Activist takes issue over dangerous dogs

| 12/12/2013

(CNS): A well-known local activist is taking up yet another issue which is likely to strike a chord in the community. Sandra Catron has once again identified an area of neglect by the authorities which members of the public have been concerned about for years – dangerous dogs, mistreated pets and the lack of enforcement by the authorities. The activist and campaigner told CNS that for over one year she has been contending with a dog on a neighbouring property which has attacked her own pet canine on three separate occasions. Although the owners have chained the animal, she said that it manages to get lose and each time it goes after her own dog. Despite her calls to 911 and the reports made to the police, no action has been taken about the animal, which she says is genuinely dangerous.

Catron said she now has had enough and is demanding that the authorities do something about this dog and take all aspects of animal neglect seriously. The most recent attack on her and her dog happened on Sunday outside her own home, which she described as nothing short of an “ambush” by the out-of-control dog on her pet, Coco.

“I was so shocked I fell to the ground trying to save her life,” Catron stated. “The dog had her in a death grip and then my boyfriend, who was inside, came to her rescue. He was hitting the dog to get her off Coco to no avail. I finally got a grip of the dog’s neck and Coco ran inside to safety,” she said, but the neighbouring dangerous dog was still on her tail.

Catron said that she called  911 but despite her twelve-month long history of emails with the Department of Agriculture, pleading with them and the police to intervene, they have never done so. Catron said that after one visit the authorities concluded the dog was not dangerous, despite evidence to the contrary.

Following Sunday’s attack Catron said her dog was taken to the vet for treatment and has been recovering since and she also sustained some injuries to her hand and left side.

While Catron said she would be seeking to recover the cost of her vet bills and other damage to property from the dog owner, what was of wider concern was the failure of owners in general to take proper care of their animals and, in turn, the failure of the authorities to act when there is clear evidence that animals are being neglected or mistreated.

"I am very disappointed that people in Cayman do not see taking care of their pets as an obligation,” she said. “No one is forced to be a pet owner but if you do, the pet must be taken care of and cannot endanger others. The attacks on Coco have been vicious and the dog's intent is clearly fatal. I have decided to take all reasonable steps to protect my dog. I am hopeful the police can remove this dog before this happens again. I have CCTV footage demonstratingthe ferocious nature of this dog,” she added.

Catron also supplied a picture of the dog (above) chained up, in which it appears to be suffering from neglect and covered in ticks.

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  1. AnimalLover says:

    I wish someone would just say where this dog is so SOMEONE can rescue it! Who cares about Agricultural Dept and the police stepping in?? As an animal lover and someone who is now caring for my fourth rescue I can assure many of you that there's no such thing as a bad dog, only people who are too STUPID to realize that just like with people, dogs have personalities and character traits as well. Of course of these "dangerous" dogs and "banned breeds" too many dogs with playful, assertive personalities are labelled wrongly as vicious dogs. I get all too annoyed with people shit talking pitbulls when they were formally known as "Nanny dogs" because of the way they care for humans… COME ON PEOPLE! CNS itself has a headline that says "Former crackbaby turns into Teen Robber"…. Way to go Cayman, let's condem an animal that unfortunately can only react to the poor treatement it is getting… tie one of your children outside and let it get infested with ticks and become malnourished. I PROMISE it too will also "attack" small dogs…XXXX

  2. Anonymous says:

    I commend Sandra for bringing this dog's plight to light. Sad this happens way too often in these islands. I sure hope something is finally done about it now. I reside in that area and the hundreds of people who do will know that Sandra always has her dog on a leash. 

  3. Anonymous says:

    How many times do I have to have the police out because I have been attacked by local dogs and learn that the owner once again has said – he will get a fence?  The last time the police had the pepper spray out and the owner couldn't even get close to his own dogs.  Now the owner lets the dogs out (he says until 6am) but I have been attacked after 6am too!  I am told the dog is Caymanian and should be free to roam in his country.  I am Caymanian too but I respect my neighbours and leash my dog.  Why did I get this dog?  So my neighbors' dogs no longer poo on my property!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Those are TICKS … RASCLOTH MAN!!! That owner should be jailed. I saw the picture on Facebook. Horrible I say!

    • Anonymous says:

      BUMBOCLAAT MAN…de jam daag av all a fi im blood pan im backside. Come on folks, that cant POSSIBLY be ticks…

  5. Anonymous says:

    Did Ms Catron have her dog on a leash?  I am not defending the other dogs owner at all They should be investigated andthe dog removed from them if what is said in the story is true.  But both parties have responsibilities. The size of the dog does not change the laws.

    There are too many dogs running free around the island, ones owned, not just feral. I live in the Boultin's area of West Bay and many well known citizens have dogs that are not kept and controlled  according to the law.

