Self-defense claim rejected in conch shell assault

| 14/04/2014

(CNS): A judge rejected a claim of self-defense Friday when he delivered his verdict in an assault case where a victim was hit on the head with a conch shell during an altercation over $2. Following a judge alone trial last month, Alvin Brown from West Bay was found guilty of wounding when the judge said he did not believe his account of the incident, which took place near Al Fresco's restaurant in West Bay last October. Brown had claimed that he and Garfield Powell had argued over the debt and Powery had come at him with a knife, which was why he had picked up the two conch shells and used one of them to hit his assailant on the head.

Justice Williams, however, found Powell's account of the incident, that Brown had launched the conch shell at him in an unprovoked attack, more plausible. During his verdict the judge said the victim's account tallied more accurately than Browns account, with the evidence before the court from CCTV footage obtained from cameras at Al Fresco's Restaurant near to where the altercation took place on Town Hall Road, West Bay.

Following the verdict Brown was remanded in custody ahead of sentencing, which is expected to take place in June.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Over TWO DOLLARS?!?! Seriously?!?! But I thought this was a christian country? You know, forgive debtors, take care of the poor and elderly and the strangers in our land, kinda thing? No? LOL.

    • Anonymous says:

      Being a country which identifies with Christianity more than any other religion obviously does not mean that ever single inhabitant is actually a Christian. Grow up.  

  2. Anonymous says:

    "I was proceeding in an orderly manner M'Lud, when my conch shells suddenly attacked a man with no knife in a restaurant". Conch shells are dangerous and should be classedas offensive weapons, needing a licence to posess them.

    • Diogenes says:

      Unless you are Caymanian – they are part of our culture, and every caymanian should be allowed to carry one.  Furreigners not so much.