Cash-for-food mugging in GT

| 25/10/2013

(CNS): A man armed with a machete, who appeared to want nothing more than some money for food, mugged another man outside a George Town bar last night. RCIPS detectives say they are investigating another robbery after the customer at a waterfront bar was confronted by a masked man Thursday. The local man was sitting at the bar inside Rackams at around midnight last night when he was approached by another man carrying a blade, believed to be a machete. After the suspect demanded money for food, the customer then took money from his wallet and handed it to the suspect, who then ran off.  The suspect is 5’7” to 5’8” and he was wearing a black hoody and jeans pants and had a red bandana covering his face.

Anyone who witnessed the incident, or has any information which could assist he police, is asked to call George Town CID on 949-4222, the RCIPS tip-line 949-7777 or Crime Stoppers 800-8477(TIPS).


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  1. Anonymous says:

    The Lord said, ask and it shall be given…what's wrong with these people?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Many of them just don't want to work and earn an honest living.  Begging is much easier.  Curwell in West bay asked me for something some time back and I told him very gently why doesn't he go and help somebody and work for a few dollars- he cussed me and walked away.  I work hard for the little a have.  if there is genuine need I am glad to help but far too many of these people are just lazy or feeding habits!! 

  3. Anonymous says:

    The islands that McKeeva Bush made….it will take time, money and much effort to reverse the social damage that Megalomaniac has inflicted on our beautiful islands.  Anyone that thinks otherwise is uninformed, delusional or your typical ignorant UDP supporter.

  4. Knot S Smart says:

    Poor guy – he robbed because he had no food?

    I say we tie him to the Town Clock and give him 50 lashes instead of the normal 100…

  5. Anny Omis says:

    I didn’t know crack was a food group. Must be a new category from the state’s Obamacare.

  6. Anonymous says:

    He is feeding his crack habit. He can depict that we are a country with desperately hungry people bug I would bet the farm he has a drug addiction. Sad just the same but hardly a true hungry man. What is alarming is that he was robbing a crowded bar. This is becoming far too common.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Unless CNS believes crack to be a healthy nutritious meal this is quite possibly the dumbest and needlessly inflammatory headline ever chosen.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Cayman baffles me… was the simplicity of itall that made me fall in love with this island.  Now we hear of crime daily, murders weekly. The truth is that discrimination breeds hate, hate breeds crime, crime creates fear, fear creates desperation and the list goes on.

    It is community that fosters good. It's not about expat vs local. We may have different destinations in which we were born, but take the perspective of humanity and respect thy neighbor because it's the right thing to do, use your manners and sense. The government needs to realize that all of their political BS is part of the big problems in Cayman.  

    The crime here will get worse….the young people are being taught hate and discrimination. They get sucked into the negativity of the greedy leaders who clearly have agendas  that only benefit a certain type of caymanian. The unfortunate circumstance is that the negativity paralyzes the ability to gain perspective and create growth.

    Education needs to be paramount in every child's life and that starts at home! Parents need to send their helpers away and raise their own children!  Fathers need to be just that and not out messing around with the girls at the local bars and creating more single mothers. Children need role models, praise, a ton of guidance and rules with consequences. Mothers need to demand respect from their men and their children. Parents need to support their childrens teachers and not chastise them if their child is failing! If your child is failing it is not the schools fault it's YOURS!

    People speak of caymanians not showing up to work, taking advantage of employers, excessive sick outs, stealing. This is common talk and unfortunately has validity. Show respect for yourself by placing pride in your work. Set an example for our young people that if they work hard and educate themselves it will come with reward.

    We need technical education starting in high school. Why do we have permit holders in the retail stores and fast food places. Those types of jobs are paramount for a young person to learn responsibility about work, time and money management. 

    Community service! Young people need to learn to find what makes them passionate, before they fall in love with earning money. The saying goes if you love what you do you'll never work a day in your life! It's true!

