Ironwood proposal on tyres won’t be speedy solution

| 06/03/2014

(CNS): Although David Moffitt, one of the principals in connection to the proposed Ironwood development in North Side, has said he wants to take the used tyres at the dump to use as fill on the proposed golf course, he admitted last week that this would not see them removed anytime soon. The government has once again, following its fourth request for proposals, failed to find a taker willing to buy the tyres. However, giving them to the Ironwood developers would not necessarily be a solution as Moffitt said the intention would be to purchase a tyre shredder and shred them on site at the dump and then transport them to the location of the proposed ironwood development once the golf course begins, which is unlikely to be before 2015.

The ironwood developer’s offer looked a lot less like a solution last week when he admitted during a press conference that if they were given the tyres they would not remove them from the George town landfill until the golf course was started. With the golf course entirely dependent on the development of the road and that subject to the full FFR process, giving the tyres to the Ironwood development would not solve the problem for the Environmental Health Department.

However, the government has said while it hasn’t been able to find a taker under the parameters of the last four RFPs, it will obviously now be examining other solutions and any new tender will need to be adapted. While government may now be considering giving the tyres away, the whole point would be that the tyres were removed quickly.

Government has now signed a non-binding MOU with the developer over what is already proving to be a very contentious proposed project. The document has not yet been released to the public and CNS is awaiting a response from government regarding its release.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Has anyone taken a look at the environmental impact of using tires for fill? I have read reports that it can become harmful if buried in areas with high ph levels and it is not recommended to be used below the water table.

    lemme guess, the developer says there will be no impact to the environment!

  2. Turtle Stew says:

    Shred the tyres  c.i. government and sell it to residents who can use it for fill. Revenue to government whilst getting rid of the problem at the land fill. 

    Not certain why our politicians and Chiefs don't think outside the box. Everything is big money thoughts or how it benefits their pockets.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Sounds like another Mr. Dart and Mckeeva deal just like the West Bay Rd….and I quote, "with the golf course entirely dependant on the development of the road…" unna leave Cayman the way it is! This island is developing way too fast and people are looking at us Caymanian like fools…seems to me like Cayman is the only Country in the world where a man gets what he wants even when its poeple fight for what is right for COUNTRY!

    • Anonymous says:

      Sounds like you know nothing about any deal, indeed as none of us except those involved do.

      I have met Mr. Moffit a few, who seems to me to be a very reasonable man with Caymans best interests at heart, along of course with a wish to make money. All development is like that, why would here be different? Why do all investors here get so criticised and then after the fact, 99% love it? Bizarre…sounds like reaction for reaction sake rather than having to do any thinking..or maybe it is just fashionable to moan about everything here?

      Try positive thinking for a change. Nobody likes naysayers. "Yes man Yes!!" Go watch the film. Feel the joy. Stop the moaning.

  4. Anonymous says:

    CNS, thanks for using Caymanian spelling – now let's see if the Caymanian Compass can follow along.

    • Anonymous says:




    • Anon says:

      What is "Caymanian spelling"? 

  5. Anonymous says:

    Anyone thought of offering Cuba cash (say $5m) to barge it all away? I bet they'd jump at the chance of hard currency.

    That'd solve half the problem .. and it'd probably cost no more than the new committee.

    Only part joking….

  6. Anonymous says:

    Why doesn't the CIG just buy a tire shredder and then sell the shredded tires to be used as fill…

    • Anonymous says:

      Good idea to sell the tires as fill. It will help reduce the high cost of fill which will help drive down cost of construction in Cayman if the price is right. 

  7. Anonymous says:

    That's still sooner than when Ozzie expects to have a solution for the dump..

  8. Anonymous says:

    "The document has not yet been released to the public"
    PPM sure is sounding like the UDP.  Keep the people in the dark.