Ebanks arrested again

| 28/10/2013

(CNS): Although the police have not named a 50-year-old man arrested for breach of trust and government fraud this morning, the man is understood to be Joey Ebanks. Police said the suspect was detained at George Town Police Station and interviewed but has since been released on police bail. The beleaguered former Electricity Regulatory Authority managing director and failed election candidate is already facing a catalogue of charges for corruption, theft and drugs offenses. Commenting on his Facebook page today, Ebanks said he was arrested at his home at around 7am this morning (Monday 28 October) in connection with his former job at the ERA. Ebanks said this time the cops arrested him in relation to his attempts to implement a failed project to install solar panels in residential homes.

Making more allegations over irregularities relating to the arrest and claiming it was because he continues to speak out about corruption himself, Ebanks suggested that the police did not have a warrant and that Police Commissioner David Baines was called during his trip to the police station in order to update him so he could approve a release to the media. However, the media did not receive a release about the arrest; a short report from the police followed enquiries triggered by Ebanks' comments on Facebook.

Ebanks first came to the attention of the police in April this year when the auditor general's office raised the alarm following its discovery of financial irregularities during the ERA's annual audit.

This led to an investigation, which resulted in a catalogue of charges against Ebanks relating to corruption, fraud, theft and drug charges ahead of the election, in which Ebanks ran as an independent candidate in North Side. Ebanks also began a Facebook campaign against the authorities and private citizens, making numerous allegations against his opponent, Ezzard Miller, the police commissioner, ERA officials and others that resulted in at least one civil action being filed against him.

He also triggered a probe into the ERA's solicitation process for the generation of additional power and the cancelation of the award to DECCO, part of the Dart Group, when he accused officials of trying to doctor the bid.

Ebanks has already denied more than 17 charges in the Grand Court and several others in Summary Court and is scheduled to stand trial next year.

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