    Our trash does not stand a chance.

    We need better control and enforcement of the animal laws.



    • Anonymous says:

      Yes, Ms Catron had and always has her dog on a leash when she takes her outside.

      Anything else?

      • Anonymous says:

        Was not on a leash when outside being interviewed, and the dog was put doen on the ground to enter the house.

        • Anonymous says:

          Actually it was – I saw a leash in the interview! Plus its in on yard/porch – the other dog should not be on her property!

    • Anonymous says:

      Her dog is always on a leash. The whole thing on CCTV footage for those who need to see it. 

  6. Anonymous says:

    no bad dogs, only bad owners!

  7. Caymanian hear hear!! says:

    I am so sick of the Pit Bull breeding on this island, even though it is against the LAW!!!  We now have decades of inbred & banned dogs, but you only have to look in any online local newspaper and they are advertised for sale?!?  Arrest these people, not reward them.

    Come on! heads should roll.  All of the dangerous breeds need to be counted and nuetered, period. 

    For 2 decades I have watched as the gang mentality has gone mainstream and unchecked.  No more pit bulls, no more dark hoodies, gang sland and even seeing good teenagers now that volunteer using gang signs?, when is this gangland style going to be seen as uncool instead of accepted?

    The Silent Majority says enough….Enforce the laws please.

    • Anonymous says:

      instead of blaiming the dogs, why dont you look at the parents of these idiots who use these dogs as a ploy to become gangster wannabes. Banning dogs isnt going to change any kind of gang mentality. Use some common sense, when you write such garbage. There are many countries where you can find every other person walking their dogs in public, most of which are banned in cayman for some stupid reason. Find and Fine the owners, educate people on how to handle a dog, instead of trying to take away freedom of other people just because of a few stupid dumba$$es that use their pets for the wrong reasons. 

      God, I wish some of you people would think clearly before jumping on some looney's bandwagaon

    • Pit Bull says:

      I did not know there was a law against me breeding.  That makes me a smooth criminal.

  8. Anonymous says:
    Is that a Bull Terrier?
    Bull Terriers are known to be strong willed and require an assertive owner. They can be both independent and stubborn and for this reason are not considered suitable for an inexperienced dog owner. A firm hand and an assertive demeanour are essential if the Bull Terrier is not to run riot. They are protective of their family, although comprehensive socialization at an early age will prevent them from becoming over-protective and neurotic.
    Bull Terriers have a strong prey instinct and, like any strong dog breed, when unduly challenged may cause injury or death to people or other animals. – Wiki
    • Diogenes says:

      "Comprehensive socialization at an early age" – not just of the dog!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Beware of dogs.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Dogs should not be tied up.  The dog should be taken from the owner as it looks underfed and not cared for. 


  11. Anonymous says:

    Human neglect can make a hamster or parakeet dangerous – it is the same with dogs.  The animals are not inherantly dangerous, but the human neglect and laziness creates a monster.  The reality is that there are many people that are not responsible enough to have a car, pets, plants, or children on this island, but they find a way.  

  12. Cheese Face says:

    Why have a dog if your just going to chain it up? I would love to see the owners chained up, selfish pricks.

    • Anonymous says:

      Because it is a dangerous dog.

    • Anonymous says:

      Sleeping with the owners in the same bed is not what dogs see as 'good life". It is distorted life and pets acquire all human's flaws including diseases,obesity etc.

      They don't belong to a chain  either. 

      • Anonymous says:

        My dog sleeps in my bed and he has turnedout courtious, polite, and with a good sense of humor. Not to mention slim and attractive, though he has to be reminded constantly to brush his teeth and pick up after himself. . Ya never know

    • Cheese Face says:

      And another thing, why is this shit allowed to go on?                                                                                          

      • Bayah says:



        1. INVESTIGATE!


        2. ENFORCE!!


        3. PROSECUTE!!!

        Simple problem – simple solution.  Hit these scoflaws in thepocketbook and spay/neuter all the progeny.  No fertile adults, no puppies.  End of problem.

  13. Anonymous says:

    That sure looks like TICKS and not fur spots. How cruel

  14. Anonymous says:

    I would join in with any effort to deal with the dangerous/abandoned. neglected dogs on this island. I suffer from three or four of them invading my property periodically.

    • Anonymous says:

      I am also frustrated by a few dogs that belong to neighbours. An the department caught 1 and the very next day, the dog was back out on my lawn. I would like the department to impose a fine of $5,000 each time they catch a dog on someone else's property. This  should help the government coffers. And should the owner not pay – please euthanize the dog.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Those are not TICKS they are natural Black spots on the dog,and if  you all had watch the video on Cayman27,you would have seen that its just a young dog that likes to play.He does not look  vicious in anyway.DOG LOVER who does not believe in poisoning innocent animals,call the right people and stop looking attention,Sandra?????

