Shetty hospital officially open

| 25/02/2014

(CNS) Updated: Dr Shetty announced that the first patient at Health City Cayman Islands will be treated at the hospital on 10 March, as hundreds of people crowded into a massive marquee in front of the new facility in East End Tuesday morning to watch the official opening of what is billed as the launch of Cayman's third economic pillar. The idea of medical tourism is one that has been discussed in the Cayman Islands for decades but the opening of Health City, will be seen as the moment the idea began a reality, according to Mark Scotland, the former health minister who steered the project in its early days. Scotland was one of a dozen speakers that appeared on the podium to celebrate the opening of the much anticipated 140-bed tertiary care facility.

Speaking to the media after the opening ceremony, Gene Thompson, the local partner in the venture, said that the first pateint has not yet been identified but would likely be a paying customer. However, they would be treating as many non-paying charitable patients as possible. He said the goal is for the facility to reach 20% patient capacity within the first six months.

Ninety-four staff have already been hired for the hosptial, almost all of them seconded from Dr Shetty's hosptal in Bangalore, India, and 35 of whom are already on island. Staff will include 19 doctors who are expereinced in the specialties that will be offered at the hospital as well as 38 nurses. Thompson said that 40 to 42 Caymanians would also be hired as support staff.

With the continued goal of ultimately having a 2,000-bed hospital, Thompson said the build out would depend on growth. Patients are expected to come from the Caribbean, the US and the region, he said, though the numbers are as yet unknown. While the project is in the initial stage funded by shareholders, the goal is for the hospital to be economically sustainable within six months.

Tuesday provided an opportunity for all of those involved in the development of the project from inception to opening to celebrate what is a significant achievement.

Check back to CNS later today for more coverage from the opening of the hospital and the promised start of the local economy's much anticipated third pillar.

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  1. Foreign Devil says:

    Let the good times roll, soon the coffers of goverment and a lot of private sector companies including mine are going to be flush with cash from the knock on business generated by then venture.

    i am going to save my money for a rainy day because I know our goverment is going to blow theirs.

  2. pmilburn says:

    Sorry to see that Mac has not changed much since his losing at the polls.Its a pity(better word shame) that he apparently used the opening of the Health City to again tell everyone how much he did to get this going.Maybe so but time to set aside his differences and work with what we have for a better Cayman.I certainly hope that this new facility will help us locals with lower treatment costs and that the elderly will be able to afford even basic care which right now is out of sight re insurance coverage.

  3. Anonymous says:

    When will this people ever be satisfied? How on Gods little island, with such poor education standards and so many imported uneducated people and so many "married to caymanian" titles, how I ask are we ever going to be satisfied.  Show me one real Caymanian that is struggling to find a job, or that is without work for so long, even Pat from bodden town, can be in and out of prison so many times can come out and find a job without the help of politics. I am sick and tired of seeking for Caymanian workers, only to be sent every and every other nationality but Caymanian. What Cayman needs to do is look out for caymanians, all other nationalities that are trying to take over are looking out for their own. Do you see any "Caymanians" working at camana bay, at the hospital, or any other areas, let me tell you, they are all so called "Caymanians" but that is what the other people see. Through the eyes of a caymanian, we see it as it is. Cayman is too small to be wasted by the select few that keep saying there are enough Caymanians to fill every post. Give me a break, for example, this new Hospital did not just spring up over night, it was being done over at least 2 to 3 years, now all of a sudden the Hospital is open and some people can only complain about hire Caymanians. look at what is happening at the GT hospital. You see any Caymanians working there? They suposed to be, but let me tell you something, that is not the real thing. There is a huge difference between a real Caymanian and a forced to be one. Call it as it is Cayman, we need better and more productive education standards and we need it now. Why are we blaming Shetty for the lack of nurses and doctors and later it will be teachers? How is this his problem, are you saying now we are expecting him to have surgery to fix the ambition problem or the complacent mentality that has develop in cayman over the recent years.? Stop this mokery of the Cayman Islands, we are fast becomming dumber and dumber due to lowering the standards for everything. Soon you will just have to show up to the gruaduation cermony and be gruaduated, since being caymanian will be the higest level of qualifications. Cayman after you have read the Don book about Mafia, please re-read the Animal Farm. at one point I was thinking this book was about one individual, but latley, it is becoming very clear it is starting to be in the form of the nation. The teachers stories in the papers latley is the cold hard thruth. Wake up Cayman, nothing is for free, the Ritz is there, the new hospital is there, we have new schools already built. Where are the Caymanians eager and taking the initiative to be qualified for the jobs?. Oh let me see, they dont have to be qualified, they are caymanian and the employers is responsible to train and motivate and tolerate them. Common sense around here is not so common anymore. Stop blaming and expecting other people to be responsible for your lack of initiative, or lack of pride. As the saying goes, Hole digging is the only job that you start at the top.

