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UK armed police to wear video cameras

UK armed police to wear video cameras

| 09/01/2014 | 14 Comments

(CNS): British police who carry firearms are to wear video cameras in an attempt to be "more open" following the death of Mark Duggan, the Met Police Commissioner has said. Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe admitted this week that the force must "do more to build trust" after an inquest jury found the 29-year-old was lawfully killed. Duggan was shot dead by police in August 2011 in Tottenham, North London. Duggan, whose death sparked protests that descended into rioting and looting across London and spread to other parts of England, was shot when police stopped a taxi he was travelling in. The BBC reported that following the conclusion of the four-month inquest at the Royal Courts of Justice on Wednesday, his aunt, Carole Duggan, said he had been "executed".

Sir Bernard said he wanted officers to be able to be more open when it comes to the investigations that follow these events.

"In pursuance of that we're going to ask them to wear video cameras, so that we can record this type of incident, and I'm going to meet many people from across London, leaders from the Haringey community, to see what we need to do to work together to improve the confidence in the Met for those members of society who may feel that this has damaged their confidence in any way."

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