DoEH’s annual bulk waste clean-up underway

| 26/11/2013

(CNS): With the annual pre-Christmas clean-up now underway the Department of Environmental Health said it will be collecting bulk waste from the district of Bodden Town during this week. Residents are asked to place bulk waste on the curb side where it can be accessed by DEH trucks, but not to block or obstruct traffic. Bulk waste includes items such as household appliances, furniture, and yard waste. Officials are also encouraging people to cut down on waste over Christmas in an effort to reduce the impact of the country’s stretched waste management systems and landfill.

During the next few weeks, the DEH will collect bulk items not handled by the normal residential garbage bi-weekly collection. All metals and vegetative waste should be separated from the rest. Metal items include old appliances, metal furniture, metal roofing; vegetative waste includes all plant trimming and tree branches.

Construction and demolition debris will not be collected and residents are reminded that items should not be put out after the dates listed below as DEH crews will not be returning to an area once it has been cleaned.

The DEH bulk waste pick-up schedule for Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman are as follows:-
East End / North Side Districts – 18 November to 23 November.
Bodden Town District – 25 November to 30 November.
George Town District – 2 December to 7 December.
West Bay District – 9 December to 14 December.
Little Cayman – 18 November to 20 November.
Cayman Brac – 25 November to 29 November.
For further information, in Grand Cayman contact the DEH solid waste dispatch unit at 949-8793; in Cayman Brac and Little Cayman contact DEH Cayman Brac office at 948-2321.

Meanwhile, government officials are urging people to give more meaningful gifts and be more civil-minded, while wasting less and lightening the load for the clean-up crew. Suggestions include giving homemade items, such as cookies, handcrafts, or framed photos or entertainment vouchers for membership at the museum or gallery movie, theatre, concert, or sporting event tickets, gym membership, or restaurant and store gift certificates. Covering the cost of learning a language or paying for music lessons, classes in cooking, photography, yoga or offering time, services or skills such as baby-sitting, pet-sitting, computer assistance or home repairs are great substitute gifts. Another option is donating to someone’s favourite charity.
Sending email greetings rather than paper cards reduces waste as does reusable gift bags or creating gift wrap from maps or comics. Using durable plastic-ware or eco-friendly reusable ware and napkins instead of disposable catering products. Others may want items that you no longer need so contact local charitable organisations before throwing out gently-used clothing, furniture, books, and electronics. Instead of exchanging gifts, business and office staff can also elect to donate toys and other items.

Residents are reminded to be mindful of our surrounding and to refrain from littering and dumping waste in the environment as these activities are against the law (The Litter Law 1982). All waste should be properly disposed of at the DEH Landfills or through pick-ups services by residential garbage trucks.

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  1. Anon says:

    A few more ideas.  Give the gift of:

    1.  Membership of the National Trust.

    2.  A quarter acre in the National Trust  Adopt Nature Project.

    3.  A Friend of the Botanic Park for 2014.

  2. Anonymous says:

    It a good thing the licensed recyclers on island are involved.

    This way people can earn a little money collecting the materials before they end up in the landfill .

    Last yearalmost 60 tons of material was diverted from MT Trash during the district cleanup

    That said the licensed recycler on dump road will cheerfully pay you for your old A/C,s batterys wire window frames rims and auto parts

    The real recyclers are located in the warehouses  at the first sleeping policeman

    Not the illegal sea container on the side of the road

    • Anonymous says:

      You should know where the iilegal container on the side of the road is heading to.  A Yadd,