Burglars steal West Bay Fire Station puppy

| 29/01/2014

Cayman Islands News(CNS): A five month old Rottweiler puppy was stolen from the West Bay Fire Station during a break-in this weekend when staff were on call and local police are asking for help from the community to locate the young dog, known as Rambo. He was stolen from his cage within station on Saturday, 25 January, sometime between 10am and 1:15pm, when Rambo's owner was away from the station. The puppy is black and brown with a short tail and black markings running through the brown down to his paws. He has some very curly hair on his back close to his tail and was wearing a black nylon collar at the time of the theft.

His owners say that he is very friendly and they are extremely distressed by the theft. They are keen to get Rambo back as quickly as possible, an RCIPS spokesperson stated in a release about the missing fire station pet.

Cayman Islands News

Detective Constable Emma Twydell is appealing for anyone who was in the area of the fire station last Saturday, and saw anything suspicious, to come forward. She is also keen to hear about anyone who has recently acquired a Rottweiler puppy or from anyone who has been offered a puppy for sale.

Information can be passed to DC Twydell at West Bay CID on 3241970 or by email emma.twydell@rcips.ky.

The picture above is of Rambo at just four weeks old the picture posted right is an image of another Rottweiler of the right age and a similar appearance to Rambo as the owners have not yet been able to supply an up to date image.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Having now read the regulations, how silly, just about every dog that is not a lap dog shi-poo or morkie etc who is on this Island is either a pure-bred banned breed or, a cross of a banned breed…(crosses of banned breeds are also banned) totally unenforceable…would have to have a dog-catcher akin to the child-catcher in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang to enforce this piece of ill-conceived legislation….. And break many people's hearts by confiscating/destroying beloved family pets.  

  2. Anonymous says:

    Prohibited dogs regulations, latest Revision…see end for exemption and restrictions on using Malanois as police dogs


  3. Frank says:

    Everybody who are talking about Rottweilers being a banned breed should go find something else to do. I own a Rottweiler and they are extremely loyal, intelligent and loving dogs. Yes they are powerful and can be aggressive but only if trained to do so or you are somewhere you should not be. People forget that Belgian Malanois are banned yet the RCIP use them as police dogs. If you have never owned a Rottweiler, you have no place to talk about their traits or characteristics. More people are attacked by poodles every year that Rottweilers. Put that in a pipe and smoke it.    

    • Anonymous says:

      You are a criminal. I do not care if you find that objectionable.

      • Anonymous says:

        Frank is correct. If he is a criminal, so are the RCIPS. Bannig specific breeds does not work and many countries are lifting these bans now. Im sure half of the people commenting break worse laws every day. Get a life. 

        • Anonymous says:

          No – Frank has a dog he is prohibited by Law from having. He is therefore comitting a crime. the police however are permitted to have the dogs they do, they are therefore not breaking the law. They are however breaking their obligation and solemn oath to uphold the law without fear or favor – so Frank can relax.



      • Anonymous says:

        I am also a Rottweiler owner and after owning one of them you will want no other dog. I have had him for almost 3 years now and he has lived inside my house with me and my family (including my young children) and has never been a problem to anyone. "Bad Dogs" are a result of bad owners and anything with teeth will bite. Those small dogs that everyone is running around with would bite you quicker than a Rottie would. Of course, if a dog feels threatened orfeels his owner is in danger he will attack but that is any dog's natural protective instinct. What there should be is a ban on breeding idiots around here but then there would be no one to make foolish uninformed comments like yourself!   

    • Anonymous says:

      There was an amendment to allow the police and only the police to have Malanois. Whatever banned or not, theft is theft, and theft of a living being is appalling, if they get the puppy back, make sure it is neutered and kept more securely. But it seems obvious it has been stolen as potential breeding stock….

  4. brit says:

    poor puppy. Bet they find him with some druggie out West!! Get him back before he gets hurt or sold on to be tied up outside rain, hail or shine.

  5. Anonymous says:

    If we really wanted to make a positive difference in the world and reduce the number of violent crimes we would need a ban on human breeding.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Only in the Cayman Islands will you find such people, heartless. Having read the comments posted it's abundantly clear that these dogs are banned, but spearguns are banned from Import but we can get a license here for it. 

    You, the reader, break the law every morning you head to work when your breaking the speed limit  but yet you criticize a banned breed. Really?

