Search still on for lost suspect

| 03/10/2013

(CNS): Despite an extensive land and sea search throughout Wednesday for 33-year-old Anthony Smith, who dived into the ocean to evade police on Tuesday night, there is still no sign of him. Police said Thursday that they are continuing the search for Smith. An RCIPS spokesperson also said they have now been in contact with various family members and friends and are continuing that liaison in the quest to locate him. Smith, who is the subject of a Fail to Appear warrant in relation to multiple offences before the court as well as police drug related matters, disappeared on 1 October at around 9:50pm when police lost sight of him in the sea near the West Bay public beach.

Police had approached Smith Tuesday evening as he sat in a stationary car close to Alfresco Restaurant. They asked him to step out of the car but as he did Smith ran from the officers and dived into the rough seas. The strong tide started pulling him towards the West Bay dock, so officers immediately called for assistance and the air operations unit was deployed.

Uniform officers and the Air Operations Unit carried out a shoreline search and a cell phone and shoes were recovered. The search was suspended due to the severe weather conditions. It was resumed around 7:30am Wednesday and continued throughout the day until nightfall but there was no sign of Smith.

Smith is described as 5 ft 10 inches, large built, light complexion, wavy hair, usually in plaits. If anyone has seen Smith since 9:50pm 1 October, they should contact their nearest police station as a matter of urgency. 

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  1. Anonymous says:

    We must all We must all be cognizant of the fact that the Police approached this wanted man with warrants for his arrest. At no stage did the Police push him in the water, this was the choice of the accused. So what ever happens happen. I know the Police are lame on many occasions but let'scall a spade a spade. XXXX

  2. Anonymous says:

    Is this man family even out looking for him?? I have not heard of any searches been organized by his friends or family? Strange..

    • Anonymous says:

      I'm hearing that following the incident, a person was heard and seen around "Bobby & Jemima" house which is opposite the West Bay Public Beach. I believe the police do not suspect that he is missing at sea, but believe that me made it to shore and has now gone into hiding. 

  3. Anonymously says:

    I am very concerned as to what happened to this young man. I pray that his family and the country will get word soon as to what has happened.


  4. Anonymous says:

    Life boy. One bad decision and many people’s lives are forever changed. God bless his loved ones at this time. Keep the faith. And like many others, I am praying for him too.

    • bow n arrow says:

      He dont deserve to die like that regardless of what he may be suspected of. I pray that miraclously he came ashore and is laying low for now

  5. Anonymous says:

    Very sad. I hope he turns up ok.