Long road to dump solution

| 10/04/2014

(CNS): There will be no quick fixes or immediate solutions to the pressing issue of the George Town landfill, despite the recent fact finding mission by the minister responsible and the premier last week. Osbourne Bodden told his parliamentary colleagues Wednesday that the strategic outline case will be going before cabinet shortly. That would be followed in around four to six weeks by an RFP for consultants to deliver a national waste management strategy. The next stage will be an Outline Business Case. After that the project can finally move towards a procurement process. Setting out the long road ahead, Bodden said that Cayman doesn’t have a waste-management policy and until it does it can’t offer a solution to the dump.

Speaking in the Legislative Assembly, the minister said that the technical Steering Committee has been working on the strategic outline case, which he said would be made public once it reviewed and approved by Cabinet.  That will form the basis for the first RFP for consultants to deliver services in two stages, he added. Bodden explained the first would be the delivery of the national waste management strategy to identify project options for assessment, and the second stage will be the delivery of the Outline Business Case that will look at the best option for the project itself which in turn will form the basis for the procurement and implementation. 

He admitted that the process was going to take time but not, he said an unwarranted delay, as has been suggested

“The process takes time, but I believe it is time well-spent that will help us to ensure we have a project that not only meets our needs, but has identified and considered potential issues, obstacles, and project impediments, and identified ways to address these prior to project implementation,” he said, adding that this would mean, “fewer delays, cost over-runs, and unintended consequences” once the project starts.  “It is effectively ‘front loading’ some of the time, but I am confident that we will see the benefits down the road,” the minister added.
In the meantime, the department of environmental health was making improvements to the George Town Landfill, he said, and examining some short-term improvements for the Cayman Brac landfill as well.

“The Department will continue to make every effort to ensure that the service they provide, and the management of their landfill sites on all three islands, are optimised.  Obviously we need to make sure that any measures we take in the short-term will not negatively impact our ability to implement the long-term solution once it is identified, so we are carefully assessing the improvements as we go to ensure they meet our short-term objectives without unintended long-term consequences,” Bodden said.

On their recent trip to Tampa both Bodden and the premier, Alden McLaughlin  visited four waste-to-energy facilities, two landfills, and one recycling processing centre and saw the waste-to-energy process in action and the different governance structures that he said the government may want to explore as part of the procurement processes.  Dismissing comments that the trip was a waste of time he said he was able to see first-hand what a waste-to-energy facility looks like and experience the conditions in its vicinity.

“It was an incredibly informative trip,” he said. “It has given me an enhanced understanding of waste-to-energy technology, and its possible role in the integrated solid waste management solution for the Cayman Islands.”

Excited about waste-to energy, Bodden said he was not necessarily committed to that technology alone as he said it was up to the steering committee to research and advice on the best solution for the country. 

“The process which they are undertaking is a requirement under our finance law, and it requires careful assessment and consideration of the various components of a project, including financial, environmental, and legal implications and requirements.  The process takes time, but I believe that the approach is well-founded and will result in a better project, with an increased chance of success, for the country,” he added.

The premier justified his reasons for joining the fact finding trip stating that it had given him a much better understanding of the complex issue of solid waste management.

“While I know that some have questioned the utility of the trip and wondered why I went along, I can state without reservation that the trip was very informative and very worthwhile,” he said. “It reinforced my belief in the importance of having an overarching strategy when looking at solid waste management. It is a complex issue with many moving parts, so it is important to take a strategic and rational approach when looking for a solution.  We simply cannot afford to take a piece-meal approach to this problem – we need to look no further than the current situation to know that approach will not lead to a sustainable solution.”

He spoke about the need not to repeat past mistakes and said the procurement process for major projects such as the landfill is outlined in the Framework for Fiscal Responsibility. McLaughlin said the processes now in place were in large part because “of the disastrous consequences of the last tendering exercise” as he pointed to the UDP’s efforts at finding a waste management solution. This time around, he said the procurement process would be transparent and accountable.

“While there have been previous tenders, and there are quite a few studies about this subject, the fact is that the previous iterations were not subjected to the level of research, assessment, and scrutiny that the process currently requires,” the premier added.

See both statements delivered in the LA on Wednesday below

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Until the owner of the transformers dumped into the landfill is given a pass on liability they will not fix the landfill.

    too many people are shareholders to allow this to happen

    that said there are also a bunch of PCB transformers dumped into the old quarry lakes that need to be removed


  2. Anonymous says:

    The CUC bill just arrived. It will now go before The Financial Steering Committee. Which will make a recommendation to be delivered at the next meeting of Household Management Team after the kids get home from school. When it is decided who didn't turn off the lights a Strategic Payment Plan will be decided on. After that it will go in the bird cage. 

  3. Pac Man says:

    One way of killing two birds with one stone considering the politicians and the developers don't give one ding to the environment is to ship the dump to cayman brac, fill the bird sanctuary with it, cap it and whalla……smell is gone!

    No waste of government spending, the Dilberts are happy, dart is happy and government finances back in the black, employment on track and we good to go!

  4. Anonymous says:

    There is a short road.  To Bodden Town.  The long road is because the PPM would rather get re-elected than do the right thing. 