    You drive around with your drivers license expired but yet you criticize a banned breed. Really?

    If the dog was allowed to be a station so be it, that has nothing to with you but these people I breathe the same air with disgust me at times.

    The owner had his dog stolen, and the fire dept is under staffed, seriously too. The concern here and what the RCIPS are concentrating on is the theft at gov office.

    He/She without sin, cast the first stone…………..


    • Anonymous says:

      Two wrong don't make a right!

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh No, Alden will be on HardTalk!! Brits are dog lovers!! He is going to sink without trace unless he can drum up some tears over the missing dog…

      • Anonymous says:

        What does Alden on Hardtalk have to do with this really?  What ignorance.  You're either part of the solution or part of the problem.



  7. Anonymous says:

    Can the government please step in a do something about the 'puppy mills' which are spread around the island.  People should need to have a liscence to breed and sell dogs, and it should be regularly inspected.  Cruelty to animals is not something to take lightly. 


    • Anonymous says:

      Have you reported any of these 'puppy mills' to the police?

      • Anonymous says:

        Asa matter of fact I did and was told to call the Agricultural Department, the RCIPS said it isn't their responsibility.  The Agricultural's response was "we are trying to educate them"…educate them???? what the hell…..they are a puppy mill renting store space, packing dogs into kennels and selling them.  You can't even hold your breath when you walk into the place.  You have 3-4 puppies in small cages that are meant for ferrets/guinea pigs/hamsters…..


        • Anonymous says:

          They are carrying on a trade or business without being licensed. Notify the DCI. As for the Police? They keep making stuff up to avoid having to do anything. It is very much their responsibility to enforce the law, all law.

  8. Confused says:

    Ban breed or not Cayman has got to the point that you need these breed to protect your assets from thieves.

    • Anonymous says:

      well, if they can breed banned dogs, then I shouldn't need a license for a gun, can drive drunk, smokeweed, rob the bank, etc.  After all, what are laws but to be broken.  If it's okay to break one law, it should be okay to break the rest.  Really people need to realize that when you don't enforce all of the laws then lawlessness reigns which is what is happening right now.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Really???   I am quite sure if we search around in Cayman. We will find a large volume of people have "Banned" dogs.  Are pit bulls not banned?  Yet ,they seem to have become quite popular. To each his own. I dont think it is typically the dog we should worry about but the things its owner teaches it.  Isn't it typical of  people to kick each other when they are down. A breathing ground for negativity.  If the law seems to have taken on the task to find this dog then obviously the crime committed is the theft of the dog.  I think the good book says "Let he who amongst us, is without sin cast the first stone."  Secondly where is the crime in a empty sub-station?  Both Frank Sound and West Bay stations are empty when the officers are at a call. Calls are filtered throught their main station.  Gather your facts before you throw stones. And know the facts!!!!!!  It eliminates room for ignorance.

    I am sure anyone with banned breed dogs in Cayman Is not hiding them and I am sure if we climb to the top, we will find no empty closets of skeletons.   I see people walking all manners of dogs and have them on the beach. Where is the statistics to show "banned dogs killing or harming anyone recently.   All breed dogs can be trained to be vicious. I trust the dog will be found and in good health and the person/persons who was brazen enough to steal him from a Government building is prosecuted.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Banned breed or not stop being haters…. this dog was a part of someone’s family…… He was loved and cared for as most of you all love your kids …. and family members ….. its a puppy not some murder, druggie, or abuser …… have a heart and spread the word to help him find his way back home …. how would you all feel if your kids went missing or something happened to them ……. My dogs are my kids they are my family and I can relate to this individual as a cry for help…….

  11. Knot S Smart says:

    Was anything else stolen?

    Like for example have they counted the Firemen to make sure that none of them were taken along with their puppy?

  12. Anonymous says:

    I gather that "staff were on call" means nobody was home at the fire house? What if someone called in a fire? Do they leave a message or what?

    • Anonymous says:

      12.07, a crass comment. Cayman laws stipulate that fires shall only occurr when there are enough firemen in the fire house. God, all the nutters get on here…

  13. Anonymous says:

    As is obvious from this picture, Cayman's ban on certain breeds of dogs such as Rottweilers and Pitbulls, is a dismal failure. Perhaps it's time to reevaluate the Law in relation to these banned breeds and examine the reasoning behind the ban.

