Cop’s bribery case adjourned after jury discharged

| 07/11/2013

(CNS): A suspended police officer who is facing four serious charges under the anti-corruption law will have another three months to wait as his trial was adjourned Thursday when the judge was forced to discharge the jury because of a legal procedural issue. Following a successful application filed by Elvis Ebanks’ defence attorney, Justice Charles Quin let the jury of four women and three men go as a result of a possible prejudice that may have occurred in the case. With not enough time set aside to re-start the trial, a new date was sought and after rescheduling, the new trial will start on 20 February.

With the case still sub judice, the full reasons for the potential prejudiced cannot be reported but the issues was not down to any inadequacies on the part of any attorneys involved in the case or any issues relating to the jury. The problem was as a result of unexpected circumstances surrounding external court support services.

Elvis Ebanks is facing two counts of bribery and two counts of a breach of public trust . He is alleged to have taken a bribe from a man in exchange for not pursuing a prosecution over the possible theft of a mobile phone.

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