Cayman leaves tournament despite another victory

| 21/08/2013

(CNS): The Cayman islands U15 football squad was forced out of the CONCACAF tournament on Tuesday despite another great win for the teen players. Cayman beat Aruba 4-2 in their final game and young. Leighton Thomas was the Man of the Match again after another hatrick in the 6th, 9th and 52nd minutes of the game. Ryan Johnson also scored in the 44th minute in the a fourth victory during a tournament when the players did the country proud. Aruba’s Derrick Lopez scored in the 35th minute and Jean Pierre Van Der Linden in the 46th. Despite this final victory Cayman’s defeat on Friday by Bermuda had sealed their fate as the miracle of St Maarten beating the Bermuda team unsurprisingly never materialized.

Bermuda defeated St Maarten 5-0 at the Ed Bush Play Stadium earlier in the day securing the team’s position at the top of Group A and a place in the semis. .
In group B Belize defeated Grenada 6-1 and Guatemala defeated Jamaica securing their place in the semis.

Wednesday will see the teams from group C and D play their final games with a battle on for who will advance in group D. At present Honduras, which faces Curacao, will qualify if they win, tie or even lose by three goals or less. However in group D the decisive match is between El Salvador and Haiti. El Salvador, are currently in first place and will advance to the semi-finals if they win or tie but Haiti has everything to play for as they too can make the semis with a win.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    I'm baffled by how this tournament has been organized. Completely baffled. There are 4 groups and the organizers should have allowed 2 teams to qualify from each group. The 8 will be reduced to 4 in the semi-finals. Picking a single team that tops each group to go straight to the semi-final is moronic. Am I missing something here? Now Cayman is out because of poor planning.

    • Anonymous says:

      There are probably only 2 or 3 quality teams in the tournament and none of them were in Cayman's group.  If a team can't beat Bermuda then it can't expected a charity quarter-final place.

  2. 0068 says:

    Thumbs up Wendy, considering the 'new' media competition with its focus on 'quality journalism' which I've yet to experience, all in all I think CNS does a remarkable job for a one journalist operation. Yes, CNS is a tad lacking when its comes to sports coverage but at least the public are granted the opportunity to express their feelings with the security of knowing that their identity wont be used against them. In other words CNS is a Cayman Free Press, not a pretentious 'advertiser' rag pandering to the well heeled.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Dear CNS, 

    I have attended some of the matches and was very impressed with many players. Perhaps its my complete ignorance, but it would be nice to know a little about the Cayman players. Where do the play? What do we need to know about them? And so on. There is much to be proud of. Thousands of people have enjoyed watching some tremendous football. 

    CNS: Cayman News Service is a very small operation with one full time journalist, Wendy Ledger, who covers politics, crime, courts, local events … and everything else that happens, not to mention the articles on CNS Business. We realise that one area of news that we do not cover well is sports (we offer space in our sports section for press releases from any sports organisation on the islands) but we do our best. You have great suggestions but unless Wendy works 24 hours a day, she is not able to do everything, and I'm sure you can appreciate that the amount of work that she produces is huge. 

    • Anonymous says:


      2013 CONCACAF U15 Championship Calendar

      Group A Group B Group C Group D

      Cayman Jamaica Honduras Haiti

      Aruba Guatemala Curacao Martinique

      Bahamas Grenada Guadeloupe Puerto Rico

      St. Maarten St. Lucia St. Martin El Salvador

      US Virgin Islands Belize Trinidad & Tobago St. Vincent

      Bermuda St. Kitts and Nevis Antigua & Barbuda

      Date Match Local time Matches Venue

      Fri. 08/16/2013 21 16:30 Aruba vs US Virgin Islands Truman Bodden

      22 16:30 Bahamas vs St. Maarten Annex

      23 18:00 Jamaica vs Belize Truman Bodden

      24 18:00 Guatemala vs St. Lucia Annex

      25 19:30 Cayman vs Bermuda Truman Bodden

      26 19:30 Trinidad & Tobago vs St. Kitts and Nevis Annex

      Sat. 08/17/2013 27 16:30 Curacao vs Trinidad & Tobago Annex

      28 16:30 Guadeloupe vs St. Martin Ed Bush

      29 18:00 Haiti vs Antigua & Barbuda Annex

      30 18:00 El Salvador vs Martinique Ed Bush

      31 19:30 Honduras vs St. Kitts and Nevis Annex

      32 19:30 St. Vincent vs Puerto Rico Ed Bush

      Sun. 08/18/2013

      33 16:30 St. Maarten vs US Virgin Islands Annex

      34 16:30 Aruba vs Bermuda Truman Bodden

      35 18:00 Grenada vs St. Lucia Annex

      36 18:00 St. Vincent vs Haiti Truman Bodden

      37 19:30 Guatemala vs Belize Annex

      38 19:30 Cayman vs Bahamas Truman Bodden

      Mon. 08/19/2013 39 16:30 Curacao vs St. Kitts and Nevis Annex

      40 16:30 Puerto Rico vs Haiti Ed Bush

      41 18:00 St. Vincent vs El Salvador Annex

      42 18:00 Martinique vs Antigua & Barbuda Ed Bush

      8/16/2013 Page 16

      43 19:30 Honduras vs Guadeloupe Annex

      44 19:30 St. Martin vs Trinidad & Tobago Ed Bush

      Tue. 08/20/2013 45 16:30 Bahamas vs US Virgin Islands Truman Bodden

      46 18:00 Grenada vs Belize Ed Bush

      47 18:00 Jamaica vs Guatemala Truman Bodden

      48 19:30 St. Maarten vs Bermuda Ed Bush

      49 19:30 Cayman vs Aruba Truman Bodden

      Wed. 08/21/2013 50 16:30 St. Martin vs St. Kitts and Nevis Annex

      51 16:30 El Salvador vs Haiti Ed Bush

      52 18:00 Antigua & Barbuda vs Puerto Rico Annex

      53 18:00 Martinique vs St. Vincent Ed Bush

      54 19:30 Honduras vs Curacao Annex

      55 19:30 Guadeloupe vs Trinidad & Tobago Ed Bush

      Fri. 08/23/2013 56SF1 18:00 A1 vs B1 Truman Bodden

      57SF2 20:00 C1 vs D1 Truman Bodden

      Sun. 08/25/2013 58 17:00 SF1 Loser vs SF2 Loser Truman Bodden

      59Final 19:00 SF1 Winner vs SF2 Winner Truman Bodden

    • Anonymous says:

      Wendy is invincible!! Seriously, sounds like you guys need to raise some funds to get some help…how can you cover all that?? You do a great job, but that has got to be tough..

      CNS: Feel free to donate! Better still, buy ad space. There are good reasons to do so – click on "Advertise" on the main menu bar to find out more.