Man charged with drug dealing following 150lb haul

| 25/10/2013

(CNS): One of three men arrested following a police raid in West Bay early Tuesday has been charged with importation of ganja, possession with intent to supply ganja, and possession of ganja. The 27 year old man is expected in court today (Friday 25 Oct) in connection with a drugs haul in the district. Police said that the two other men aged 26 and 52 who were also arrested have been released on police bail while enquiries continue. Officers from the Drug and Serious Crime Task Force, Operational Support Unit, K-9 and Uniform Support Group searched a number of homes in the Turtle Crescent area of the district on Tuesday and recovered 150lbs of ganja was seized and three men taken into custody.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    This is great. Ganja is a illegal and there is violence associated with the smuggling of it along with the dealing. However cocaine is causing and pushing much havoc on our community and the larger level dealers need to be dealt with. We rarely hear of any such bust. Good worh nevertheless and congratulations on another good piece of work.

  2. Anonymous says:

    O well, I have my smoke till next run! I do feel bad for those who will go without a morning bake or evening snooze because of this though.

    Listen people, I hate to sound ignorant, or whtever term you guys can think of to call me, but seriously, do you think this drug running will ever stop? You think any government will ever stop the purchaser? Those captured will be replaced, and them replaced , and so on.

    Further I wonder if caymanians realise that those caught are but the tiny foot soldier, 150 lb is crazy but I have seen much much more on this island.

    Ironically, the police know who the big players are but cant or wont touch them, much the way it is in other countries. So what we have is a worldwide problem with no solution in sight.

    Seems a comprimise should be considered by our leaders, one with a focus on economic growth, social stability and human rights. I still argue that if I can buy a ton of alcohol legally to party,  I should be allowed my weed to relax.


  3. Anonymous says:

    Legalize and the Cayman Islands can rack in millions of dollars on taxed marijuana. It will also add to the tourism.

    Save grow houses.

    Have permits available, if anything illegal goes on, take the permit away.

    Avoid unnessary people going to jail cause all they want to do is provide for their family and just relax.


    Cocaine is a different story. With the legalization of Marijuana, that industry will slowly die.