    For the young adults that  are floundering without skills. Create partnerships and internships. How can a young person gain perspective on the work force if they have no experience in anything.  If that person excels offer paid time at the college and demand great grades with the promise of a job at the end. 

    Create a window of opportunity for young single mothers. Provide education and daycare in different needed professions so they can have the opportunity to have pride in themselves and provide for their families. If they participate in these programs provide them with classes on parenting, personal finance and family planning. Give them a hand up and they won't need a hand out.

    for our young people who have left school and do not have jobs….the US and UK military will certainly teach you how to be successful young individuals and the pay and benefits are much better than what your earning on moms couch.

    Create a culture of hard work. The motto in my home was it didn't matter what job you did as long as you did it the best! Every job has a purpose and is important! Self respect and self worth comes with earning an honest days pay and even more needed is a respectable minimum wage. 

    We are a small community an amazing melting pot of cultures, creativity and knowledge. The hate thing is clearly not working. Lip service is just that. We need to create an agenda that is specifically geared towards growth in spirit, change in personal perspective and that has measurable  benchmarks in which to be held accountable. It is then and only then that we will begin to change for the better and finally see the crime in cayman decrease.

    • Anonymous says:

      Sir/Madam, that is one of the best and most sensible posts I have ever read on this site. Well done and may your thoughts spread and multiply.

    • CAYMAN PROUD says:

      Please sir,

      Run for Premier in the next election. You most definitely would have my vote. WELL SAID!

    • WELL SAID!!! says:

      Finally, someone that actually makes sense. The negativity and the hate is everywhere and until we learn to stomp it out, we can never advance or grow as a community. Too may people talk about the 'glass half empty' but we need to change our perspective and see that the glass is really 'half full'.  We focus so much on the CONTENT and never see the CONTEXT. Most people really want the same thing regardless of what side your on and there are people breaking the rules on all sides in varying ways. How we deal with it is paramount to our success as a community. Breathing hate and negativity is not the best approach.

  9. Notch says:

    Sign of the times… survival is the order fo the day and we should all be our brothers keeper!! I hope a lot of the responders with insensitive comments realize that life and fate has a way of turning around for us all, and if they one day trade places with this desperate robber I pray they can appreciate despicable comments of humour such as theirs. Heaven help us all!

    • Anonymous says:

      Don't be an apologist for criminality.  You are equating poverty with criminality which is an insult to the honest poor.

    • Anonymous says:

      I have been on rock bottom in my life — no home, no car, no nothing.   I have never stooped to this level, nor will I ever "trade places with this robber."    The robber is a coward as all robbers, thieves and criminals are, and they chose their empty life, rather than having the ambition to do anything for themselves.   It takes guts to be an adult.  

  10. Anonymous says:

    While there are now the notorious druggie beggars around I am encountering more genuinely needy people who are obviously embarrassed to beg. It is sad what is happening in these once glorious islands where peace was the norm and all mouths were fed. Welcome development!

  11. Anonymous says:

    Ah maybe he wasn't lying? Maybe he was telling the truth. Maybe he uses drugs and paid for them and didn't have money for food? 

    I picked up a lady with 4-5 kids looking for a job living in town hitchhiking to morgans harbour because public bus wouldn't take passengers to morgan's harbour its off their route. Shes on assistance then she was going along to different hotels giving resumes but they asked for copies instead of taking a copy. So she was visually stressed hadn't a meal that morning so she could fit in her clothes . As time went on she was walking in high heel shoes. I was coming back from west bay and she smiled and asked for ride. I asked where she was going and told me to the hotels to leave a resume again. I asked did they call she  said no . So I said why don't you try somewhere else. She said I went to school and I should be able to get this job. Its a simple job. I asked how long ago was she working? She said I've been trying to get a job for 2 years. I asked who's taking care of the kids? She said a kind neighbor. I asked how old is your youngest child she said 9 months. So not all the time is everyone lying. Let us open our hearts if not our wallets and offer something. 