  4. A New Tourism says:

    “Medical tourism has arrived, even though they said we were fools,” former Premier Bush said.

    • Anonymous says:

      Does anyone really think that the determination of whether McKeeva is a fool can be hinged on a single event?

  5. Anonymous says:

    You people complain and BiT&*H about everything. That's the most popular skill in Cayman these days.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Whether people like it or not we have to give Mckeeva credit for working hard to put this in motion in the face of a huge amount of opposition from people like Alden who vigorously opposed it in the LA as well as Ezzard who referred to it not as the Shetty Hospital but a misspelling of the name meaning manure. It is great to see Alden hailing the opening but he by no means should be given credit for it because if it was up to him it would have never happened.


    It was very refreshing to see young children express a desire to working towards medical careers during the open house at the hospital last week. I certainly hope that the CIG does everything they can to support  young Caymanians who work hard to follow this dream. And thanks to Mr. Gene Thompson’s determination it is also a testament to what hard working Caymanians can accomplish, efficiently building this place in record time and on budget. Just imagine how different the Schools project would’ve been if someone like him was at the helm, just goes to show that government should focus on running the country and let the professionals in the private sector do what they do best.


    Thank You Mr. Bush this is a great thing you’ve accomplished for the Cayman Islands and you deserve credit for it.

    • Anonymous says:

      You must be the McKeeva crony who keeps posting on Caycompass. Your statement, sir, is a lie.  The Opposition at the time is on the record assupporting the hospital rather than "vigorously opposing" it.

      Alden did not seek credit for it but gave credit where it was due. The hospital would have happened regardless of whether McKeeva or Alden was premier. If you check out the timeline at CayCompass you will find that Shetty came to Cayman and met with McKeeva. The deal was inked before McKeeva ever made any trip to India. Yes, he facilitated the venturebut he should not be taking lion's share of credit for it.    

  7. Scotty says:

    Thanks to the UDP we now have a third leg to our economy. This is good news!

  8. Anonymous says:

    CNS: Thank you very much for providing the "other side of the coin". With so much that appears to be overlooked in regards to the hospital (ie. almost complete outsourcing of the work force, no advertising overseas whatsoever, the airport… the list goes on), it is refreshing to come and read a story without bias. Please keep up the good work.   

  9. Anonymous says:

    there are still more questions than answers regarding this project……but hey….well done for getting this far…..

    • Anonymous says:

      Here's another question.

      How many of the MANY  (underqualified) Indian doctors needed to make this facility work have been given licences to practice here so far.?


  10. Anonymous says:

    I attended the opening ceremony and was impressed by the show that the developers and the politicians put on, and as the country song says " I was almost persuaded" that this would be a good thing for Caymanians.

    Statements by the developers, Government and the opposition, who all poured honey on each other and licked it generously, you would almost believe  "Health City"  is a charitable organization – the parade of the young person they helped "for free" was sickening, but great PR all in the name of God..

    Then I went home and read the agreement, of which Mark Scotland was so proud, which these developers extracted from the Government – the massive concessions in duty, the lowering of the requirements for licensing their staff – their 25 year exclusivity – the organ trading law -the law to limit claims for malpractice — their projections to make billions of dollars in profit..

    Wait a minute how will  Caymnians benefit -Jobs they claim really Caymanians must compete with Indian nationals seconded on permits paid Indian wages – I hear their Indian doctors will be paid US $1,500.00 per month.  Medical careers for Caymanians, really did I miss the announcements for scholarships for Caymanians to study nursing at  UCCI, Almost certain I read in he local media  statements by the President of UCCI that the nursing program was suffering from lack of funding. What is that saying Ezzard uses "wings flapping but no birds flying". 

    The statement from he Minister of health was most troubling " save government money by not have to refer patients overseas " Caymanians can look forward to the announcement before year end that they will no longer be referred to recognized institutions like Cleveland Clinic for their cardiovascular treatments but will have to settle for treatment at "Health City".

    All the agreement offers Caymanians is a 25% discount if referred by the HSA.