  5. Anonymous says:

    Ozzie: “It was an incredibly informative trip …buzz-word, blah blah blah, buzz-word, buzz-word, blah blah."

    Alden: “While I know that some have questioned the utility of the trip and wondered why I went along, blah blah blah, buzz-word, buzz-word, blah blah blah."

    This government, like the previous, is good for nothing but spending money on themselves. All talk no action! -disgruntled Voter

  6. caymanian donkey says:

    Prediction: in 2 yrs the PPM will have the solution. Of course this will only be on the condition of them getting back in and need another 4 yrs to complete the facility. Gents the last Gov had the solution BUILD THE WASTE MANAGEMENT FACILITY IN T NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!


    mark my words n 20yrs time th dump will be higher and in the same location.

  7. Anonymous says:

    = all a buch of waste time ppm/udp/c4c! They have no spine!

  8. Anonymous says:

    i told you guys a while ago:…. we should have let DART take over the dump..FOR FREE !!

    trust me , HE would NOT fart around like this useless government !!!

    wake up and listen Cayman !!  we drowning in garbage, but maybe we can't hear nothing no more with all them whistle blowers around !!???

    them people heads must be as hard as iron wood !!  nothing goes in or out !!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Here is a plan to reduce the size of the dump/landfill.

    1. Give the tryes away to someone that will have them completely removed from the island. Stop hold on to the tyres as if they were black diamonds; you aleady made $2 on every tyre that was imported into the island.

    2. Buy an incinerator to burn/reduce trash to ash… SIMPLE; well I think so. Sort and burn the trash, move ash to the landfill. Google it = free fact-finding mission

    3.Recycle. Start it and Live it. Eco-tourism "the island that recycles" 

    I admitted the #3 will the hardest one for people to adapt to, but it will catch on in a few years, it like learning to ride a bicycle for the first time. #1 and #2 can be done within the year.

    Ozzie – what your plan? I just brainstorm that for whole 2 minutes.

  10. Anonymous says:

    It's a fairly short road to Bodden Town.

  11. Anonymous says:

    This was said in 2006: Government has said the Department of Environmental Health (DEH) can proceed with the construction of a lined cell at the landfill to deal with the toxic ash generated in the wake of Hurricane Ivan and which had raised concerns recently.

    “We want to make sure that the public is not exposed to contaminants, which is why we are taking the time to ensure that each aspect of this project is carried out in a safe and purposeful manner,” commented Solid Waste Engineer, Andre Yates. 

  12. Anonymous says:

    This was said in 2007On Grand Cayman, the Island’s landfill will see some drastic changes in the not–too distant futurehttp://www.caycompass.com/cgi-bin/CFPnews.cgi?ID=1023577

    This was said in 2002: In 2002, the government of the day commissioned the Solid Waste Feasibility Study for Grand Cayman, which was prepared by the Department of Environmental Health and the US consulting firm of Post, Buckley, Schuh and Jernigan.

    The study said “It is “critical” that a new landfill be sited, permitted and constructed on Grand Cayman “as soon as possible” because the existing site is nearing capacity.”

    The 200-page report also stated: “In order to upgrade the waste management system in Grand Cayman to internationally accepted environmental standards, it is recommended that a new, engineered landfill be developed.”Government has said the Department of Environmental Health (DEH) can proceed with the construction of a lined cell at the landfill to deal with the toxic ash generated in the wake of Hurricane Ivan and which had raised concerns recently.

  13. Anonymous says:

    So, we're going to get a Strategic Outline Case. Or should that be, Same Old Crap?!

  14. Anonymous says:

    I hope it doesn'tturn out like when Ozzie was in charge of the PAC. 

  15. Michel says:

    And the pile will only get bigger ! Very sad news lately : No Whistle Blowing,Education and schools are in very tense mode and No action, no mention of what to become of OMOV that we voted for at the Elections. We are not smart enough for our Masters and our gov to be denied knowing of Tempura mess findings n’or how much Kernohan settlement was. They must think very low of us. But I believe that One Day We As The PEOPLE will come out of our make believe going good attitude. Shaw Ebanks Plese Call me. For Justice and Poverty ( those that have no food many days) We always use to have enough to offer someone some food if they showed up. Today, if you don’t get when shared your out of luck. Very desapointed to say the lest. God Bless, Michel Lemay 917-2233

  16. james Pouchie says:

    Yeah bobo, translation SAME OLE NOTHING!

  17. Anonymous says:

    If the MLA staged a session at teh dump for 3 days instead of wasting money flying to the Brac, you can bet your a$$ we would have a solution now.

    • Anonymous says:

      Can someone please explain to me what a solid waste is ? why do we have to spend money on solid waste ?

      • Anonymous says:

        12.17, that is sh!t to you and me..

      • Diogenes says:

        "Solid waste" is what we are being told by the government to try and explain why they are basically going to do nothing about the tip for the duration of this parliament so they can keep their electoral promise to the voters of Bodden Town, whilst trying to pretend they really give a "solid waste" about the environment and the health of anyone living in George Town

  18. Anonymous says:

    One of them went on exact trip to Minnesotta (if I am not mistaken) in 2006.  He did not learn anythining back then?