    We can keep telling ourselves that everybody is lying or we can help them by finding them a job whatever way we can. Its worth about one evenings drinking on friday or saturday night. A ride , a reference, some money especially children to feed. Dept of family and social service pays them food vouchers but it is every 2 weeks and usually less then $200 . Do you buy groceries? How much do you spend? Remember prices are always going up.

    • Anonymous says:

      Thank you are a kind person and I hope your comments will have a positive impact in encouraging kindness in others who have an opportunity for a random act of kindness.

    • Anny Omis says:

      I believe this woman also applied for a job with my business this week. Even though i told her we are not hiring, as we are fully staffed, she insisted on applying. By her appearance and mannerisms it seemed like she might be a former/current substance abuser. She told me of her unemployement for two years as well. She seemed off kilter to me.

      Just a common sense note to job seekers, put on you most business approptiate clothing, and do not drop off resumes in shorts or jeans and a T- shirt.

      • Anonymous says:

        To: Submitted by Anny Omis (not verified) on Sun, 27/10/2013 – 23:23.                               I hope that you are not in charge of hiring ,since you have already written her off. It seems you have decided that she is a druggie and apparently did not show up in "approptiate " ( I believe the word you are looking for is appropriate)clothing to drop off Are you confusing to drop drop off a resume,with showing up for an interview? You said she mentioned her "unemployement" (the word is" unemployment").Apparently you did not need good English to get this job, so just how did you qualify?

    • Anonymous says:

      Whilst I think it is great that she is out there looking for a job and doesn't give up, my question would be why in this day and age (with all the options available) she would put herself in the position where she got pregnant again (the 9months old) when she has been out of a job for 2 years??? Why do people continue to have children if they can't afford to take care of them? Sorry, I don't get that part…………..

  12. Anonymous says:

    pure "rougues" crack heads and ex inmates all of them, i hate that area. i dont go to kirks or the gas station or merren plaza simple because these idiots all all over the place to be seen begging and walking up and down the roads like zombies. no doubt they will all be checking into northward for christmas dinners soon. and so the world turns.

  13. Anonymous says:

    I will pay any of these guys $10 an hour to come help me in my yar anytime. The KFC bum as we call him and the guy that sleeps in GT I have offered them $ so many times to come home and help in my yard they dont even ask me anymore.  If they need food and we're honest they could get plenty. But no one pays to sit under a cocoanut tree and wait for them to fall. Wait o yes the CIG does.  Just saying

    • Anonymous says:

      I offered to buy the guy at KFC a sandwich and he said thanks but no thanks….

    • Anonymous says:

      This KFC guy is a real pain.  I have stopped going there.  Who wants to sit down to eat just to have somone come up to the table and beg money.

  14. Anonymous says:

    WhatA LOAD of BS

    Robbery for food, but what kind of food. The food is a creamish colored rocky substance commonly called a cocaine rock.
    What needs to happen is they need to fly in a guy like me 310 lbs 6″ tall with a degree in brute force then they won’t be able to eat food because I would leave them teeth less.

    Bunch of nuisances. They need to work to maintain their nasty habit and leave hard working people a lone

  15. Unison says:

    You have children in homes where father's interest are at the bars and buddies, and mothers away with their friends; no attention is given to the children. And you have homes that are irretrievably broken where children have no parents at all. What do you expect when marriage vows are broken, no God in people's lives, children are left to themselves, boys grow up and become men and girls grow up and become women with no support. There was a time when families held themselves together and everyone would financially help each other during the rough times. But those days it seem are fading away. The youngs only education is to do bad in order to get something, and you can clearly see why as more homes disintegrate. 

