Premier called to UK for Islamic finance meeting

| 20/03/2014

(CNS Business): Cayman Premier Alden McLaughlin and the leader of Bermuda, Craig Cannonie, have been appointed by the FCO to a new international group dealing with Global Islamic Finance and Investment, along with a number of international bankers and finance experts. Cayman is a popular jurisdiction for Islamic Finance, which is growing 50 percent faster than traditional banking. McLaughlin will be heading to London at the weekend with a delegation to attend the group’s first meeting, as well as meetings with the OT minister and, officials said, with Lord Blencathra, who, despite changes inthe UK House of Lords rules, still appears to work for CIG. Read more on CNS Business

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  1. Anonymous says:

    again? and with the delegation too, again? poor people fed up!

  2. Anonymous says:

    So, the threat of Putin instructing those Russian Companies to remove their funds from London banks is now causing the UK to try and redirect the flow of this so called "Islamic finance". And here we are grinning for the cameras, proud that we are on a committee to help them accomplish this goal. 

    God, can we get any more stupid?!!!