is transferred overseas, and not only to Jamaica but even Cuba. Please dont think that when these people apply for Residence that they are not going to get it, now a day we dont seem to have the right thinking people on our Boards. Then the curse word "RIGHTS" Thats how they will get it. Then of course its not just one that we will be giving but theres going to be at least 4_5 children and their partner. This is a total mess and we as the voting public will not stand for this. CUT OUT ALL STATUS GRANTS. Let good people come and work and if they get in trouble send them back. At least these people have another choice of stay and while they are here they are building up themselves back home. People and Politicians wake upor in 4 yrs time there is going to be another change. Caymanians are FED up.

  23. Anonymous says:

    The start with the Health Services Authority (HSA) where they have numerous foreigners on contract in menial positions that Caymanians can fill. They also have semi skilled positions at the HSA and they refuse to hire the qualified Caymanians out there who can fill the position.Clean out your own closet first government

    • Anonymous says:

      I have never encountered a Caymanian prepared to take up what you call a "menial position".

  24. Anonymous says:

    My work place has so many expats hired in jobs that Caymanians can easily fill and don't get me wrong, I've been here almost 10 years now and I'm grateful for my job. It just hurts my head to think about how much money they spend annually on work permits that aren't needed. This is no concern for Immigration or our Gov't on a whole as their aim is to make money from these permits and in my opinion – this is just another way to blow smoke up our Caymanian asses!!

  25. Anonymous says:

    Politicians will say what the people want to hear, but do what big business wants.

    Many of them are lawyers en have business clients.


  26. Anonymous says:

    Thank you Mr. Suckoo. You have expressed your thoughts and aspirations very well. We all appreciate the way you feel about unemployment and hope that you will continue to press toward the goal and achieve what we lacked for so long. I wish you well in your endeavours and hope you will achieve much for the wider Cayman Islands and its people.

  27. Anonymous says:

    This is awesome! We need more MLA's like Mr. Suckoo who's taking his position seriously and working hard to follow through on his promises. Hats off to you, Al!

    • Where are you Winston, Roy, and Tara? says:

      Yup, and even though I voted C4C as I thought businessmen were needed to push for Caymanian jobs (other than security guards and construction workers) but nooooo nothing from Roy, Winston, and Tara, but shallow lip service.  I guess it takes a person who has run their own business instead of a posh law/accounting firms to see the middle class need.




  28. Anonymous says:

    what a farce !!!

    • Anonymous says:

      I figured one of you would show up soon! You think it is a farce eh?  Well just watch!

  29. UH UH UH says:

    First Marco, then Tara, now Alva! We'll call it the MTA train, which along with  other members of Government is loading up to take our people back to work, and who I'm confident will, after many years of cries from the people, start leveling the playing field of employment  for all who live here.


    • Anonymous says:

      well my friends welcome to the Native / Ancestral Caymanian Revolution Long Live the Revolution !!!!

  30. Anonymous says:

    Err…didn't Alden state he was doing that yesterday? Somebody else jumping on teh band wagon and start the ex-pat hatred thing again? Hell we all need to work together to sort this out..we are allstakeholders…

    • Anonymous says:

      You people, 12:11, are just unbelievable. What has Mr. Suckoo said that could equate to "ex-pat hatred thing" as you refer? He has merely spoken out to help his people gain employment!!! It is his job to do so but the likes of you get on here and elsewhere accusing anyone who speaks out in defence of Caymanians of being anti-expat. Just unbelievable. However, change is a comin in these islands so get ready for it!

  31. Anonymous says:

    Its difficult to believe Al means what he says considering he had total work permit holders in his IT company prior to the elections. And me don't think he made any efforts to train any, young or old, caymian to replace any of his employees. Now he is all for caymanians???, or is it just to be in the limelight?

    • Actually says:

      He had Caymanian employees and during his time at Walkers the IT Department was almost 100% Caymanian, I know because I am one of those Caymanians that he hired, trained, promoted and protected! There are many others who will back up what I am saying.