  16. Anonymous says:

    FOOD! Give me a break, what a load of BS. If he wanted food, why not go and rob the grocery store directly! Why does CNS make this the headline? There is not a single fact in the article to back up the mugging was for cash to buy food. Last time I looked Appeared is not a fact. I am so let down by CNS lately, they seem to be rushing to post things these days.Please tell me where on the waterfront at midnight can I buy food? HELLO!!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      I don't know if you noticed, but the "N" in CNS stands for News. It was a robbery, and that is news. CNS only reported what the robber allegedly said.

    • Anonymous says:

      You know 12.45, whilst I cannot speak for the mugger in question, there are people who are hungry here. I have seen them and met them on the streets, they are not drunks or druggies, just fallen on hard times. Hungry people sometimes do desperate things, especially if they have families to feed.


      Maybe it is time for the Churches (if not doing so already) to be opening soup kitchens or similar to give these people at least one good meal. I am not a big fan of the churches here, but that is an initiative I would support. Is that not what a so called Christian country would do?

      • Anonymous says:

        Mmm…no comments from churches 15.49…I wonder why? Too busy with their collection plates probably to care about their flocks, the one that really need it, that is.

    • Anonymous says:

      To:Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Fri, 25/10/2013 – 12:45.                              I hope you never get called for juror duty.Apparently you do not pay attention to what you read.You completely missed or ignored the  FACT that the victim stated" After the suspect demanded money for food, the customer then took money from his wallet and handed it to the suspect, who then ran off."  Not good.

    • Anonymous says:

      Does anyone in Cayman have the ability to read and comprehend a simple paragraph? It was reported by the person who was mugged, "After the suspect demanded money for food"…

      CNS has simply reported what was said. If you had bothered to read past the headline, you would have realized this.

      Maybe that is why there are so many ridiculous coments posted on this website… the commenters don't bother to read the article before they sound off!

      • Anonymous says:

        Yes, because it makes a good headline. Any person with a degree of intelligence would be able to discern that no one on this island needs to mug another to obtain food, when all they have to do is walk into a supermarket and shoplift or go to a bar, eat a meal and walk out without paying. 

        After all, this person is a thief, so he can't be trusted to tell the truth, can he?

        It may have been reported what was said, but is it worthy of a special inclusion or is it just a mugging to go alongside the multitude of others. To banner headline in the manner that it was, makes a disgusting and violent theft sound like a plea for help from a worthy and charitable cause.

        Why didn't the headline read, 'Another late night mugging in GT', and then refer to the demand for money for food within the story?

        It appears to be an emotional response instead of an impartial one, sensationalism instead of common sense.

    • Anonymous says:

      Have you checked Cayman Compass and Cayman 27?  They are saying the same thing as CNS! 

      Did you stop to think that maybe that's what the mugger said to the victim and that's what he reported to police?


      Just Saying………

  17. Anonymous says:

    Things appear changing dramatically in Grand Cayman, but of course I am judging from  reading online media. I lfet GC 1.5 years ago. There were no beggards at that time. Mugging was not that bold and common. And I was not afraid of anyone jumping on me from the bushes when I was coming home late. Are those just isolated incidents? I sure don't like beggars, especially in one of the richest countriest in the world. 

    • Anonymous says:

      Don't know where you were living/working but I was in GT 2006-8 and people regularly came up to me or my friends asking for cash. As for muggings? I suspect they just weren't being reported because I can remember several white ex-pats being targeted by what appeared to be groups of local youths cruising round in cars looking for victims.

      • Anonymous says:

        There was another trick going round about then. If you were walking along a couple of black guys would come up behind whispering things like 'millionaires' hoping you'd turn round. If you did they'd kick the s*** out of you. It was fairly common in the area near the Wharf and several white ex-pats got caught. It wasn't mugging, there was no theft, just racial violence.  

        • Anonymous says:

          To: Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Fri, 25/10/2013 – 13:02.                              Are you trying to incite a race war? Where are the facts to back up your allegation? Until you produce real proof, I am going to assume that you made this up in a deliberate attempt to damage Cayman and Caymanians.

