Road safety campaign nets more drunk drivers

| 30/12/2013

(CNS): Another seven drivers were arrested over the Christmas week as part of the RCIPS’ road safety awareness campaign, 'Stay Alive'. Police officials revealed Monday that since the campaign began on 29 November, a total of 47 people have been arrested for road crimes. Thirty-two drivers were arrested for DUI and the remaining 15 were arrested for other offences, such as driving while disqualified. Meanwhile, 181 other traffic violations have been detected over the last five weeks of the campaign, which ends on 5 January.

Police said 79 people have been fined for using cell phone whilst driving, 60 people ticketed for speeding and 24 people were given fines for failing to wear seatbelt.

During the same period a total of 128 road traffic collisions have been reported, including a crash between two cars outside the Ritz Carlton hotel on 27 December, in which the drivers and passengers all escaped unscathed, and a crash on Shamrock Road involving an SUV and a motor cycle. The bike rider in that collision was taken to hospital with minor injuries.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I do not, and never will, condone drink driving but please please make the taxis more affordable! I would never consider drinking and driving in my home country but on a night out there you can share a bus/taxi with about 8-10 other and the ride home only cost you a few dollars!

    My last taxi ride here in Cayman was shared with four others and I was charged 40 dollars from SMB to Grand Harbour, each other person was charged a similar amount – insane a 5-10 minute ride! Some people will always go out and drink, you cannot stop that, so please lets do something to try get them home safe – for their sake and others – everyone needs affordable transport! 

    • 10 year Xpat says:

      I totally agree! I also understand that the taxi owners are paying their own fees and what not…jacking prices up after12am is just a recipe for a drunk driving disaster.How do you go from $8 to $12?? I work nigh shift too…I dont get double pay after midnight…and I certainly don't decide on people's fate.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Please suspend from work any govt officials whom get arrested for any reason. Govt officials need to be held to a higher standard.

    • Whodataint says:

      Nonsense. All should be treated equally under the law.  

      • Anonymous says:

        Really Nonsense?  You must be joking.

        Govt employees are obligated to up hold the law more than an ordinary citizen they have a duty to to report violations in the law, unlike citizens that can keep quiet.

        Furthermore  whom is the enforcer of the law? Isn't it Govt employees.

        Lastly it is the employees of the Govt that are treated with kid gloves when caught breaking the law.

        thus your thought of equal treatment is flawed.

        • Whodataint says:

          There really is no point appealing to logic or sense of equity then. You may feel righteous in your  indignation, but the law is about all being equal under it. For example, the law states that a DUI conviction carries a minimum 12 months ban. That sentence has been set by the law-makers. It doesn't add " oh and get them fired from their job while you're at it". It's called justice, not some self-styled system of arbitrary attacks for goodness sake!

          • Anonymous says:

            Sorry we are not equal under the law.

            And some have a better understanding of the law especially when they are part of how the law was crafted.

            that said if it happens to be a criminal offense and jail time can be part of the judgement than that employee cannot do there job properly while waiting for justice. Unless the person has some magical powers that allow them to have 2 mentalitys.  

          • Anonymous says:

            Whether they kep their job is a separate matter of employment law (ie civil law) and the decisions of the employers.  Your claptrap about "all being equal under the law" sounds great in Hollywood movies, but you have missed the point that was being made.

      • Anonymous says:

        By the law yes.  By their employers not necessarily so.  It is perfectly fair for the government to expect basic standards of decency from its staff.

        • Anonymous says:

          Where I used to work if an employee recieved a DUI/or any offense  they were suspended until they compleated many months of treatment./most were retired. 

          This was very important and understood by all.

           That when there are problems outside of work it will affect job performance and perhaps ruin someones life because of clouded decisions. 

          All smart people know the effects of Alcohol can last for many days

    • Anonymous says:

      And fire any convicted with a loss of all pension rights.

  3. Anonymous says:

    name and shame please RCIPS

  4. Anonymous says:

    Well done….. but WHY end the campaign??

    Just look at the revenue that will be realised from this 'crack down'.  Imagine how much more could be collected if this continued year round!! Maybe we could get a fuel tax break!!

    And then there are the lives that may have been saved because of the campaign.

    Keep it going!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Complete bollocks.

    I could give you 7 potential DUIs in 7 minutes most nights. 

    Royal Palms yesterday afternoon at around 5…car park absolutely rammed, tell me that everyone was sober behind the wheel. No sign of a police presence there at all, even when I came back past  at 7. So blatant it's almost invisible.

    • Anonymous says:

      Where I go for a few drinks after work every Friday it's been exactly the same. RCIPS seem to know the places they should be targeting and carefully avoid them.

      • Anonymous says:

        But spending in bars & restaurants keeps this place afloat & many businesses open! The problem is awful drivers not drink driviers; I get cut up daily with ppl pulling out without waiting, ppl speeding, turning & stopping without warning: none of them are drunk & I don't think that's the main cause of accdients; sure it's illegal, but I'd rather the cops focus on robbers & bad drivers.

        • Anonymous says:

          The other problem is that at least 50% of the cars and trucks in use are junkyard wrecks. If CIG adopted a proper safety/emissions inspection the roads would become a lot safer.

  6. Anonymous says:

    The Blitz = 181 violations over 35 days, that's a little less than 6 per day, spread over all elite public defenders.  As advertised, just 5 more grueling days on this tough beat and then our traffic department can take the rest of the year off with pay!  I'm sure the Barefoot Man can write some lyrics to this song!