      You seem to be out to cause mischief by telling tales.




    • Anonymous says:

      A better illustration you will not see!

      What he is saying is not what he is doing, so which is right and which is wrong?

      It really is simple, you will not get the experience unless you go off Island. Until you accept that a local law degree doesnt cut it, that a CPA isnt the real article, and that outside experience beats all, then you will have to import. If you want to transform the Islanders chances then you must persuade them to go off Island (like Tara!) and get that experience, you wont solve it by sitting at home complaining about work permits and assuming entitlement by birthright!

      There are a host of other changes to work practices as well, like timekeeping, like using office hours for personal shopping/phoning/banking etc., but these too will be learnt by seeing how it is done elsewhere!

    • Anonymous says:

      You are completely misinformed.  That is inaccurate.  And in addition to that, please look into the circumstances of his departure from XXXX as you will find the details shock you.  Being removed from one's post SOLELY because you were doing "too mich" for your subordinate employees (who were Caymanian by the way) is nothing to disrespect.  He knows the plight because he IS the plight.  Alva doesnt have to walk aroubnd playing bleeding heart or acting like a victim but one day you should log off this site and ask that man to tell you his story.  Nobody is perfect but this is ONE member who will NOT embarrass this country.

  32. Cayman 1989 says:

    Alva is right and anyone who thinks that 2000+ unemployed locals is okay needs to reset their heads.  

    The work permit renewals that are blocking local jobs are not just domestics and blue collar. School leavers are not being trained in admin, Young college grads cannot get through the glass front door, and experienced hard working locals are overlooked in too many offices.

    Just phone a Camana Bay  or George Town  large firm HR Dept and they will tell you it is a permit renewal (so don't bother.). It was never like this in 1989 when I got here and I see it every day.

    Paper Caymanian




    • Anonymous says:

      Right on! Maybe you should leave and give a Caymanian your job. 

  33. Robert A Bodden says:

    I totally agree with Mr. Sukoo in that more has to be done to address the uneployment issue and re-training is needed.My humble opinion is more has to be done from the Ministry of Education level with the syllibus and primary level testing to included not only test book questions and answers but social and problem solving has to also be included to leave no child behind. Past and present ministers of education has championed the acedemic qualification levels with little to no effort in changing this failed system of only offering one way of teaching and testing. I say that to say how can we not diversify our education process to offer more in the two pillars of our economy, tourism and banking. We cannot place all our efforts on acedemics only and at the end of the hign school year those kids that were not successful acedemically now has to go learn a trade. We have failed those kids with our back ward way of thinking. We need to determine from at the end of the primary level those kids that do not meet the acedamic standard and have the qualifiing grade,to  have the upportunity to go straight into an arts,trade etc. school where these kids can develop there skills or passions for the arts,music,science etc. The only acedemic subjects taught there will be English,math History with the main focus is that each kid learn a trade that at the end of high school they have the basic skills that will allow them to gain employment. Kids are being left frustrated that having being into the school system for 10-12 years and have not met the academic standard that employers say they need are left disenfranchisedby the system.Not everyone will be lawyers and doctors so we have failed our kids. We need to give the same rewards and recognition to the kids that are not over achievers academically to encourage them that they are very important to our society and we cannot function without them. I would like to see more done to preserve our culture and more kids have access to a trade school than is currently available. We have a service industry and the emphisis has to be placed there is my two cents on this issue.

