Activist to host session on sex offenders

| 02/09/2013

(CNS): A local activist who has been advocating for a local sex offenders register, tougher and more consistent sentencing for those convicted and greater protection of children from sexual predators is hosting a presentation on the issue at the ICCI Wednesday evening. During the open session Sandra Catron will be discussing the sex offenders Facebook registry, which she created but which is now administered offshore, by Caymanians living overseas. Catron also recently began a petition to have the crown appeal a six month sentenced handed down to a local father who had molested his 8-year-old daughter over a two year period.

The petition has received over 720 signatures and the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions is now being appealed.

Catron, who is herself currently under police investigation as a result of her association with the register that is naming offenders, said the presentation will include valuable information about how to advocate on the issue, which has become particularly topical following a surge in sex offending cases coming before the courts and a series of successful convictions for the prosecution.

The session is planned for 7:30pm Wednesday at the International College of the Cayman Islands (ICCI), located on Hirst Road Newlands, in Friends Hall 2.

See open invitation below.

CNS is also soliciting opinions on this issue: See Naming sex offenders

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The police should seize her computers and charge her for publishing the list.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Perhaps by outing juvenile offenders now it may stop them from becoming adult offenders.    Common sense!!!  

  3. Anonymous says:

    Terrifying.  The Pied Piper and the ignorant masses.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I am all for a sex registry, name and picture of the perpetrator. Found guilty of ….> As a parent I want to know. But no need to give EVERY detail that would identfiy the victim.  Each of them are dealing with the violence and trauma differently.

    I know from experience!! so it angers me when I see these details and know how it hurts to not only have to try to heal inside but have to now deal with the public perception. and dont tell me I should be proud to stand up! it took time for me to even come to terms and graduallly speak to others of my case, to share and to heal.

    I dont agree with the information being posted on the juvenile on fb, worse when the arguments and questions came, they locked off comments. Sandra with all your legal experience, you should be open to all arguements and if you have strong evidence… then make your case, not hide behind deleting comments or threatening to delete people.

    I support a sex registry but not one run by Sandra or her goons in the US. 

    Lets stick to what a sex registry really is for…identifying convicted sex offenders and education and prevention. 

    Anyone over 18years of age is considered an adult. Keep within those parameters. Target ONLY CONVICTED persons. (dont need pics of prisoners that escaped for non sexual crimes).

    Keep the articles on howto deal with sexual abuse and provide information to local agencies that can help. 




    • Anonymous says:

      You want identification of the rapists so you can know the details to protect your child, that's what Sandra is giving you! Contrary to what you posted, she doesnt name anything that identifies the child, but if people can use the posted info to figure who the child is then how is she to blame? Cayman is a tiny country. Don't you think the victim and parents knewthat when they came forward??? As it is now, these rapists have used that law to protect themselves as they feast on the ignorance of innocent families, ingratiating themselves into unsuspecting families to gain access to the very innocence that shoud be protected!  The problem is your more than obvious inability to make sense in general on this child rape issue that leaves children vulnerable to the worst in our society, and if you have a better way to fix it then come off your highhorse and say it, better yet, message it to Sandra, because as this moment, she is the only one trying to protect them and at the same time facing facing the heat from the govt and shortsighted people like you! Miss anonymous you cant have it both ways. And You have a problem with comments being deleted that drew away fromthe topic? What?? You wanted some knock down drag out action? That is not what its about. Sandra has no power over who posts what on that page, neither does the administrator. Do yourself a favor, go find your action elsewhere, better yet, Grow Up!

      • Anonymous says:

        Dear Anonymous,

        1. when you say raped stepchild or child and post the picture of the convict it provides details of the child.

        2. a better solution is to post the name, age, description of the person, including picture, and what they were convicted for (as many sex registries do) without specifics on who, so people become aware without harm to the victim. eg

        John Doe, age 35, convicted of child molestation in grand court, case number XXX and date.

        3. Laws changed to report these persons as described above.

        3. parents/victims report because they want action not further damage to the child or themselves. lets not give them a reason not to come forward!

        4. suggestion were made to fix the problem identified…read the comment may have missed the points and suggestions made. 




      • Anonymous says:

        while I admire Sandra's efforts I think she is not being REALLLY open to suggestions. there is something to be admirable to sticking stong to your ideas, even stonger to be open to better ones  on how to improve and make the system right. Think she is blinded by her own self righteous agenda.   while it would be most appropriate for police records to take this on, I have no confidence in the system there. BUT, can someone with more credibility then Sandra please take this over!!!!!! PLEASE!!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Keep up the good work Sandra! Education is key!

  6. Nicky Watson says:

    All those involved in the FB page should read this: Report details lives ruined for children put on sex-offender registries

    • InvisibleVoice says:

      While I see your point – The article is not relevant to any of the recently named offenders. While the gentleman mainly discussed in the article was a small child at the time of his incident which involved his touching his sister’s vagina – The men in Grand Cayman committed their crimes as grown men fully aware of the damage  caused by their actions either physically, emotionally and or mentally. Not to mention the manner in which some assaults were made, the age of the victims, frequency and their close relations.  There can be negative implications to naming offenders yes but there can also be great effects too. I am sympathetic to the gentleman in the article but I say “Name Them All!”  We need to know who the cretins are among us else chance one of our own being hurt.

    • Hoping for better days says:

      Was agood read, but a very specified case. I think you may find we are more concerned with the ADULTS who are molesting their own or other children in our society. We need some light shed on this issue in Cayman and although many may not support Sandra with her usual initiatives etc.; this is one we cannot deny has been swept under the rug for far too long in Cayman.

      • Nicky Watson says:

        Regardless of all the arguments concerning adult offenders, there is at least one juvenile offender listed.

  7. Anonymous says:

    She has a Juvenile on there , that is not right  so I will not be supporting her and I do feel that she is doing it for her fame and attention..

    • Anonymous says:

      I fully support a public register of convicted offenders as a way to alert the community of who is particularly dangerous to our children. This can be done simply by providing a picture of the convict, the court decision and a range of the child's age. I do not support a registry that includes juvenile offenders.