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Cayman to join in World Day of Prayer 2014

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(CNS): Women, men and children in more than 170 countries and regions will celebrate World Day of Prayer on Friday, March 7 when the women of the WDP Egypt Committee invite all into a time of worship with the words of the prophet Isaiah as a backdrop setting the scene to learn about Egypt’s history and rich cultural diversity.  This year’s services will be held at the Elmslie Memorial United Church from 1-2p.m. and at the East End United Church from 7-8 p.m. Offerings will be received to assist with local and international projects through the Cayman Islands Family Resource Centre and the World Day of Prayer International Committee.

The annual offering supports the work of the World Day of Prayer International Committee and this year will help to meet the needs of families in the Cayman Islands and in Egypt and around the world who are victims of many forms of poverty, violence and injustice.

“An exploration of the Samaritan Woman’s conversation with Jesus at a well will also offer an opportunity for deep dialogue and reflection about the borders that we, like Jesus and the Samaritan Woman, have to cross to get to the streams of living water. The Samaritan woman bythe well has a theological conversation with Jesus that ends with action; much like our motto – informed prayer led to prayerful action,” organisers said about the day of devotion.  “They were able to cross their religious and cultural differences and build a common ground that then empowered her to bring change to her community. “

World Day of Prayer is a worldwide ecumenical movement of Christian women of many traditions who come together to observe a common day of prayer each year on the first Friday in March. World Day of Prayer was founded on the idea that prayer and action are inseparable in the service of God’s kingdom. Services begin at sunrise in the Pacific and follow the sun across the globe on the day of celebration. Each year a different country’s committee serves as the writers of the World Day of Prayer worship service.

World Day of Prayer promotes justice and equality for women through prayer, partnerships, service and celebration. Everyone is invited- friends, family and communities of faith- to join the women of Egypt in prayer and song to support ecumenical efforts toward justice, peace, healing and wholeness.

For more information, contact Julene Banks, Cayman Islands liaison officer at 9176829 or or the World Day of Prayer International office at

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BT Civic Centre turns into boxing ring

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(CNS): A new boxing club has opened at the Bodden Town civic centre catering to youngsters and adults to help in the fight against both crime and obesity. The Cayman Islands Government and the CI Boxing came together to create the club at the centre which is rarely used and has plans for another in East End to add to the existing West Bay club. The youth arm of the club is an after-school programme from 4-6pm Monday through Thursday which is free for students. Officials also have plans for adult fitness classes offered from 6-8pm Monday through Friday at a cost of only $25 a month in the near future.

“The goal of the programme is to reduce crime among our young people, engage young people in proactive activities, increase their physical activity and address the obesity problem,” said Michael Myles, Ministry of Education Programme Coordinator and Liaison Officer of At Risk Youth. “We also want to engage the Bodden Town community in physical activity and mentoring our youth.”

Officials believe that the ministry of education’s extended after school programme has had a positive impact on the community with some 1,400 young people becoming involved in various after school programmes.

“Bodden Town is now perhaps the second largest district and the government is making every effort to address the social challenges of our youngsters in the district being left unsupervised so many hours after school,” Myles added.

The Health Minister and Bodden Town MLA Osbourne Bodden who also has responsibility for sports and youth said joining forces with the Boxing Association to help children get fit will help them win the fight against weight gain as well as keep out of trouble.

A study last year showed a third of children entering primary school in the Cayman Islands were obese or overweight, according to screenings of new pupils done by the Cayman Islands Public Health Department. Of 530 children, the majority of whom were ages 4 to 6, entering schools in September in 2012, 92, or 17.4 per cent were obese, and 86, or 16 per cent were overweight.

“If we teach our youths, and by extension the adults, how to stay active and fit, they will reap the rewards of good health when they get older,” said Bodden. “A healthier population also means less of a burden on the healthcare system. It just makes good sense.

Praising the hard work of Michael and Coach Norman Wilson, Bodden said asked to pursue the idea they did it in fairly short order. “Councillor Alva Suckoo has also had this as a dream for some time and him becoming my Councilor, and his passion for boxing, will ensure that we have continued success as we seek to expand the programme,” the minister added.

For more information, call 345-926-0749 or email

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Cops seek witnesses to gang attack in George Town

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(CNS): A man attending a party in Sheddon Road, George Town, was beaten by a gang of men in the early hours of Saturday morning and police are seeking witnesses to the attack. The men received a number of non-life threatening injuries during the attack, which police said took place at 3:53am on on 1 March after the late night party. Police have not stated if the party was at a bar or a home and exactly where the man was set upon, but they are asking anyone who attended the event or was in the area at the time or saw the man being attacked to come forward.

Anyone with information can contact Detective Constable Anderson at the GT Police Station at 949-4222 or Crime Stoppers at 800-TIPS.

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