Warning issued of illegal cosmetic ‘pumping parties’

| 29/11/2013

(CNS): Local health officials are raising the alarm that unqualified and unlicensed people could be administering dangerous injections at ‘pumping parties’ for cosmetic purposes here in Cayman. The Health Practice Commission (HPC) said Thursday that it has been made aware that there may have been instances of individuals who are not medically trained or licensed offering “beauty” injections that can pose a threat to lives. Officials said that by law, all health care facilities and all health care practitioners are required to display their current Certificate of Operation of a Health Care Facility or Certificate titled “Health Practitioner Licence to Practice” respectively.

Any treatments, cosmetic or otherwise that involve injections must take place in a registered health care facility.

Pumping parties are becoming increasingly common across the US and other countries as they tempt people with cut price cosmetic procedures, such as breast and buttock enhancement. The procedures, however, are not only illegal but have resulted in a number of fatalities. Hosts offer a variety of treatments but in extreme cases in the United States people have been injected with industrial grade silicon, super glue, bathroom sealant and even Fix-A-Flat has been pumped into breasts and backsides to create curves.

The HPC warned of the serious health risks posed by these illegal parties or any other circumstances where people get injections from unqualified and unlicensed persons in unlicensed facilities.

The commission also said that people should not assume that such procedures cost less in an illegal setting than in a registered facility. The HPC said there is often the need for additional expense when complications arise from unlicensed treatments that require corrective surgery.

HPC officials said that patients or customers seeking any kind of beauty, cosmetic or health treatments involving injections should confirm that the practitioner is licensed by checking or requesting to see their certificates. If there is no certificate on display and one cannot be produced, the HPC warned that this means the facility has not complied with the national standards for a health care facility. It also indicates that their credentials have not been checked by government nor has the practitioner been screened for appropriate and required credentials.

“The DHRS will continue to keep the public informed as to any risks that it is made aware of,” the commission said as it urged the public to be aware of the dangers.

Anyone who has evidence that a facility without a license is offering injectable treatments should immediately contact the Department of Health Regulatory Services (DHRS) at hpbusers@gov.ky to file a formal complaint.

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  1. Anny Omis says:

    Anyone idiot enough to inject fix-a-flat in their backside should not be allowed to reproduce.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Ladies,,, stop being so shallow.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Only an idiot would fass with God’s beauty. Service ’em right for being so gullible! Keep it real folks! Keep it real.

  4. Just Sayin' says:

    Though I took little pleasure from the last Peter Pumping party I attended, both my wife and girlfriend still enjoy the benefits today. 

  5. Anonymously says:

    They say if you have the brush you won't crack and there's always junk in the trunk no need for fix a flat or silicone. Job gone bad after 25 they done, talk about faded flowers. 

  6. Anonymous says:

    Please do not do this people. My mom did it back in the 50s and now I have a huge ungainly head. 

  7. Pumps and a Bump says:

    “and even Fix-A-Flat has been pumped into breasts and backsides to create curves.”

    You.Could.Not.Make.This.Shit.Up!! Wow…helium’s next, pointy nips here I come.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Cool photo!!!!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Sounds like another attempt to maintain inflated local prices.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Wtf? Hahahahahahahahahaha




    that is all.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Please report these people.  This has been going on for a long time in Cayman.  It is time for this to stop. 

    • WillYaListen! says:

      I appreciate your concern but I believe you are thinking of a different sort of "pumping party" and yes they have been going on for decades.

      Why am I not invited to them any more? Maybe because I was at the ones decades ago. Life is so unfair.