Victims in critical condition following road smash

| 08/01/2014

(CNS): Police have confirmed that two people are in hospital this morning in critical condition after being seriously injured in an early morning road crash in West Bay. A spokesperson from the RCIPS said that at around 1:30am on Wednesday 8 January police received a report of a serious motor vehicle accident involving a Suzuki Jimny. The accident happened along Up The Hill Road in Mount Pleasant. According to officers, the driver was traveling from the Shores towards the junction with Meadow Road when he lost control of the car and collided  with a chain link fence, causing major damage to his vehicle and the fence. Both the driver and a front seat passenger sustained serious injuries.

Police said the two were both taken to the hospital in George Town by ambulance, where they were admitted in critical condition. A 6:30am update from the hospital confirmed that the victims were still unresponsive.

Anyone with information or who witnessed to crash is asked to contact the RCIPS at West Bay Station on 949 3999.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    How does a vehicle has to look like in order to meet your criteria of getting injured?

    Imagine being in a vehicle and the windshield is pierced by a metal fence…

    I hope both injured in this accident will have a quick and full recovery.

    • Hmmmmm? says:

      It doesn't . Sorry if I caused offence. My point was that the report states that the vehicle suffered major damage, which does not appear to be the case, based on the photos. Either way, serious injury resulted and I wish the victims and their families well.

  2. Hmmmmm? says:

    Looking at the pictures on the Cayman27 website, I do not see a vehicle with "major damage". I see a vehicle with a broken windshield, bowed inwards. There is no evidence of a sudden frontal impact to the bodywork. I would have expected the occupants to have been able to walk away.

    If it wasn't for the details given by the police, I would guess that the injured parties were pedestrians who were struck by the vehicle and who smashed into the windscreen.