          • Anonymous says:

            Race war, here on Cayman, ha ha ha!

            You can't mobilise a demonstration for your 2000 alleged unemployed ,or get a simple petition signed to oust an apparent unpopular CoP, why on earth do you suppose anyone will turn up for a 'race war'?

            How many of the 'unemployed' have turned up at job fairs or open days in the past few weeks, and how many TLEP's has Ezzard managed to fill?

            NO, there'll be no race war, just more hot air adding to global warming.

          • Anonymous says:

            You're doing well enough on your own, you don't need anymore help to damage Cayman or Caymanian's.

          • Anonymous says:

            Prove it didn't happen.

            Thought so, you can't, no more than the victim can, so an assumption is invalid without proof to the contrary. Surely you're not inferring that a white person is lying about a race attack, wouldn't that be a deliberate attempt to damage their credibility and integrity?

            Oh no, I forgot, this Cayman, the place where the truth accounts for nothing and burying your head in the sand is a national sport.

            Sounds like you protesttoo much.

        • Anonymous says:

          Re…Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Fri, 25/10/2013 – 13:02.Did you just make this up or can you prove it? Maybe,.. perhaps you used  racists slurs, causing someone to "kick the s*** out of you".Is that what really happened?

          • Anonymous says:

            So Caymanians aren't racist then?

            Well that is clearly untrue, just read the comments in regard to crime or immigration on this site and you will experience the unmistakeable whiff of racism, prejudice, discrimination and bigotry. The term 'paper Caymanian' is an attempt by some to disconnect from other races, cultures, colours or creeds, it is certainly not the language of acceptance or inclusiveness. 

            So why is it that when a white person considers an attack racially motivated it is dismissed as a racial slur, but when a person of colour makes the same complaint it is a race hate crime?

            And, just listen to your radio, in any right thinking country the advertisement for Dolphin Cove would be banned for causing offence, or even being considered racist. 'We don't employ low paid foreigners' is a disgusting attempt to justify:

            1. The unjustifiable captivity of dolphins.

            2. The duplicitous attitude by some Caymanian's towards hard working expat labour.

            3. The current scramble by some to be seen to employ Caymanian staff.

            This advert is directly aimed at the predjudices of Caymanian's for commercial expediency, pure and simple.

            If that isn't devisive and racially offensive, what is?

        • Anonymous says:

          I am reading a lot of senseless yarns on here. Cayman has been my home since the 1970s and a story of racial violence such as written above – 13:02 – is a lot of crock. If this was so it would have been reported or at least on the "marl road" so stop telling lies folks, please. We have enough foolishness to deal with now so don't add to it.

        • Knot S Smart says:

          That is just not true.

          Unless of course you are the Jordanian…

        • Anonymous says:

          The only one bringing "Race" into this picture is YOU!

          Try leaving on the next flight to another island where the nationals are white—Im sure you'd be much safer there!

      • Anonymous says:

        To ;Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Fri, 25/10/2013 – 12:02.      Where's the proof? Do you really expect to be believed ,without providing proof? Maybe you also wrote the post @13:02 ,with the intention of harming these islands.       

      • Anonymous says:

        I am a white female from US, lived in cayman 2008-2012-GT, Snug Harbour, TI, newlands.. Nobody ever asked me for a handout.

        • Anonymous says:

          Snug Harbour, seriously, could you get anymore isolated from reality?

          Try living in East End, Bodden Town or central GT, it's a different world.

          • Anonymous says:

            Why would I want to live in those places?  They are horrible.

          • Anonymous says:

            Not really my friend. My van has been entered twice in 6 months, my friends have had half their car body panel stolen whilst parked outside their apartment and we have had the old ' my car has run outta gas and i need 5 bucks to get to East End' trick at least twice this year. Not to mention the break in across the road and the wreckingof the kids playground at the end of the road.  That's Snug Harbour for you these days.