    Dogs are not inherently vicious creatures, it's how they are treated and raised that makes them what they are.  So how about we stop blaming these 'vicious' dogs for what humans have turned them into and start promoting responsible animal care, prosecute the animal cruelty cases…of which there are many, and treat all animals with the dignity and respect that they deserve.

    It may be a bit overused…but it conveys the message – 'Punish the deed. Not the breed.'

    • Anonymous says:

      I think the problem is a little deeper than that, if you breed certain dogs badly, so breeding existing agressive dogs for those trait,s you will end up with agressive animals out of the box, no amount of nurture will change them, it will only contain that agression.  Any dog has the potential to have been bred in this way, it's just that certain dogs have a higher percentage of agressive animals, usually the dogs that orignated in history as guard dogs or fighting dogs, the passive ones wouldn't have been any use and would have been weeded out of the breed.

      Having said all that this dog could very well be one of the good ones!



    • Anonymous says:

      The Ban is on importing them; it does not include those currently on Island.

      • Anonymous says:

        13:10:  ALL BANNED DOGS ARE TO BE NEUTERED AND SPAYED, so hence they aren't suppose to be bred that is the law, but my concern is why on earth is the police getting involved, they never get involved on stolen animals? I am sure there are quite a few people out there that have had their animals stolen and the police nEVER get involved…

        • Anonymous says:

          Ummm… Sandra Catron might have something different to say on that.

    • Anonymous says:

      Where I have nothing against Rotweilers I think they are great dogs, nevertheless they are a banned breed, yet the police are enquiring on any one with knowledge of the stolen puppy??? What about all the other stolen puppies?  How come the firestation was LEFT UNMANNED?  How come a government employee has a banned dog? Who is breeding these puppies?  It goes back to laws passed but not enforced andits who you know and who you are

  14. 0068 says:

    Why are staff at the West Bay fire station allowed to keep pets on the premises?

    • Anonymous says:

      It is not unusual in many jurisdictions around the world for fire stations to have dogs.  Kind of a mascot thing I guess. Dalmations have long been on of the many breeds used for this purpose but by no means the only one.

    • Anon says:

      You may not be aware, but it's not unusual for firehouses to have a dog on premises. 

    • Anonymous says:

      Why not…is it bothering you?

  15. Anonymous says:

    Has it not been a crime to breed or import Rotweilers to the Cayman Islands for about 20 years?


  16. Anonymous says:

    Interesting that Rottweilers are a prohibited breed, yet somehow the RCIPS is involved in it's pleas for return.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Wait a second… this is how I know there are some special people in the police force. Aren’t these dogs banned on island? If so, why does the fire department, a government department, have one as a pet? Why isn’t the police finding out who is still breeding these dogs?

    rules are rules for all to obey.

  18. Anonymous says:

    So in no way is stealing a puppy acceptable, unless rules have changed and I am happy to stand corrected, the dog is illegal anyway so surely the owner should be prosecuted? Or is this a case of the rules don't apply to me because I work for…..


  19. Laughable says:

    Isn't the fire station supposed to have someone there 24/7? 

    • Anonymous says:

      Someone is at the fire station 24/7, at the central station, however when the sub stations receives an emergency call they have to respond. There is only 3 guys per shift so when they respond that station is unman, but calls are still received at the central station. So know how the system works before you shoot off at the mouth.

  20. cayman donkey says:

    OK, just one question; isn't it not against the law to breed ad import these dogs on the island? o how the hell does the fire dept have a puppy. besides investigating the theft, the RCIP or which ever authority should investigate this!!!!!!!

  21. Anonymous says:

    Only in WB, Sticky finger town lol!

  22. Cayman Concern says:

    Only in Cayman do we allow those paid to protect and serve to break the law! Rottweilers are banned, but the fire station has a new puppy? The law is the law unless you decide you are above the law?

  23. Richard Wadd says:

     It fills me with such confidence to know that our Civil Servants show such disdain a disregard for our Laws, that they would be so bold as to acknowldge that the stolen puppy is a Rottweiler … YES, a BANNED BREED in the Cayman Islands (from the mid-1980's I believe).

     But then, this is after all "The Lawless Caymans" ….


  24. Anonymous says:

    aren't these types of dogs illegal and not to be imported or bred?

  25. Anonymous says:

    Are Rottwielers not a banned breed of dog, yet one is being kept at a fire station?  What's going on here? 

  26. Anonymous says:

    Unbelievable!  What next?