    • Anonymous says:

      Natural black spots????? Seriously?

    • Anonymous says:

      They might have cleaned him after the incident or from what i saw on tv all you could see was the side of him it was not an areial view like this picture shows. Clearly you have nothing better to do than bash people for having a voice and using it to protect themselves and others. Any dog lover would want justice if their animal was hurt and sometimes we all say the wrong things. What needs to happen in this case is the dog should be taken, treated and given proper behavioral training, he just needs love and attention. XXX

    • Anonymous says:

      It doesn't appear that you read the article, especially the 4th paragraph.

    • Anonymous says:

      I don't care if it is a young dog or an old dog. Point is, if it is your dog keep it in your house !!! No one wants to play with your dog or worse – pick-up your dog's poop and garbage that your dog scattered or replace items your dog destroyed !! Get the point ???

    • Anonymous says:

      It's still a banned breed

    • Anonymous says:

      They are TICKS not black spot.

    • Anonymous says:

      Those are ticks. I have seen other pics of the same dog and those are not natural spots. 

    • Anonymous says:



      Those are TICKS and about 100 of them. I saw the dog with my own eyes. Her collar is too tight. She was filled with ticks and looked miserable.

      XXXX Sandra Catron has complained to the "RIGHT PEOPLE" for over a year because this is the THIRD time this dog has attacked her dog who Sandra walks on a leash. The dog has escaped from its previous too loose collar and thats why now she has on a too tight collar. Sandra has contacted Department of Agriculture, Police and Humane Society numerous times over the past year.

      Everyone has passed the buck and the dog still lives in misery being neglected by its owners.

      Damn shame.

      And what  does poisoning innocent animals have ANYTHING to do with Sandra Catron?

    • Anonymous says:


      • Anonymous says:

        you dumb smart ass all you do is jump on the next bandwagon that comes and read cayman27 The DOA went to the residence on several occasion,they went there again and found no problem,Ok lets jump on the next bandwagon,people are you ready?????

  16. Anonymous says:

    Governor – Good Governance and Accountability? The areas that you are directly responsible for seem to be the worst of all!

    • Anonymous says:

      Nothing to do with dogs, you muppet. Always trying to find someone to blame rather than Caymanians deal with its own problems…unbeleivable.

  17. Anonymous says:

    It is disgusting that the owners cannot take care of their dog.  Are all those black marks on he dog really ticks?   If so, this is shocking and in humane. Poor dog…no wonder it goes on the attack.  The owners shoul be held accountable.

  18. proud responsible rottiweiler owner says:

    this article states “dangerous” dog, dogs become what owners make them, this dog is suffering, hunger is merely one of the few things that is happening here look very closely those spots are NOT part of its coat their TICKS!!!! this is a disgrace, but thanks too a caring person this has been put out there as this poor dog has BEEN suffering DOA and the police Dept. are playing ping pong bouncing around the issue of if this is a crime, this dog needs to be removed and the owners charged with neglect and animal cruelty!

    proud and caring responsable dog owner.

  19. Kmankind says:

    Sandra you must turn the hose on full and blast him in the face. That is the best way to break up a dog fight.

    But I am sure the Agriculture Department will be more than happy to sell you some paraquat. They seem to dispense it liberally to all and sundry. For weed control of course. Wink, wink.

  20. Anonymous says:

    So many ticks??!! How nasty!

  21. Anonymous says:

    OMG!!! That picture is so DISGUSTING!!! How can anyone allow their pet to get in that condition? Clearly this dog is not being properly cared for.

    Ms. Catron brings up a good issue about dangerous dogs as I've had a number of friends who had their small dogs killed by pitbulls – nothing is every done about it!!!

    I say sue them for the loss of your pet and call the police. Pets are family and they should be charged!

    • Anonymous says:

      Her pet was not lost.

    • Anonymous says:

      People please use your common sense.  Those are not ticks- they are black spots on a white dog.  The  owner needs to address the problem with this dog and its' neighbour dog it there is a problem but ticks are not the issue here.

      • Anonymous says:

        How about you use your EYES.  Those are ticks….not black spots.  The owner of this dog should be prosecuted for animal cruelty.  Unfortunately, the dog is probably the one going to be punished instead of the owner. 

        Cayman has a LONG history of not caring for and abusing animals. You want proof…..just look around. Yet, as an island we pride ourselves on being a Christian, God fearing community.  I think not.  We should be ashamed of ourselves.


        You can judge the morality of a nation by the way the society treats its animals.
             -Mahatma Gandhi

  22. Anonymous says:

    Again. Lots of laws no will to enforce.