CIG hosts second athlete’s health clinic

| 02/03/2014

(CNS): Sports health experts from the United States (US) were in Cayman this weekend checking experts the heart health of elite local athletes aged 15-19 at a specialist clinic hosted by the sports ministry. Athletes who already represent the Cayman Islands internationally in football, swimming, cricket, netball, basketball and athletics, or who are eligible to do so, took part in the second annual Athletic Heart Clinic Saturday co-sponsored by Cayman Heart Fund where a team from St Luke’s Mid America Heart Institute screened their heart health with the goal of identifying and then treating any potential problem before it becomes a serious problem.

During last year’s Athletic Heart Clinic doctors tested 63 young athletes and found six with abnormalities, of which two were potentially life threatening. Both young athletes underwent medical intervention at St Luke’s, and have since resumed training and competing.  The annual Athletic Heart Clinic is part of the Cayman Islands’ community’s response to the death of young footballer Gerome Graham less than two years ago, from an undiagnosed heart enlargement.

Once again the clinic took place at the Health Centre in West Shore Plaza on West Bay Road to assess the athlete’s r risk for sudden cardiac arrest (SCA).The cardiologist conducted the evaluation which included a comprehensive cardio-vascular history and physical examination, an electrocardiogram and a 2D echocardiogram. Staff of the Heart Health Centre provided additional support.


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