  19. Anonymous says:

    It's already been a long road! Enough with the fact-finding missions.  We must have enough reports and analyses to fill a landfill on their own. The long road will never end if someone doesn't actually go outside and DO something instead of sitting in committees jawboning. GET ON WITH IT.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Bodden During Election Campaign = We have realistic sustainable solutions to remediate the Georgetown Dump on site.

    Bodden Now = I am no expert on the subject, I need two years and a committee to learn what solutions there are for the dump and no final decisions on trash management plans for the Cayman Islands have been made or would be made for quite some time.

    You do the math.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Hey Ozzie.."Long road to the dump solution"…."Short road to next election!"

  22. anonymous says:

    Stall another day = another day at the trough. Stall another month = salary plus another month's pension.

    The voters are now the laughing stock as it is believed that nothing can be done to change this.

  23. Anonymous says:

    We need less talk and more action. Read the reports and get it done already.

  24. Anonymous says:

    whatever…… zzzzzzzzzzzzz…… this government has no intention of tackling the dump issue……..

    welcome to wonderland……………………


  25. Anonymous says:

    Yes Mr Premier, I am sure that you are “happy that I accompanied the Minister and his staff on the trip to Tampa”. After reading the other story about you failing to support the motion on whistleblowing, let me tell you in case you don’t know – not only civil servants have whistles. Something tells me your term as Premier is going to be shorter than McKeeva’s and your reason for leaving even less honourable. As the old song used to say “Keep on doing what you doing Sammy, You gonna find that it ruin Sammy . . ”

  26. pmilburn says:

    What a load of crap.Seriously can no one in Govt make any better comments than this.Total waste of time and money.More policies,committees and BS BS BS.Get on with it and stop stalling for time.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Stall stall stall. Nothing will happen with this government, meanwhile the mount of trash is getting bigger and bigger. Bunch of cowards! No political courage to do what is right for the country. Take the Dart deal you fools before it is too late!

  28. Anonymous says:

    My concern about the waste management solution the PPM will develope is the cost of their programs.  We cannot afford another gold platedhigh school.

    • Anonymous says:

      It won't happen anyway. There's no money in goverment coffers and they can't borrow it..SO nothing will happen at all..

  29. Anonymous says:

    Just so thatwe're clear: according to the Premier, the International Natural Resource Management and Environmental Consulting firm, Cardno Entrex (ASX:CDD), with 300 worldwide offices and over 8000 employees at the top of their field, fail to deliver the level of research, assessment and scrutiny required of the Bodden Town District voter block.  It is a bold statement in light of the fact that the Cayman Islands has not adopted any international standards on air or water quality or any other pollution or quality metric.  The Cayman Islands, apparently, is holding out for more learned proposals before implementing any standards to ensure maximum flexibility.  Meanwhile, all of us, our children, pets, and biomes can count on years of ongoing negligence and contamination at the hand of corrupt simpletons. Oh joy.

  30. Anonymous says:

    If Ossie Bodden wants a legacy that history can point to and attribute to him, why not pledge to put together a formal waste management policy that adheres to the most basic minimum international standards?  Telling us there isn't yet a policy, dusting his hands, and then slinking back to his chair doesn't really help thecountry or inspire confidence that he's capable enough to be tasked with current serious responsibilities of national importance.

  31. Anonymous says:

    The quick fix was to have started this process years ago and joined the rest of the world in the 21st Century when it comes to recycling and garbage disposal. The opportunity was given to CIG in 2006 but they fudged it. The bottom line is that ignorance and the 'what's my percentage?' mentality has always held back any progess. I've visited tiny islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean that put the Cayman Islands to shame when it comes to garbage management simply beause no one there is trying to make a personal profit from it.



    • Anonymous says:

      Well, if my memory serves me right I do believe PPM was in administration back in 2005-09 so. Once again here they are, doing nothing about the country's biggest issue. And rest assured when they are done this time we will be really screwed. When they came out of office in 2009 they left multiple million dollar projects which had to be completed thus UDP had a hard time in 2009-2012. sorry folks, the a news bear is here to stay. till next election.

      • Anonymous says:

        UDP accomplished nothing in its 4 year term including failing to address the dump problem which you have identified as the country's biggest issue. Or do you think only the PPM had a responsibility to deal with the issue? Stop trying to score political points. It insults people's intelligence. 

      • Anonymous says:

         11:26.Are you still making excuses for the failures of the UDP? Come on get over it .They shot themselves in the foot ,just like this bunch is doing.

    • Anonymous says:

      18:39.You make some very serious accusations.I wonder if you would come forward with a signed statement so that the authorities can prosecute those guilty of such actions.If you fail to do this ,then you are guilty of covering up and should also be prosecuted.

      • Anonymous says:

        Hi I am still on island . I offered to do it for no cost to Govt self funding and plenty of employment created

         I sat with A**** in the LA he  told me Govt had to be in charge of the trash that they could not let an outsider do it because it was too important.

        That said i have been sh!t on so much I dont think I want to do it anymore in cayman