    • Anonymous says:

      "Caymanians can look forward to the announcement before year end that they will no longer be referred to recognized institutions like Cleveland Clinic for their cardiovascular treatments but will have to settle for treatment at "Health City"'. 

      And a good thing too. The Narayana hospitals are well recognised institutions with a great deal more experience than Cleveland Clinic in heart surgery. Where CINICO/Govt. is footing the bill they would be fools not to refer them to this hospital.     

      • The Thinker says:

        How can you say that the Narayana hospitals have a "great deal" more experience than Cleveland Clinic in heart surgery?  Are you saying the cardiac surgeons there are better?  How do you know? 

    • Anonymous says:

      Can we just give the man a break to open his hospital? Stop all this "I hear dis and I hear dat". The place cant even be opened yet and already asking stupid questions about how much for a hot dog, with or without fries. What difference does it make as to what the doctors are being paid as long as they perform and show up when they are needed. We cannot dictate to him how he pay his staff, if they are not satisfied, I am sure they can find other establishments to be employed. The hospital will not make it on failures, so they have to expect a good track record to allow referals. Do you see Caymanians line up to be employed in the relevant areas that would allow them to be paid any different.? Good thing the goverment is not making threats that if they do not hire cayman doctors and nurses that they will be shut down. Lets wait for the bush doctor to start making a fuss on the radio that he can cure everything they can with his bottle of tonic. That he should be employed since he is a doctor. And lets not forget the Loca doctor from Cuba, he must be lurking on his bike somewhere outside waiting to ambush the HR office with his doctor degrees and what ever else he claims to have. After all he is caymaninan and he is proud to make sure you know it.

      Cayman nationality must be the only nationality where people will deny christ to use that term "I am caymanian" And by saying "nah sah" make them really think they are.

      Let the hospital at least get open and operational before we continue to make stupid complaints.

  11. UHUHUH says:

    Is it true that this hospital will have no emergency room facilities? Too bad if thats the case. What will they do when emergency care is needed, especially if there's a serious accident or any other emergency  that needs immediate attention. What will they tell people who drive up to the hospital with a family member in critical condition? Sorry! We can't help you, you'll have to go to Georgetown Hospital! That drive could be life threatening.

    Better think about this one gentlemen! Oh! And are there any present or former members of the UDP who are share holders in this venture? Just asking. 

    • Anonymous says:

      You may not be aware of how hospitals operate in the real world, but not every one has a casualty department.  So yes, go to the facility that can actually accommodate you.

    • Anonymous says:

      Would you go to a dentist if you were in a car accident?   They dont have emergency faciliities either…..

      Not sure what your point is.   This is a tertiary care facility, not a primary care facitlity.  They would be able to handle emergency cardiac events. 

      And if this facility wasnt built at all, wouldnt you have to go to GT anyway?   Logic is confusing…

    • Anonymous says:

      How's that any different than is was before the shetty hospital ?

    • Anonymous says:

      It is not a regular hospital so no "emergency room" for walk in problems. It is a specialist facility for scheduled surguries on SPECIFIC problems. Patients will likely have to be referred from their regular doctor after such a problem has been identified.

      These type of facilities exist in most developed countries. Just like there are emergency only facilities that do not conduct surguries. Get it now?

    • Diogenes says:

      And how exactly is that any worse a position than the existing case? And why is ER care the concern of a private hospital rather than the government? Seriously – just because they are a medical facility they should offer ER even tho they are not specilaists in emergency medicine. You want them to set up an ER room with all the equipment costs and then staff it 24/7 with ER staff, so that they can be allowed to run a specialist facility in a completely different medical disicipline. Want some sugar on that sense of entitlement?

    • Anonymous says:

      UDP shareholders (through cronies)  in a major project which received so many concessions from them…?…say it ain't so.

  12. So-Wrong says:

    The staff is USELESS…

    I made enquires about the availibilty of an MRI facility and the cost of an abdominal MRI, both by email and on the phone…

    Only an automated generic email reply came back and the staff I talked to had no clue about my question, but promised someone would call…

    So far nothing at all and they're clearly not interested in getting their first local patient…

    Where is Shomari Scott when you need him?…

    Btw, the price of an MRI is going to be very educational, as to what to expect from the Shetty hospital. In cayman, only one facility offers MRI at an exhorbitant rip-off cost compared to the rest of the nearby world:

    Cost of an abdominal MRI with contrast on a 1.5 Tesla machine:

    Cayman: US$3,100.00

    USA: from US$400.00

    Honduras: US$200.00

    Jamaica: US$400.00

    I was hoping that Shetty's hospital would end this RIP-OFF, that inflates insurance costs island wide, but it sure doesn't look good, so far…




  13. B. N. Onneste says:

    I'm sorry, folks, but this still has "Boondoggle" written all over it.  I look upon it as another of Mac's give-aways.  One patient already lined up?  Well, that's better than none.  And you say the patient might be a paying customer?  I thought the idea was to make money from the thousands of rich patients from all over the world!  Well, maybe I'm a little off base, but it all seems pretty far-fetched to me.  Time will tell.

