Cop arrested for blackmail

| 09/01/2014

(CNS): A 45-year-old police officer has been arrested for blackmail, the RCIPS said Thursday evening. According to an RCIPS spokesperson, the officer has been detained in custody after his arrest on suspicion of blackmail and breach of trust in contravention of the Penal Code and Anti-corruption Law respectively. The spokesperson said this was as a result of a joint investigation by the RCIPS Professional Standards Unit and the Anti-Corruption Unit but they have not yet stated when the alleged offence took place, where or in connection with what. The officer has, however, been suspended from duty. This is the second serving police officer arrested under the Anti-Corruption Law.

Elvis Kelsey Ebanks was charged with taking a bribe from a Filipino national in exchange for not arresting him for theft in 2012. The case against Ebanks (29), who denies soliciting the bribe, opened in Grand Court in November but was adjourned part way through when the judge dismissed the jury as a result of possible prejudice that may have occurred in the case. The trial is expected to re-open next month.

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