    • Anonymous says:

      There have been beggars in Cayman for donkey's years, you get to know them by name, my kids know them better than me, never heard of Kirky? Some have mental issues, some fall into that way of life, usually after a 'life event' and some have no choice.  

      Cayman is no different in having poverty than any other country and it only gets into the top earnings tables by a swathe of the population who are worth, or earn, an extraordinary amount of money, kind of skews the averages. It's not as if there are 55,000 well off residents looking down on the handful of people below the poverty line.

  18. Anonymous says:

    I am sure we can take his word for it that he wanted the money for food and in no way intended to spend any of it on drugs at all.

    • Anonymous says:

      There's only one form of mugging going on in GT for food, that's the local monopoly food supermarkets.

      Break up the monopoly's and the locally owned franchise's and bring in major US players to bring the cost of living down and promote inward investment. Stop making the few rich business owners richer, bring in competition.

  19. Anonymous says:

    This sort of reporting only adds fuel to the myth about there being unemployment in Cayman and this leading to hunger and crime.  No-one can possibly think he wanted money for food.  Unless you consider crack, ganja or alcohol food.

  20. Law Less says:

    Give a man a dollar and he can buy a meal. Give him a machete and he can get dollars for life.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Food as in crack to feed his habit…..

  22. Anonymous says:

    yeah whatever… food/drugs……zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  23. Anonymous says:

    A better description would help, Male or female, Aprrox age, wpprox. Weight, hair colour, complection, any type of acent? My guess is he is still not wearing the red bandana around town.  Notice all the criminals wear hoodies? 

    • Anonymous says:

      The article started out with the words "A man…" – what do you think the gender of the robber was based on this complex ID and description?  He was wearing a hoodie, do you think the victim asked him to remove the top so he can determine the colour of his hair? It is 'COMPLEXION' and 'ACCENT' – the education system is definitely not working.  Why do people write these silly comments???  Poor us.

  24. Anonymous says:

    I have been approached four times by "beggars" – what else can they be called- outside Kirks Supermarket, Hurleys and Fosters in Savannah and the Strand. They asked for money for food. I offered to buy food from the deli. All four refused because it was "not the kind of food" they wanted. One cursed the food in Hurleys as sh## and said he wanted to go to Mango Tree where the food was good. Maybe so. But it is obvious the money was for drugs not food. I refused to give any money. It is sad that Cayman has come to this. At one time you never saw begging. But around 20 years ago it started. It is still not as bad as other countries in the region but it is sad that it exists at all and it is not hunger driven, it is drug driven.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yeah, there is a young lady that is always in the Kirk's parking lot.  She follows you to your car and says she just needs some money for KFC.   I gave it to her once, but when I saw her again the following week with the same story, I had to respectfully ignore her.   

      Maybe its 'tough love', but security should ask her not to loiter in the parking lot.


      • Anonymous says:

        I also will offer to buy food for the person asking for a dollar, which then turns into bus fare hmm no sorry, BE CAREFUL a couple of the unknown ones will wait until you reach to get your purse then they snatch and run. IF they are really hungry they will follow you into the store and take the food. you get to know which ones you are safe with. If they are young then they can wash my car/windows rake my yard and I will gladly give them a few dollars, I work hard for my money so why can't they?

      • Anonymous says:

        Yeah, I got nailed by some rough guy in Kirk's last week. He said he wanted food, so I thought about it and grudgingly gave in. Then he went to grab a large box and I told him small only, (like mine). He helped himself to a drink as well for which I duly (and foolishly) obliged.

        It was after I had paid that the checkout girl informed me that he does it all the time. That made me feel even worse! For heaven's sakes, management at these stores, get rid of these good-for-nothing spongers and let the rest of us shop in peace.

        Surely the government ably assisted by the police force should be able to do something?

  25. Anonymous says:

    Robber demands money for food? Arent we all hungry? How about doing some yard work with that machete!