    • Anonymous says:

      I gave you a thumbs up Robert because I think you mean well, however, you comments are a tad confusing. Are you suggesting that our children are to be placed in trade schools at the end of elementary school, if their grades are not at the expected standard? Really? What would that do to their self esteem as they see their peers move on to High School? If that was indeed what you were suggesting then I do not agree with you. My child was not top of the class at the end of elementary school but with private tutoring and support he graduated 2nd in his class of 26 at the end of his high school year. He worked hard, studied and he made it. Surely you must mean that trade schools should be made available to those kids who have skills in those areas. I know some overachievers who in fact CHOSE to go to trade schools because the work they wanted to do, their passion, could be gained through those trades. So, trade schools are not just to be seen for underachievers who can't go on to higher levers nor should a child who appears not to be achieving certain academic standards be taken out of the system and placed into trade schools without being given the change to improve through additional help and support. Thank you,

  34. Caymanian change says:

    Hear-hear for Al!  Spoken like a true businessman who has been out there in the field going head to head with private business.   This man has competed in the cutting-edge IT world for over a decade and he knows the inns and outs of our financial companies as well as commercial private entities.

    No smoke and mirrors offering security guard jobs, hotel doorman, construction workers, or waitresses positions here. This MLA (along with Winston -who KNOWS locals are blocked from Law firm applications) knows that there are at least 1000 white collar job renewals that Caymanians CAN do.

    Hear hear, stop trying to push our locals into only blue collar work! 

  35. Anonymous says:

    Blah.  Blah.  Blah.

  36. Chris says:

    At last a Champion for the People emerges! Getting Caymanians to work is the number 1 issue this government should be focused on. Extending the term limit is of no use in this instance. The real question is "How do Caymanians benefit from this term limit extension?"The short answer is, "They dont." Dont back down Alva. The Caymanian people are behind you and are willing to walk side by side with you.

  37. Anonymous says:

    Perhaps the empty store stalls at coewood beach in bodden town could be opened for locals to use and create jobs.  While you are at it there is plenty of empty retail and commercial property that is vacant. Opprotunity is available all over these islands if you just look for it and stop expecting govt to do it for you.    

    • Anonymous says:

      What the hell use would those stalls at Coewood beach be to anyone? What are they going to sell there? All these crafts that Bodden Towners are making? Or just shift the drug sales from the bathrooms and cabanas nearby to these stalls? Give us a break from foolish ideas, bobo

    • Caymanian change says:

      Opportunity to sell sea-shells? Wow.  Another expat a-hole thinking we are only island peddlers?  

      • Anonymous says:

        Well lets see 30 shells a week at $5 is $150    3 hammocks at 65 is $195  8 baskets of thatch at 40 is 320 and some seafans and perhaps coconut oil another 150 Do the math a..hole

        Perhaps they want to sell 20 orders of fritters at 8 per order thats 160 for 3 pounds of conch

        figure it out a..hole

        I know all about selling shi… out of a stall i used to make over 1000 by noon on saturday

        and my friend james used to do easily 800 of jerk a day

        • Anonymous says:

          I would be very happy to rent all the stalls for 1500 us a month and i would create some jobs

          Please post a for rent sign on the door so i know whom to call

    • Anonymous says:

      Then that lady wouldn't have to conduct her business in the Porta-Potty

  38. Anonymous says:

    And in other news, a white unicorn with a green tail was seen in the George Town area.

    My headline, I tend to believe more so than what spews out of the mouth of a politician.

  39. Anonymous says:

    The problem is that most certainly there are Caymanians that could do the job -do they want it. A lot. Of them want to role a spliff and kick back. Most that want jobs can find one. Employment is not a birthright

    • Anonymous says:

      Who the hell said that employment is a birthright 11:16?  It  sure seems you are hanging with a strange crowd of losers since you know so much about "A lot. Of them want to role a spliff and kick back."  No, that is but the few. A LOT of them want jobs that they can earn a decent living. The birthright is to be given A FAIR CHANCE to compete in the job market not be pushed aside because of being a native.

  40. Anonymous says:

    At least one PPM MLA get's what is important and the essence of representing Caymanian people.

    Remember all the campaign promises and act on them. PPM have the majority and Deputy Governor seems to care enough to do something so no more excuses.

    • Anonymous says:

      Deputy Governor seems to care enough to do something ..  Interesting.