    • Anonymous says:

      Anything involving Mac and his cohorts automatically needs to be investigated…The Indians are coming, the Indians are coming..!!

  14. Anonymous says:

    Thank you Premier McLaughlin and Minister Bodden for ignoring the political stump speech by McKeeva and to a lesser extent Mark Scotland. It really showed who were the better men. Especially as credit was given where it was due.

    • Anonymous says:

      And why do McKeeva and his cronies keep repeating the lie that the Opposition at the time (being the PPM) strongly opposed the hospital? I am glad Alden corrected this in his speech but this record also speaks for itself:

    • Anonymous says:

      It bafles me why Mr. Bush would try to steal the show in such a negative manner. Obviously he did some good in helping Gene and Dr Shetty to get the Hospital built and open in record time, but the way he went on yesterday one would think that he financed, it , designed and built it.  Time will tell if all the concessions will really pay off for the Caymanian people – I certainly hope so. Next time Mr Bush is invited to speak on any subject/ opening or whatever, he should remember the old adage. "Better to keep your mouth shut and be deemed a fool, that to open it and remove all doubts. He really made us all look bad yesterday. Intelligent , well mannered people must be wondering!!

  15. Anonymous says:

    McKeeva’s political rantings on this occasion caused the crowd to clap in hopes that he would shut up. He acknowledged this and kept going. The man has no sense of appropriateness.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Thank you Mackeeva!

  17. Anonymous says:

    Congrats and best of luck on this new venture. The country really needs a new revenue stream and industry to survive. This is exciting news for our island. Well done Gene, now maybe you help Ozzy with the waste management  facility:).    

    • Anonymous says:

      They should be able to help, after all Bigg Mac gave away so much revenue, in the form of 'duty free'.


  18. Anonymous says:

    O come on Scottland!  Credit to whom credit is due. If it wasn't for Mac, would you have been on a planeto India?!

  19. Anonymous :) says:

    Congratulations McKeeva Bush!  Travels paid off !!!

    • Anonymous says:

      McKeeva's travels didn't bring the hospital here. Dr. Shetty came to him.  

      • Anonymous7 says:

        So Shetty in India just happen to stumble along some magazines and saw Cayman. Where is the proof?!  Credit to whom credit is due my friend. That is an important lesson he need to know.

        • Anonymous says:

          You're right that that is a key lesson McKeeva needs to learn. Shetty didn't just stumble upon Cayman, he wanted to such a hospital in this region and Cayman was one of the candidates. Take your head out of your *rse.

        • Anonymous says:

          You have got the poor reading comprehension of the typical McKeeva supporter. Shetty came to Cayman. He did so because he was looking for a location in this region to build such a facility and he happened to have a friend, Harry Chandi, who lives here and invited him. They, Shetty, Chandi and Gene Thompson, then paid a visit to McKeeva. It has nothing to do with Shetty in India stumbling upon some magazines, and it had nothing to do with McKeeva's foreign excursions. Capiche?  

      • Anonymous says:

        Not sure what the LOLs are about. Here is the timeline according to CayCompass:


        September 2009: Dr. Devi Shetty visits Cayman for the first time and meets with key government officials to discuss the possibility of building a 2,000 bed multi-specialty hospital in Cayman

        October 2009: A memorandum of understanding is signed between the Cayman Islands government and Dr. Shetty with regard to the building of Health City Cayman Islands

        December 2009: McKeeva Bush, then premier of the Cayman Islands, travels to Bangalore, India, for the inauguration of a multi-specialty hospital

      • Cayman Concern says:

        Yup, Barbados had this in the bag first , but acted too slowly.  For those of you whining about duty concessions…Dr. Shetty was island shopping (Barbados, Jamaica, Bahamas) and we just offered the deal. Maybe we wil get some East End medical tourism traffic, but 3rd arm of economy?  Nah.